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Neighbours Episode 8969 from 2024 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8969
Australian and UK airdate: 09/01/24
Writer: Ceinwen Langley
Director: Kate Kendall
Guests: Veronica McLain: Ellen Grimshaw
Rhonda Del Rubio: Rebekah Robertson
Trevor: Bodhi
- "Eggshells" by Hockey Dad
- "New Idea" by Billie Marten
Summary/Images by: Liam/Jeremai
- Melanie shouts at Nell for intervening in her extradition hearing by asking Toadie for a reference
- After telling Mackenzie to back off from Haz, Holly falls in the swimming pool, while Mack marches away
- Holly admits to Karl that she told Haz she didn't want him to live with Mackenzie anymore
- Mackenzie tells Haz she'd have 'called out' an ultimatum like Holly's had it been made to her
- Mack then books a flight to go and spend time with her dad and siblings
- Karl finds Haz looking at photos from Mackenzie's modelling shoot
- Holly tells Karl it's none of his business; he replies that he doesn't want to see her make mistakes
- The mysterious key leads Nicolette to a deserted department, where a bag of lingerie awaits her on the bed
- We learn from a chat with Paul that Nic made moves on someone called Sasha to prove their hypocrisy to Kiri
- Byron tells Nic he can see she's in trouble, but she warns him to back off
- Veronica, who's been watching Nic, turns up on Ramsay Street and asks why she threw away her lingerie 'gift'
Ramsay Street
Nicolette continues her conversation with Veronica.
NICOLETTE: So the key, the lingerie, that was all you.
VERONICA: Disappointed it wasn't Sasha?
NICOLETTE: No! I couldn't care less about him. Honestly I couldn't - you do know that I'm a lesbian, right?
VERONICA: Then why did you have an affair with him?
NICOLETTE: It wasn't an affair.
VERONICA: It's the reason he walked out on me and abandoned our marriage. And for a whole year, I never knew why. But then I found his old tablet, and there were all these messages about keys, and apartments, and photos of you in your lingerie. How do you think I felt finding that?
NICOLETTE: I'm guessing you're trying to give me a taste.
Byron pulls up in his car, which flusters Nicolette. She tells Veronica they'll need to go somewhere else if she wants to keep discussing this. Veronica agrees, and they get into her car and drive off. Byron has seen this, and looks suspicious.
No 22
Terese is working in the dining area, when Nell comes in to talk about her counselling session tomorrow.
NELL: Do you think Dad would be upset if Mel came?
TERESE: ... Of course not. If that's what you want?
Toadie comes in then, and Terese asks him the question directly. Toadie does his best not to look horrified.
NELL: It's just... I've been doing some thinking, and there's still stuff I need to work through.
TERESE: I think it'd be a really positive idea.
TOADIE: Well, if you want her there - yeah, that's fine by me.
But Nell says she's 'way too nervous' to ask Melanie to the session herself, and requests that one of them ask on her behalf. Far from thrilled, Toadie nonetheless promises to take care of it. Nell thanks him, telling him he's 'the best'. Toadie and Terese exchange a worried glance as Nell goes upstairs.
No 28
Holly and Haz are hanging out together on the sofa, watching TV, while Melanie joins Karl in the kitchen. She's looking glum, and explains that her lawyer has just called about the charges she's still facing domestically for what happened with Krista. Karl's scraping vegetable peelings into a bin for compost, and Melanie tetchily tells him it needs emptying, before grabbing the bin and heading outside to do just that.
Meanwhile, Haz gets a text from Byron, saying Mackenzie's on her way back from the airport. Holly makes out that she's fine about it, claiming she wants to clear the air with Mack, but it's obvious to Karl and us that she's not relishing the prospect of having Mack home.
Melanie is emptying the compost bin in the back garden when Toadie turns up to talk to her. He explains about Nell's counselling session, and asks if Melanie is still prepared to take part.
MELANIE: Tell Nell I'll be there.
TOADIE: Thank you. I'll text you the details.
MELANIE: Umm, why is she not asking me this herself?
TOADIE: ... I'm not entirely sure.
The Waterhole
Veronica is incredulous about what Nicolette's telling her.
NICOLETTE: I swear. I was never interested in Sasha.
VERONICA: Your messages said otherwise.
NICOLETTE: He was always flirting with me, and judging me at the same time. I just wanted to expose him for the hypocrite he was.
VERONICA: That seems like a twisted way to go about it.
NICOLETTE: Well, that's me. Twisted. I exposed his true colours, but my methods cost me Kiri. Honestly, Veronica, you're better off without him.
VERONICA: Sasha's an amazing man. If he strayed, it's only because you pursued him.
NICOLETTE: You're in denial.
VERONICA: You need to tell me where he is.
NICOLETTE: I don't know where he is (...) I haven't spoken to him since then.
VERONICA: Wherever he is, you could lure him out.
VERONICA: I dunno. But you owe it to me to try.
NICOLETTE: And if I say no?
VERONICA: Well, I'll tell that lovely family of yours what you did.
NICOLETTE: What makes you think that they don't already know?
VERONICA: Your face right now.
Nicolette looks worried...
No 32
Mackenzie returns home with Byron, and reports that the house is 'only slightly stinkier than when I left'! But the mood sours when she enters the living area and comes face- to- face with Haz. She spots Trevor and makes a fuss over him.
HAZ: He's been looking for you every day. Welcome home.
MACKENZIE: Yeah. It's good to be back.
Byron gestures silently at Haz, as if he should say more - but Haz declines the opportunity. Byron asks how Mackenzie's dad is. She reports that he's really good, and asks how Holly's been doing?
HAZ: She's really keen to see you and patch things up.
HAZ: That's what she said, and I think she meant it.
MACKENZIE: Yeah, that... that's good. I'd like to see her, too.
