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Neighbours Episode 7641 from 2017 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7641
Australian and UK airdate: 10/07/17
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Dr Harriet Barnes: Rita Kara
Val Bennet: Ed Deganos
- "Running Out Of Time" by Amaya Laucirica
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Terese finding a lump in her breast.
- Karl confirming that Terese has breast cancer.
- Terese asking Val to re- arrange her schedule.
- David telling Leo to go to Paul for help.
- Leo finally asking Paul for help.
- Paul getting rid of Mannix.
- Mark hearing that Aaron and Mishti are going into business together.
- Aaron backing out of going to go into business with Mishti.
Number 32
Mishti is now regretting signing the contract for the business but Dipi thinks Aaron will come around if she goes and talks to him. Dipi suggests she pulls out but Mishti doesn't want to lose her $10k deposit. Shane wonders if she can get another partner but Mishti doesn't think so but assures them she'll work something out.
Backpackers (next day)
Leo arrives looking for Mannix and is surprised not to see him there as he didn't think Paul could get rid of him that quickly. "The sooner the better you think," is Paul's take and adds that he won't be talking to anyone anytime soon... especially the Renshaws!
Number 26
Gary is attempting to discuss with Terese the living arrangements once they get married but she's got other things on her mind to pay too much attention to that just now. He then suggests lunch (since she's skipping brekkie) and promises to let him know later.
Sonya's nursery
Toadie and Sonya are discussing childcare arrangements as they make their way into the nursery. They discover the place has been trashed (stuff blown over) courtesy of the storm last night but she rejects his offer of help as he's got a meeting to go to, even though he didn't mind being late for it.
The Waterhole
Terese is miffed not just because her assistant is paying more attention to the game he's playing on his phone but because he hasn't rescheduled the staff meeting like she asked him to, to this afternoon. Val suggests rescheduling her meeting with Armstrong Consulting (aka her excuse for visiting the hospital) but is quickly rejected as she "can't shift that meeting," and orders him to do as originally instructed before walking away.
Harold's Cafe
Dipi wonders if she should tell Aaron what Mishti has done but Shane thinks she should just keep quiet or risk facing the wrath of her sister!
Meanwhile, Leo tells David that Mannix has been dealt with - by Paul. David points out that he should have gone to see Paul from the off, so he didn't get dragged into the mess. "I know and I'm sorry," Leo replies but goes a step too far by asking if "they're good!" "You've have no idea what you put me thought," David forcibly tells him and suggests that he "doesn't even care." "Of course I do," Leo protests and thinks they can move past this.
DAVID: Well you've thought wrong. The way you've handle this shows me how completely selfish you are. I can't believe I didn't see it sooner.
Sonya's nursery
Sonya ropes Aaron in to help her move some plants into the nursery while counselling at the same time - he's still not sure if he did the right thing or not pulling out of the deal with Mishti. She tries to reassure him that Mark is just protecting him, it's in his nature plus with him being a policeman too but does think that he would "be fantastic at running The Shed." Aaron doesn't think he can tell Mishti he's changed his mind again but she points out that if it's what he really wants to do, then he should just do it.
"That's weird," Sonya then says as she turns around - the place has been tidied up after the storm damage and it wasn't her who did it. "Who did?" Aaron asks?
The Waterhole
Gary tries to get Val to put his lunch date with Terese into her schedule but he's still playing away at the game on his phoned to do that.
Paul, after winding Gary up about having to book time to see Terese, asks Val where she is as he needs to see her but is told she's with a client until the afternoon. Paul has never heard of Armstrong Consulting before and tries to suss Val out about it but he's none the wiser as Terese set the meeting up.
Number 24
Mishti is more than happy to hear that Aaron has changed his mind again and now wants them to be partners. She gives him the bad news though, that The Shed has been sold... to them! Cue happy hugs between the business partners.
The Waterhole
Amy isn't happy at what Leo has done to David as he brings her up to speed on what has been going on. She can't believe Paul arranged medical help for Mannix and then the penny drops with David that "something bad" has happened.
AMY: I hope not but my gut tells me he'd be more worried about protecting Leo than a stranger's health.
Robinsons motel
"What did you do with Mannix," Amy comes right out with as she and David enter the motel's reception. Leo can't believe his brother blabbed and Amy reminds her dad that he promised to stay out of "anything criminal".
AMY: But Mannix was threatening the boys and knowing you that wouldn't have gone down very well!
PAUL: Amy, it's my job to protect my kids.
Amy wants clarification that Mannix is alright and is she's told to relax, he isn't at deaths door. David wants to know what Paul did with Mannix and he replies that he was taken to a regional hospital and admitted under a false name. Amy thinks that questions will be asked but Paul replies that isn't their problem. "Unless he implicates us or goes to the Renshaws!" David interjects with but Paul doesn't think that is likely because he's been scared off by a couple of goons.
PAUL: I can assure you he won't be talking.
Neither David nor Amy are impressed at what Paul has done to protect his family. Amy does get why Paul did what he did, but asks the next time not to bring the "goon squad" in and departs with a warning to Leo - show more respect to his brother as "he didn't deserve to be dragged into this."
