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Neighbours Episode 9005 from 2024 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 9005 (Terese discovers that Toadie has cheated on her with Melanie)
Australian and UK airdate: 12/03/24
Writer: Emma J Steele
Director: Kate Kendall
Guests: Chelsea Murphy: Viva Bianca
Billie Alessio: Georgia Walters
Katrina Marshall: Farah Mak
David Tanaka: Takaya Honda (archive footage, uncredited)
- "High And Low" by The Big Moon
- "City Of Sin" by Atomica Music
Summary/Images by: Liam/Jeremai
Previously on Neighbours
- Back in the mists of time... Haz breaks up with girlfriend Billie after she locks Trevor outside
- Paul puts Josh's plaque back in place; Terese is grateful to him, which annoys both Toadie and Chelsea
- Aaron tells Nicolette he's happy the Longest Lie- In is going ahead, but doesn't want to be there
- Melanie wants to talk to Toadie about what happened between them, but he says he can't
- Holly tells Melanie that 'there is no you and Toad', but Mel registers for the Lie- In to get closer to him
- But staff inadvertently move Melanie's bed so that she's right next to Terese and Toadie in the contest
- As the competition begins, Melanie is eager to talk to Toadie, but he's still not keen
- Melanie tells Holly that she and Toadie slept together, not realising Holly's radio is turned on
- Terese is near Byron when she hears Melanie's words coming out of his radio, and is devastated
Lassiter's Complex
Terese drops the radio in horror at what she's heard, and Byron retrieves it. Remi and Cara look on in silence as Terese turns to face Toadie.
TERESE (horrified): Is it true?
BYRON (over the radio): Hey, Holly, your comms are on.
TOADIE: Please, just listen to me. I can explain it.
TERESE (shouting): Did you sleep with Melanie?
Across the courtyard, realising what's happened, Melanie puts her hands to her face.
TOADIE (to Terese): Yeah. Er... yes.
Sadie, Mackenzie, Haz and Nicolette are now also watching in horrified silence. Toadie begins to sob, and a devastated Terese begins to run in slow motion through the courtyard, unable to face Toadie any longer. Toadie is still sobbing.
Krista tells Paul and Chelsea about her plans to do a livestream from the Lie- In competition to drum up more publicity. Paul thinks it's a good idea, and Chelsea thinks Paul should do the broadcast, which Krista agrees with.
PAUL: No, it's your event. Don't you want the glory?
KRISTA: No, it's not about me. It's about Lassiter's. And that's you.
PAUL: Finally, something we agree on.
They're about to go and set up for the broadcast when Paul gets a message from Terese, simply saying, 'I need you'. He immediately changes his mind about doing the livestream, saying he has to go, and telling Krista to do the stream instead. Chelsea looks worried.
The Waterhole
Mackenzie accompanies Toadie into the pub, still both in their competition pyjamas! They're both a bit lost for words. Melanie approaches.
MELANIE: Toadie, I'm so sorry. I had no idea the radio was on. I wanted to talk to you, but I never wanted Terese to find out like this.
TOADIE: No, no, I can't do this.
MELANIE: Of course, it's not the right time. But please know that when you're ready, I'm here.
But Toadie just walks away. Mackenzie briefly glares at Melanie before following him. A still- very- upset Toadie sits at a table and Mack sits opposite. He begins to tell her about the romantic afternoon he had organised for Terese, and how she skipped out on it to look for the plaque with Paul.
TOADIE: That's no excuse... I love Terese.
MACKENZIE: You slept with Melanie. There's obviously still something between the two of you.
TOADIE: I tried to fight it! I promised Terese on our wedding day that I would never hurt her! And that's exactly what I've done. How do I fix this?
MACKENZIE: Are you still confused about your feelings?
TOADIE: Right now, all I feel is regret.
MACKENZIE: Why did you do it? Toadie, you're gonna have to work that out before you see Terese.
No 22
Terese is on the sofa at home, crying. Paul comes in, and immediately goes over and hugs her. She breaks down sobbing in his arms.
PAUL: Oh, darling...
Lassiter's Complex
The Lie- In continues; Holly's finishing up her shift, but offers to stay and help Byron. He tells her to get off home, as Katrina has now joined them to help out. A staff member wheels another bed into place next to Haz - it's his old flame Billie, and she declares that she has her eyes on the competition prize, the all- expenses- paid trip to New York. They briefly exchange pleasantries.
Krista turns up and sees that Mackenzie has left her bed. Billie says she's probably been longer than five minutes, and Krista agrees, declaring Mack disqualified. Undeterred Haz, remains in place, saying he's going to win the contest for both of them.
Over on the Varga- Murphy bed, Remi catches Cara trying to order itching powder on her phone, seemingly intending to use Holly's trick on Mrs Punt to rid them of more fellow competitors. Remi snatches her phone.
REMI: We win this, we win this by the rules.
CARA: They couldn't guarantee delivery anyway.
No 24
Aaron is wearing a fake nose, moustache and eyebrows and fluffy rainbow sleeves for Isla's amusement, and begins chasing her around the house. But the hilarity comes to an abrupt stop when Isla picks up a pair of angel wings, and Aaron has a flashback to David wearing them as he proposed to him.
AARON: These were Daddy's.
ISLA: Can you wear it?
Lassiter's Complex
Leo is preparing to film Krista for the livestream, while Chelsea watches from a distance.
KRISTA: Hi, I'm Krista Sinclair, coming to you from Lassiter's Hotel, with a live update on the Lassiter's Longest Lie- In!
Chelsea texts Paul, asking him where he is.
No 24
Aaron goes to make Isla a snack in the kitchen, then notices that Isla is somehow watching Krista's livestream on his phone.
