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Neighbours Episode 7802 from 2018 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7802
Australian and UK airdate: 20/03/18
Writer: Jo Kasch
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Isabelle Hoyland - Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Rafael Humphreys - Ryan Thomas
Holly Hoyland - Lucinda Armstrong Hall
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Yashvi is told she is doing great and should find a team
- Aaron tells Amy there isn't something quite right about Rafael
- Amy tells Aaron he needs to accept this is David's own life
- Jayden says Paul hasn't done the wrong things, Rafael realises he needs to fix things
- Rafael stands back whilst Leo calls out for help
- Karl tells Izzy to do the pregnancy test
- Karl and Izzy see the result, Karl walks away from the table
- Susan cries as she is driving along
Ramsay Street
Susan drives onto her driveway. Karl comes over and Susan waits for him and he joins her in the car. He shakes his head and Susan breathes a deep sigh of relief!
Hotel Room
Holly is sitting and Izzy is lying on the bed. Holly reassures Izzy that things have worked out in the best way and it was causing hurt. Izzy asks what's going to happen next. Izzy points out they have nothing as there isn't a baby or any money.
HOLLY: We have each other. That's all that matters isn't it?
Izzy agrees with Holly. Holly offers to miss school but Izzy tells her she should still go. Izzy insists she will be fine though Holly wants to stay with her. They tell each other they love the other and Holly leaves.
Ramsay Street
Susan and Karl are still sitting in the car. Susan wants to know if Karl knows of Izzy's plans, he has no idea. He left after he found out the test result. Izzy rings, Susan tells him to answer otherwise Izzy will keep ringing. He agrees to go back to the hotel as Izzy now has no money, Susan laughs in disbelief. Karl reassures Susan it will be sorted out quickly. Karl gets out of the car and heads off.
Harold's café
Aaron, Leo and Amy are sitting at a table. Amy wants to know if Aaron has heard from the court, he hasn't. Amy tells Aaron they're meeting Toadie about the accident today. The site is shut down and they can't touch anything. Leo tells Aaron it's costing them a lot of money. Paul is trying to sort it out but they have to consider the budget. Amy is going to look at the dodgy floorboard at the Backpackers as she now has spare time.
David and Rafael come over. Rafael asks how Leo is doing, he's getting better. Aaron greets Rafael, David is surprised they've met, Aaron says they met here. Rafael wants to know how David and Aaron know each other, Aaron and David explain they were together for a while. David is heading off to an emergency meeting at the hospital but offers Rafael a coffee. Rafael says he needs to do something he forgot about and heads off.
Erinsborough High
Yashvi has put up a sign-up sheet for a new All Girls AFL Team, The Echidnas. Elly notices it and Yashvi explains that Ellie Blackburn told her she had potential. Yashvi has decided to start her own rather than join another team. Yashvi explains to Elly that it's the start of a revolution and they're looking to lead it! Elly wishes her luck.
Erinsborough Hospital
David is heading inside the hospital into his meeting when Aaron arrives. David wants to know why Aaron is here. Aaron explains (possibly a made up excuse) that he has a flu shot. Aaron comments that things are going well between Rafael and David and wants to know when they got together. David admits it started a couple of weeks ago. David wants to know why Aaron is asking. Aaron claims it doesn't bother him and David heads off. He comes back and asks why Aaron really cares. Aaron wonders how well David has got to know Rafael. Aaron mentions a vague chat he had with Rafael, Aaron thinks Rafael is shifty. Aaron denies being jealous though. David tells Aaron to like and leave Rafael alone. David heads off into the hospital.
Hotel Room
Izzy opens the door to Karl. Karl tells Izzy that he has sorted out the room payment and Izzy thanks him. After tonight she'll have to find another place to stay, Holly is welcome to stay at No.28. Karl is still happy for Izzy and Holly to stay in Australia. Karl comes into the room after initially s hesitating. Izzy comments he must think she's mad for going to such lengths to get pregnant, Karl is unsure why she wanted him to be the father so much. Izzy explains he has been unaware of how her life has turned out since she left. She has met every scum-bag there is but she tried to make it positive when he visited. Karl admits life has been hard for her. Izzy admits she has been used and discarded so many times. Karl was the one person that looked after her and saw her best side when it wasn't easy to do. Other people have judged her. Izzy doesn't think she is worth it either. Karl doesn't think she should doubt herself like this. Izzy doesn't doubt herself when she's with Karl. Karl always saw Izzy for who she was, from when they first met. Izzy tells him that he is really special. Izzy starts to lean in but Karl stops her before she gets close, Izzy apologises. Izzy thought things would work out with the money and the baby but it hasn't happened. Karl reminds her she can start again and find another donor. Izzy doesn't want another donor. Karl reminds her he is with Susan. She doesn't want him, Karl is confused.
IZZY: All of this, just moving back here, being back here, trying to have another baby with you. I just wanted to get that feeling that-
KARL: That feeling with me?
IZZY: That feeling within myself. And it's not here.
Izzy doubts if the feeling was ever here after seeing the look on his face. Izzy worries she isn't talking sense but Karl admits she is. He mentions the gap. Fifteen years ago they were sharing a bottle of whiskey in the surgery. They talked about the life they've got and the one they could have had. They ended up together as they were both trying to fill the gap. Izzy admits that was the one time she was happy. Karl agrees there were plenty of dramas and it didn't all go smoothly, Izzy agrees. Izzy understands that people don't get her as she doesn't always like herself. Karl thinks she's being too hard on herself but she insists it's true. She liked who she was when she was with Karl and she was really happy. She hasn't been able to feel like that with anyone since and wanted to feel like that now.
KARL: Izzy you've got a lot to give. You've got a wonderful daughter, and I'm absolutely sure you'll find peace within yourself. But you have to do it yourself by looking into the future and not looking at the past.
The Waterhole
Toadie, Amy and Leo are sitting at a table. Amy tells Toadie that she has told the investigator she had checked everything. Toadie is hoping that they will be satisfied that Amy did everything she could and there will be no charges. Toadie admits if Amy is found guilty the fine could cost up to 1.4million for the company and 200,000 for Amy. Toadie hopes that won't happen though. Toadie needs to head off but tells them to let him know if they need any more help. Amy thanks him as he leaves.
Aaron arrives and announces he is in need of a beer and thinks the same applies to them. Amy doesn't know why this has happened as everything on the site is as it was meant to be. Leo points out that accidents can happen. Amy points out that she especially made sure everything was done properly after the spot check. An accident shouldn't have happened! Amy suggests another alternative is it could have been done deliberately. Aaron realises she means that sabotage could have happened.
Playing Field
