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Neighbours Episode 3672 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3672
Australian airdate: 28/11/2000
UK airdate: 29/01/2001
UK Gold: 26/09/2005
Writer: Clare Mendes
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Hung Nguyen: Ferdiand Hoang
Tina Nguyen: Kim Nguyen
Baby Nguyen: Joshua Ten
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Steph tells Woody that it's good to hear from him, but isn't sure if she can help him.
- Flick asks Joel if they're starting a relationship.
- Joe assists a woman to give birth during a bush fire.
Tina gives is in bed and Joe and Lyn are fussing over the baby. She tells them that her husband will be along shortly.
The husband comes in and greets Joe warmly, shaking his hand and introducing himself as Hung. Hung says that he doesn't know how to thank Joe and can't stop smiling.
Outside No.30
Joel tells Flick that there's no point starting a relationship if it can't go anywhere - after all, Flick's still at school. Joel thinks Flick is too young but Flick tells him off - she's not a kid and Joel didn't treat her like one this morning.
JOEL: I do like you, Flick.
FLICK: Yeah, and I like Harvey, thanks, that's not what I want from you.
Flick says that Joel is just looking for obstacles. Joel says he just wants to be friends, but Flick says that friends don't kiss. Joel says that he shouldn't have kissed her. Flick walks off, hurt.
Libby is taking photos of the Nguyens and Joe for the Erinsborough News. As Joe is leaving the Nguyens thank him profusely once again. Hung says that he wants to give Joe a gift because he acted beyond the call of duty - he'd like to take him out for a meal sometime. They exchange business cards. Lyn kisses Joe calling him a hero.
The Garage
Libby is relating the bush fire story to Drew saying that it'll make the front page.
Libby looks at the Beetle and tells Drew that she's liking it more and more every time she sees it and now she loves it(!) Drew isn't convinced. Libby says that she'd better show Drew the wedding ring designs just in case he doesn't like them, but Drew says he trusts her judgement. They banter about changing their names after the wedding.
The Coffee Shop
Joel comes in and meets Lyn who is buying a pavlova for Joe. She invites Joel to come along to dinner tonight, but he says he can't because he's going on a dive trip tomorrow and wants to pack. Lyn talks him round though.
The Pub
Libby comes in and sits at the bar with Drew, getting out the wedding ring designs. Drew says he doesn't want to see them - he'd rather wait until the wedding day. Libby goes off to talk to someone she knows and while she's gone, Lou advises Drew to look at the designs - it'll be on his finger for the rest of his life.
Michelle and Steph are proud of Joe for his heroics while Flick and Lyn prepare dinner. Flick says she doesn't know why Lyn invited Joel to dinner and Michelle says she knows they've had a fight.
There's a knock at the door.
MICHELLE: Oooh! That'll be Mr Obnoxious now!
The Scullys and Joel are eating dinner and Joel is telling them about a wreck he's going to dive - the "Iron Prince" which sank in the 1920s. He tells them that he's been offered a job as a dive instructor when he gets home. Flick says that she thinks that scuba diving sounds very boring. (Charming!)
The phone rings and Steph answers it to Woody. Lyn explains that Steph went out with him for about a year - he was a nice boy and they all liked him.
In the other room, Steph is explaining to Woody that her family don't know where he is and she can't give him "any commitment".
The Pub
Drew and Libby are eating dinner. Libby and Lou are trying to persuade Drew to look at the ring designs, but Drew is unmoved.
DREW: Show them to your mother.
LIBBY: How can I, she's not here!
DREW: Show them to your dad, then.
LIBBY: Nah, he's got no taste.
Libby takes Lou over to the bar and shows him the designs. Lou looks startled and says that the designs are "unusual".
Steph returns to the table and Joe and Lyn enquiry what Woody is up to these days. Lyn asks where Woody is living these days. Steph says he lives on the other side of West Warratah. But Lyn and Joe pick up on some funny vibes and it confuses them.
The Pub
Lou is having a quiet word with Drew and strongly advising him to look at the ring designs.
Joel picks up Flick's posy which is left over from the Deb Ball. The phone rings but by the time he answers it, it's rung off.
Flick puts the phone down sadly (she was the one who called Joel). Steph asks her what's going on between her and Joel. Flick says nothing is - that's the problem. Flick says that something happened between them after the Deb Ball and now he's pretending it's nothing. Steph tells Flick that she doesn't want to be more than a friend to Woody.
FLICK: I thought you liked him?
STEPH: If I tell you something, would you keep it quiet?
(Are you MAD woman?! Flick keeps nothing quiet!!)
Steph has told Flick about Woody being locked up and she's not sure how she feels about him anymore. Steph makes Flick promise not to breathe a word. Flick tells Steph not to tell about Joel either.
Scullys, the following morning
Steph is off for a ride on her motorbike as Lyn and Joe head off for work. As Flick gets the newspaper in, she sees Joel coming back from his run. They both look at each other then go into their respective houses.
Warrinor Prison
Steph is going through a security check at the prison - she's come to visit Woody.
The Hospital
Michelle is holding Tina and Hung's baby. Hung tells the Scullys that they've decided on a name for the baby - Joseph. Joe is surprised and thrilled. Hung says they'll never forget what Joe did for them, much to his embarrassment. Hung says he'd be honoured if Joe would consider being the baby's godfather.
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