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Neighbours Episode 8930 from 2023 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8930
Australian and UK airdate: 01/11/23
Writer: Stephanie Carter
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Reece Sinclair: Mischa Barton
Sharon Davies: Jessica Muschamp
Hudson Greene: Nikita Chronis
Theo Kaloudis: Lawrence Hawkins
Trevor: Bodhi
Summary/Images by: Liam/Jeremai
- Nell talks to the counsellor about the day Sonya died; she didn't know it was the last time she'd see her
- Toadie hugs Nell following the revelations about her attempts to split him up from Terese
- Toadie admits that he thought Nell had accepted his relationship with Terese for months
- The counsellor reminds Toadie that Nell's been down this path before, and it ended in devastating loss
- Nell looks at photos from Melanie and Toadie's wedding day
- But it seems Nell has turned a corner when she suggests a movie night for her, Terese and Toadie
- Haz splits up with Billie after she locks Trevor out of the house
- But Mackenzie tells Sadie she's still not ready to date again, and can live with Haz finding someone else
- Haz confronts Eden and tackles him to the ground, before taking a grateful Holly home
- Holly tells Susan she likes Haz, and is going to 'go for it'
- As Reece continues her search, Byron discovers Krista paid for parking, so must have had a car
- Byron tells Reece, 'Let's go find your sister'
No 32
Byron is in the pool, while Reece stares pensively into middle distance. Byron tells her a story about Trevor leaping on Haz while he was in the pool. Reece thanks Byron for making her smile, even though she's been keeping things from him.
BYRON: It's all good. We're on the case now.
Reece is worried that Paul is getting suspicious about her 'market research'. Byron tells her she'll just have to find a few more things wrong with the hotel, to keep him on his toes.
REECE (laughs): I must admit, I did enjoy watching him tap- dance. I just can't afford to waste any more time.
BYRON: And you won't. We're gonna find your sister.
Indoors, Haz has arrived back from the beach with Trevor, and is fussing over him as usual. He tells Mackenzie that he's decided not to go to work today, because he wants to take Trevor for an 'anxiety training session'. Concerned, Mackenzie notices that the bruise around Haz's eye where Eden punched him is getting bigger.
HAZ: Ah, yeah. Kind of makes me look like a badass.
MACKENZIE: Yeah, it kinda does, actually. Hey, are you okay about Billie? That was kind of a dramatic exit earlier.
HAZ: Yeah, it's all good. She was never gonna be cool with Trev being 'top dog' around here.
MACKENZIE: Yeah. Suppose she was kind of 'barking up the wrong tree'.
HAZ: Wouldn't stop 'hounding' me for attention. Which I thought was 'paw' form.
This makes Mackenzie laugh, and she smiles at him.
HAZ: I'm sorry things went so wrong with Eden.
MACKENZIE: Thanks. Yeah, can't believe I thought I was ready to move on. Must've been kidding myself.
HAZ: That, or you just haven't met the right guy yet.
MACKENZIE: ... Yeah, maybe.
Sadie comes in, and notices a noxious smell, which everyone quickly realises is Trevor. Byron and Reece come in from the pool just in time to experience it.
REECE (laughing): Trevor, it's a good thing you're such a handsome boy.
Reece and Byron leave the room, and Sadie remarks that it's 'so weird' Reece is having sleepovers here.
MACKENZIE: Must be love.
Mackenzie gazes wistfully at Haz, who is holding his nose and wafting the air in Trevor's vicinity!
No 22
Toadie shows Terese a photo that Amy Greenwood has posted on social media, of her with daughter Zara and son, baby Kai.
TERESE: Aww, how cute! Ooh, little baby Kai is looking more and more like his daddy every day!
But she cruelly neglects to tell us who the daddy is...
Toadie tells Terese he's agreed they'll meet Nell here for lunch later, and that Nell and Hugo have already headed out to school. Toadie leaves for work, shutting the door behind him; and at this point, Nell comes downstairs, apparently believing the house to be empty. But she's surprised to see Terese hasn't left yet. Terese wonders why Nell hasn't in fact left for school at all.
NELL (lying): I couldn't find any clean socks?
TERESE: Nell...
NELL: My economics assignment's due today.
TERESE: You mean, you haven't done it.
NELL: No. So, I either bail, or I fail. I bailed.
TERESE: Okay. So, what's the assignment about?
NELL: I have to pitch a business plan to my class and do a... sweat analysis.
TERESE (laughs): You mean a SWOT analysis?
NELL: See? I'm already on the 'F' train.
But Terese tells her not to panic. She tells Nell to email her teacher, and tell her she'll be at school by recess with the best pitch ever - because Terese is going to stay home help her prepare it.
