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Neighbours Episode 3676 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3676
Australian airdate: 04/12/00
UK airdate: 02/02/01
UK Gold: 28/09/05
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: David Myles
Guests: Darcy Tyler - Mark Raffety
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Hallways" by Something For Kate
Summary/Images by: Shona
Lou gives the number 30 boys one month's notice - he's throwing them out
Joel says to Flick that he shouldn't have kissed her
Darcy tells Karl that things between him and Alice aren't great
Number 28
Karl thought Darcy and Alice were the ideal couple but Darcy says they aren't as ideal as he'd like them to be - Karl and Susan on the other hand look perfect. Karl admits that there are plenty of ups and downs between him and Susan that Darcy and the rest of the world don't get to see. Karl thinks he has to remember why he got together with Alice in the first place. Darcy changes the subject onto Susan's return home and what's for dinner - Darcy is going to cook spinach cannelloni but there's none of that so he's going to make it with tuna. Thankfully there's no cannelloni so Darcy is forced to go shopping and Karl escapes the tuna.
Ramsay Street
Dee is telling Tess that she doesn't fall for every spunky doctor. Darcy walks by and Dee comments on the lovely evening but Darcy is clearly distracted and doesn't stop to chat. Tess thinks Dee's hopeless.
Joel arrives home and Lyn and Flick just happen to be emptying the car of shopping bags. Lyn makes him come over and asks about his trip and training. Joel agrees to go for a run with her in an hour. When Joel looks at Flick she ignores him.
Number 30
Toadie doesn't think Lou is serious. Lance believes that he is - the place is such a mess! Joel comes in and Toadie and Lance break the good news to him - and it's all down to the Deb after-party that Joel threw!
Number 26
Flick asks Lyn whether the training has been helping. Lyn feels more confident and happy. Flick doesn't want to join her, and wonders why her mother has to go running with Joel. Lyn likes the company and wonders why she shouldn't.
Number 30
Lance is raging a little but Joel is laid back - Lou won't do it. Lance goes off to tell Allana and Toadie notices that Joel is more relaxed - maybe because he got away from Flick. Joel did indeed have fun diving and there were a lot of babes there - well, three or four. Joel suddenly remembers he has a training session to do. Toadie knows there weren't any babes.
Number 26
Flick is just going to stay in and watch a video (so 2001). Lyn suggests a film on the telly that she used to love. Joel arrives and Lyn disappears to get her weights, leaving Flick to ask Joel what he's going to do - is he going to keep pretending he doesn't like her? Well, she won't give up until he admits how he feels.
Number 26
Joel and Lyn are stretching. Flick appears - she's decided to tag along with them!
Ramsay Street
Darcy sees Dee and tells her that he's sorry for earlier. She understands that he was in a rush to get to the shops. Darcy has a lot on his mind, but it's no excuse. She says goodnight to him and Tess appears, mocking her. Dee looks longingly on after Darcy and admits that it's killing her at work.
Flick decides that being young and fit she doesn't need to warm up and runs ahead of her mother and Joel.
A taxi pulls up - yay, Suse is home!
Number 28
Darcy's a bit worried that he hasn't started to cook yet after Karl sees through the window that his beloved is back. Susan, sporting a plaster above her left eyebrow, hugs Karl and then her nephew. She had so much fun in Queensland and both Billy and Anne are doing well, and loving the place. Susan says Darcy must be missing Alice but Karl quickly says they shouldn't disturb the chef. Darcy forces a smile as Karl and Susan talk to Dahl.
Number 26
Back from the run, Flick is exhausted as is Lyn. Joel tells Flick that he knows why she came along and she can forget it - it ain't ever gonna happen. Lyn appears again with the Deb ball photos. Joel thanks her and rushes off to 'meet the guys at the pub'.
Number 28
Susan wants to know what the boys got up to when she was away - rave parties, black masses etc - according to Karl. Darcy must've been working those nights. In actual fact Karl was working on his song and subjected it to Harold and Madge. Susan tries to talk about the cannelloni to get out of hearing it. She asks what it's called.
KARL: 'Light of My Life'.
SUSAN: Yes, honeybunch, what have you called it?
KARL: No, honeybunch, that's the title of the song.
Karl thinks that the spare room should be a studio, as he's put it to such good use. Susan begs to differ - her book will change the world and make them loadsa money, so she should have the room. Karl nominates Darcy to make the decision, but he's saved by the phone, which he psychically knows will ring before it even has! It's Alice and Darcy wanders off to talk. Karl admits to Susan that things aren't all lollipops and rainbows between Alice and Darcy at the moment.
Lou's Place
Drinking in one of the many businesses owned by their landlord, Joel, Lance and Toadie talk about Lou's threat. Toadie (and now tune-changing Lance) believe Lou is full of hot air and it'll all blow over. Lance points out that Lou would be too stingy to go through the rigmarole to get new tenants.
Dee and Tess come in and Dee joins the game of pool. Toadie discovers the Deb photos - Joel thinks he looks like a Mafia hitman. He and Flick smile out in the photos like they're in Colgate ads and Toadie wonders if he made a move on her but Joel protests about the age gap. Dee thinks that Joel is very choosy about who he dates.
Number 28
Darcy is telling Alice he's been really busy. He hangs up and Susan asks what's wrong with him and Alice.
Number 28
Darcy tells them that he was worried about it getting back to his mum, but Susan promises to keep it a secret. He and Alice don't seem to have the same dreams and beliefs anymore. Susan asks him if he loves her and he says he does. More than that, they're locked into a life together with the practice, and the same friends. Karl proposes it could be the seven year itch. Darcy wonders if he's right.
Number 30
Joel and Bob are listening to 'Lie' then Joel annoys Bob by turning it off and putting on what looks like 'Something for Kate' but might not be and then takes that out too. He picks up the Deb photos and looks at them thoughtfully.
Number 26
Lyn is tearful after watching her movie. Flick didn't think it was that great. Lyn admits to Flick that she knew she wanted to be with Joe and she went after him - he didn't stand a chance! Flick smiles to herself after Lyn has gone to bed.
Number 28 - Driveway
Karl has to reverse out of the driveway to let Darcy get out. Darcy sees Dee coming out of number 32 and offers her a lift, which she accepts.
Number 30
Lance holds the paper, which he retrieved from up a lemon tree outside. He finds that Lou's put an advert in for tenants for their house! Toadie can't believe Lou is actually kicking them out.
Erinsborough Pool
Joel briefs his dive group. Flick appears and takes a seat with them. He talks to her alone, asking what she's doing here. Flick is going to sign up.
JOEL: Flick, stop playing games.
FLICK: This isn't a game, Joel.
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