KRISTA: I'd like to congratulate all the contestants who, despite some weather challenges, have spent a beautiful night under the stars being waited on by our amazing staff here at Lassiter's Hotel.
Aaron sits down next to Isla again, and watches the stream with her.
KRISTA: I'd also like to send a special thanks to the wonderful man who inspired this event, David Tanaka.
Aaron looks sad; he can't seem to escape being reminded of David today.
Lassiter's Complex
A still- pyjamaed- up Toadie walks in slow motion through the courtyard as all the RSRs stare at him in silence - the ultimate walk of shame.
No 22
Terese admits to Paul that she'd been feeling insecure about Melanie for weeks, but that Toadie repeatedly assured her nothing was going on.
TERESE: How can I trust anything he's told me? You know, was it all a lie? You know, the one thing that I loved about this relationship was the open communication, the honesty. I mean, I'd never had that before.
Paul looks a little guilty at this remark!
PAUL: Well, you deserve it.
TOADIE: Toadie gave it to me. And then he took it away.
PAUL: Oh, I'm so sorry that he hurt you. But you know, you deserve so much better than the both of us.
TERESE: Go on. Tell me that you knew this was gonna happen.
PAUL: No, I didn't. Not for sure. Well, you see, look - when Melanie left, she was still in love with Toadie. So kind of not surprising that there was some unfinished business.
TERESE: So what does that make me? A consolation prize?
PAUL: Oh, Terese. You are no one's consolation prize.
Terese starts crying again.
Lassiter's Lake
Toadie is gazing forlornly at Sonya's tree. Very emotional, he steadies himself on the bench at the rotunda.
No 28
Holly comes in to find Melanie at home; Mel thought it might've been Toadie at the door, coming to see her. Mel admits she's spoken to Toadie briefly but that it wasn't the right place or time.
MELANIE: The way it came out... was so awful. Don't blame yourself, it was a mistake. But... maybe, it was for the best.
HOLLY: Are you serious?
MELANIE: I do feel sorry for Terese. No one deserves to be humiliated like that. But now she knows... maybe it gives us a chance to all be honest about how we feel.
HOLLY: Mel, I know that's what you want more than anything, but it's not that simple.
MELANIE: I get that he's confused, and he feels really bad about hurting Terese. But once the dust settles...
HOLLY: Mel...
MELANIE: Don't you see? Toadie came to me. I didn't ask him to; I didn't trick him into it. He came because he wanted to. HE wouldn't have done that unless he still loved me. We belong together.
No 24
Aaron is still hanging out with Isla, who is looking at a picture of Nicolette from the Lie- In on her tablet. Aaron says it looks like Mummy's having fun... but then notices something in the background of the picture. It's a man wearing a shirt with a cartoon of a ghost, with a speech bubble saying, 'BOO!' Yet another reminder of David - it feels like fate.
AARON (decisive): Hey, why don't we go and see Mummy? I reckon that Daddy would've wanted that.
ISLA: Yeah.
Lassiter's Complex
While Chelsea lurks nearby, Krista is wondering aloud to Leo where Paul is; she thought he'd be more involved in the event. Leo tells her to take it as a victory - Paul's not looking over her shoulder, and the event has been a huge success.
KATRINA (appearing behind them): Even after that bombshell that was dropped? ... You haven't heard.
KRISTA: No, what bombshell?
KATRINA: Our friendly neighbourhood lawyer hooked up with that woman who laughs like a seal.
LEO: Wait, Toadie and Melanie?
Chelsea has overheard this, and seems to understand now, or at least suspect, why Paul has been gone so long.
Meanwhile, Haz is still in his bed, eating a plate of chilli; and the Varga- Murphys are doing the same. Byron turns up with a glass of juice for Sadie, and she reacts over- enthusiastically, causing an eyeroll from Nicolette! Byron's about to clock off but offers to hang around to keep Sadie company. She has a better idea - she'll come back and hang out at his place. Byron thinks that sounds 'awesome'.
NICOLETTE: Uh, excuse me? Who gives up winning just for a friend?
Suddenly, Haz leaps out of bed, declaring that he needs the bathroom.
HAZ (rushing off): Must have been those chilli beans.
CARA (smug): Nothing wrong with my beans.
REMI (to Cara): Please tell me you didn't do that.
CARA: No, I didn't! You're the one who's gung- ho about winning this thing.
Remi notices Billie opposite, looking very pleased with herself...
No 22
Paul has made Terese a cuppa. She's feeling bad for having said too much to him about her marriage.
PAUL: Terese, you can trust me, and whatever's gone in the past, I don't have an agenda here. Besides, I'm with Chelsea now, as you know.
TERESE: I can't stay here. And I can't kick Toadie out; I can't separate him from the kids.
Paul says he'll organise a room at the hotel for her, and Terese thanks him.
TERESE: And thank you for coming.
PAUL: You were here for me when David died.
They hold hands, at which point Toadie walks in. Paul and Terese continue their hand- holding.
TOADIE (to Terese): Can we talk?
PAUL (to Terese): I can stay if you want.
TERESE: No. That's fine, I'm okay. Thank you.
Paul goes to leave, saying to Toadie as he walks past...
PAUL: You made the biggest mistake of your life.
Toadie gets right up in his face and gurns at him. Paul walks out, leaving Toadie to face the music.
Lassiter's Complex
Haz returns from the bathroom, but Krista tells him he's been gone too long, and he's disqualified.
KRISTA: That means that it's down to Nicolette...
NICOLETTE (shouting): For the win!
KRISTA: ... Cara and Remi ...
REMI (to Nicolette): Not if I can help it!
KRISTA: ... and Billie.
HAZ: I don't get it. Heaps of people had the chilli beans (...) so I must've just got unlucky.