NELL: Serious? Do you even have time to help?
TERESE: Yeah, of course. I'll make time.
Nell looks impressed.
Ramsay Street
Byron and Reece are leaving No 32; they've been trying a list of phone numbers, presumably from the hotel records, to get clues about Krista from who she called during her stay. Byron thinks one of the numbers, which was disconnected, looks really familiar...
Jane crosses the road to greet them, and Byron gives her a hug 'for everything you're going through at the school'. Reece says she's sorry to hear about it closing. Jane also confirms to them that Mike is taking the tour company job in Scotland, so he'll be gone for four months - but she and Sam are flying out in December, hopefully for a white Christmas.
JANE: Anyway, I'd best get to my students... while I still have them.
Meanwhile, Byron has found the number he recognised in his phone contacts.
BYRON: I know who Krista called.
Fitzgerald Motors
Reece and Byron are showing Krista's photo to Hudson, a mechanic at the garage. He remembers Krista immediately, saying she brought her car in for some work. When he told her how much the repairs were, she said she'd go and get some cash, but then never came back. As Krista didn't leave a phone number, eventually Hudson was forced to sell her car to one of the students at Erinsborough High, who'd just got his licence.
Byron asks Hudson if he has the kid's details, but it was a 'cashie' so he doesn't. However, he does tell them that the car was a maroon Ford Laser. Reece thanks him, and she and Byron head off to follow it up.
Erinsborough High School
Jane is reading posts on a 'Save Erinsborough High' social media group, including from Sunny Lee and Sharon Davies! At that moment, who should walk into the office but Sharon herself...
JANE: Oh, Sharon! I didn't know you were in town.
SHARON: I had to come down and see you. I was just reading that.
JANE: Yeah, well - thank you for your post.
SHARON: How can the school be closing?
JANE: Oh, don't ask.
SHARON: I'm sure it's very upsetting. But since I'm here, I was wondering if you had heard from Melanie.
JANE: Mel?
SHARON: I didn't want to go to Toadie. I thought it might be a bit insensitive.
JANE: Why, is something wrong?
SHARON: Well, that's just it. I have no idea. I popped by her house the other day, and the place was empty.
JANE: In Violet Town?
SHARON: Mm. She'd moved out. No furniture, nothing. And her phone's out of service.
JANE: Well, I'm not exactly sure how you think I might be able to help.
SHARON: Well, I was just wondering if you or anyone had seen her.
JANE: No. Erinsborough would be the last place you're likely to find Melanie.
SHARON: I'm worried about her.
JANE: Melanie has always been unpredictable.
SHARON: Yes. But to move away without telling anyone, and change numbers? Something's off.
Meanwhile, Terese and Nell are just arriving at school - Terese having coached Nell in how to deliver her economics pitch. Terese tells Nell she'll be fabulous, and wishes her luck. Nell thanks her for all her help. At this point, Terese spies Jane in the corridor, so makes a hasty exit. We see that Jane is walking Sharon out of the building - and as they chat, Nell overhears them.
JANE: I'm sure Melanie will call once she's settled, wherever she is.
SHARON: I hope you're right. It's just so strange. It's not like Mel at all.
Nell looks concerned...
No 32
Sadie is hanging out with Haz, Mackenzie and Trevor, and wondering how long the DNA test Andrew has taken to find out whether he's JJ's father will come back. She admits she can't stop thinking about it, but doesn't want to seem to go home to confront the situation. Mackenzie offers to stay home from work to keep Sadie company here, but Sadie insists she'll be fine.
HAZ: Plus, she's got me to keep her distracted.
SADIE: Yeah, and you can help me decide which parent I'm gonna live with after the divorce.
Mackenzie heads off to work, while Sadie looks thoughtfully at Trevor.
SADIE: I kind of wish I was a dog. You know, you have dozens of brothers and sisters, and go your whole life without knowing them.
Holly comes in, looking all glamorous. She announces she has the day off, and thought they could have a 'pool day', since Haz 'needs some break- up love'. Haz seems keen, so Holly proposes making margaritas.
SADIE: It's not even lunchtime.
HOLLY: It is in New Zealand. Where do you keep your blender?
Erinsborough High School
Byron and Reece turn up in the car park, and immediately spot the maroon car that Hudson the mechanic described. Reece remarks that the car looks fairly clean, making her worry that the kid might not have kept any belongings that Krista could have left in there. Byron offers to ask Jane which student owns the car, but Reece tells him not to drag Jane into it - they can just wait until the owner turns up.
BYRON: Ah. Stakeout. I love it. Can we get doughnuts?