Haz suggests they could go over together now, but Mackenzie seems reluctant, and says maybe later, claiming she's pretty tired following her trip. She heads to her room.
No 24
Nicolette paces around the house looking indecisive. She seems to be psyching herself up to make a phone call which, after much deliberation, she finally does. The person she's calling is Kiri - but it goes to voicemail.
NICOLETTE: Hey, Kiri. I know you said never to call you again. But this is really, really important - so if you could just give me a call back, then I promise I'll keep it quick.
But at this point, Byron comes in, forcing Nic to end her voicemail.
NICOLETTE: What are you doing here?
BYRON: It's lovely to see you too, Nic (!) Is Mum around?
NICOLETTE: No, she's not home.
BYRON: Who were you on the phone to?
NICOLETTE: None of your business!
BYRON: Was it Paul again?
BYRON: Was it that lady on the street that I saw you with?
NICOLETTE: Byron, I told you to back off, and I meant it. Please, just leave! And lock the door on the way out.
Nic marches off to her bedroom. Byron's about to leave, but then Nic's phone, which she's left on the sofa, begins to ring. It's Kiri, calling back. Byron answers it furtively.
BYRON: Hey, Kiri... woah, woah, slow down... it's Byron.... hey, what's going on?
Shortly afterwards, Nicolette returns to the living room to find Byron still there. He admits Kiri called back.
BYRON: She told me why you two really broke up. I can see why you lied about it.
BYRON: Yeah, oh! Nic, what were you thinking?
NICOLETTE: I was just trying to get a little dirt on the guy.
BYRON: On a church member?
NICOLETTE: On a dodgy, self- righteous church member that caused a lot of problems for us.
BYRON: What, so you set out to seduce this guy?
NICOLETTE: I set out to prove a point.
BYRON: And you really thought that was gonna end well?
NICOLETTE: This was around about the same time as Paul covered up the Krista stuff. I wasn't thinking straight about anything.
BYRON: Yeah, apparently. Look, if you're thinking about calling Kiri, don't bother. She's blocked your number.
NICOLETTE: Then give me yours.
BYRON: Absolutely not.
NICOLETTE: This is serious! Kiri is the only person I can think of that would have Sasha's current contact details.
BYRON: And why would you ever want to speak to him again?
NICOLETTE: Because he left his wife because of me! And if I don't find him for her, she's gonna tell Mum everything.
No 28
Morning, and Mackenzie makes an early call to see Holly. It's awkward, but they greet each other cordially, and Holly eventually leads Mackenzie inside, asking how her trip went.
MACKENZIE: It was great to see Dad, and play big sister for a little while.
HOLLY: Right - you have half- brothers and sisters.
MACKENZIE: ... You were on my mind a lot, too.
HOLLY: I should've sorted things out before you left. I'm sorry that I let you feel terrible.
MACKENZIE: You were in shock.
HOLLY: I was also feeling really insecure.
MACKENZIE: You don't have to worry about me. I'm gonna keep my distance from Haz.
HOLLY: Don't. He cares about you a lot.
Mackenzie takes Holly's hand.
MACKENZIE: I care about you more.
HOLLY: Are you trying to flatter me into being your friend again?
MACKENZIE: Is it working?
HOLLY: Okay, sit down. If we're gonna have a big cry, we might as well be comfy.
Holly starts making tea for them, and Mackenzie gives her an impromptu hug.
MACKENZIE: Thank you.
HOLLY: Okay, calm down!
They both laugh.
Lassiter's Complex
Byron and Nicolette are walking towards the courtyard, discussing Veronica. Nic briefly considers hiring a private detective, but Byron asks with what money.
NICOLETTE: I don't know. But if I don't find Sasha, I'm never gonna get this woman off my back.
BYRON: I still reckon a heartfelt apology would sort it all out.
But Nicolette looks over to Harold's, where Jane, David and Aaron are sitting at a table with Veronica!
NICOLETTE: I am not so sure.
Jane calls Nic over, and Veronica makes a big show of hugging Nic and pretending she hasn't seen her in ages.
VERONICA: It's been, what, a year?
NICOLETTE: Hmm, feels shorter!
David and Aaron explain that they recognised Veronica from a church fĂȘte they went to with Nicolette one time. Veronica invites Nicolette and Byron to come and join them.
VERONICA: We've got so much to catch up on!
Nicolette forces a smile.
Counsellor's Office
Nell and Melanie are in their session with Rhonda the counsellor. Rhonda explains that Nell has been working on expressing her feelings rather than suppressing them for other people's sake.
MELANIE: I'm happy to hear anything that Nell has to say to me.
RHONDA: Why don't you tell Melanie the real reason why you wanted her here today?
NELL (crying): ... You left me. You didn't even say goodbye. You left me, and Hugo came home to find Dad crying in the kitchen. Do you know what I thought had happened? I thought you'd died. In a way, you leaving me felt worse than Mum dying. She didn't choose to go. She spent the last few hours she had trying to get back to us. You didn't even leave me a note.
RHONDA: Melanie... do you have anything to say to that?
MELANIE (emotional): I thought it would be easier for you and Hugo to forget me if I left without making any fuss. But I can assure you that I have never felt happier or luckier than when I was being you and Hugo's stepmum. And I wish I had told you that then. I wish I'd done everything differently. I'm so sorry, Nellyfish.
They're both in floods of tears now.
NELL: Just don't leave me again. Not without talking to me about it first.
MELANIE: I promise. Oh, darling, I love you so much.
NELL: I love you too.
They hug.
No 28
Holly is scrolling through photos on her phone, of her having fun times with Haz, Sadie, Mackenzie and Byron at the sharehouse. One of the pictures shows Mackenzie looking wistfully towards Haz - and in the next photo, seemingly taken a few seconds later, Haz is looking fondly back towards Mackenzie. Holly zooms in on this moment captured between them, and looks upset. Karl comes in and looks sympathetic.
No 32
