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Neighbours Episode 9004 from 2024 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 9004 (The Longest Lie-In)
Australian and UK airdate: 11/03/24
Writer: Rene Zandveld
Director: Kate Kendall
Guests: Chelsea Murphy: Viva Bianca
Vera Punt: Sally-Anne Upton
Penny Shrewster: Jessica Husband
- "Only In New York" by Jeff Megan David Tobin And Chalrey Harrison
- "Take You" by Nyxen
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Jeremai
Aaron questioning why he should forgive Nicolette.
Jane reminding Nicolette she was the one that began the feud.
Sadie and Byron TITTNL but deciding to go back to being friends.
Toadie organising a date night for Terese.
Paul on the hunt for Josh's plaque.
Terese pulling out of the date night with Toadie to be with Paul.
Toadie going to see Melanie and ranting off about Terese cancelling date night to be with Paul.
Terese overjoyed with emotion after Paul finds the missing plaque.
Melanie questioning Toadie over why he has come to see her.
Toadie and Melanie pashing!!
Number 28
After their 'afternoon delight' Toadie looks almost shellshocked over what he's done as the pair come out of her bedroom and into the living room. Melanie wants to know "what happens now" and wants to talk about what happened but Toadie can't and literally bolts from the house!
Penthouse suite
Like Melanie, Paul is also in his jammies but that is thanks to having had a shower to remove the smell from being at the tip. Terese is very grateful for Paul finding the plaque and the newly arrived Chelsea makes a big song and dance about it being found after she hears what happened. Playing on that reaction, Terese promises to visit the restored plaque more frequently once its restored!
Number 24
Before she goes to bed, Isla helps Nicolette pick out her jammies for the liein competition the next day. Aaron, while supporting the competition, does not plan on being there in person. As they talk about his noshow, it sounds like Nicolette isn't actually keen on participating either but is doing so to support Krista.
AARON: Well why don't we just add Krista to the list of people I've disappointed then!
Number 22
The pressure of his 'afternoon delight' is getting to Toadie as he starts to clear away the dinner table. He quickly gets is attention back though when Terese arrives home. As she is apologising for letting him down, Toadie spots the missing plaque in her hand. An overjoyed Terese is starting to tell him about Paul finding it at the tip but from the look on Toadie's face this is totally new to him. Terese asks if he got her voicemail and his reply is that he only got "bits of it" because "it was breaking up" so she then fills him in properly and why she needed to be there when it was found.
TERESE: You understand that, don't you?
Toadie doesn't reply and so Terese asks if he is okay? This forces Toadie to get back with it and replies that he is happy the plaque has been found. Surveying the kitchen quickly, and seeing what Toadie had planned, Terese suggests that it perhaps isn't too late to reheat the dinner?"Sounds good," he quickly replies back before she then starts to kiss him.
Penthouse suite
Krista runs through the final plans for tomorrow with Paul and both dismiss the negative vibes Chelsea is trying to suggest before leaving the pair to it.
When they are alone, Chelsea can't but help try to suggest Krista is over-extending herself with the competition but the work she has done on it, has really impressed Paul.
CHELSEA: Well I hope you're right.
The Waterhole
The #32 housemates and Sadie are trying to come up with the right strategy to win the grand prize a 7 night stay at Lassiters New York!Remi and Cara butt in to taunt the quartet that they are "the queens of the Liein" and so they've to "prepare to lose!"
Number 28
Holly can sense something is up with Melanie when she returns home from work and eventually she tells her about "the breakthrough with Toad. ""Mel, there is no you and Toad okay!," Holly reminds her.
HOLLY: If you keep doing this to yourself, its gonna end in tears… your tears because Toadie is gonna choose Terese every single time.
MELANIE: Well I know what I know.
HOLLY: Just be careful, please.
Before she turns in for the night, given she will be busy at work tomorrow, Holly slips it in that Toadie and Terese have entered the competition too and thus will be sharing "the same bed. "After Holly heads off, Melanie quickly gets out her phone and signs herself up for the competition!
Number 22 (next day)
Terese returns after an emergency shop with matching jammies for herself and Toadie as it appears both had forgotten the liein was happening today. She's on such a high over the matching jammies (and what happened yesterday over the plaque) that Toadie can't get a word in edgeways. A text from Paul also delays things too he wants to reinstall the plaque before the event gets underway. Toadie immediately agrees to the idea and after she invites him too it too, agrees to go with her.
Lassiters hotel foyer
Leo is very impressed at the work Krista has done for the event as they both walk into the foyer. Chelsea takes great delight in bringing her down though when she suddenly announces that there has been a roster screw up and 4 members of staff scheduled to work now aren't. Naturally, Krista is in a panic although sarcastically Chelsea is sure she will "figure something out!"
Meanwhile, Paul finishes putting the plaque "back where it belongs" and Toadie watches on as Terese rubs Paul's arm and thanks him.
Lassiters Complex
With the aptly named 'Only in New York' playing and a NY style cab entering the grounds, the complex has been transformed into one huge bedroom with multiple beds fitted in. Those participating are in their jammies and preparing to get into bed.
Sadie is already thinking about ordering some food (apparently all food and drink are free for participants during the event) and Holly explains that once the event is underway she "can order whatever you like" because "you never know how long you're gonna last!"
Remi/Cara participate in that Aussie tradition called 'sledging' with Haz/Mackenzie while Nicolette/Sadie (they're in single beds not together in a double) feel left out of the sledging and apparently that is because they aren't a threat to the VM's!
NICOLETTE: We'll see about that!
