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Neighbours Episode 3649 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3649
Australian airdate: 26/10/00
UK airdate: 18/12/00
UK Gold: 08/09/05
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: None
- "Hardcore Adore" by Felicity Hunter
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
- Lance discovering his next clue from Allana.
- Libby wanting to know what has changed between herself and Steph since the accident.
No. 26
Steph tells Libby that the only thing bugging her at the moment is her job and the timing is just right and this has been her lifelong dream too. Lib tells her that both she and Drew will miss her and enquires if it there is something wrong between Drew and herself, which of course Steph has to deny.
No. 32
Tess is still a bit jumpy following the robber as she lets Susan in and Dione volunteers to not just stay the night but to move in too. Tess accepts her offer and will get Drew to change the locks in the morning too. Dione announces they've got protection - an elephant she brings out of her handbag, which has brought her countless good luck in the past.
No. 32
Lance is trying to work out what the clue meant but is drawing a blank and Toadie and Joel are providing little help either as they are busy with Uni work. Lance decides to look in a book and hey presto has managed to decipher the clue - Allana wants him to spread the word that UFO's exist! Lance chastises Toadie for mocking him but he thinks the task is pure genius.
No. 26
Steph outlines her route to Libby before Toadie arrives after having enough of Lance and Libby bails too to complete her Uni work. Steph tells Toadie that she is going to be away doing her trip round Australia and will miss the wedding but Toadie has seen right through it but Steph isn't too concerned as long as Libby believes her story.
No. 32
Dione gives Tess a massage to help her relax as Joel decides this is his escape venue and is surprised to see Dione there. Tess tells him about Dione moving in but Joel feels awkward and bails. Tess comments that she thought they'd got it all sorted and so did Dione but she admits she has obviously got it wrong.
No. 28
Lance barges into the house to announce there is a UFO in the Sky but as the Kennedys rush out into the street to see it, they can't see anything despite Lance trying to convince them something is/was there. Realising there is nothing there they head inside...where Lance confesses all about Allana's seven labours of love. Lance begs for their help to fulfil the 5th challenge (sighting the UFO) but they turn him down. Lib agrees to his request though for an article in the paper if he can get some real evidence or someone to collaborate it.
No. 32 (next day)
Tess isn't impressed with her new housemates early morning kick box routine and reluctantly agrees to give it a go.
No. 22
Drew asks how things went with Steph last night and Libby is still annoyed with Steph's decision not to be her bridesmaid despite Drew backing up that Steph is having difficulties at work. Lib still isn't happy and asks Drew to talk to Steph, which he agrees to do.
No. 30
Lance comes through to the kitchen to get breakfast depressed at not getting the 5th task done. His ever so helpful housemates suggest calling Allana and telling her that he's done 4 tasks and isn't going to continue with them but Lance is having none of that because it is fun! His housemates disagree with that and Joel tells them about Dione moving in with Tess and that he feels trapped in his own house.
No. 26
As per Libby's instructions, Drew calls round to talk to Steph about the wedding. He tells her that they are both disappointed she can't make it, Libby especially for not being her bridesmaid and asks her to reconsider her decision as it would mean a lot to the both of them...and him.
No. 32
Lance pops round to welcome Dione to Ramsay Street and to give her some flowers from the local florist aka Harold's garden! He isn't the only one there though as Toadie beat him too it and Toadie got some flowers from the same supplier too! Dione asks what they've been up to lately and after hearing from Toadie all about Lance's challenges, tells him how they can fulfil the 5th one by rigging a sighting by recording something in the backyard and persuading the Kennedys that it was true so Libby can write the article. Toadie can see a potential drawback though - how can he make a fake UFO?! Lance replies that he'll think of something before thanking Dione prior to leaving.
The Coffee Shop
Steph tells Libby that she will postpone her plans so she can be her bridesmaid to which Libby is ecstatic and goes to hug her and Steph hopes the wedding is soon as she doesn't think she can stick it at Moco's for much longer.
Karl and Susan come in still arguing over what to do with Billy's room and where the "loser" will be based for their plans.
No. 30 backyard
Lance is rigging up the back yard for his UFO sighting video and Dione arrives to lend a hand but she sees Joel and decides to leave pronto.
No. 32
Dione comes straight back to badmouth Joel when she notices Tess sweeping up her elephant from the floor. Tess apologies for knocking it over and whilst accepting it, Dione is a little down at her good luck charm having been broken.
Steph calls round to invite them out to party as she is in the mood for it. Tess and Dione readily agree but Steph knocks back Tess' idea to invite Libby, citing that it should just be for single ladies.
No. 28
Drew and Libby search on the Internet for ideas on where to go for their honeymoon. Karl arrives home still going on about his music studio he could use to relax in after a hard day at work. Drew and Libby say they are going to go to the pub for supper and Karl suggest that a meal in Lanzini's would suit himself and Susan and she goes off to change.
With the olds safely out of the way, Libby tells Drew about Steph changing her mind about her trip and that she will be their bridesmaid for which they are both happy to hear.
No. 30 backyard
Its lights, camera, action as Lance makes his video of a UFO coming down to earth despite Toadie and Joel not taking it seriously. Toadie and Joel eventually decide they've had enough and leave Lance to it.
No. 30
Joel worries if it is too late to worry about Lance yet as Toadie questions Allana's sanity!
No. 30 backyard
Back in the backyard Lance tells Bob that he can't fail.
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