REECE: You're an idiot!
BYRON: Taking that as a yes.
He peers into the car, looking for clues.
Meanwhile, Nell has come to see Jane in her office about the conversation she overheard with Sharon. Nell is desperate to know whether Melanie is okay, but Jane's not keen to get into it.
NELL: Dad doesn't have to know, but if Mel's in trouble...
JANE: No, no - she's not in any trouble. Sharon just wanted to know Melanie's new address, that's all.
NELL: Where has she gone?
JANE: Well, Sharon doesn't know. And... apparently, Mel may have changed phone numbers, too.
NELL: So she's moved house and disappeared.
JANE: Well, I don't think it's that dramatic.
NELL: But no- one's heard from her. Not even her friends.
JANE: Well, they will. Please don't worry, Nell. I'm sure everything will be fine.
No 32
Sadie watches from a deckchair as Haz and Holly splash about in the pool. Holly decides she needs sunscreen, and asks Haz to rub some on her back. He obliges, and she starts trying to woo him with talk about coffee beans, or seeds, which Holly purports to find 'fascinating'. Sadie watches with suspicion, as Holly's intentions towards Haz become clear to her.
Holly lavishes attention on Haz's bruised eye, but looks disappointed when Haz is unresponsive to her interest in him, and decides he wants to go and play with Trevor instead...
Erinsborough High School
Byron has bought doughnuts, and he and Reece continue to wait next to the maroon car for its owner to appear.
REECE: It's so hard to imagine Krista driving this car.
BYRON: It's not quite up to the Sinclair standard.
REECE: Where was she going? Where had she been?
The student whose car it is, Theo, turns up, and is annoyed to see Byron and Reece leaning on it! Reece explains that they know the car's previous owner, and asks if anything of hers was still in it when Theo bought it. Theo says there was a bit of junk, but he threw it out - mainly food wrappers, and some old shoes.
BYRON: Alright, thanks for your time, mate.
REECE: How much do you want for the car?
THEO: Uh, it's not for sale.
REECE: I'll give you $5,000.
Theo gapes.
No 32
Sadie brings out another round of margaritas, as Holly continues to flirt with Haz by the pool.
HOLLY: Hey, I bet you can't walk the whole length of the pool with me on your shoulders.
HAZ: Challenge accepted.
Holly climbs aboard and Haz begins to ferry her across the pool - but then Trevor starts barking for Haz's attention.
HAZ: Oh, I'd better get that before he poops in here.
So he throws Holly off his shoulders into the pool...
HAZ: Two out of ten for that dismount.
Sadie laughs, but Holly looks annoyed. However, she remains undeterred in her mission to woo Haz, and goes to share his towel as he dries off. Sadie raises an eyebrow, and surreptitiously takes photos of them - one of which she sends to Mackenzie along with the message, 'GET HOME NOW!!!'
No 22
Toadie has made Nell a toastie for lunch, but she's evidently distracted, and eventually asks him if he was aware that Melanie has moved house.
TOADIE (worried): No. No... why do you know?
NELL: Uh... Jane said something about it at school.
TOADIE: Jane shouldn't be talking to you about Melanie.
NELL: I heard her speaking with Sharon, so I asked her.
TOADIE: Sharon - as in Davies? What's she even doing...? Doesn't matter. Are you okay?
NELL: I'm... fine. I'm worried about Mel. No- one's heard from her.
TOADIE: Sweetheart... you know Melanie doesn't want anything more to do with us.
NELL: ... I know.
TOADIE: So, whatever's going on - it's just... it's not our business. I'm glad you told me. If you want me to organise another counselling session, just - you know - let me know.
But Nell has gone quiet, so Toadie changes the subject.
Erinsborough High School
Reece has handed over $5,000 in cash to Theo, who looks like he's won the lottery! She tells him she hopes he gets a new car soon, and in return, he replies that he hopes they find what they're looking for, before leaving them to it. Byron is already searching the glove compartment, but all he's found are the transfer papers from the garage - there's nothing about Krista.
BYRON: Sorry. Five grand down the drain.
REECE: I don't care about the money. This car is a *connection* to her. I can't explain it, but it feels like having a small piece of her.
They decide to recharge over a coffee.
No 32
Mackenzie arrives home, and Sadie hurries her inside to talk about Holly.
SADIE: She's all over Haz like my first attempt at applying bronzer. Literally had to scrape it off with a spatula.
MACKENZIE: Okay, and here I was hoping you'd go home to your family.
SADIE: No! I need the distraction, and this is important. Holly came out looking like an extra in a Snoop Dogg music video, and literally won't leave Haz alone!
Holly appears from nowhere.
