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Neighbours Episode 8968 from 2024 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8968
Australian and UK airdate: 08/01/24
Writer: Shane Isheev
Director: Tony Gardiner
Guests: Helen Brown: Emma Choy
Veronica McLain: Ellen Grimshaw
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Jeremai
- Jane and Terese finding out about Paul's involvement in them getting council approval.
- Terese and Jane having another meeting with the council.
- Sadie adamant she isn't going to Uni.
- Andrew advising Wendy to take a different approach with Sadie.
- Wendy enrolling Sadie into Uni!
- Sadie unimpressed at her mum and announcing she's moving out!
- Karl discovering Haz and Holly had a break in their relationship.
- Karl quizzing Haz about relationships.
- Karl spotting that Haz has photos of Mackenzie.
- Karl telling Holly about the photos he saw.
- Byron handing Nicolette a key that was lying outside the door.
- Nicolette going to the property where the key was from and finding lingerie in the room.
- Some female watching Nicolette.
Number 32 (backyard)
Haz and Holly are lying on the ground trying to make sense of the cloud shapes when Sadie arrives and asks if she can move into the spare room! After she explains what her mum did, they are fully behind Sadie standing her ground and Sadie confirms that she will not be caving!
SADIE: I'm an adult now. Now it's...it's time to make my own decisions.
Number 24
Byron is relived that Nicolette is finally back with his car plus he was done with the babysitting too! Nicolette is forced to lie over where the shopping is, using the excuse that she forgot her card to pay for it so had to leave it behind.
Number 26
Andrew seems to be taking the news of Sadie moving out very calmly, his rationalisation is that they've "got to let Sadie make her own choices" and if she picks the wrong one, "she'll learn from her mistakes."
Wendy still doesn't want her daughter to "ruin her future" and end up "pointless like me" by "drifting through life with no real purpose." That admission sheds light on things, and while very sympathetic to his wife's 'battle' he adds that she "can't channel your frustrations into Sadie's choices."
Number 22
It's good news for the ladies, the Education Department are on board as long as the council "comes to the party" and to ensure that, they've got a meeting lined up with the Mayor. Toadie reassures them both that "Mayor Brown is a reasonable woman" and will be behind them once they explain what Paul did. Unfortunately, neither of them is feeling as confident as Toadie is, and they turn down his offer of accompanying them, preferring instead to reserve him in case things aren't working out.
Ramsay Street
Byron gets into his car and spots the bag Nicolette had... and isn't impressed at its contents!!! He's just overcoming that shock when Nicolette suddenly appears wanting a lift to the complex and very reluctantly he agrees. Before they get going, given what he found, he asks who's "the lucky lady" but Nicolette isn't saying anything other than wanting her brother to hurry up and drive!
Number 32
Haz is okay about Sadie moving in as long as Byron and Mackenzie (and Leo as landlord) give their approval. Holly thinks she should wait and see how things go with Wendy first, especially once she's calmed down but Sadie has had enough of being railroaded. Sadie does seem to cave a bit in her stance after Holly admits she's jealous of the close bond Sadie has with her parents.
HOLLY: Not all families are like that. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents but my mum's a train wreck and I've been separated from my dad for most of my life. It's nothing like what you've got.
And just as she's finished saying that Haz returns with their visitor - Andrew who asks Sadie if they can talk.
Lassiters Complex
Byron and Nicolette arrive at the complex and the first thing she does is throw the bag with the lingerie into a nearby bin! Next on her 'to do' list is to tell the passing Paul that "Sasha's turned up."
Number 32
Alone with Sadie, Andrew asks how long she has been feeling like this and the response is "a while," the lass has been "dreading re- enrolment." Andrew tries to reassure her its not down to her career choices, "your mum's just battling some of her own insecurities," which Sadie gets. He then goes onto add that if she still doesn't want to to go Uni, she "wont hear a peep from us." She laughs at that last bit and asks if she can get that in writing! He's sure Wendy will "come to the party" if they can persuade her how serious she is about becoming a makeup artist.
On the subject of her moving out, even though she's never mentioned it before, Andrew adds "if it's truly" what Sadie wants and thinks she is ready for, he thinks "it's great" even though he will miss her "like crazy."
SADIE: I'm not ready to leave yet.
Andrew looks chuffed at her saying that and listening out in the corridor, Haz doesn't look too upset either that the spare room won't be filled.
Talking of dads, Haz is curious how Holly is going with hers given she's not been home since their Hogmanay party.
HOLLY: That's why it's been fine!
Holly assures him its not to do with the dinner but doesn't elaborate on what the reason is. Haz is fine with that but reminds Holly that her dad cares about her and asks that she gives him another chance.
Penthouse suite
An exasperated Nicolette rants off at Paul, telling him that she thought things were "behind me" and it was "clear to move back."
Rewinding, we hear that Sasha and Kiri became close at church and the one day Kiri arrived home "convinced we couldn't build a life together because we didn't have the same values." This same Sasha was apparently flirting with Nicolette at every opportunity!
PAUL: So you did what any sane person would do, and you seduced your rival.
NICOLETTE: I needed to prove that Sasha was a hypocrite and not so holier- than- thou and I was proven right!
We hear that this Sasha was also married and Nicolette decided it was best to bail "when it came time to cough up the goods."
PAUL: Yeah, that backfired spectacularly didn't it?! I do remember that part!
Not surprisingly, Kiri dropped Nicolette as soon as she discovered what had happened. Paul does wonder then if Nicolette failed to cough up the goods, is Sasha "back to collect?"
The Waterhole
Jane and Terese meet up with Mayor Helen Brown and as they chat, the Mayor is a firm believer in "integrity, honesty and transparency." She cuts to the chase and thinks why they called the meeting - they want money from the council budget, which she can find to provide a support grant. Given what Helen mentioned, Terese comes clean and thinks that the council approval was "influenced by a third party." Jane then adds in that this person wasn't "affiliated with the project."
Harolds café
"In my experience, phones work better when you dial a number," Karl calls over to Wendy when he spots her playing around with her phone but not actually calling anyone.
WENDY: I'm a bad mum.
"Is that a self- diagnosis?" he asks while getting up from his table and joining Wendy at hers. Wendy's response is that her being a bad mum, is "the only thing that Sadie and I seem to agree on." It is then Karl's turn to confess he's "not feeling crash- hot on the parenting front either." This is very much a surprise to Wendy given his experience.
KARL: Parenting is a continuum. You don't get a final grade until your worm food.
WENDY: Oh, that's depressing!
KARL: I can think of it the other way, if you make a mistake today, you've got tomorrow to make amends.
