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Neighbours Episode 3491 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3491
Australian airdate: 20/03/00
UK airdate: 24/04/00
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Cath Roden
Guests: Simone King: Denise Briskin
- "Rockabilly Heaven" by D Bronze And J Phillips
- "Summer Steps" by D Bronze And J Phillips
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Lou accidentally knocking a wing mirror off the Scullys' car. Lou receiving a notice to have to take a driving test. Toadie telling Joel he has to get 100 subscribers, then sing Mary Had a Little Lamb in the Duke of Essex, in a tutu - or he gets fired.
No 30 where there's not a tutu In sight
Toadie tells Joel that this is all his fault - he shouldn't have said what he said on air. Joel says that the Duke of Essex is the toughest part of town - he won't do it, especially not in a tutu. Toadie says they should have guts and go for it, but it's never going to happen anyway. They only had 16 new subscribers on the last massive subscribers campaign. Besides which, Joel has bigger problems at the moment - who does he want to date?!
Lou's Place where we find that Lou is Cross
Joe comes into the pub and Lou tells him not to gloat; why does he try to make life difficult for everyone? Joe says it's just a driving test, so why is he worrying? Lou said he would have paid for the mirror - why can't Joe just be neighbourly? Joe asks for a bottle of white wine and Lou says he'll have to hunt it out.
No 32 where Anne is feeling Nostalgic
Amy is dragging Anne into the living room and has a surprise to show her - an engagement ring! Amy tells Anne that Damien got on really well with all her family - her mum is totally in love with him! They're going to get married in Fiji, and next week she'll be married - Mrs Greenwood-Smith. Anne sounds all down, and Amy realises that she's missing Bill.
Anne can't believe that everyone's growing up - it was only a short time ago they were all still in school.
I know the feeling, love.
Lou's Place where Lou is being Cunning
Joe subscribes to Uni.FM. Joe is eating crisps and Lou reprimands him as he's meant to be on a diet. He gives Joe the wine he wants and Joe leaves, telling Lou to keep the change, all 20c of it!
Joel and Toadie enter the pub and see Lou's advert to subscribe to Uni.FM - they are livid! Lou says he already had the ads there - he's just broadening the subscription base, now, that's all! He already has 10 signatures on it - he wants to see the guys in tutus! Lou tells the guys that if they need any help, Lolly knows all her nursery rhymes.
Grease Monkeys where we find Paul has an Admirer
Flick approaches Paul and tells him that he has an admirer - Simone King. She tells him to go and say hello; Paul tells her to mind the café whilst he goes to the shop.
No 32 where Amy refers to her mum as Josie
Amy says that her mum would make a huge deal of the wedding if it were here - "would you really want to wear apricot satin with puffy sleeves?" She's trying to make Anne feel better about not going. Aw - so sweet. Anne says she thought Amy would want the whole big wedding drama thing, surely? Amy says she just wants her and Damien alone, and Anne will be with her in her heart! Aw - even more!
Amy tells her of her plans to move in with Damien in the flat near the airport, and Anne's worried she won't ever see Amy again. Amy says she will - Anne can even be the godmother to her baby!
Grease Monkeys where Paul tries to Pick Up a girl
Paul takes a meal over to Simone and her friends, and asks how her school work's going. Simone tries to respond in kind - her dad's a solicitor, yada yada... She says that if he needs help studying in legal studies, then... Yeah, yeah, says Paul, and has to get back to work. Flick tells him it was the worst pick up ever. She offers to give him dating lessons!
The Salon where Joe waits for Lyn
Joe is waiting for Lyn, but she has two clients to finish with, yet, as well as cash up and tidy up. She gives Joe a dustpan and brush to clear up. He mentions that he's bought some tickets to a concert for him and Flick, but Lyn tells him that the band is more Steph's kind of thing. He leaves.
No 30 where we find a Baked Bean Frenzy
Joel is returning Dee's call, who was returning his call, so please can she call him back?
TOADIE: Ah, romance in the electronic age. Ain't it grand?!
JOEL: Give it a rest.
Toadie asks Joel why he has 2 gorgeous women chasing after him. They agree that they have had baked beans to eat for two nights in a row, now, and need to find more food to eat.