BILLIE (smug): Or... maybe not.
HAZ: You did this?
BILLIE: Who, me?
But Remi has used her bathroom pass to get out of bed, and retrieves a bottle that Billie has been hiding behind her bed.
REMI: Laxative? Cheater! (loudly) We have a cheater over here.
Krista declares that Billie is also now disqualified for lacing Haz's chilli with laxative!
REMI (sarcastic): Sorry, Billie!
NICOLETTE (sarcastic): Bye, Billie!
But Billie looks as if she thinks it was kind of worth it for making Haz lose anyway, and gracefully exits! At this point Aaron and Isla arrive. Nicolette's excited to get a visit from Isla, and Aaron can't help smiling despite their recent acrimony.
NICOLETTE: You decided to come.
AARON: Yeah. I was reminded of how important this event was.
With this in mind, Aaron goes over to Leo and Krista, and tells her that he heard some of the livestream.
AARON: I just wanted to say, thanks for acknowledging David.
KRISTA: Yeah, of course. How could I not?
AARON: You know, he would've loved how much fun this event is. Probably would have insisted that we wore our matching PJs.
KRISTA: Yeah, probably!
No 22
Still in his own PJs, Toadie is pacing up and down waiting for Terese to come downstairs. When she does, we see that she has (perhaps tellingly) changed out of her matching ones. In fact, she's leaving the house, telling Toadie that Paul's organised a hotel room. He tries to snatch her bag and asks her to stay, but she refuses, and wrestles the bag back off him.
TERESE (shouting): Don't you *dare* tell me what to do!
TOADIE: I was hurt and I was confused. I thought you were lying to me about Paul!
TERESE (raging): Oh, so you thought you'd sleep with your ex- wife, did you?!
TOADIE (desperate): I know - I know it's messed up, I know. And maybe I haven't been completely honest with you lately. I have been feeling conflicted, but not anymore.
She half- laughs, half- cries, and walks to the door.
TOADIE: Please, just... Terese, can we talk about it?
TERESE (shouting): The only talking we are gonna do is about logistics. (crying) You have to tell Nell and Hugo what you've done! ... You can stay here until you find somewhere else to live.
TOADIE (shouting): No, I don't wanna leave! This is my home with you! No, Terese, please - please, I know what I did was unforgivable, and I've hurt you so, so bad. I'm so sorry. Please, just stay - I love you!
Toadie's now crying as well.
TERESE: I told you. I told you that I would never go through what Brad put me through, ever again!
She marches out of the door. Toadie looks at the end of his tether.
TOADIE: Oh, what have I done?
No 28
Holly comes in to find Melanie looking out of the window; she's just seen Terese leave No 22 with a bag.
MELANIE (rushing to the door): She's leaving Toadie.
HOLLY: Well, hang on, you can't go over there.
MELANIE: I have to go. He needs me.
But Holly stops her.
HOLLY: No! What if the kids are there, and they know what happened? How are they gonna react if you just waltz in the front door?
MELANIE: I just want to be there for Toadie. And for the kids.
HOLLY: Well, then let him come to you, if... if that's what he wants.
MELANIE: ... Yeah. Terese has left him. I can wait.
Lassiter's Complex
Isla and Aaron are still hanging out with Nicolette at the Lie- In, the tension between Aaron and Nicolette having seemingly thawed. Aaron says he'll take Isla home now and, despite being the only contestant left besides Cara and Remi, Nicolette decides that spending time with her family right now is more important - and climbs out of her bed, announcing she's quit.
KRISTA: Oh! Well, then, I'd like to announce the winners of the Lassiter's Longest Lie- In... Cara and Remi!
Everyone cheers, and Remi and Cara celebrate, thrilled to have won.
REMI: And no cheating required!
Paul has finally turned up, and looks very satisfied with how the competition has played out. Krista asks him if he'd like to announce the winner on the livestream.
PAUL: No, no, this is your event. I think you deserve the glory. Congratulations.
KRISTA: Thank you, Paul.
Chelsea approaches and asks Paul where he went in such a rush. He tells her that Terese needed him.
CHELSEA: I heard what happened. Terrible business. Lucky I'm not the jealous type.
Paul tells Chelsea that Terese will be staying at the hotel, as it's exactly where she needs to be right now. Chelsea looks jealous as anything, but Paul has already gone to greet Terese, who has turned up with her bags. He leads her into the hotel while Chelsea fumes.
Paul comes in and reaches for the whisky, but something stops him in his tracks. He goes to a drawer and takes out the photo of him and Terese from their wedding day. He smiles to himself.
Ramsay Street
Toadie is in the street, preparing to send a text message to Terese, which reads, 'I'm so sorry. I love you.' Melanie approaches.
MELANIE: I saw Terese leave. How are you?
MELANIE: Silly question. I feel awful. She must be hurting so much, finding out about us like that.
TOADIE (angry): There is no us. I've betrayed my wife. I destroyed the best thing that I had, because I was selfish, and I was stupid.
MELANIE: But, you -
TOADIE: I wasn't thinking straight.
MELANIE (upset): That's not how -
TOADIE: It's not you that I want! It is Terese. I wish that you never came back!
Crying at this rejection, Melanie slaps Toadie hard in the face!
Coming up on Neighbours
- Felix is in the spa with a woman called Jools, who he introduces to a bemused Andrew
- Nell tries to get to the bottom of what Toadie and Terese are fighting about
- Nell giving Melanie a killer glare
- Toadie tells Andrew that Terese is the one he wants to be with
- Terese cries while looking in a mirror
- Andrew asks Toadie if he's sure
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Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 9005
Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi

Krista Sinclair, Chelsea Murphy, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 9005
Krista Sinclair, Chelsea Murphy, Paul Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 9005
Toadie Rebecchi, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 9005
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Haz Devkar, Billie Alessio in Neighbours Episode 9005
Haz Devkar, Billie Alessio

Remi Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 9005
Remi Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy

Isla Tanaka-Brennan, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 9005
Isla Tanaka-Brennan, Aaron Brennan

David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 9005
David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Isla Tanaka-Brennan, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 9005
Isla Tanaka-Brennan, Aaron Brennan

Leo Tanaka, Krista Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 9005
Leo Tanaka, Krista Sinclair

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 9005
Toadie Rebecchi

Melanie Pearson, Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 9005
Melanie Pearson, Holly Hoyland

Krista Sinclair, Leo Tanaka, Katrina Marshall in Neighbours Episode 9005
Krista Sinclair, Leo Tanaka, Katrina Marshall

Byron Stone, Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 9005
Byron Stone, Sadie Rodwell

Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 9005
Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 9005
Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson

Haz Devkar, Billie Alessio, Krista Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 9005
Haz Devkar, Billie Alessio, Krista Sinclair

Billie Alessio, Remi Varga-Murphy, Krista Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 9005
Billie Alessio, Remi Varga-Murphy, Krista Sinclair

Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 9005
Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 9005
Toadie Rebecchi

Remi Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 9005
Remi Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy

Nicolette Stone, Isla Tanaka-Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 9005
Nicolette Stone, Isla Tanaka-Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Leo Tanaka

Chelsea Murphy, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 9005
Chelsea Murphy, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 9005
Paul Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 9005
Toadie Rebecchi, Melanie Pearson

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