Wendy acknowledges that Sadie needs to live her own life but wishes the lass saw all the exciting opportunities available when she was doing the Uni enrolment. Karl questions if she was enrolling the wrong student and when Wendy scoffs at what he said, Karl adds in that its "never too late to start" and she could be a "mature- age student." Wendy doesn't think it is possible with a full- time job but he doesn't think that is a barrier. It does look like Wendy is tempted but feels she is too old along with not being smart enough, so Karl accuses her of "talking yourself out of this before you've even begun."
KARL: Give it a shot!
WENDY: Can you remind me to come to you for all my future pep talks?!
Karl laughs at that and Wendy admits she owes "my daughter a real apology." "Yeah, there's a bit of that going around," Karl replies back with.
The Waterhole
The Mayor can't believe what Terese and Jane have said about Anthony Marin given he's "always been above board." "I got direct confirmation from Paul," Terese says before denying that she asked Paul to influence the vote when the Mayor remembered that they used to be married.
Terese thinks she knows why Paul did what he did - because she has "moved on with my new husband and he's been left behind." Jane backs Terese up by adding in that "this is his very misguided way of staying close and connected to Terese." Terese admits it kills her that "Paul has put his grubby little fingers all over this." Helen knows how tough things post- divorce can be and concludes that the "fairest thing to do is have a revote, one that doesn't include Anthony."
TERESE: What's the likelihood of getting the same result?
MAYOR BROWN: No idea. I suspect some members will have a hard time believing you didn't know about the scheme, especially considering there's nothing Paul's gained from doing this.
Turns out the ladies had been thinking along similar lines to the Mayor and she promises to let them know about the new result later on today.
Number 28
Holly seems surprised to see her dad at home when she enters the house and perhaps wishes she hadn't arrived home when Karl asks her to listen to a new song he's just written!
KARL: (singing it) I know that you're upset. I know that I've done wrong. I know I've overstepped so I'm saying sorry in a song. My love for you is great. My appreciation too. You're my daughter and my best mate and I hate making you blue. You truly are special. Your bright spark lights the night. I just want you to be careful. Don't ever dim your light.
"And we're done!" Holly declares as "this isn't an apology," it is "just more hurtful commentary on my life disguised as an Ed Sheeran tribute act!" Karl seems impressed she is comparing him to Ed Sheeran!
HOLLY: I'm an idiot. I can't believe I thought you were sorry.
"I am," Karl says and gets "it's not my place to comment" but he "can't help it because I love you so much" and just wants "what's best" for Holly as she "deserves it." As a further compromise, he promises not to "say a thing about Haz ever again" and also he "had no right to judge" her decisions.
KARL: No matter how hard you try, you'll never beat my record of terrible choices.
HOLLY: Is that a challenge?!
Karl asks if they can call a ceasefire between them which Holly is amenable to... "only if you promise to never apologise through song again!" And it's a "deal" from Karl and the pair begin to laugh.
Penthouse suite
Paul is curious to know what the story behind the key and the lingerie is. Nicolette explains that when she was "in full seduction mode" Sasha would rent somewhere and drop the key off at her doorstep hidden in a shoe.
PAUL: A bit twisted re- enacting the past, isn't it?
NICOLETTE: It's clearly meant to mess with my head. What other explanation is there?
She is at a loss for what to do next and Paul's advice is "taking the bull by the horn" and arranging a meeting with Sasha so she can "find out what the deal is" to "put an end to these stupid games." Major flaw in Paul's suggestion, Sasha's number has been disconnected.
PAUL: You worried about your safety at all?
NICOLETTE: Uh, it wasn't just my relationship I blew up. It was Sasha's as well. So, is Sasha angry? Is this about revenge?
Their conversation is halted when Paul gets a text message and while Nicolette jokes about what the message is about (plummeting stocks or another long- lost kid!) whatever the message is, it's got Paul worried from the look on his face.
The Waterhole (veranda)
Terese, Jane and Toadie sit wondering how long it will be before they hear about the new council vote when an irate Paul arrives demanding to know what was said to the Mayor! "The truth," Terese replies with and hears back from Paul that the council "are investigating every single hotel permit and inspection from the last two years!" No wonder Paul was irate!!
TERESE: Oh well maybe you should clean out your skeletons!
PAUL: ...
Even Toadie seems shocked at wife's comeback before she continues.
TERESE: Even if we don't get approval, it's nice knowing that there's some justice in this world!
Number 26
Andrew leads a nervous Sadie into the house and they immediately spot Wendy sitting at the desk in the living room.
SADIE: I didn't know how else to show you who I am and what I want, but this is more than a hobby. All right? I wanna learn and grow and improve and find out where this can take me.
WENDY: I know and I'm sorry. And I just wanna be by your side every step of the way.
With peace now between mother and daughter, Wendy reveals she's cancelled Sadie's enrolment at Uni. She is also pleased to hear that Sadie won't be leaving home either.
Sadie then notices a list of Uni courses and quickly gets worried until Wendy reveals they are for her, she's decided to go to Uni. "That's the best news ever," Sadie declares whilst Andrew is "so proud" of what Wendy is going to do even if it's just at the putting out the feelers stage. Regardless, Andrew decides a family "Go Rodwells!" is needed to acknowledge what has happened today.
Lassiters Complex
Byron is after what is up from Nicolette but her lips are firmly closed. He taunts Nicolette by saying he can tell she's in trouble to try reveal all but receives a tirade back instead from his sister.
NICOLETTE: How about you focus on yourself instead of worrying about me?! I know that you're life is sad and pathetic but it's not my fault your billionaire girlfriend dumped you!
BYRON: Oh, if you're coming in this hard Nic, it must be one hell of a secret, huh?
NICOLETTE: This is the last time I'm gonna ask nicely! BACK OFF!
The Waterhole
Mayor Brown is back with news - firstly that Anthony is no longer a councillor and after a "robust discussion" support for the project remained unanimous. Both Jane and Terese are thrilled with this news and the Mayor is barely seconds away from the table when Toadie is over to congratulate the pair on the news.
TERESE: I can't believe it. Eirini Rising is finally happening.
JANE: And a new chapter for Erinsborough High.
Ramsay Street
Nicolette immediately spots an unfamiliar car on the street but this time, unlike the poor pizza driver last week, she knows who the driver is (the woman who watched her leave the building and thanks to Amazon we know its Veronica McLain).
Ignoring the question of what she is doing there, Veronica gets out of the car and tells Nicolette she is disappointed in her for throwing away the lingerie, especially as it was a gift. Again, she ignores Nicolette telling her to leave, wanting instead to know why the lingerie was thrown away and if it was because red isn't her colour?!
Coming up on Neighbours
- Haz checking Holly is okay with Mackenzie coming home?
- Holly checking a photo on her phone where it looks like Haz and Mackenzie are staring into each other's eyes.
- Nicolette after answers from Veronica.
- Byron trying Kiri for answers.
- Nell being asked to tell Melanie something in her counselling session.
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Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8968
Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar

