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Neighbours Episode 3492 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3492
Australian airdate: 21/03/00
UK airdate: 25/04/00
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Cath Roden
Guests: Dione Bliss Madeleine West
Carrue Clark Vanessa Rossini
Merridy Jackson Suzy Cato
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "I Dont Want It" by Automatic
- "Live Through This" by Felicity Hunter
Summary/Images by: Pete
Anne reflects on how lives have changed
Joel and Toadie accept a double date with Dione and Carrie
NO 30
Anne comes round to ask if she can use No 30 for a going away party for Amy. Toadie is at first reluctant, thinking they're going out with Dione and Carrie, but Joel says nothing has been organised, so they work out how to fit both in. Lance comes out to be told the good news about the party. He says he isn't going as it would feel awkward, but Anne talks him into it. She also manages to sponge some money from Toadie.
Lou drops Lolly off and gives Merridy a cake for the fundraising stall. Merridy asks him to man the cake stall at Lassiters. Merridy notes that Lolly is doing better. Lou says she could do better.
MERRIDY: Don't worry, we like to wait a week or two before we start them on quantum physics, otherwise we'll have to rush them through differential Calculus.
LOU: Yes, I suppose you're right...you're having a go at me aren't you?
NO 30
Toadie tries to encourage Lance and Joel into organising a theme for the party so that he can impress the girls. Lance is too upset about his ex going to Fiji which gives Toadie the idea of a Fiji theme to the party. Joel says he doesn't want to spend time putting up decorations.
NO 32
Amy shows Anne some material for her wedding outfit and Anne asks her if she's ready for the going away drinks. Amy says she is. The door goes and Anne asnwers it. It's Libby who's come to say goodbye to Amy. Anne invites her to the party and Libby says that she must be upset about her friend going, so her and Steph have been talking about a girls night out.
Lou is manning a cake stall, trying to drum up a bit of trade, but people just walk past. Joel comes up to him and Lou tries to sell him some jam, but he doesn't have any money. Joel asks him if he can borrow some decorations for the party. Merridy comes along and Lou gives Joel the jam and tells him to find the decorations to get him out of the way. Merridy isn't very impressed with the amount sold, and said she was hoping Lou could do better. He tells her to stand out of the way and gives her a demonstration of his selling technique.
Joel comes in and hands Drew the jam before disappearing. Drew and Libby are having lunch. They talk about Lou's cake selling and Amy's party before Drew tells Libby that his Aunt Minnie has asked him to arrange for her to meet Libby. Drew says she can be a bit bossy and likes to talk a lot. Libby says that since she loves him, she'll have to make some sacrifices.
Lou appears to have quite a crowd watching him now. He's telling them that the kids have to go to school in rags. Joel runs past with a box of decorations and we see Lance who comes up behind Amy who's watching Lou, and they walk off together, wondering what's going on. Lance is out to buy some food for the party. The conversation is a bit awkward. He spots her ring and says it's nice. She asks him to come to the party and he says he'll see what he can do. They look into each other's eyes before Lance leaves and Amy watches smiling.
NO 30
Joel has decked the pool area out with loads of decorations. He notices someone behind him and he shouts for some help, thinking it's Toadie, but it's Carrie. She wants to find out what's going on with this double date that Dee has set up. She's not very happy to find out what she's been planning and says she's not interested in Toadie. Anne and Lance come in and drop some bags and boxes off before noticing that they're intruding and going inside. Joel invites Carrie to stay for a drink.
Inside, Anne and Lance talk about how intense things were outside and Lance looks for a cocktail recipe. Anne says he's handling it well, and he says he thought Amy's ring looked tacky. Toadie comes in, and is pleased to hear that Carrie is here and goes out the back
Outside again, Joel is trying to persuade Carrie to stay before Toadie comes out and insists that Joel get her a drink Dione arrives and Carrie wants to talk to her, but Toadie insists on getting them drinks.
Drew is telling Lou about Aunt Minnie, much to his amusement, and Lou says he's going to disappoint Merridy because he sold all the cakes. Drew says they could probably be good friends if Lou tried harder. Merridy arrives and Lou gets her a drink.
NO 30
While Toadie is distracted thinking about cocktails, Carrie pulls Dione aside and tells her to stop trying to set her up. They go back into the kitchen and Toadie has made them both cocktails. Carrie tries to leave, but Toadie persuades her to stay. He takes her outside, leaving Joel and Dione together. Joel looks disappointed.
Merridy says Lou did well, but she isn't happy he convinced people the school are poor. He doesn't believe anyone fell for that, but Merridy has had some calls. They decide to start again. Lou says she's a very good.......attractive person. Merridy says she'd prefer it if he said she was good at her job, and he says he's sure she is.
NO 30
Carrie tries to leave again and Toadie tries to convince her to stay for Amy's arrival, so they can go through their favourite Amy moments. Carrie points out she doesn't really know Amy. Amy then arrives, waltzing in the door proclaiming 'the star is here'. Toadie tries to pull her outside to do his 'favourite Amy moments' thing 'my personal favourite involves jelly-wrestling'. Libby and Drew pull her into the hall and says goodbye
Toadie leads everyone outside and down the steps still talking about the jelly wrestling. The phone goes and Lance answers it. It's Damian. Amy comes down the steps and talks to him in the background. Toadie and Anne talk about when Amy said she should be school captain 'because she was like Miss Venezuela'.Carrie tells Joel and Dione she's uncomfortable and wants to go to the pub. Amy says her plane has been delayed for a cuople of hours and says she can carry on partying.
NO 28
Libby and Drew cook and discuss Aunt Minnie. Apparently she's a bit old fashioned, and is coming to ask Libby to contribute to a family quilt. Libby isn't impressed, but Drew says she's making her out to be worse than she is.
NO 30
Anne and Amy argue about the Miss Venezuela comment. Carrie and Dione leave for the pub and say they'll meet the guys there later, as they want to see Amy off. After they leave, Toadie doesn't seem keen to go to the pub. A horn is heard outside, and Amy says it's her taxi so they all leave. Lance comes into the kitchen on his own, looking sad.
At the door, Joel grabs a case and remarks surprised that Amy doesn't have much to pack, but she says that isn't everything. She notices Lance is missing and gives Anne something before going back inside.
In the kitchen, Amy asks Lance if he's coming to say goodbye. He says he thought they'd doine that. Amy says they don't have to, it's not as if they won't see each other again, they'll always be friends. She says she's sorry that things didn't work out. Lance says he never thought they would, she always seemed to good to be true and he couldn't figure out what she could see in a guy like him. She says he's so much better than he thinks he is and he has a lot to give someone. He says he's just hanging on to the fact that they'll always be each other's first true love and if they live to be 300 that'll never change. She hugs him and the car horn goes. He tells her to go and he watches from the doorway as everyone cheers her off. He says to himself 'Bye Amy, be happy'.
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