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Neighbours Episode 8929 from 2023 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8929
Australian and UK airdate: 31/10/23
Writer: Rene Zandveld
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Billie Alessio: Georgia Walters
Trevor: Bodhi
- "Coming Home" by Cobie Dune
- "In Line" by BMG Production Music UK
- "Big Blue" by Johnny Lloyd & Clif Norrell
Summary/Images by: Liam/Jeremai
- Mackenzie is hanging out with Haz and Trevor
- Billie asks Haz who he'd save first from a fire, her or Trevor; he replies the latter
- Billie's jumper is the latest victim of Trevor's enthusiasm for ripping up fabrics
- Haz assures Mackenzie that 'it will get easier' following her upset over Eden
- Haz tracks Eden down, tackling him then rescuing Holly from the shed Eden's locked her in
- Holly and Mackenzie are both in awe of Haz and how 'amazing' he is
- JJ finds a photo of Andrew with Cara's dead mate Philippa, and thinks Andrew could be his father
- After a driving lesson, Andrew tells JJ that he's really impressed with him
- JJ considers telling Andrew about his suspicions, but Dex says it'll be JJ's fault if it ruins their family
- JJ tells Andrew he thinks he might be his dad
No 30
The Varga- Murphys, Wendy and Andrew are reeling from JJ's suggestion that Andrew could be his father.
CARA: Why would you say that?
JJ: Because it's true.
REMI: No, it's not possible, darling.
JJ: He was a sperm donor.
WENDY: I beg your pardon?
ANDREW: JJ, what gave you that idea?
JJ: I read Philippa's diary. The one her mum gave to us after her funeral.
WENDY: Philippa? Not Philippa Wade?
CARA (to JJ): I thought I'd lost that.
REMI (to Wendy): What, you knew her?
ANDREW: I hadn't seen her in years. I heard that she passed away, though. I had no idea that you knew her too.
WENDY: Wait, can someone please tell me what the hell is going on here?!
REMI: I'd quite like to know the same thing.
JJ: Andrew donated his sperm to Philippa.
DEX: JJ, please...
JJ: Apparently, Mum ended up using it.
Remi laughs incredulously.
WENDY: Is this true?
Cara and Andrew look sheepish.
No 32
Holly is waxing lyrical to Mackenzie, Sadie and Billie about Haz's heroics with Eden, though Haz plays it down. Sadie is concerned as to why her parents are ignoring her calls. meanwhile, and Billie takes Haz to task about why he didn't tell her he was going to track down and confront Eden.
HAZ: It all happened really fast, and it was over before I knew it. I'm sorry.
BILLIE: It doesn't matter. You're back now, and that's all that counts. So how about I take you out to dinner? Celebrate my hero boyfriend?
HAZ (whispering): I should probably hang around for Mack. It's been a massive day.
BILLIE: Of course. That is really sweet. Totally get it.
Billie offers to cook dinner here, and Holly, overhearing this, inserts herself into the conversation, telling Billie she'll help. As Billie heads over to the kitchen, Trevor takes her place on the couch, and she looks a bit put out as Haz greets him.
No 30
JJ has presented the assembled families with the evidence - Philippa's diary. Remi is sitting silently on the sofa, trying to process it all.
JJ: There's a few pages missing, but... it's pretty clear what went down.
DEX (angry): Actually, no, it's not.
CARA: How long have you known about this?
JJ: A while.
WENDY: Andrew? What are they talking about?
ANDREW: Umm... Philippa wanted to have a baby, and... I agreed to help her.
WENDY: What?
ANDREW: I realised I made a massive mistake when I went behind your back, so... I called the whole thing off. She told me that she destroyed the sample.
CARA (to Remi): We'd been trying, yeah? But we were running out of chances with the American donor. When I went to Philippa's that night, she said she had another sample. (to Andrew) And I... I didn't know your name, but I always thought that you'd agreed.
Andrew shakes his head.
REMI (angry): I always thought Philippa was bad news, but this? This is *outrageous*.
CARA: Hey. I'm really sorry. But a couple of weeks later, we realised I was pregnant, and you assumed it was the American donor.
Dex glares angrily at JJ.
REMI: Of course I assumed! I didn't know there was another option.
CARA: I should've told you.
REMI: Do you think?! All these years. All these years, you've known that JJ's father might be a different person?!
CARA: Yeah. I honestly hoped that that wasn't the case, but... I thought it didn't matter.
REMI: Of course it matters. You lied.
Unable to listen to any more, a devastated Wendy rushes out of the house. Andrew apologises to the others, then goes to follow her.
No 26
Andrew has followed Wendy home to talk.
ANDREW: All of this is a shock to me, too.
WENDY: All of it? Really? Well, you might not've known about Cara, but you certainly went behind my back with Philippa.
ANDREW: She was desperate to have a baby...
WENDY (crying): I was your *wife*! And I am not stupid - I worked out the timeline. Sadie was, what, two or three?
ANDREW: Things weren't great between us -
