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Neighbours Episode 3675 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3675
Australian airdate: 01/12/00
UK airdate: 01/02/01
UK Gold: 27/09/05
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Darcy Tyler: Mark Raffety
Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
Sheena Wilson: Zoe Stark
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lou asks Paul if he knows of any damage following the party at No.30. He decides to do an inspection.
- Toadie finds Allana's driving licence which has the name "Dorothy" on it.
Toadie is still trying to clean a burn on the wall when Lance starts ranting that Toadie always wants to look on the dark side of things. Toadie says that Lance is in denial. Lance insists that Allana hasn't lied to him but Toadie thinks she could be a con artist - after all, she wouldn't let Lance come to her house.
Lance goes out to get some lunch. Toadie thinks that Lance is going over to Allana's house - and he's right!
The Garage
Libby and Drew are messing about in the Beetle, pretending to drive it. Libby has come round to the idea of the car.
Libby asks Lou if he's told Drew what the wedding rings are like but he says he hasn't.
A road
Lance sees Allana walking along a road and stops the ute. He gives her her driving licence. Lance wants to go inside the house and have a talk, but Allana doesn't want him to - she says things are difficult at home.
LANCE: Why don't we go to the pub and have a bit of a chat...Dorothy.
Dee and Darcy are looking at the roster - Dee has been rostered into Casualty with Darcy.
The Coffee Shop
Madge and Harold are looking forward to selling Grease Monkeys. Karl comes in. He tells Madge and Harold about Toadie asking him to put Tad up when the Number 30 boys are evicted(!) Madge says that Tad is coming back to stay with them.
Karl tells them that he's recorded a demo tape and wants them to give him their honest opinion(!)
MADGE:(to Harold) We're going to have to be very careful. We can't possibly tell him what we really think.
HAROLD: I think a little diplomacy might help.
MADGE: A lot of lying, really.
The Pub
Allana says that she just doesn't like the name Dorothy - it's old-fashioned. She says she considered Uhura(!) but settled on Allana. Allana says she was worried that Lance had gone off her but Lance assures her that he wants them to be together. Allana says he's got to trust her.
Allana and Lance are drinking a toast to honestly, though Allana says that women must have some mystery(!)
Bob is barking madly where Lance tied him up outside(!)
Libby is on the phone to Susan while she and Drew are eating an omelette. Drew is quietly eyeing the folder on the table which has the ring designs in it. When Libby pops into the bedroom to get something, Drew's curiosity overcomes him. He looks at the designs and quickly closes the folder. He looks concerned.
No 30
Lance is back and makes Toadie some lunch. Allana starts to help with the cleaning. When Lance is in the kitchen, Allana tells Toadie that she knows he doesn't trust her. But she says she won't hurt Lance - she really does like him.
Lance comes back and tips some chocolate milk on the floor! Toadie gets even more stressed out!
The Coffee Shop
Madge and Harold have just listened to Karl's song.
HAROLD: Dear oh dear oh dear.
Madge suggests that they say the tape broke or the machine broke. But Harold says there's only one thing for it - Madge will have to tell Karl the truth(!)
Dee and Darcy have just finished assisting at an emergency and complimenting each other on their performance. Darcy invites Dee to come to lunch, but she says she's brought sandwiches. Darcy tells her to bring the sandwiches and he'll get the coffee and dessert(!) Dee agrees.
Lance, Toadie and Allana are inspecting their cleaning work. It looks good, but just then a poster falls off the wall revealing a hole. Lance goes to search out some sticky tape to stick the poster back up(!)
Ramsay Street
Lou is just on his way to inspect No.30 when he meets Drew. Drew says that he's seen the designs and doesn't like them. Lou tells him to tell Libby.
Lance intercepts Lou and suggests that he looks at the garden first. But Lou is a man on a mission!
Lance has stuck the poster back up while Lou was in the bedrooms. Lou looks suspiciously around the house saying that something is different about it. He rips a poster down to find a hole and moves a plant to find a burn in the carpet. He's not happy.
Darcy and Dee are chatting about Dee's plans for the future - she says she'd like to get into paediatrics because it's so rewarding.
Lou has found even more damage to the house and is not at all impressed. Lance says that they'll clean it up. Lou says he'd better, or they won't get their bond money back. He gives them one month' notice.
The Pub
Libby come in to meet Drew who is sitting at the bar. She says that the jeweller called and her ring is coming along nicely, though he hasn't started Drew's yet.
The Coffee Shop
Harold tells Tess and Dee that Karl's song has very nice lyrics. Tess asks Dee how her day was and she says that it couldn't have been better, thanks to Darcy. But she says she's hating being rostered in Casualty with him, because he has a partner. Then she corrects herself saying that really she's loving it - but she's hating herself for loving it!
Karl and Darcy are having a quiet glass of wine and chatting about Alice. Darcy says that he and Alice are like an old married couple - he says that things between him and Alice are not so crash hot.
<<3674 - 3676>>
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