Mackenzie returns from No 28, and tells Haz that she and Holly have agreed to be better friends. Haz says that he's relieved to hear that.
MACKENZIE: I also wanted to apologise to you for what I said before I left.
HAZ: Oh, forget about it.
MACKENZIE: No, no. Holly's your girlfriend, you were right to stick by her. I respect you for it. I also wanted to know if we could do a reboot? You know, go back to how things were before I made everything... weird.
HAZ: Housemates - emphasis on the mates?
MACKENZIE: Yeah, if that's okay with you.
HAZ: Okay. Yeah, that's the best possible outcome.
They share a very sustained hug.
HAZ: You know, Trev really did miss you.
MACKENZIE: Yeah, I figured that from the Trevor- shaped indent on my bed.
They hear Holly come in and shout out from the hallway, asking if Haz is up, and quickly separate. Holly immediately senses the tension; and Mackenzie offers to leave them to it.
HOLLY: No, you should stay. We're friends again, right? Friends have coffee together.
HAZ: Yeah, they sure do.
Haz awkwardly starts grinding some coffee.
Lassiter's Complex
David, Aaron and Jane are wrapping up their catch- up with Veronica, while Nicolette and Byron tolerate the situation quietly. Jane tells Veronica to keep in touch.
JANE: Nicolette could do with a few more sensible friends.
VERONICA: Don't worry. Now that I've found her again, I'm not letting her go.
Nicolette suggests Veronica stay with her for another coffee now, while the rest of the family head off. Byron asks if Nic needs any company, but she insists they're 'all good', so he leaves them to talk. Once he's gone...
NICOLETTE: What the hell do you think you're playing at?
VERONICA: It depends. Have you found Sasha?
NICOLETTE: I called Kiri (...) And she blocked me. And I'm pretty sure if I call her again on someone else's phone, she's gonna call the cops on me. But I am... sorry. The thing is, I hadn't even considered how what I did would affect you.
NICOLETTE: Or Kiri, for that matter.
VERONICA: So why'd you do it?
NICOLETTE: Because I was jealous. Kiri was more at ease with Sasha and her Bible study group than she'd been with me in ages... and maybe there was an element of self- sabotage. It's what I do.
VERONICA (tearful): Well, at least you admit it now.
NICOLETTE: Having said all that, I still think that you're better off without Sasha. He wasn't a good husband.
Veronica pauses in contemplation, then gets up to leave, passing Nicolette her contact card.
VERONICA: Well, if you do ever hear from him again, let me know.
Counsellor's Office
Outside in the car, Terese and Toadie are waiting for Nell and Melanie to come out.
TOADIE: They are going way over time. What do you think they're talking about?
TERESE: I dunno. I guess it's between Nell, Melanie and Rhonda.
TOADIE: As long as it makes it better and not worse, right?
TERESE: Look, I believe it's a good thing, and you need to believe it too.
Nell finally emerges, but alone. She tells Toadie that Rhonda wants to see him. He asks what for, but Nell just shrugs and gets in the car.
Back in Rhonda's office, Toadie joins her and Melanie for a sit- down chat.
RHONDA: First of all, let me be clear. Nell loves you both very much. But she also feels responsible for making you happy. And quite frankly, it's exhausting her.
TOADIE: I don't know what more we can do, because I mean, Terese and I are bending over backwards to accommodate this relationship that Nell wants to have with Melanie.
MELANIE: Maybe it's in your tone.
TOADIE: I'm trying my best.
RHONDA: I appreciate the situation between the two of you is complicated.
MELANIE: It's not complicated; I'm the bad guy.
TOADIE: No, you're not. Krista and that abusive idiot Eden are.
MELANIE: I thought you blamed me.
TOADIE: Melanie, I don't blame you for being in a desperate situation. I blame you for keeping me out of it.
MELANIE: Only to protect you.
TOADIE: Well, what made you think that I needed your protection?!
MELANIE: I wasn't gonna let you throw away your career and the kids' futures because of my mistake.
TOADIE: Well, that wasn't your call to make, was it?! (shouting) I would've done *anything* to keep you with us. Absolutely anything! (crying) I loved you more than I ever thought that I could ever love anyone again!
Everyone goes quiet, shocked by Toadie's outburst...
No 32
Haz, Mackenzie and Holly are in the kitchen. Haz enthuses about the coffee he's just made for everyone, imploring them to admit it's the best they've had in weeks.
MACKENZIE: What? Like, they don't have good coffee in New South Wales?
HAZ: I *know* they don't have good coffee in New South Wales!
Mackenzie's dad calls, so she goes off to answer it. Haz notes that Holly's been a bit quiet, and asks if she's okay.
HOLLY: Just thinking about something Dad said (...) about you, actually.
HAZ: Oh. I thought Karl liked me.
HOLLY: As a person. Not as my boyfriend. He thinks I censor myself when I'm around you.
HAZ: Yeah, but that's not true. Is it?
HOLLY: Yeah, it is.
HAZ: Why?
HOLLY: Because you don't like me, Haz. Not the way that I want you to. And I deserve better than that.
HAZ: Are - are you... breaking up with me?
Mackenzie comes back in and overhears this, then apologises and is about to head out again.
HOLLY: No, stay. You need to hear this. Be real, Haz. I'm not the person in this room that you want to be with, am I?
Everyone goes quiet...
Coming up on Neighbours
- Toadie and Terese sit quietly in the car
- Melanie says that 'everything feels crystal clear'
- Wendy asks Terese if everything is okay with 'you two'
- Andrew looks surprised as Toadie downs a beer
- Terese tells Toadie he hasn't looked her in the eye since the counselling session
- Byron is walking Trevor when an unknown woman seems to recognise the dog, and fusses over him
- Holly asks Haz if he's considered he might have commitment issues
- Mackenzie tells Haz she'd really like to know what he's thinking
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Nicolette Stone, Veronica McLain in Neighbours Episode 8969
Nicolette Stone, Veronica McLain