Haz Devkar, Holly Hoyland, Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8968
Haz Devkar, Holly Hoyland, Sadie Rodwell

Byron Stone, Jane Harris, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8968
Byron Stone, Jane Harris, Nicolette Stone

Andrew Rodwell, Wendy Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8968
Andrew Rodwell, Wendy Rodwell

Jane Harris, Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8968
Jane Harris, Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis

Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8968
Byron Stone

Andrew Rodwell, Haz Devkar, Holly Hoyland, Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8968
Andrew Rodwell, Haz Devkar, Holly Hoyland, Sadie Rodwell

Nicolette Stone, Byron Stone, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8968
Nicolette Stone, Byron Stone, Paul Robinson

Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar, Andrew Rodwell, Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8968
Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar, Andrew Rodwell, Sadie Rodwell

Helen Brown, Jane Harris, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8968
Helen Brown, Jane Harris, Terese Willis

Helen Brown in Neighbours Episode 8968
Helen Brown

Wendy Rodwell, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8968
Wendy Rodwell, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 8968
Karl Kennedy, Holly Hoyland

Paul Robinson, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8968
Paul Robinson, Nicolette Stone

Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8968
Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8968
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi

Sadie Rodwell, Andrew Rodwell, Wendy Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8968
Sadie Rodwell, Andrew Rodwell, Wendy Rodwell

Byron Stone, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8968
Byron Stone, Nicolette Stone

Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8968
Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi, Jane Harris

Nicolette Stone, Veronica McLain in Neighbours Episode 8968
Nicolette Stone, Veronica McLain

Nicolette Stone, Veronica McLain in Neighbours Episode 8968
Nicolette Stone, Veronica McLain

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