WENDY: What, so you went and helped out your old mate Philippa?!
ANDREW: Then she split with her girlfriend, and I just assumed that she destroyed the sample, like she said. Hey, I'm as horrified about this as you are.
WENDY (shouting): You have no idea how I feel! You could have a son living across the street!
ANDREW: It's still a big maybe.
WENDY: But it's a possibility, Andrew.
At this point, Sadie comes in and asks why they've been ignoring her, but quickly sees how upset Wendy is - and asks what's going on.
No 30
The fallout continues for the Varga- Murphys, as JJ explains how he chose Jane's house for their holiday rental because he knew there was an Andrew Rodwell living on the street. JJ insists it was only ever meant to be for the holidays, so he could work out if it was the right guy.
CARA: That's why you had such a strong reaction when we bought this place?
JJ: We were both freaking out! And by then, I'd dragged Dex into my stupid plan. He never wanted to be in this. It was all me.
REMI: I can't believe you did all of this in secret.
JJ: I never meant to cause a problem between you, and now I have.
CARA: Remi, please, I - I made a mistake, but I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
REMI: Did you ever consider owning up?
CARA: ... Of course! But we were so happy to be pregnant. And you hated Philippa. Look, the American donor - I mean, that was all done in the hospital. I convinced myself that was much more likely to be how it happened. It's still the more likely option.
JJ: The diary makes it clear that it could be either guy. I don't want you two fighting - please.
CARA: This is not on you, okay? Your ma has every right to be angry with me.
REMI: Angry? Oh, that doesn't cover it. Our son is questioning his whole identity because of you!
CARA: Yeah, I know.
REMI: Well, I can't even look at you right now.
JJ lets out a sob and runs out of the house. Remi gestures angrily at Cara, then starts crying herself. Cara follows JJ out of the house...
No 26
Andrew makes another attempt to talk to Wendy as she stares sadly out of the window, asking her if there's anything she wants him to answer.
WENDY: I just want to be alone.
Reluctantly, he walks away, and past a sombre- looking Sadie.
Harold's Café
JJ is sitting at a table, very upset. Cara comes in, and sits down with him.
JJ: I'm sorry, Mum.
CARA: No, you have nothing to apologise for. I'm sorry that you've been carrying this alone for so long.
JJ admits that this was his reason for going into the Rodwells' house just before they were due to return to Werribee; he was trying to find proof that Andrew and Philippa knew one another. He takes out the photo of them that he found, and shows it to Cara.
CARA: Do you want a father in your life?
JJ: It's not like that.
CARA: But to have gone to all this trouble?
JJ: It only came about because I read Philippa's diary. That's it. I got curious.
CARA: It's okay if you do. We've always known you might.
JJ (emotional): I love our family. I love you and Ma.
CARA: But you've been spending so much time with Andrew. You even wanted to have more driving lessons.
JJ: He's a nice guy, that's it. That's it. Like you said, I don't even know if he's my dad.
No 32
Very early the next morning, Billie comes out of Haz's room to get a glass of water, with Trevor hot on her heels. Trevor, it seems, wants to go outside, so Billie lets him out of the back door. Having got her water, she soon hears Trevor barking and whining to be let in again. Billie looks annoyed and, rather than opening the back door to let him in again, she decides to leave him outside, and smiles, before heading back to bed.
Some time later, Mackenzie is still waking up as Holly bursts in brightly with a box of croissants.
MACKENZIE: What's the occasion?
HOLLY: Oh, I just wanted to say thanks to Haz for basically saving my life. Where is he?
MACKENZIE: Still in bed. Like I was.
As Holly cheerfully goes to put the croissants in the oven, Haz emerges, looking for Trevor. He then hears Trevor whining from outside, and goes to let him in, before fussing over him and asking if he was out there all night. Billie emerges from the shower, and says it wasn't all night.
HAZ: You left him outside?
BILLIE: Yeah, he woke me up. He needed to go. Plus, he was hogging the bed.
HAZ: So, what, you just... closed the door and forgot about him?
BILLIE: I didn't forget about him. I thought he was getting better. You've got to cut the cord sometime.
HAZ: Are you serious?!
Mackenzie observes wide- eyed, half- hidden behind a cushion on the sofa. Holly is also listening with great interest.
BILLIE: Look, I'm sorry, alright? I have to get ready for work.
Haz just glares as Billie leaves the room, and goes back to fussing over Trevor.
MACKENZIE: Are you okay?
HAZ: It's not me I'm worried about...
Harold's Café
Susan comes in, and finds Remi sitting alone at a table. Susan had heard about the white powder scare at No 30 yesterday, and acknowledges this to Remi sympathetically.
SUSAN: It must have been a terrible scare.
REMI: And it wasn't even close to the worst part of my day.