HOLLY: Oh, good - I'm glad *somebody* noticed! That was some of my best work, trying to get his eyes on me. Seriously, how have we all missed what a snack that guy is? (...) Ever since the stuff with Eden, I just realised guys like Haz are really rare. Like, he's so funny, and kind, and smart, and respectful...
Mackenzie nods along, forcing a smile.
MACKENZIE: Mm, he's a really special guy.
HOLLY: See? Mack gets it. Okay - wish me luck.
MACKENZIE: Good luck!
Holly heads back outside to continue her efforts. Sadie sighs.
SADIE: You need to tell her that you like him!
MACKENZIE: No, I've already told you, Sadie. I'm not ready to date anyone. So if Haz finds someone, he finds someone.
SADIE: If Haz dates a complete random, that's so different than Haz dating Holly. It's gonna be an absolute train wreck.
But Mackenzie insists it will be fine, and heads outside. Sadie sighs again.
Lassiter's Complex
Byron and Reece are in Krista's car, drinking coffees.
BYRON: What are you thinking about?
REECE: I was just thinking about this road trip I took her on once.
BYRON: Never pictured you as the open road type.
REECE: I had just got my licence, and Krista was visiting. It was summertime. We took a trip up the coast, to the Piscataqua River. We were blasting Britney Spears at full volume. Krista was only six or seven at the time... and I hadn't yet been sucked into the full vortex of the Sinclair family machine.
She fumbles with Krista's necklace, which she's wearing.
REECE: It felt like we had our whole lives ahead of us.
Byron reaches across to take her hand.
BYRON: You still do.
Reece pulls down the sun visor, and finds something she recognises - it's a card with a picture of a sunset on it, and the words, 'I am safe and supported'.
REECE: It's an affirmation card (...) I accused her of having a drug problem. I gave that to her, and told her to look at the website on the back. It has some basic information about how to beat drug addiction. I always thought she threw it out.
BYRON: She didn't. She brought it here.
REECE: Yeah, but is that a good thing, or a bad thing?
BYRON: It obviously means something to her.
REECE: Yeah, but what if she's still on drugs? Maybe she's into something heavier. You know, there's one thing that I never wanted to consider. What if she's in real trouble?
BYRON: You said you checked the hospitals, right?
REECE: Yeah, we hired a private investigator to look into it, but he couldn't find anything - no trace of her. Not under her real name, anyway.
BYRON: Look, don't take this as a bad sign, okay? Not too long ago, she was looking at this. She was remembering your advice, remembering how much you care.
REECE: I just hope she's okay.
The Waterhole
Nell is having dinner with Terese and Toadie. It seems Nell's school presentation went really well, though she now has to wait for the class to vote on the best business plan. Terese thinks she'll be in the running. Nell says it's only thanks to Terese's help.
Toadie has noticed Jane having a glass of wine at the bar, and goes over to speak to her.
TOADIE: Next time you want to talk about Melanie to Nell... don't.
JANE: Nell came to me asking questions. I didn't mean to upset her.
TOADIE: She's in therapy about this. The last thing we need is for something to undo all of the progress that she's made.
JANE: I'm so sorry. I had no idea.
TOADIE: Of course you didn't, it's private. But now you do know... any questions about Melanie, come to me.
Jane nods, and Toadie heads to the bathroom. Jane leaves, but has left her phone on the bar. Nell notices and excuses herself from Terese, and goes over to grab Jane's phone, with the intention of chasing after her and giving it back. However, Nell stops, and has a thought - before accessing the phone, and searching for Sharon's phone number. She then taps the number into her own phone...
Lassiter's Complex
Outside, Nell catches up with Jane and gives the phone back. Jane is grateful, but wants to check in with Nell to make sure she wasn't upset by their talk about Melanie earlier. Nell claims she wasn't.
JANE: I wouldn't want you to worry about anything I might have said.
NELL: I was the one who brought it up. Thanks for being so honest with me.
Jane accepts this, and walks off. But now Nell gets her own phone out, and dials.
NELL: Hi, is this Sharon Davies? ... Uh, it's Nell Rebecchi... Yeah, Toadie's daughter. Uh, would you be free to meet me for coffee?
Coming up on Neighbours
- Tess is back; she tells Reece her father's worried about her, and questioning his choice to send her here
- Paul sees Reece talking to Tess, and tells Leo he's sure there's something going on
- Nell meets up with Sharon at The 82, and asks her if Melanie mentioned why she left Toadie
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Reece Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8930
Reece Sinclair

Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8930
Byron Stone

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Sadie Rodwell, Reece Sinclair, Byron Stone, Haz Devkar, Trevor in Neighbours Episode 8930
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Sadie Rodwell, Reece Sinclair, Byron Stone, Haz Devkar, Trevor

Nell Rebecchi, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8930
Nell Rebecchi, Terese Willis

Jane Harris, Reece Sinclair, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8930
Jane Harris, Reece Sinclair, Byron Stone

Hudson Greene in Neighbours Episode 8930
Hudson Greene

Sharon Davies, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8930
Sharon Davies, Jane Harris

Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8930
Nell Rebecchi

Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 8930
Holly Hoyland

Nell Rebecchi, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8930
Nell Rebecchi, Jane Harris

Haz Devkar, Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 8930
Haz Devkar, Holly Hoyland

Theo Kaloudis, Reece Sinclair, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8930
Theo Kaloudis, Reece Sinclair, Byron Stone

Sadie Rodwell, Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8930
Sadie Rodwell, Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar

Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar, Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8930
Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar, Sadie Rodwell

Nell Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8930
Nell Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Theo Kaloudis, Byron Stone, Reece Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8930
Theo Kaloudis, Byron Stone, Reece Sinclair

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8930
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Sadie Rodwell

Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 8930
Holly Hoyland

Reece Sinclair, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8930
Reece Sinclair, Byron Stone

Jane Harris, Nell Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8930
Jane Harris, Nell Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8930
Nell Rebecchi

Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8930
Nell Rebecchi

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