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Neighbours Episode 3673 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3673
Australian airdate: 29/11/00
UK airdate: 30/01/01
UK Gold: 26/09/05
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Stephen Bailey: Kevin Hopkins
Tim Bailey: Darcy Bonser
Larry Woodhouse: Andrew Curry
- "Hallways" by Something For Kate
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Hung asks Joe to be his baby's godfather.
- Tad tells Madge and Harold that Tim has finished his chemotherapy and Tad can donate his bone marrow tomorrow.
- Steph goes to West Warrinor prison to visit Woody.
Warrinor Prison (Minimum Security)
Woody is chuffed to see Steph - he wasn't expecting her. They sit at a table.
Paul is worrying about Tad and Harold suggests that he spends some time with him. Madge says she knows he's disappointed that she sent Tad away, but she was trying to do the best for everyone. Paul says that Tad was the closest thing he had to a brother.
The Coffee Shop
Lyn, Joe and Michelle are chatting about the baby. Michelle goes off to meet some friends.
Harold comes in and shows Joe the front page of the Erinsborough News which has a photo of Joe and the Nguyens on it. Joe is pleased to be the baby's godfather, but Harold says he must be a role model and provide spiritual guidance too. Joe looks worried(!)
Warrinor Prison
Woody says that he's done a course on motorcycle maintenance while in prison in the hope of setting up his own business. They chat about Steph's job - she tells him she's got an interview as a bike courier this afternoon.
WOODY: You're still a stunner, Scully.
STEPH: You've been locked up too long!
Things get a bit serious and Steph asks Woody why she wanted him to come to the jail - they broke up.
Woody has got Steph a cup of tea and tells her that he's missed her a lot - he wrote letters to her but never posted them. Woody says that he did the crime for her. Steph gets very angry and starts shouting at him, saying that Woody has free will. She is so steamed up that she goes to leave, despite Woody's apologies. Woody stops her and says he asked her to come and see him so he could ask her to forgive him.
Michelle shows Tad and Paul the scooter that she found. Paul thinks that she should give it to the police, and anyway, Tad has more important things on his mind. Michelle asks Tad for the details of the procedure!
MICHELLE: So what do they do? Do they like, drill a hole into your spine or something?
PAUL: (sharply) Michelle!
TAD: No, no that's OK...they remove the spine...then they crack it open and remove the bone marrow...they catch it in a kidney dish...then they plaster my spine back together...they jam it back into my back...and stick it all back together with superglue!
Tad isn't allowed to eat for the rest of the day because of the operation tomorrow. Paul suggests making a BMX video with some get well messages for Tim. Tad thinks it's a great idea.
A road
Tad is filming Michelle on her scooter - she tells Tim to get well.
Warrinor Prison
Woody tells Steph that his counsellor has told him that he has to square up things with people that he's hurt most in the past - i.e. Steph.
Steph gets up to go to her interview. Woody says that he still feels for Steph but she tells him off. She thinks he's changed though. As Steph is leaving, Woody asks her to come back again - to let him know what happened in her interview. Steph says that she'll try.
Madge and Harold come in and are pleased to see Tad. They ask him how he's feeling about the hospital and offer to drive him to the hospital. But Tad says he'll take the bus. He goes home to No.30.
Tad visits Tim and is concerned to hear that his condition has gone downhill after the chemotherapy. When Tad goes into the room, he sees that Tim looks dreadful. Tad looks very shocked.
The Pub
Steph is telling Lyn and Joe that she got the job as a bike courier! She's very pleased because she's getting paid to ride her bike. Lyn isn't too keen and thinks that Steph should get danger money for riding her bike against the clock.
Joe says that he's not sure whether he should be godfather to the baby.
Tad has given Tim the video that he, Paul and Michelle made. Tad is visibly upset at Tim's condition but trying to conceal it.
Dee comes in and tells Tad that the time has come to get him ready for theatre. Tim asks Tad if he's scared. He admits that he is a bit and so is Tim.
Michelle hides something in the laundry when Lyn and Joe come in.
Joe asks Lyn if he'll be expected to take the baby to church every Sunday. Lyn laughs but Joe wants to ask the Nguyens exactly what they expect.
There is a huge bouquet of flowers in the kitchen which Michelle says were delivered about an hour ago. They're from the Nguyens. Lyn is thrilled, but Joe is a reluctant hero.
Dee tells Tad that he's very brave, but Tad says he doesn't feel brave at all. Dee tells him not to worry - Tim will get better. She wheels Tad off.
Paul is on the phone to the football club trainer - apparently he wants to talk to Paul.
Madge is beside herself with worry about Tad - she says that he shouldn't be at the hospital on his own. She determines to go down to the hospital and tells Harold to drive her there.
Steph is in a good mood. Lyn asks her if she's happy to be back in touch with Woody. Steph is evasive and says that they split up yonks ago. Lyn is surprised that he Woody disappeared from their lives so quickly. Steph covers for him saying that he met another girl.
Tad is lying drowsily waking up from the anaesthetic. Madge comes in with some flowers and tells Tad that she, Harold and Paul send their love. Tad is quietly delighted to see her but he's obviously still very upset about Tim's condition and he starts to cry.
<<3672 - 3674>>
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