Sonya's nursery
Toadie arrives to see Sonya and is somewhat bemused by her saying that they need to set up some ground rules. She explains about wanting to be able to stand on her own two feet, which he gets, but would rather know what she is talking about! So she informs him that he cleaned up the mess after she specifically asked him not to. "I haven't been near the place," Toadie replies but she doesn't really believe it wasn't him. Before he leaves, Toadie tells that that he didn't offer to help clean the place up because she needed it, "I just wanted to."
SONYA: I know that, it's just not your job to do that anymore.
The Shed
Shane and Dipi seem rather underwhelmed after seeing what Aaron and Mishti have bought. They explain about the gym's rationale, which gets Dipi on board especially as she is also into spirituality. Aaron opens the bubbles to celebrate their investment and Dipi raises a toast to The Shed.
Robinsons motel
Leo calls by to give Paul a thank you present for bailing him out and is told that there are no keeping scores within families but refuses to hand back the bottle of whisky! "I'm not as easily fooled as those two," Leo remarks and wants the truth over what happened to Mannix.
PAUL: So you don't believe me?
LEO: So what did you really do?
PAUL: Probably best left unsaid.
Leo is happy enough as Paul has dug him out of the hole he was in.
PAUL: Any time, and I mean that.
"Noted," Leo replies but turns down the offer of joining Paul to have a dram from the bottle.
Terese sits waiting for her appointment and eventually Karl appears and introduces her to her oncologist, Harriet Barnes. The treatment course recommended is chemotherapy first to shrink the tumour followed probably by a lumpectomy and if necessary a course of radiotherapy too. Karl reassures her they've got a management plan in place to help her deal with the side effects of the chemo but Terese looks like she is struggling to take what has been said to her in.
Ramsay Street
Sonya is surprised to see Steph home but she explains that Leo is holding the fort. She thanks her friend for bringing the bins in but Steph replies that she didn't, and wonders if it was Amy since she's been at the house doing renovations. Steph confirms that she wasn't near the nursery either and after Sonya explains about the storm damage, suggests maybe it was Toadie? "A random act of kindness?" Steph then suggests after Sonya explains it wasn't Toadie.
SONYA: Yeah, first at work then here.
As the ladies were talking, someone has been listening into their conversation both unseen by them and the audience.
The Terrace
Terese is struggling to stop herself from crying as she stands overlooking the complex but quickly composes herself when she hears Paul's voice. He's curious to know about her visit to Armstrong Consulting, thinking she is onto something and asks to be let in on the deal. She bluntly informs him that she isn't investing and goes to walk away, but he stops her and asks that he tells her now, he'll find out anyway.
TERESE: Well there's nothing going on, so please just leave it.
PAUL: Really? So why the important meeting with Armstrong's then?
She's then forced to say that she wasn't meeting with them, and he thinks she's stalling telling him. Terese now can no longer keep the tears at bay.
TERESE: I was meeting if you must know with my oncologist. I've got cancer.
Unmissable Neighbours
- Sonya being freaked out by noises and calling Toadie.
- Piper making a vlog.
- Elly telling Piper about the online comments.
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Mishti Sharma, Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7641
Mishti Sharma, Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy

Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7641
Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson

Terese Willis, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7641
Terese Willis, Gary Canning

Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7641
Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Val Bennet, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7641
Val Bennet, Terese Willis

Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7641
Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi

Leo Tanaka, Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7641
Leo Tanaka, Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, David Tanaka

Aaron Brennan, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7641
Aaron Brennan, Sonya Rebecchi

Val Bennet, Paul Robinson, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7641
Val Bennet, Paul Robinson, Gary Canning

Mishti Sharma, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7641
Mishti Sharma, Aaron Brennan

Amy Williams, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7641
Amy Williams, David Tanaka

Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7641
Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka, Amy Williams

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7641
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Aaron Brennan, Mishti Sharma in Neighbours Episode 7641
Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Aaron Brennan, Mishti Sharma

Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7641
Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka

Dr Harriet Barnes, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7641
Dr Harriet Barnes, Terese Willis

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7641
Karl Kennedy

Sonya Rebecchi, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7641
Sonya Rebecchi, Steph Scully

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7641
Paul Robinson

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7641
Terese Willis

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