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Neighbours Episode 3650 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3650
Australian airdate: 27/10/00
UK airdate: 19/12/00
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Flick tells Tad she can't help it if she likes Joel; Tad tells her to tell Paul what's going on. Joel and Toadie leave Lance to find a UFO alone.
Number 30
Lance returns and is cross that Joel and Toadie left him to find a UFO alone. They tell him they were hungry, tired, and they can't believe how desperate he is to be with Allana, that he will go to any lengths for her.
Toadie tells him he looks stupid, but Lance thinks the UFO story will hit the papers - even though he didn't see anything.
Number 28
Lance pounds on the door to the Kennedy residence - but Karl and Susan aren't in, only Libby, who was in the bath. Lance says it's important so Lib invites him in. Lance is reticent to talk about anything, but Libby makes him talk - she wants to go back to the bath.
He tells her that this time he really did see a UFO - she can't believe he dragged her out of the bath for this. She thinks he's a little wacko, but Lance says that this time he's got evidence - he caught it on videotape.
Number 24
Flick and Paul are watching TV, but Paul has to go to bed early, because he goes to footie camp soon and needs to rest. Flick says that she's happy for Paul to go to the Deb Ball with Cheyenne - she'll get her own date. Paul feels bad, but Flick reassures him - she's really fine with that.
As she leaves Lou comes in - furious.
Number 30
Joel and Toadie are genuinely worried about Lance and his obsession with Allana and the things he's doing for her. It looks bad, and it makes them look bad - it's no longer a cool house to live in.
They don't think he's taking the hints, and Joel tells Toadie that he needs to talk to Lance, and tell him they think he's going crazy. Joel thinks Toadie can use clever lawyer words to tell him.
Flick comes to the door - she's done the maths homework that Toadie wanted her to do. She invites herself in and asks Joel what he's doing in the kitchen. Apparently he's unblocking the sink, but he needn't, because Flick offers to do it for him. Aw. Young love.
Number 24
Lou, Madge and Harold read in the paper that Tom and his mate have sold OzzieChef for an obscene amount of money. Lou is particularly upset that other people have made a fat profit out of what they initiated.
Number 28
Lib is watching Lance's video - it is REALLY bad. It looks like a Frisbee dressed up as a UFO. Lib laughs into her hands. Lance tries to convince her that it's real, and that it's a really good video.
Lib said this is a Frisbee being held up by a fishing line and she thinks it's the worst fraud ever! Lance pleads with her - he needs to do this to win Allana over - please please please can Libby help??
Lib understands the whole love thing, and Lance accepts that it's crazy. But she thinks that a lot of people could identify with Lance - and she'll do the story; but she won't include any pictures or video stills.
Lib wants some time to think about her approach.
Number 30
Flick manages to unblock the sink, and Joel has to go study, do she goes home, reminding him that she can't wait for the Deb Ball! Lance comes in at the same time, and tells them that Lib will run the story, and is thinking about an approach.
Toadie and Joel suggest that Lance might not want everyone to see the story - they're concerned that he's "a few sandwiches short of a picnic." They can't handle his tasks, and it's all getting too much.
Lance asks the question - do they want him to move out?
Number 22
Lou comes home and seems a little depressed. He sits alone at his table then a light bulb goes on in his head.
Not literally.
Number 30
Lance is really upset at what the guys have said to him, but he thinks that Joel is a disaster with girls, having had so many girlfriends, and that he's been moody ever since Dione left him. Toadie actually agrees with Lance. Then Lance turns on Toadie and his medieval jaunts and obsessions, and his ways to make money Joel joins in.
This reminds me of the scene in Friends where Chandler detracts everyone from his smoking by pointing out everyone else's failings, and it all turns into a fight.
Number 32
Toadie is talking to Dione and whinging about the complaints he's had from Joel and Lance about his money-making schemes. He believes he is not difficult to live with!
Dione says they all need to compromise. There's a knock at the door and Dione gets it - it's Lance! Toadie leaves and the tension is palpable! Dione sighs.
Number 22
Madge and Harold bring a TV round to Lou's house to cheer him up. He apologises for being so upset over the sale of OzzieChef, and he tells them that he's come up with a fantastic idea! It's time all the profiteering stopped, and that he did something from the heart.
Harold suggests a donation to the Salvos.
But Lou has a better idea - the painting he has by Tom Foster - he should stage an exhibition to raise money and help the family who were left destitute. Madge suggests this is an art scam, but Lou thinks better of it. Madge asks him what percentage he'll take, but Lou says it's been take take take for far too long - he wants to give something back.
Outside Number 32
Lance and Dione are walking out, and he thanks her for the chat before running across the street to Libby. Joel and Dione run into each other - literally - and he's pulled a hamstring. She suggests he come inside to get it looked at, and he agrees.
Number 28
Lib says she has decided upon an approach, and she has good news and bad news. The good news is that he did see something, but the bad news is that he saw Miron 41-30 - it's a decommissioned satellite. Lance is really really pleased about that - as he never actually saw anything, because he's been lying the whole time.
Libby thinks she can get a story from it after all! Something about why people want to believe why UFOs exist - Lance is delighted and Lib tries to do the Vulcan sign with her fingers, but gets it wrong. Lance corrects her.
Number 32
Dione manipulates his hamstring - she says there's some muscle damage there and he obviously didn't warm up properly. She asks what's going on at number 30, and Joel tells her the story of the night before. Dione says that any time he wants to escape he's always welcome at hers. He mistakes her kindness and goes to kiss her.
She tells him to leave.
The Coffee Shop
Lou is telling Harold about the art exhibition and he's really excited about it. Flick and Joel sit down and order coffee from Paul who looks upset.
Number 30
Toadie and Lance are in the kitchen making sandwiches. Toadie makes a coffee and Lance tells him not to use his mug. They realise they're being childish, but banter on anyway.
Number 28
Dione and Lib talk about the boys at number 30 and Dione tells Lib that Joel tried to kiss her again. Lib asks her what she wants from him; she wants to stay just friends, but it's so hard being in the same street. She says that the break-up seems to have affected him more than she thought it would.
The Coffee Shop
Flick and Joel talk about the Deb Ball with Paul - she reassures him that Cheyenne will be up for the ball with him - and then Joel drops her in it by telling Paul that he's Flick's date and she asked him weeks ago. Paul is furious that "Princess Scully" didn't just tell the truth, and that she lied about it all - she only encouraged him to go with Cheyenne so that she could go with Joel.
Flick tells him not to make a scene.
Honestly - that girl is so so so very selfish.
Joel tells her to tell him what's going on.
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