Holly and a few girls are throwing a soccer ball between them. Yashvi tells Holly she has thrown with a closed fist. Holly points out she is used to real football. Yashvi sarcastically agrees the usual kind of football involves not being impressed if a football hurts her leg, Holly doesn't look happy! Yashvi gets everyone into a line and throws a ball to each girl as they run to the obstacle course. When it gets to Holly, she reminds her about the closed fist. Holly admits to not being keen on the game as Xanthe arrives. Holly admits they didn't want Yashvi to be without a team. Yashvi realises Holly doesn't want to play footy and checks with the other girls. They don't look too enthusiastic, Xanthe brightly thinks some will stay. Yashvi tells them they don't need to and walks off.
Lassiter's Complex
Karl walks over to a table where Susan is sitting and sits down. Karl admits that Izzy tried to kiss him. He points out he wouldn't have given in, she was romanticising the past. Izzy is trying to get back the feeling they had in the past. Karl tells Susan he loves her and he made it clear to Izzy as well.
No.32 Backyard
Dipi, Susan and Toadie are standing by the fence. Dipi can't believe what has happened. Susan tells them that nothing happened between Karl and Izzy, that is in the past.
SUSAN: It is as if her sole purpose on earth is to cause me pain.
Toadie wants to know what Susan's next step is. Susan would like to go to the hotel room that they're paying for, cancel the room and put Izzy on the streets! Dipi thinks that would shake things up! Susan is happy to have Holly stay with them but she doesn't care about Izzy. Toadie doesn't think it will work out though. Dipi points out this will make Susan feel better. Toadie points out Izzy will be back because of Holly. That will always be the same. Susan wants to know what Toadie suggests, Toadie points out she is Susan Kennedy and she is amazing!
Ramsay Street
Susan collects the mail and is surprised to find Izzy behind her with her suitcase. Izzy explains that these are Holly's things. Izzy is glad at least Holly has somewhere to stay and thanks them. Susan says that Karl explained what happened. Izzy admits to not thinking straight right back to getting to Erinsborough. Susan points out it doesn't excuse her behaviour, Izzy agrees.
SUSAN: You have so much going for you. You have so much potential. I don't understand why you waste it trying to ruin people's lives.
Izzy says she just wanted to be a part of their lives and didn't plan for Karl and Susan to split. Izzy doesn't hate Susan, she admits to admiring her. Susan points out that Izzy's way of showing it is strange! People can go about things the right or wrong way, Izzy knows which way is which. Izzy is going so Susan can go back to her perfect life and perfect Karl! Susan tells Izzy to stay, Izzy isn't keen but Susan tells her she should stay here in Erinsborough. Susan points out that Izzy told Karl she was happy in Erinsborough. Izzy could find a job, a unit or house nearby. Holly could stay at Erinsborough High and have both parents nearby. When asked Susan admits if it was just for her sake she wouldn't be happy for Izzy to be so nearby, this is for Holly's sake though. It's the best solution, though not ideal. Holly deserves the best from all of them. Susan wants to know what Izzy thinks.
Backpackers Hostel
Aaron arrives and greets Rafael. Aaron mentions that he saw Rafael and Jayden talking in Harold's recently and mentions the pressure Amy and Leo have been going through. Aaron wants to know if Jayden mentioned anything that was suspicious. Rafael wants to know why he would know anything about it. Aaron explains that he's worried someone is trying to mess about with his friends. Rafael thinks Aaron could be jealous of him and David. Aaron claims that is unnecessary to the situation. Rafael explains he worked it out from the way Aaron looked at him and David. Rafael says for Aaron things didn't work out for him and David. Rafael wants Aaron to stop sticking his nose into his business and walks off and shuts the door.
Playing Field
Elly arrives as Yashvi is clearing up. Elly explains she heard what happened at training. Elly explains that these things take time. Elly has spoken to the Eden Hills Football Club coach who have a womens' team. They want Yashvi to come to training there. Yashvi's face lights up! Elly points out the season is underway so there are no guarantees but Yashvi can show them what she can do. Yashvi thanks Elly who leaves.
Holly is sitting on a bench with Karl and Susan. They've reassured Holly she can stay if she wants to. Holly checks Susan doesn't mind. Karl tells Holly it was Susan's idea! Karl reassures Holly they'll find Izzy a place that she can stay and Holly can split her time between her parents. Holly can stay on at Erinsborough High and Susan thinks that will work for Holly. Holly is happy to agree! Susan tells Holly it's time to go back to class so Holly heads off. Karl tells Susan how incredible she is, Susan doesn't answer.
Backpackers Hostel
Aaron is going through Rafael's backpack. Rafael comes in and catches him in the act, he wants to know what Aaron is doing. Aaron asks why Rafael has Sue Parker's business card in his things. Rafael states that is his stuff and demands that Aaron leaves. Aaron points out that Sue hates Paul, Rafael repeats that he wants Aaron to leave. Aaron doesn't move and says that Sue's son is Jayden, why does Rafael deny knowing him? Why is Rafael in touch with Sue?
AARON: That's why you're with David to get to Paul.
Rafael heads off and Aaron follows him. Aaron rips the shirt off Rafael's back as he tries to grab hold of him. Everyone sees the scars on Rafael's back as David and Amy arrive. David asks Rafael if he's ok, Rafael doesn't say anything and heads inside. As David follows Rafael he wants to know what is wrong with Aaron?
Ramsay Street
Izzy is looking at No.28 as she holds an envelope, we see a taxi waiting behind her. Karl walks up the street calling her name asking what is going on. Izzy doesn't answer. Karl realises what is happening and can't believe she is leaving a letter instead of explaining herself. Izzy points out Karl didn't expect her to remain in Erinsborough. Karl did think she would stay when Izzy had agreed to stay. Izzy can't believe he would expect her to want her to stay here in a unit with him in his perfect marriage around the corner! Karl is convinced it would work. Izzy is convinced she wouldn't be happy even though it was good of Susan to suggest it. Karl reminds her that she should be content with what she has.
IZZY: It only works when you have something worth being happy about.
Izzy admits that would be him, it's always been about him. She turns and directs the taxi driver to the airport. Izzy asks what will happen to Holly. Karl can't believe that Holly will get a goodbye in the letter. Izzy admits that is the truth as she gets into the taxi. Karl can't believe she does something like this each time he thinks she has changed.
KARL: You're just the selfish woman you always have been.
IZZY: No, I'm not selfish. For the first time I'm doing something right. I'm doing something right for Holly.
Karl is convinced it's not the right thing. Karl is disappointed in Izzy. Izzy agrees that everyone who feels that way! She gets into the taxi and puts her sunglasses on, the taxi drives off.
Coming up on Neighbours
- (all with just music) Holly folds the letter up
- Clive and Sheila look at a newspaper
- David walks away from Amy and Aaron
- Karl looks distressed
- Dipi slaps someone in costume
- Mishti in uniform comes to see Amy and Jayden
<<7801 - 7803>>
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7802
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Holly Hoyland, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 7802
Holly Hoyland, Izzy Hoyland

