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Neighbours Episode 3674 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3674
Australian airdate: 30/11/00
UK airdate: 31/01/01
UK Gold: 27/09/05
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Stephen Bailey: Kevin Hopkins
Tim Bailey: Darcy Bonser
Bevan Tolley: Brian Wray
Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
- "Up To Our Necks In It" by Skunkhour
- "River Of The Soul" by Alan Fletcher
- "Hardcore Adore" by Felicity Hunter
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul tells Madge and Harold that the football team coach wants to meet him for a chat.
Tad is taken into theatre - Tim looks rough. Tad admits he's scared.
Madge is chatting to Tad who has just woken up. She invites him to come back to his own room. Tad looks like he'd really like to accept, but tells Madge that Toadie's already got everything set up for him.
Karl comes in and says it's early days with Tim. Then Dee comes in and offers Tad some sandwiches. She says he can come and see Tim - he's fully conscious as the procedure is more like a blood transfusion.
Toadie is on his way to the hospital to see Tad when Tess comes in. Tess teases Toadie on his being a "father figure" to Tad.
Tad comes in to see Tim. Tim's dad is with him. Tim points to the drip and tell Tad that his blood and guts are going straight into him!
Lance and Allana, in full Star Trek costume, have returned from their convention.
ALLANA: There was a video tape message from William Shatner!
TOADIE: Woah-ho-ho!!! Yeah!!!!
Lance tells Toadie not to scoff!
When Allana goes to make coffee, Lance revels in his love. Toadie says Lance has finally met someone as weird as he is!
Tad is showing Tim the get well video that they made. He is enjoying it.
Lance and Allana are hanging out because they haven't got any money. Lance suggests that they go and hang out at Allana's place instead.
ALLANA: We can't go to my place, OK?
LANCE: How come?
ALLANA: We just can't. Now can we drop it?
Allana apologises for what she said before, telling Lance that she promised her flatmate that she could have the house to herself while she's trying to patch things up with her boyfriend. Lance and Allana decide to go to the pub for a drink.
Madge has rung the hospital and everything is fine - they're about to discharge Tad. Madge comments that it seems strange being out of the loop with Tad.
Lou and Paul chat about the party at number 30 and Lou tries to get Paul to tell him if there was any damage to the house(!) Lou says he's going to go over there and do an inspection!
Toadie is cleaning the windows when Tad comes in. He lies uncomfortably on the sofa feeling sore. Tad tells Toadie that Madge offered him to go back to the Bishops. Toadie says he should go - it's more comfortable over there. But Tad says that they closed the door on him.
The Pub
Lance and Allana are chatting about sci-fi films when Tess and Dee join them. Lance introduces them to Allana.
Karl is also in the pub and they invite him to join them. When everyone goes to the bar, Allana says that she wanted it to be just her and Lance. She decides to go off and "see an aunt". Lance tells her that he wishes she'd stop running away.
Lou tries to get Lance to tell him about any damage at No.30 - he tells him he'll be around to inspect tomorrow.
No.30, the following morning
Lance and Toadie are cleaning frantically while Tad lies on the sofa playing with a Rubik's cube. There's a knock at the door.
TAD: (from the sofa) Door!
LANCE: Yes, thank you...Wayne!
It's Allana at the door and Lance is pleased to see her. But he has too much cleaning to talk to her properly. Allana goes off to make them some coffee.
Karl is making himself a fried breakfast and mocking Susan about healthy eating in her absence(!) He's also playing "River Of The Soul"
Toadie comes round to borrow cleaning fluids and tells Karl that they're toast with Lou! Toadie asks if Karl will look after Tad when they get thrown out(!) Karl agrees, but says he'll have to talk to Susan.
Madge is making scones - she wants to take them over to Tad.
There's a knock at the door and it's Mr Tolley - the football coach.
Toadie comes in with the cleaning fluids and sits down with Tad to have a talk to him. He asks him to promise that he'll finish school and also do really well. Tad is surprised but Toadie explains that he nearly stuffed up his own Year 12.
There's a knock at the door and it's Harold bringing Madge's scones. Harold chats awkwardly to Tad and asks if he's being looked after OK. Tad says that he is.
Ramsay Street
Paul and Mr Tolley are having a kickabout. He wants Paul to come back on to the team - he shouldn't let the idiots in the team put him off because he's got talent. Paul looks pleased!
The Coffee Shop
Tad comes in to visit Madge. She awkwardly tells him that they all would really like him to come back to the house. Tad agrees and they all hug. Madge says that there will be ground rules and Tad says he'll try really hard to stick to them.
Lance and Toadie don't think they'll manage to get the house cleaned before the inspection. Toadie finds Allana's driving licence down the settee and the name on it is Dorothy Truman. Lance says it's no big deal - after all, Toadie's real name is Jarrod Kevin Rebecchi and noone calls him that. Toadie says that Allana is a weirdo, but Lance says that Toadie is jealous of his happiness. But Toadie is on a roll and says that Allana has too many secrets for his liking.
<<3673 - 3675>>
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