"Miss Rodwell" is very impressed at Byron being on hand as her server to ensure "that your service today is topnotch!"Nicolette isn't too impressed at her brother charming Sadie and tries to get her order in but the ever so polite Byron reassures "Miss Stone" that he will get to her!
Meanwhile, Leo is trying to calm Krista down she is sure the rosters have been tampered with after she checked them. She gathers what staff there are on Byron, Holly and Penny the random talking extra together to explain the situation and to issue them walkie talkies "to make sure that we stay nice and efficient. "
Number 24
Isla is not playing ball with Aaron, she wants her mummy so appeases her with pictures of Nicolette from the liein.
Lassiters Complex
Toadie and Terese get into their bed in the complex. He goes to check his phone after a text message comes in (it's from Melanie wanting to talk) but is told to switch off his phone to save power as they can't recharge the phones. The pair then suddenly spot Melanie in one of the beds and are somewhat confused as they didn't think she was participating.
Despite not booking a place in advance, Vera Punt is determined to participate (she wants all the freebies on offer!) and so its polite smiles from Krista as she gives Vera the place of someone who has conveniently dropped out!
Just before the competition starts, Haz alerts Holly that there is an issue the bed Melanie is in is too close to Harolds (preventing folk from entering his café) and she promises to get it sorted out.
After briefly reminding those entering about the bathroom break rules and what the prize will be (an allexpenses paid trip to New York for a week), Krista officially starts the competition.
The resolution to Melanie's bed being too close to the door of Harolds is to move the bed (with Melanie still in it) right next to the one with Terese and Toadie in it!!!Krista isn't impressed at Penny's ingenuity but the trio are politely okay enough with what has happened.
When Terese declares that she wants a toilet break already, Melanie is delighted as it means she can get a chance to talk to Toadie alone… that is until he too decides to also take a toilet break.
Vera is demanding her facial but doesn't want anyone from the spa to do it…she wants Byron but he is too busy being Sadie's personal waiter (much to the annoyance of his sister!). Holly drags him away from Sadie to break the 'happy' news to him!
The VM's and Haz/Mackenzie now see Vera as their main competition especially given she has brought a trolley load of supplies with her!
HOLLY: You never know what might happen in this competition!
Holly tries to distract Melanie by offering her something from the menu rather than what isn't available from the next bed!
Paul (and Chelsea) stop to talk to Toadie and Terese and she is full of praise for the competition. Chelsea comments on how cute their matching jammies are.
TERESE: We're in it as a team. We're not afraid to show it!
Toadie thanks Paul for the effort he put in to track down Josh's plaque but also gets in that he'd have helped looked had he been informed!When Paul mentions "the look on Terese's face" when he found it, he adds that "I'd do it all again" and while Terese looks somewhat embarrassed, Toadie looks like he wants the bed to open up and swallow him!!!
It is now nighttime and the only person wrapped up warm in a jacket and hat is Melanie, the rest are just in their jammies with some not even in bed despite the weather.
A Vera returns to her bed, Byron is back with Sadie's "midnight snack" aka a makeup sundae for having to give Vera a foot massage earlier although he does offer to give her one too!While she is tempted, Sadie is quick to add in that she is "not a fan of taking anyone's leftovers!"
The way the pair have been interacting with each other has Nicolette demanding to know what is going on "with you two" but Sadie barely has "nothing" and "we're just friends," out of her mouth when Vera suddenly gets out of bed!She is scratching herself all over and declares that her bed "is full of bedbugs!"Krista denies a hotel of Lassiters standing would have bedbugs and given she is "out of bed without a pass" disqualifies Vera from the competition!
VERA: I've been sabotaged!
While Vera runs off, Cara pulls Holly aside to ask if there is anything to be worried about? And we then discover that it wasn't bedbugs that got Vera, rather some old fashioned itching powder!
Before Terese goes to snuggle down again, she checks how the very quiet Toadie is going and his response is "all good. "When Melanie whispers to him that they need to talk, Toadie turns his head so that it looks in the opposite direction from where Melanie's bed is.
Lassiters Complex (next day)
All the remaining competitors look to have made it through the night but with it now daylight, Melanie decides she's had enough. "What are you doing?" Holly asks when she stops Melanie from at least leaving the complex.
MELANIE: I can't handle it anymore. I can't handle them. I quit.
Holly isn't too surprised at what has happened and reminds Melanie that she did try to warn her.
Byron is delivering breakfast to Toadie and Terese when over his walkietalkie you can hear the rest of Holly and Melanie's conversation!
MELANIE: You don't understand Holly, something happened between me and Toadie.
Toadie yells to Byron to turn his walkietalkie off but before he can do that (because he's carrying a tray laden with OJ and glasses), Terese gets out of bed and grabs the walkietalkie so she can continue to listen!
MELANIE: We connected. It was real and it was amazing. And all I wanna do is talk to him about it and he keeps shutting me down. I can't handle it anymore.
HOLLY: Hang on. Did you and Toadie hook up?
Toadie is desperately trying to distract his wife from listening in but she isn't letting the walkietalkie out of her hands as we all listen in:
MELANIE: It was more than that. We made love and it was everything.
Terese just about looks ready to fully break down as the promo comes on!
Coming up on Neighbours
Toadie declaring that he loves Terese.
Mackenzie reminding Toadie what he did and questions if there is still something between them?
Melanie feeling that what happened will give everyone a chance to express how they feel.
Paul seeking Terese out.
<<9003 - 9005>>
Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 9004
Melanie Pearson