Ramsay Street
Meanwhile, Terese is having a Parallel Conversation™ with Cara as she puts the bins out. Terese has heard from Toadie about the situation with Andrew possibly being JJ's father.
CARA: Remi and the boys, they mean everything to me.
TERESE: I can tell.
CARA: What I've done... It's unforgivable.
No 22
Turns out it's a rare three- way Parallel Conversation™, as Andrew confesses to Toadie that it never occurred to him he and the Varga- Murphys might have had some old friends in common in Werribee.
TOADIE: It sounds like Philippa has a lot to answer for.
ANDREW: She did always play by her own rules. She was always a great mate to me. And she was desperate. So when she asked me if I would help her and her girlfriend... I agreed.
TOADIE: Without telling Wendy.
No 24
Nope, make that a four- way! Wendy chats to Jane about the situation over a cuppa.
WENDY: We were trying to have a second baby at the time.
JANE: Oh, Wendy.
WENDY: Things were so strained between us. We'd just taken out our first big mortgage. Andrew was under all this pressure at work. And we were having all this trouble falling pregnant, and the doctors didn't know what the problem was.
JANE: That must have been awful.
WENDY; Yeah. Yeah, it was. We felt like these gigantic failures. And we were just fighting all the time, and then... and then that's when Andrew started to spend more and more time at Philippa's.
Harold's Café
Remi tells Susan that Philippa was always Cara's friend, not Remi's.
REMI: I had no idea. I was in the first year of my residency, and Cara was focused on trying to conceive.
SUSAN: So, it's... it's still possible that JJ's biological father was the American donor?
REMI: Yeah. That's how Cara's rationalised it. But what gets me... is the deceit.
Ramsay Street
Cara is still talking to Terese.
CARA: You know how you can just convince yourself of something? That was me. I just thought, we were at home, you know? It wasn't clinical.
TERESE: Well, it does sound like a hospital insemination is more likely.
CARA: Even so, I should've been honest. Now look at the mess we're in.
No 22
Andrew is still with Toadie.
ANDREW: I don't deserve forgiveness, mate.
TOADIE: You're gonna have to find some way through this. They're two doors down.
Harold's Café
Susan tries to give Remi some words of comfort.
SUSAN: I've been through betrayal in my marriage, and hurdles that I thought I would never overcome. It helped me to understand that Karl isn't defined by his best act, or his worst. He's just... he's just human.
REMI: I wish I could see this as just a mistake. But I'm not that rational right now.
No 24
At Jane's place...
WENDY: I'm just so angry with him. And I'm hurt.
JANE: That is fair enough.
WENDY: As if our families don't have enough tension between them.
Ramsay Street
Cara explains to Terese how she's been mad at Wendy for falsely accusing JJ, and calling the Linwell Brothers.
CARA: I'm really worried about both my boys, but... I don't know how I'll cope if JJ ends up being related to Andrew.
Lassiter's Lake
An upset Dex is sitting on a bench, throwing pebbles into the water. JJ appears and sits at the other end of the bench.
No 22
Andrew tells Toadie...
ANDREW: JJ's a good kid. But if it turns out he is my son, what does that mean for my family? What does it mean for his?
Lassiter's Lake
JJ looks towards Dex, hoping for some kind of response - but Dex studiously ignores him, avoiding eye contact, and continues to throw pebbles.
Ramsay Street
Andrew is returning home from Toadie's. He sees Cara, still loading stuff into a wheelie bin, and is about to go and speak to her. But he stops when he sees Remi's car appear. Cara follows the car into the driveway, as if to try and talk to Remi, but Remi simply ignores her and walks straight into No 30.
Sadie comes out of No 26, and tells Andrew that Wendy's just got home.
ANDREW: How's she doing?
SADIE: (shrugs)
ANDREW: How are you doing?
SADIE: It's a... lot.
ANDREW: Yeah. Look, I want you to know, that, uh... even though I helped Philippa out all those years ago, I... I changed my mind. Immediately after.
SADIE: You've never mentioned Philippa.
ANDREW: That's cos I distanced myself from her after that period. I knew I was in the wrong. I honestly never thought I was gonna hear about it again... Hey, look. I love you and Mum. More than anything.
SADIE: Maybe you should give her some space.
Sadie walks away, leaving Andrew looking guilty.
No 32
Holly listens with mingled fascination and satisfaction as she listens to the disagreement between Haz and Billie blowing into a full- scale row in the room next door. Mackenzie also listens, too transfixed to eat her croissant.
HAZ: Sharing me?! Is that what this is about? You're jealous of a dog?
BILLIE: No! It's about commitment. You know, I've been with guys like you before, and it always ends in the same way.
HAZ: Oh, yeah? And how's that?
BILLIE: With me leaving.
Billie comes in, emotional, and grabs her handbag.
BILLIE: Tell him I'm not gonna forget about the jumper.