Aaron Brennan, Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka, Rafael Humphreys, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7802
Aaron Brennan, Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka, Rafael Humphreys, Amy Williams

Elly Conway, Yashvi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7802
Elly Conway, Yashvi Rebecchi

Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7802
Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka

Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 7802
Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland

Toadie Rebecchi, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7802
Toadie Rebecchi, Amy Williams

Aaron Brennan, Amy Williams, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7802
Aaron Brennan, Amy Williams, Leo Tanaka

Holly Hoyland, Xanthe Canning, Yashvi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7802
Holly Hoyland, Xanthe Canning, Yashvi Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7802
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Dipi Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7802
Dipi Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Izzy Hoyland, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7802
Izzy Hoyland, Susan Kennedy

Aaron Brennan, Rafael Humphreys in Neighbours Episode 7802
Aaron Brennan, Rafael Humphreys

Yashvi Rebecchi, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7802
Yashvi Rebecchi, Elly Conway

Susan Kennedy, Holly Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7802
Susan Kennedy, Holly Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Aaron Brennan, Rafael Humphreys in Neighbours Episode 7802
Aaron Brennan, Rafael Humphreys

David Tanaka, Rafael Humphreys in Neighbours Episode 7802
David Tanaka, Rafael Humphreys

Aaron Brennan, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7802
Aaron Brennan, Amy Williams

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 7802
Izzy Hoyland

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7802
Karl Kennedy

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