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 9004
Toadie Rebecchi

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 9004
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Chelsea Murphy in Neighbours Episode 9004
Chelsea Murphy

Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 9004
Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi

Chelsea Murphy, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 9004
Chelsea Murphy, Paul Robinson

Cara Varga-Murphy, Sadie Rodwell, Byron Stone, Remi Varga-Murphy, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 9004
Cara Varga-Murphy, Sadie Rodwell, Byron Stone, Remi Varga-Murphy, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar

Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 9004
Melanie Pearson

Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 9004
Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi

Krista Sinclair, Chelsea Murphy in Neighbours Episode 9004
Krista Sinclair, Chelsea Murphy

Paul Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 9004
Paul Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 9004
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar

Remi Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 9004
Remi Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy

Byron Stone, Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 9004
Byron Stone, Sadie Rodwell

Holly Hoyland, Penny Shrewster in Neighbours Episode 9004
Holly Hoyland, Penny Shrewster

Krista Sinclair, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 9004
Krista Sinclair, Leo Tanaka

Isla Tanaka-Brennan in Neighbours Episode 9004
Isla Tanaka-Brennan

Aaron Brennan, Isla Tanaka-Brennan in Neighbours Episode 9004
Aaron Brennan, Isla Tanaka-Brennan

Krista Sinclair, Vera Punt, Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 9004
Krista Sinclair, Vera Punt, Holly Hoyland

Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis, Melanie Pearson, Krista Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 9004
Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis, Melanie Pearson, Krista Sinclair

Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 9004
Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis

Byron Stone, Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 9004
Byron Stone, Sadie Rodwell

Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 9004
Nicolette Stone

Vera Punt in Neighbours Episode 9004
Vera Punt

Cara Varga-Murphy, Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 9004
Cara Varga-Murphy, Holly Hoyland

Melanie Pearson, Toadie Rebecchi, Byron Stone, Terese Willis, Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 9004
Melanie Pearson, Toadie Rebecchi, Byron Stone, Terese Willis, Holly Hoyland

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 9004
Toadie Rebecchi

Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 9004
Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi

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