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Neighbours Episode 3651 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3651
Australian airdate: 30/10/00
UK airdate: 20/12/00
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Joel trying to kiss Dione. Paul realising that Flick set him up with Cheyenne so she could go to the Deb Ball with Joel
The Coffee Shop
Joel tells Flick she has to sort this Deb Ball stuff out with Paul right now. Paul is cross with Flick and doesn't believe any of her excuses. He tells her he has to go to school, and she chases after him, not wanting to lose his friendship.
Erinsborough High
Flick tells him that all she wanted was for him and Cheyenne to get together, but he won't believe her and storms off. Tad wants to know why they're fighting, but Flick says she wasn't.
The Coffee Shop
Madge and Lyn come to TCS where Harold is serving - she's just had her hair done, but Harry doesn't notice! Lyn tells Madge she's doing the hair of five girls going to the Deb Ball! Lyn tells Madge that she's making Flick's dress, and the whole thing is costing her a fortune! Madge says that kids think parents are made of money!
Lyn tells Madge about The Beauty Tree - party planning and making money or commission from it. Madge is wary of it, and thinks it's quite faddy. Lyn sounds interested, though. Joe comes in and asks her for lunch, but she has a client in ten minutes. Lyn leaves.
Joe approaches Joel and thanks him for taking Flick to the Deb Ball, but Joel warns her that things are about to change - Flick has some diplomacy work to do. Joe offers Joel a lift home.
Erinsborough High
Flick tells Tad that the gig he was playing at is the night before the English exam - Madge and Harold aren't going to like that!
Ramsay Street
Joe and Joel pull up in Joe's yute, and he understands that Joel's in a difficult position. Joel runs into Dione, getting some of her stuff out of her car. Joe runs over to help her with it.
Erinsborough High
Tad tells Flick that her friends have gone to the sports store to check out Joel - because apparently she's been raving about him so much they had to check him out for themselves! Flick looks really cross and tells Tad that he's not funny.
Number 30
Dione comes to the door and asks Joel why he's acting the way he is - but Joel denies all knowledge! She wants to know why he ignored her outside. He says that he's late for a meeting and has to get to work.
Ramsay Street
Joel and Paul play some Australian footie in the street, and Joel offers Paul a discount in his shop for some footie stuff. Joel is worried he's the cause of his friendship split with Flick, but Paul reassures him that this is Felicity all over.
Number 24
Madge can't believe that Cheyenne's going to the ball, and Tad says that maybe she hasn't even told her dad about it, so that's why she's allowed to go. Madge checks with Paul that Cheyenne's father knows, and Paul says yes.
Madge leaves and Tad asks how the friendship with Flick is going. He says it's not, and Tad says that she's acting very strangely at the moment. Paul agrees and says that she won't walk over him this time.
Number 26
Lyn asks Flick how the Shoe Search is going for the Deb Ball - it's not, apparently. Lyn has also done some more of the dress, but Flick doesn't want to try it on right now, and throws a strop until her father comes in and says that he's heard a story. Joel doesn't think he should take her to the ball. She goes to leave, and Joe stops her. Flick is sure that everything's fine.
Number 24
Flick comes to the door as Tad is listening to his DJ stuff. Flick wants Tad to talk to Paul, but Tad's having none of it - he tells her to do her own dirty work, and Flick just whinges and whinges on. Paul comes in and tells her to live with her own actions.
Tad leaves and gives Flick and Paul five minutes. Paul doesn't care - he's disappointed in her behaviour, and says that she just tries to justify her selfishness with lies and scheming. Why doesn't she just admit she likes Joel?
She says that he's right, and Tad comes back in the room. Paul isn't sure they're friends, yet, and Flick has the cheek to ask for a small favour.
Someone should shoot her.
Number 26
Joe complains that Lyn makes him watch his purse-strings, yet she spends money like anything!! She says that it's not true - what he's talking about are the samples from Beauty Tree to make commission on when she sells them. Lyn wants to give it a go on top of her job, and try and make some money from it.
Number 24
Tad is playing music loud and Madge pulls the plug - it's far too loud. She tells him to use the earphones and prioritise his revision for his exams. She says it's going well, but Madge doesn't believe it.
Flick and Paul are still talking about Joel at the dining table - she wants him to go talk to Joel for her on her behalf. Honestly, the scheming witch - I can't stand her.
Paul agrees. Fool!
Number 26
Lyn is doing the washing and finds a receipt for some gym equipment. She confronts Joe and he says it was a good deal, but she tells him he needs to take their financial situation seriously - they don't have the money, and he's committed them to a 6 month payout.
Lyn tells him she'll have to do more Beauty Tree stuff now to justify it and pay it off. He doesn't look too pleased with that.
Lou's Place
Joel comes in and runs into Dione. She asks him to stay for a drink, but he doesn't - she's come into his life, into his street, made friends with his friends, she's drinking at his pub....
Yeah, well, Joel - that's what Ramsay Street regulars do!
Dione isn't too pleased - he makes her sound like a stalker. He wants to pretend she doesn't exist, he finds it all too hard, seeing her everyday.
Number 24
There's a knock at the door and it's Flick for Paul. She wants him to go and speak to Joel right now. Paul thinks it can wait, and wants to finish the chapter. Flick is cross.
Why on earth does she think he owes her anything??
Why is she so so so so very selfish??
Number 30
The phone rings and it's a mate of Joel's, calling him about doing a wreck dive! He has to turn it down - it's the weekend of the Deb Ball. He tells his mate to count him in - Flick can find someone else.
Number 24
Paul and Flick go over to Joel's. Madge doesn't understand why the Deb Ball is scheduled at the end of exams - because all the planning has to happen during exam time. Harold and Madge are concerned that Tim's chemo and operation will be over exam time. Madge tells him to wait until his exams are over - they're too important.
Number 30
Joel answers the door to Flick and Paul, and Paul tells him that he's happy for them to go to the ball together. Flick says it's all okay, now, so Joel has to tell her that something's come up.
Let her suffer for a change. I have no sympathy today!
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