Toadie Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8969
Toadie Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Terese Willis

Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8969
Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar

Melanie Pearson, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8969
Melanie Pearson, Toadie Rebecchi

Veronica McLain, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8969
Veronica McLain, Nicolette Stone

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Byron Stone, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8969
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Byron Stone, Haz Devkar

Nicolette Stone, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8969
Nicolette Stone, Byron Stone

Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8969
Byron Stone

Holly Hoyland, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8969
Holly Hoyland, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Jane Harris, David Tanaka, Veronica McLain, Nicolette Stone, Aaron Brennan, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8969
Jane Harris, David Tanaka, Veronica McLain, Nicolette Stone, Aaron Brennan, Byron Stone

Rhonda Del Rubio in Neighbours Episode 8969
Rhonda Del Rubio

Melanie Pearson, Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8969
Melanie Pearson, Nell Rebecchi

Sadie Rodwell, Haz Devkar, Byron Stone, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8969
Sadie Rodwell, Haz Devkar, Byron Stone, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 8969
Holly Hoyland

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8969
Karl Kennedy

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8969
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar

Nicolette Stone, Veronica McLain in Neighbours Episode 8969
Nicolette Stone, Veronica McLain

Nell Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8969
Nell Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8969
Toadie Rebecchi

Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 8969
Melanie Pearson

Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8969
Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar

Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8969
Haz Devkar

Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8969
Mackenzie Hargreaves

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