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Neighbours Episode 3493 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3493
Australian airdate: 22/03/00
UK airdate: 26/04/00
Summary/Images by: Pete
Drew tells Lou and then Libby about his fearsome Aunt Minnie
Lance says goodbye to Amy
NO 26
Steph feeds T-Rex, Flick comes in and they talk about Amy's sad departure. Steph worries about how Lance is coping and offers to take over some leftovers that Lyn has left in the fridge for No 30.
NO 30
Lance puts the leftovers in the fridge and Steph asks him how he is since Amy left. He says he's fine, doing some work installing a sprinkler system for Harold today. She invites him on a night out with her, Libby and Tess. He remarks that it's a girly night, but Steph says she's not keen on all girl get togethers. Lance says thanks, but no thanks.
Susan offers Tess a lift to work and asks how things are with Brendan. Tess says she hasn't seen him for a while and is enjoying the single life. She invites Susan on the girls night out, but Susan doesn't think Libby would want her mother tagging along.
Paul, Tad and Flick make the walk to school, and talk about a DJ that's appearing at the club. Tad and Flick tease Paul about a girl called Simone.
Libby teases Drew about his addiction to junk food. Drew is slightly defensive and Harold claims he is their best customer. Drew tells Libby that Auntie Minnie is arriving tonight, the night of her planned night out. Libby says she's never even met her and already she's interfering in her life. Drew says she's getting old and this may be Libby's last chance to meet her. Libby says OK, but if she talks about sewing quilts all night, Libby is going to be very very bored.
Steph finds Lance and asks him if he wants to have lunch. He jokes about her mothering him, and says he's fine, he's not pining after Amy. Steph talks him into staying for lunch.
Paul and Tad are still trying to talk Harold into the extreme sports event, but they can't answer Harold's questions. He tells them to come back to him with a firm proposal. They toss round a few ideas with Flick before changing the subject, to how they're going to get to see the DJ. They consider sneaking in to the club.
Steph tries to encourage Lance to think positive by telling him that today is the first day of the rest of his life. He's not enthusiastic, but Steph thinks it's seriously good advice. Before leaving, she tries to force a smile out of him by pinching his cheeks. When she leaves he pulls a genuine smile.
Paul, Tad and Flick have hatched a plan to sneak into the club. Paul asks Harold if he's ready for their next judo lesson. Harold tells Paul that he's enjoying the new experience, and it's opened his mind to new things.
Flick stresses about getting caught sneaking into the club, but Tad talks her into it.
NO 32
Steph and Tess are planning for their night out. Libby comes in and says that she can't make it as she has to meet Aunt Minnie. Steph and Tess tell her that she should let Drew take Aunt Minnie out as she'd already planned to go out. Libby says she feels she should go with Drew as Aunt Minnie seems a bit scary. Steph tells her she knows what she really wants to do.
Harold has Paul and Flick trying out his new vegeburger recipe. Tad says they look like lab rats before taking a bit and claiming it could do with more meat. Flick says they need to get people to stop eating so much meat. Harold picks up a newspaper and notes that 'Goodbye Mr Chips' is the late film, and he might stay up to watch it. He goes off and Paul and Flick worry about how they're going to sneak out. Tad doesn't think it'll be a problem.
Libby comes in and teases Drew about being there again, then tells him that the girls made her feel bad and now she wants to stick to her original plan to go out with them. Aunt Minnie only really wants to see him anyway. Drew says she really does want to see Libby, but it's up to her. This makes Libby feel guilty.
NO 32
The girls get ready to go out for the night. As they're leaving, Drew shows up with Aunt Minnie, who really wants to meet her. The situation is quite uncomfortable and Aunt Minnie says that anyone who marries into the Kirk family has to meet her. Libby says they're not engaged, and Drew says that she'll scare Libby off, but Aunt Minnie says you never know what's around the corner and she hopes to see Libby again.
NO 28
Susan gets off the phone to Bill and updates Karl and tells him that they're working hard. Karl tells her she has to let go sometime. Susan says he's just as bad about Libby, he doesn't think Drew is good enough for her. He agrees that he's been tough on Libby's boyfriends, but Drew is the best she's had. Susan emphatically agrees:
SUSAN: He is, he's totally supportive, he'll never hold her back, that's very important
KARL: You don't have to convince me, are you trying to have a blue or something?
SUSAN: No. I just........ feel unsettled. I talk to Billy and then I want to see him.
KARL: Have I told you I love you today?
SUSAN: I don't think you have.
KARL: OK, come over here I do love you. Come on, give us a pash.(she sits on his lap, and he pecks her on the cheek)
SUSAN: What aftershave are you wearing?
KARL: (Susan is sniffing the air around Karl) I don't know, Billy gave it to me for Christmas. Millennium Man or something. Cave Man...Space Man.
SUSAN: (coughs) No I think Cave Man's more on the money.
KARL:Yeah, yeah, you just undermine me. You do it to me every time. Come on (he touches her chin), you've pashed smellier people than me.
Susan nods in agreement, pecks him on the lips, before gasping slightly and moving in for a longer, more passionate kiss.
NO 32
The girls finish getting ready and go to leave. Steph and Tess say that Aunt Minnie practically has them married off already. Libby starts feeling guilty about leaving Drew with her and worries that Aunt Minnie will 'drop off the twig' before she gets to see her again. Tess tells her to do what she feels is right, and they all leave, with Libby still not having made up her mind.
Drew buys Aunt Minnie a drink and sits down. Aunt Minnie says he made the right choice, and she'll make a lovely bride. Drew says she shouldn't let Libby hear her say thinks like that. Aunt Minnie guesses that he'd marry her, but she's a little slow in coming round to the idea. Drew says 'in a word, yes'. Aunt Minnie tells him not to give up and he says he doesn't intend to. Aunt Minnie says 'clearly you mean a great deal to her' since she's bothered to come down looking for him. Libby appears at the side of the table.
Later, Aunt Minnie is telling Libby that all female members of the family contribute to the quilt. Drew points out Libby isn't a member of the family and he might 'end up marrying someone else'. Aunt Minnie then announces she has a voucher for a photographic studio and she'd like them to have a photograph done. Libby agrees, and Drew makes jokes. Aunt Minnie says she'd prefer it to be of them as bride and groom, but this will do in the interrim.
NO 24
Harold is asleep in front of the TV, before the film has even started, so Paul and Tad manage to sneak out easily.
Paul and Flick worry they won't get in, but Tad convinces them they should stay and try.
NO 28
As Libby and Drew come in, Susan is putting a shoe back on on the couch, and Karl is putting a shoe back on behind the TV (his jumper has vanished and he's wearing a T-shirt). Libby remarks that they're still up.
KARL: Your mother wouldn't stop arguing, it went on forever.
SUSAN: Well it takes two to argue darling.
LIBBY: So, this is how they enjoy themselves.
(They kiss, and then Karl puts his jumper back on and Susan rearranges her hair during the next bit). Libby tells them they met Aunt Minnie who's a bit 'family orented'. Susan suggests bringing her round, but Drew and Libby say she'll definitely get the wrong idea
KARL: Well, we're off to bed, we've got an argument to finish.
SUSAN: Good-oh. Night.
(They race off to bed).
Drew kisses Libby and apologises for Aunt Minnie. Libby says she liked her though. They both think the photograph is a bit weird, but they'll go along with it. Although, says Libby if there's a minister there with a marriage contract in his hand, she's out the door.
Paul, Tad and Flick have got in. Flick puts her bag down on a chair with her coat over the top. They're just about to go and get drinks, when Flick spots Mrs Bell and Steph, who spot them back.
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