Mackenzie waves at Billie's back as she leaves the house. Holly looks very pleased. Haz comes in.
HAZ: Turns out she wasn't a dog person after all.
MACKENZIE: Sorry, Haz.
Haz makes a beeline for Trevor, and suggests to him that they go to the beach. Holly immediately offers to join them, but Haz says he needs to spend some alone- time with Trevor! Undeterred, Holly decides to help him pack for the trip. Sadie comes in, and Mackenzie fills her in on Haz and Billie's breakup. Mack can tell Sadie's upset about something, but Sadie tells her she doesn't want to talk about it right now.
No 30
In the living room, Cara finds Remi sitting alone with Philippa's diary. Cara tells her that she's spoken to an electrician friend, and it sounds like there's lots of evidence against the Linwell brothers, so hopefully they'll go to jail for a long time. Remi doesn't even reply.
CARA: I know it's a lot to ask. But I'm hoping at some point... you'll be understanding about this.
Dex walks in through the back door, but marches straight to his bedroom without a word. JJ comes in through the back shortly afterwards, and asks Remi what she makes of what Philippa wrote.
REMI: Well, there's a lot of uncertainty. That's the first thing we need to deal with.
No 26
Still crying, Wendy opens the door to Remi.
REMI: Hey. There's obviously a lot we need to talk about.
WENDY: Mm- hm. Come in.
REMI: So, the first step is to establish whether Andrew really is JJ's biological father.
Remi presents her with DNA test kits that she's picked up from the hospital.
REMI: The sooner we know what we're dealing with, the better.
WENDY: Yeah. Yeah, we need to know the truth.
Andrew comes in and sees the test kits.
No 30
A musical montage begins, as back at home, Remi unwraps one of the test kits, preparing to take a swab from JJ's mouth. Cara and Dex watch in silence. JJ looks apprehensive.
No 26
Andrew is preparing to take his own swab, while Wendy watches. He puts it in his mouth and she leaves the room, unable to bear it anymore. He puts the swab in the packet, then looks worried.
No 30
Remi seals up JJ's swab in the packet, and touches his arm reassuringly.
REMI: Hey. I want you to know - however you were conceived, it doesn't matter. You are here, and you are loved, by me... and Mum.
Dex remains silent as Remi glances over at Cara.
CARA: And we wouldn't change what's happened, because we have you. We have both of you.
REMI: And whatever happens in the future, you will always be our boys.
An emotional Remi hugs JJ.
Harold's Lakeside
Holly turns up to join Susan at a table. Susan tells her that Karl and Harold have just crossed the Northern Territory border on their train journey.
SUSAN: Lots of camels and brumbies, apparently.
HOLLY: Oh! Well, say hi from me.
SUSAN: I will. Should I also tell him that you stole the croissants I'd organised for breakfast out of the fridge this morning?
HOLLY: It was for a good cause.
SUSAN: Right. And is this good cause the reason you look so nice this morning?
HOLLY: I look nice *every* morning! ... But, yeah. Me and Haz...
No 32
Mackenzie is reading by the pool, while Sadie sits nearby, evidently pestering her.
MACKENZIE: What do you mean? There's no 'me and Haz'.
SADIE: But there could be.
MACKENZIE: You know what? Let's talk about what's going on with your mum and your dad.
SADIE: Nope, I'm in denial.
Sadie grabs Mackenzie's book out of her hands!
SADIE: Think about it - Haz just split with Billie.
MACKENZIE: Yeah, like an hour ago!
SADIE: And you're single, too. I'm seeing an opportunity.
MACKENZIE: Sadie, there is no opportunity. Haz and I are just friends.
She grabs the book back.
Harold's Lakeside
Holly tells Susan...
HOLLY: That's what I thought, too. But you should've seen the way he sorted Eden out.
SUSAN: Weren't you locked in a shed the whole time?
HOLLY: He's just... he's so understanding. And he gets me. It's like I'm seeing this whole new side of him.
SUSAN: Hasn't he got a girlfriend?
HOLLY: Not anymore.
No 32
By the pool...
MACKENZIE: Look, I still think it's too soon for me to date again.
SADIE: But you like Haz.
MACKENZIE: Doesn't matter how I feel.
SADIE: It *only* matters how you feel! And what if you do nothing about it, and he meets someone else?
MACKENZIE: ... Then I can live with that.
Harold's Lakeside
Susan tells Holly she doesn't want her to rush into something that neither she nor Haz are ready for.
HOLLY: I like him, Susan. And I think he likes me. So I'm going for it. Before somebody else does.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Sharon Davies is in town! And she's wondering if Jane's heard from Melanie; Jane asks if something's wrong
- Holly continues to lust after Haz, and Sadie doesn't fail to notice
- Sadie tells Mackenzie she needs to tell Holly she likes Haz
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Remi Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy, Dex Varga-Murphy, JJ Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8929
Remi Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy, Dex Varga-Murphy, JJ Varga-Murphy

Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8929
Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Remi Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8929
Remi Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy

Andrew Rodwell, Wendy Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8929
Andrew Rodwell, Wendy Rodwell

Wendy Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8929
Wendy Rodwell

Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8929
Sadie Rodwell

Remi Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8929
Remi Varga-Murphy

JJ Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8929
JJ Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy

Billie Alessio in Neighbours Episode 8929
Billie Alessio

Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8929
Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar

Billie Alessio in Neighbours Episode 8929
Billie Alessio

Toadie Rebecchi, Andrew Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8929
Toadie Rebecchi, Andrew Rodwell

Wendy Rodwell, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8929
Wendy Rodwell, Jane Harris

Remi Varga-Murphy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8929
Remi Varga-Murphy, Susan Kennedy

Cara Varga-Murphy, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8929
Cara Varga-Murphy, Terese Willis

JJ Varga-Murphy, Dex Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8929
JJ Varga-Murphy, Dex Varga-Murphy

Andrew Rodwell, Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8929
Andrew Rodwell, Sadie Rodwell

Trevor, Holly Hoyland, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8929
Trevor, Holly Hoyland, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Billie Alessio in Neighbours Episode 8929
Billie Alessio

Wendy Rodwell, Remi Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8929
Wendy Rodwell, Remi Varga-Murphy

JJ Varga-Murphy, Remi Varga-Murphy, Dex Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8929
JJ Varga-Murphy, Remi Varga-Murphy, Dex Varga-Murphy

Andrew Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8929
Andrew Rodwell

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8929
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Sadie Rodwell

Susan Kennedy, Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 8929
Susan Kennedy, Holly Hoyland

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