How random.
No 32 where Amy is in Demand
Anne tells Amy that Bill's going to fly down for the weekend - they're going to talk and catch up - and the door goes! It's Toadie and Joel who are looking for food. After all, Amy's one hell of a cook. They ask to steal a meal! Anne tells them that they're having a girls' night in, so the guys decide to go to the Scullys.
The Bishops' where Paul is having trouble Understanding Girls
Flick tells Paul he has to ask a girl questions about stuff that she likes, to show that he's interested in her as a person. He can't ask "how is your essay going" - that's just not cool, kids. He tries.
PAUL: Have you got any hobbies?
FLICK: That was terrible.
Flick suggests, "Hey - I heard you're in the netball team, how d'you get into that?" Paul says that that's not interesting at all. He really doesn't get it.
Flick says that step 2 is listening to a girl's answers. Really listening, because she's giving you clues as to how to take things further. For example, Simone offered further help with studying. Paul says that that's hardly a hot date.
Oh, pur-lease. Someone kill him now and put him out of his girl misery. He's such a boy.
Flick tries to get him to change his body language and relax; he won't, so she tickles him. Cue Harold and Lou.
The Scullys' where there's a Lasagne Lurking
Lyn is in the lounge relaxing and tells Joe to cook steamed veg and fish fillet. And he mustn't use butter on it. Toadie and Joel turn up and want dinner. Joe tells them he's in charge tonight, and it's steamed fish and rabbit food and it won't go round. He won't feed everyone in the street, so Lyn offers a lasagne from the freezer, after all, Joe won't need it now as it's full of cholesterol.
Flick comes in as they leave and Joe tells her that he's got some tickets to a groovy bash - The Rockets. Flick doesn't know what to say, except maybe he should take mum. Joe says he wants to take her, so she acquiesces. Kind of.
The Scullys' where Michelle really should be Told Off
Lyn and Joe are sympathising with Michelle and saying that if those girls shut her out then they're not her friends. Why isn't she being reprimanded for treating them badly?!!! She has brought this ALL on herself!
Lyn and Joe tell her not to try and impress others that way - don't buy their friendship or suck up.
No 32 where Joel still won't Make Up His Mind
Joel keeps repeating to Toadie that Dione is The One. Carrie's better, but Dee's best friend. Toadie said he'll ask Carrie out, then. Joel doesn't like that too much, though. Apparently it's complicated.
The Scullys' where we find Joe playing the Air Guitar
The Scullys have finished their meal and Joe puts a tape of The Rockets on - apparently it's meant to be really bad. He puts the music on really loud and plays air guitar. Flick tells Lyn that she'll go - they'll have fun together.
The Bishops' where Lou is being Tested
Harold is testing Lou on his driving test questions - and he only gets 3 out of 10. Paul laughs at him. A lot.
No 32 where Anne is Disappointed
Anne is on the 'phone to Bill, and tells him about Amy getting married. He says he can't come down at the weekend now as he has a massive commission to be working on at a church. Anne is upset, but says she understands. She finishes her call and tells Amy that he has to work - it's important - but she misses him so much. Anne feels that everyone's moving on except her. What's left for her?
AMY: Hello? Anne Wilkinson? Smartest chick in the world, rising young star of the arts world, popular girl at school - you've got it all!
ANNE: Great.
Amy says she needs active retail therapy to cheer up - she has to choose her wedding dress tomorrow, so Anne needs to save her from fashion disaster!
Ramsay Street
Flick asks if Paul has heard of The Rockets. He has - they're a really old band. She tells him that she has to go with her father, but she really needs an excuse not to go! She asks him to promise not to tell anyone at school - it'll be the death of her reputation.
So why tell him in the first place? Then she wouldn't have to ask him to promise not to tell anyone?!
Lou is driving out of the street and Joe yells at him not to drive over the begonias.
No 30 where Double Dating might be Happening
Joel is in the middle of a call to Dione and Toadie shouts hi down the 'phone at her. Joel says that Dee wants to organise a double date with him and her, Carrie and Toadie. Toadie's up for it - as long as Joel is?
Joel forces out a "Yeah, we're in. Can't wait. Should be a blast."
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