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Neighbours Episode 3490 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3490
Australian airdate: 17/03/00
UK airdate: 21/04/00
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Carrie Clark: Vanessa Rossini
- "Cheek To Cheek" by The Steve Byrd Band
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Science Fiction" by Automatic
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Steph injuring her ankle whilst coaching Karl in cricket. Steph telling Flick not to tell Joe that it was Karl she was coaching. Michelle getting an egg cracked over her head at school.
Erinsborough High
Tad, Paul and Flick tell Susan that they don't know who did it - they didn't see anyone. Susan is disappointed that they won't tell her who it was.
The Scullys'
Joe's on the 'phone to Karl's receptionist Pippa, telling her that if the blood tests showed any problems, Karl will come and tell him. He's not making an appointment! Stubborn man! Michelle comes home and tells Joe that she was in a fight with some friends; they were gutless and ganged up on her. She won't tell him the names of her friends, and he lets her stay at home for today. Joe says he'll take care of it and storms out the house.
Erinsborough High
Susan tells the students what bullying is, and tells them to talk to a teacher if they are being bullied or if they witness it. She says she wants to find the culprits who upset Michelle. Joe turns up and says that Michelle's at home and scared, but won't give any names. Susan tells Joe that she hasn't got any names yet but she will deal with it - he wishes that she'd deal with bullies the way they used to in the past.
SUSAN: Yeah, well, you hit a bully who just hit a smaller kid and what do you teach them?
Joe tells her to sort it out and leaves.
No 30
Toadie is on the 'phone telling the radio station that he'll have the money rolling in when he DJs later. Joel tells him that the other DJs are playing really bad music from the 90s - that's why it's losing money and not doing well. Joel tells him that he's going out with Dione.
The Scullys'
Joe tells Lyn that Susan said she's unlikely to catch the culprit. SO not true. Lyn is upset for Michelle, and wonders how long the bullying has been going on. She calls her in for lunch, but Michelle's not hungry. Joe demands that she come and eat lunch; she takes the sandwich and sits with her parents. She asks if she has to go back to school, and Joe says that Mrs Kennedy will be sorting it out. Michelle is angry with Joe and says it'll be a million times worse, now.
The Coffee Shop
Paul and Tad ask Karl if he told Harold that Extreme Sports are dangerous. Karl says yes - because they are. Tad says that he and Paul to refer to football and cricket as Extreme Sports, so please could he tell Harold that they're fine??!!!
No. He won't.
The Lassiters Complex
Lyn and Joe are asking Flick if she knows why Michelle is being bullied. Flick said that Michelle used Joel to impress them, set them up with him without him knowing, and that she was charging for him. Lyn leaves to go and talk to Michelle, and reminds Joe to pick up Steph - she can't walk at the moment because of her ankle. Flick says that yeah - Karl felt really bad about that.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
The Coffee Shop
Karl says he feels bad, but didn't tell Joe because he was worried about his stress levels. He invites Joe into the surgery to get his blood test results.
No 30
Toadie thinks he's found three sponsors for the radio stations, which is making him very happy. Joel says he had a good lunch - Dione is 'nice.' Carrie arrives at the house and comes in to see Joel - who gives Toadie a look to make him leave.
Grease Monkeys
Harold, Karl and Lou are all whinging about Joe and his behaviour since he arrived. They don't want Joe building on his land. Lou offers some balding advice to Karl - who doesn't take it too kindly.
Paul and Tad arrive and tell Lou that the Erinsborough Safe Extreme Sports Day needs a sponsor from one local business - "after all, today's teenagers are tomorrow's customers!" They suggest to Lou that he sponsors it, either through the garage or the pub. Lou is concerned that Extreme means Dangerous. Tad points out the presence of the word Safe. Lou is having none of it.
No 30
Joel tells Carrie that he likes her, but that he feels he has to be loyal to Dee. Carrie also agrees - she's Dee's best mate. They agree to be friends, no harm done.
Lou's Place
Joe meets Susan and Lyn in the pub where he says that Karl has told him to cut down on fats, salts, cheeses, alcohol, gave him some literature, offered ongoing support...Susan tells Joe that means Karl's covered all the bases, making him the true professional that he is!
After Susan leaves Joe tells Lyn that has all but one major factor for heart disease. He has to change his diet, get exercise...then orders a beer and nuts from Lou!
No 30
Joel wants to tell Carrie he likes her, and says he wants to kiss her, but Toadie walks in, and Carrie decides to leave. Toadie can't believe that Joel hasn't told Carrie or Dione - he's turning into rat, and will have no friends.
The Scullys'
Lyn and Joe are sympathising with Michelle and saying that if those girls shut her out then they're not her friends. Why isn't she being reprimanded for treating them badly?!!! She has brought this ALL on herself!
Lyn and Joe tell her not to try and impress others that way - don't buy their friendship or suck up.
The Radio Station in a Park Somewhere
Toadie is at the radio station and gets a call from Drew asking if he can get some free advertising - Toadie tells him he's on air!
Toadie goes off air and says goodbye to Drew. Tad, Paul and Flick tell the boys that they need the voice of youth on their show; Toadie suggests they get subscriptions to the show. As the song finishes Joel starts DJing and makes fun of Toadie.
The Scullys
Lyn is telling Joe what they are going to cut down on now, foodwise, and what they're not going to eat. Joe isn't impressed.
Lou turns up and is livid that Joe reported him to the police for knocking his wing mirror off the other day. Lou tells him that he didn't realise what he'd done, and as soon as he found out he would have apologised and offered to pay - why did Joe have to take it so seriously and make it so formal. He leaves, saying that this used to be a nice street to live in.
Lyn is cross with Joe for wrecking yet another relationship with a neighbour...
The Radio Station in a Park Somewhere
Toadie is trying to get listeners to subscribe to the station and win prizes. He goes off-air - or so her thinks....Joel has accidentally knocked a switch.
Toadie and Joel start to talk. Toadie is livid that he has been working so hard on the radio station and everyone listens for free - referring to the listeners as scum! Joel thinks subscriptions are a stupid idea and tells him that if he gets 100 subscribers, he'll sing Mary Had A Little Lamb in the bar at the Duke of Essex, in a tutu. Toadie agrees.
Toadie's mobile rings and his boss tells him that he was on air just now - he has to get 100 subscribers, then sing Mary Had a Little Lamb in the Duke of Essex, in a tutu - or he gets fired.
This is really the best time to cut to:
End Credits
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