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Neighbours Episode 3647 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3647
Australian airdate: 24/10/00
UK airdate: 14/12/00
UK Gold: 07/09/05
Writer: John Upton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Stephen Bailey: Kevin Hopkins
Tim Bailey: Darcy Bonser
Jasmine Bailey: Chloe Ellison
Patsy Edis: Anne Maloney
Trevor Jansen: James Shaw
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Shona
Lyn rebukes Michelle for accusing Patsy when there was no proof
Tad gives Stephen the BMX video to give to Tim
The Bailey House
Stephen says Tim is confused that Rachel kept the truth from him and Tad says he felt the same. Tim appears and asks what Tad is doing here. Tad tells him he came to drop off the video...and to tell him that he's his half-brother, the one his dad was talking about. Tim looks confused, asking why he didn't tell him the truth. Tad goes on, saying that was why he was at the grave, and he tried to tell him but couldn't find the words. Tim reaffirms that he should've told him the truth. Stephen thinks the main thing is he's here now. But Tim doesn't want to know.
He storms off and Tad is going to go but then Jasmine appears and Stephen introduces them. Jasmine smiles at him before going. Tad is happy, thinking she's great. Stephen promises to keep in touch with Tad.
Number 26
Michelle is going to take some muffins for Tess but Lyn wants her to take some to Patsy too. Michelle isn't happy about this - she thinks Patsy's weird. Lyn says the bottom line is they're neighbours and have to be polite.
Number 22
Patsy is finishing up for the night and tells Lou that she's getting on well at Tess'. He tells her that he can't pay her until tomorrow, due to the robbery. She's interested in how the investigation is getting on but there are no leads. Patsy offers her help and Lou sees her off.
Number 24
Paul and Harold come home to Tad sitting quietly. He tells them what happened. Meeting Tim beforehand made it worse. Harold knows he'll come round but Tad had been feeling so good about being his brother and now things have gone bad. He couldn't help hoping for a big family reunion. They have no time with Tim they way they had with him - he has to come round soon as his time is running out.
Number 32
Michelle hands Tess the muffins and wonders why Patsy had so little possessions when she moved in. Tess wonders how she's getting on with the girls at school but Michelle finds them boring. Patsy comes in and takes a muffin, to Michelle's annoyance. Tess was going to get takeaway but has no cash. Patsy sold her furniture so she's flush. Michelle warns her to be careful, what with all these thieves hanging around. Tess decides it's time to see Michelle out.
Number 24
Paul tells Tad that Tim wouldn't mean it. They both know the feeling of a world with older people pulling the strings. Paul thinks they will be friends eventually.
Number 32
Tess goes to bed and Patsy picks up the phone. She tells Trev that it's going well. He asks her to do something tomorrow but she's worried as she's just moved in. But she's been convinced and she hangs up with a smile on her face.
Number 24
The next morning Paul is working out, and Harold's worried about him and Tad being ready in time for school. Tad isn't interested in doing fitness with Paul, although the fitness monster Joel could probably help him out.
Jasmine and Tim appear at the door in their school uniforms. Tim asks for Tad and Tad introduces them to Harold.
Number 22
Patsy has come early to help Lou. When she asks he admits he doesn't know what he's doing today but he'll have the mobile on. She wants a more specific answer and he tells her he'll be at the pub most of the day. Once Lou and Lolly have gone upstairs Patsy takes out some of Lou's credit cards and puts them in her pocket. A painting Lou got in Katherine is delivered and Patsy is anxious about the time, saying Lou will be late. He goes. Patsy tells Lolly that she's going away for a little while and she'll miss her. Lolly hugs her.
Number 24
Tim explains that they found out Tad's address from their dad's diary and wanted to pop in and say hi. Paul and Harold head off. Tim thinks Harold's nice.
Outside Number 24
Paul does some stretches before jogging off - he's keeping fit for footie camp. Harold does some stretches too, witnessed by Lyn and Michelle, then strides off. Lyn and Michelle spot Tess and Michelle tells her that she's looking forward to the museum trip. She tries to score a lift but Tess can't. Lyn and Michelle leave just as Patsy arrives. Tess calls across the street about what to cook for dinner tonight - Patsy doesn't mind - she's in a bit of a rush.
Number 24
Tim's house is a real mess whilst number 24 is really clean. Tad says he and Paul are made to clean up. When Jasmine has gone Tad apologises to Tim about the cemetery and Tim is sorry for his behaviour the night before. Tad says he reacted the same way when he found out about Rachel. He's glad he met her though. Tad decides that they'll go and have a look at the BMX track.
Outside number 22
Trev turns up with in a van - he's late and Patsy isn't happy as they now have less than 3 hours to get this done. Tad appears and Patsy spins a story about Lou donating some stuff to the Salvos. Tad asks about the lack of logos on the truck but Trev pitches in by saying the proper van was faulty and he had to borrow this one. Tad and his brother and sister leave. Trev gets out.
Inside number 22 he has a look for things, and Patsy says she has Lou's key card and pin. He thinks she should empty his account while he empties his house. She gives him Lou's id - he'll need it at the pawnbrokers.
The Allotment - BMX-ing
Tad does a trick and Tim wants to be shown it but Tad's not so sure. Stephen turns up and thinks the kids should get to school before lunch. He isn't mad with Tad though. Tim wants Tad over after school and at weekends - Tad agrees. They leave and Tad has a massive smile on his face.
Number 22
Trev has found some bling-bling gold jewellery and Patsy thinks it would have been his Cheryl's. Patsy knows of more jewellery. She picks up a photo of Lolly as a baby and looks a little regretful.
The Coffee Shop
Tess is in with a gang of EH students. Lyn sees Michelle, who says Tess was good at the museum. Lyn thinks Michelle should call her Mrs Bell at school. Lou arrives, just back from the accountant. Michelle, at the counter, asks to see some money Harold has been handed. She goes over to Lou with the note and tells him that this was from the stolen hotel safe - she put her name on it so she knows. Tess got it from Patsy in her rent money. Michelle thinks this proves she's a thief. Tad looks over Michelle's shoulder and admits that there's something very odd going on outside Lou's place. He tells him about the van, loading up Lou's stuff. "What van?" asks Lou.
<<3646 - 3648>>
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