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Neighbours Episode 3648 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3648
Australian airdate: 25/10/00
UK airdate: 15/12/05
UK Gold: 08/09/05
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Patsy Edie: Anne Maloney
- "Hard" by Stella One Eleven
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Drew placing Libby's engagement ring back on her finger.
Tad telling Lou that there is a van loading up things outside his house that Lou doesn't know anything about.
The Coffee Shop
Lyn, Michelle and Lou head across the bridge, so she can get her borrow someone's car from the salon to take Lou home to find out what is going on when they run into Joe. Michelle tells him that Patsy is stealing Lou's furniture and Lou asks if Joe is still driving his taxi, he's got Lyn's car, so Lou asks for a lift and will explain all to Joe on the way. The men depart and Michelle gloats to Lyn that she was right all along.
Ramsay Street
Drew and Libby return back after their drip and just as they're having a quick pash, Steph comes down the stairs and sees them. She welcomes them home and has a quick chat to them before heading back to work and although polite to them isn't exactly comfortable around them especially with their public displays of affection.
No. 22
Patsy watches from the window as Steph leaves to go back to work and is relieved to see Drew and Libby head towards Number 28.
No. 28
Lib comments to Drew that it feels good for them to be going into the house as a couple, so Drew offers to carry her over the threshold but Libby tells him to wait until they are married! When they get inside they are surprised to see the contents of Billy's room spread all around the house and wonder why her parents would want to be getting rid of it.
No. 22/Ramsay Street/No. 32/Outside
Patsy again checks from behind the curtains to see if the coast is clear and this time it is, so she gets into Lou's car but then realises she's got they keys to No. 32 and heads over there. She lets herself in and shouts to see if Tess is home, she isn't, so as Joe and Lou speed home, she rifle's through Tess' belongings making a right mess of the joint. Eventually she finds what she was looking for - Tess' jewellery box and exit's the house with it tucked under her arm.
Ramsay Street
With Joe and Lou still rushing home, she runs back to the car and gets in ready go make her escape but Joe and Lou arrive in the nick of time and with a bit of careful manoeuvring, Joe blocks her in and prevents her from driving away. Patsy decides to make a run for it but Joe quickly catches her.
Ramsay Street
The police have now arrived but Lou wants to know what he did to deserve this after welcoming her into his home, giving her a job and entrusting her with the care of Lolly. Pasty doesn't/can't tell him but asks him not to tell Lolly.
The Coffee Shop
Madge is telling Karl and Susan about what Patsy did and they agree to pop into see Lou on the way home from work. Onto more serious matters though - Billy's room! Susan suggests Karl would be cheaper to hire a study when he needed to record his "music" and a study/computer room would benefit them all more. Ah but Karl is ready for Susan and suggests she works at the library as there is more resources on hand when thankfully Libby enters to stop the discussion. They talk about the robbery and what Drew has lost too before Libby makes a crucial mistake - talking about Billy's room! Big mistake Lib!
No. 22
Lyn helps clean up the mess Patsy made whilst Lou moans to Joe about being so wrong about Patsy, but Joe being Joe, tells him that professional con artists have taken tougher blokes than him for suckers. Well thanks for that Joe! Joe notices a box and Lou tells him that it is a painting he bought in Catherine and is relived that Patsy didn't take it too. Lou thanks Joe for his help in getting home quickly and tells them that Michelle tried to warn him but he didn't believe her, so Lyn suggests she sends Michelle over after school for him to apologise to.
The Coffee Shop
Lib and Madge talk about the robbery when Steph comes in to get her lunch. Lib suggests a girls night so she can tell Steph all the gossip about Drew (and she is so looking forward to that) since Drew will be busy tidying up and she is at a loose end. Steph tries to wriggle out of it but gives in after Libby begs her and offers to bring round a Chinese. Steph tells her that she can't wait.
No. 26
Karl calls round to get advice from Joe - that must be a first! - about some building advice though but wants him to go over before Susan comes home so he doesn't get in Susan's hair. Joe reluctantly agrees to go over to Number 28 on the promise of Karl making him percolated coffee!
In the living room Lyn and Michelle chat about the robbery and Michelle comments that Lou should have listened to her when she tried to tell. Lyn mentions that Lou would like a word with her and suggests she goes over to see him now.
No. 22
In the kitchen Drew makes a list of what tools are missing whilst in the living room, Lou explains to Lolly that Patsy has gone to live in another house and she also borrowed most of their furniture too when she asks where the TV is. Michelle arrives and wonders what he wanted. Lib takes Lolly through to the kitchen and Lou apologises to Michelle for not listening to her. She accepts the apology and asks when she can next babysit!
Back in the kitchen, Drew invites Libby to stay for dinner but she tells him of her plans with Steph to catch up on the gossip.
No. 28
Joe finishes measuring up and Karl is surprised when Joe quotes the measurements for one of the walls without actually measuring it but decides to quickly measure it again to "confirm" the measurement. Karl tells Joe what he wants to do with the room and Joe is sceptical over what he wants to have in the room. Joe asks if Susan agrees with what Karl needs to buy for the room, she is, and Joe wishes Lyn was the same. Joe scoffs to himself when he asks if Karl would like bookcases in the room (Karl replied that Susan would fill them with books), then tells Karl he'll get started on the project tonight. Karl tells him no, he'll give him a start date later.
Lib and Susan arrive home and Libby mentions that she thinks Steph is avoiding her before running straight into Karl and Joe talking about measurements. Karl is surprised to see Susan and Susan is surprised to see Joe and Karl just about pushes Joe out of the house having first remembered to take the coffee cup out of his hand. Naturally Susan wants to know why Joe was over but Karl is being evasive about it.
No. 22
Karl and Susan pop into see Lou and offer Lou their sympathies. Lou tells them about Patsy's request not to tell Lolly the truth and that she wouldn't tell him why she did it either. Lou bemoans that sadly you can't trust anyone anymore.
No. 26
Joe mentions to Lyn about secrets between Karl and Susan whilst training Harvey to have manners. Steph comes into the kitchen and Lyn comments that she is tired before inviting her round to Number 22 as she is cooking dinner for them but Steph tells Lyn about Libby coming round but is contemplating phoning to call it off in favour of an early night. Lyn tells her that she can't avoid Libby and she'll have to get used to it but Steph says she is finding it difficult to do that. It's too late now as Libby arrives with food and photos of their trip to the farm.
No. 28
Karl tells Susan he invited Joe round to see if he'd like any of it for his daughters. Susan is naturally sceptical, given the contents - He Man posters, Matchbox cars or a whoopee cushion! Susan mentions measurements and Karl tries to wriggle out of the conversation, so she firmly tells him that she has a right to know if he is going to renovate Billy's room. Karl suggests asking Joe what the most practical idea for the room would be which Susan rejects and quickly changes the subject.
No. 26
Over their Chinese, Lib wonders how they're going to break the news to everyone that they are back together before adding that she is looking forward to the wedding day already. Drew pops by to get some cutlery since Patsy took those too before heading back after giving Libby a kiss, which Steph can't watch. With Drew safely out of the way, Steph asks Libby for details of the wedding but the only thing that has been confirmed is that Libby still wants Steph to be her bridesmaid. Steph breaks the news to Libby that she has decided to do her trip round Australia and if the wedding is in the next 12 months then she won't be there and so can't be bridesmaid. Lib is naturally shocked and wants to know what has changed between them since the accident and wants to know now what is going on.
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