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Neighbours Episode 7498 from 2016 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7498
Australian and UK airdate: 16/11/16
Writer: Jo Watson
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: David Tanaka: Takaya Honda
Lou Carpenter: Tom Oliver
Brooke Butler: Fifi Box
Kazuko Sano: Linda Chin
Chantrea Banks: Tracie Filmer
- "Woes" by Tom Rosenthal (promo)
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Kathy admits to Lauren that she and Lou slept together
- Lou offers Kathy another shot at romance, but she says they should leave it behind them
- David tells Paige that his great gran is a patient at the hospital
- Caught poking on Karl's computer, David admits he's looking for his father
- Xanthe tells Elly that she suspects Brooke is just using Gary; Elly encourages her to talk to Gary
- Gary and Brooke kiss
No 26
Elly and Xanthe are outside the house. Elly encourages Xanthe to be honest with Gary about her concerns about Brooke. Xanthe's worried he'll just tell Brooke, but Elly thinks otherwise. They go in and find Amy sitting on the sofa, reading the Bible. Amy says Gary's in his room listening to music.
Xanthe goes into Gary's room, and we hear distressed shouts from Gary and Brooke! Xanthe comes out, looking traumatised and disgusted.
XANTHE: I just walked in on my parents!
The titles roll.
Afterwards, Amy leaves the house, and Xanthe tells Elly that there's no way Gary will listen to her now that he and Brooke are together. Gary and Brooke rush out of the bedroom, getting dressed.
GARY: Princess, I'm just so sorry you had to see that.
Elly says that Xanthe wants to talk to Gary, but Xanthe backtracks, saying it's not important. Xanthe encourages Elly to leave, and once she's gone, Brooke and Gary tell Xanthe that their hook-up was a 'spur-of-the-moment' thing.
GARY: It's good to be spontaneous! That's how you came about.
GARY: Sorry. What I mean is, there's always been a spark between your mother and I.
BROOKE: Yeah. And we've been spending so much time together lately that the spark's turned into more of a flame.
XANTHE: Does that mean you guys are together?
GARY: Well, it's a bit early to say that. But whatever happens between us, you'll always be our first priority.
The Waterhole
Amy and Aaron are playing pool, while David collects some takeaway. They invite him to join them, but he explains he has to go and pick up his great gran Kazuko - he's taking her out for the day, starting with a picnic at the lake. However, it's tricky as she can barely walk and hates wheelchairs. David heads off, saying he'll be in trouble if he's late. Aaron looks like he's having an idea.
Harold's Café
Lou is working at the café with Lauren, and asks Susan if she's come across any 'single, mature ladies' lately!
LOU: I've got a spare spot on my dance card.
LOU: I'm just trying to rustle up a date for the wedding.
LAUREN: Well, can you look a bit further than my customers?
LOU: No harm in being proactive.
When Lou's out of earshot, Susan asks Lauren what she's missed. But Lauren isn't sure what Lou's up to, and goes over to confront him.
LAUREN: I can't help but question the timing of this rush to find a new partner!
LOU: I have a lot to offer a woman!
LAUREN: Yes, and you did last week.
LOU: This has nothing to do with your mother.
Lauren doesn't look convinced. At that moment, the wedding caterer, Chantrea, arrives. Lou takes an immediate interest in her, introducing himself as the bride's father.
LOU: Are you Cambodian originally?
CHANTREA: Yes, I am!
LOU: I thought, so yes.
Lou explains he's been there a few times and speaks some words in the Khmer language, before whisking Chantrea away into the kitchen. Lauren looks worried, and Susan smirks.
Lassiter's Complex
In the car park, David helps Kazuko out of a taxi, and explains they're going to have a picnic by the lake. Aaron suddenly turns up in a golf buggy, greeting Kazuko in Japanese (courtesy Google Translate!) David introduces Aaron to his great gran, and Aaron explains he's rented the golf buggy, inviting Kazuko to hop on board.
No 26
Gary is cooking when Xanthe comes in. He asks what she wanted to talk to him about, and Xanthe grudgingly tells her about how Brooke usually calls men she's trying to swindle 'mon cheri', as she's been addressing Gary.
GARY: So you think she's pulling a number on me?
XANTHE: ... I don't know. It's probably all in my head. Elly's got me seeing patterns when there aren't any.
Gary seems annoyed to learn that Elly has been poking her nose in, and says he thinks he'd know if he was being conned by Brooke.
XANTHE: Okay. Then forget I said anything.
But they both look worried.
Lassiter's Lake
Aaron is driving Kazuko around the lake in the golf buggy, while David walks alongside.
KAZUKO: How did I get so lucky?
AARON: Hey, I think I'm the lucky one here - having such a kowai lady keeping me company!
DAVID: I take it you mean 'kawaii' - unless you meant to call my great grandmother scary, and not cute!
AARON: She was pretty scary back there, when she asked me to take the corner at full speed!
KAZUKO: And then you slowed down again. We need to give David-kun a proper workout!
DAVID: Any faster and you'd have ended up in the lake!
Kazuko decides to go and look at the ducks, stubbornly refusing help to get out of the buggy. Once she's gone...
AARON: She's hilarious!
DAVID: And stubborn, and independent, and feisty.
AARON: Well, I can see why you like her so much, then.
DAVID: I can't believe you got her in a golf cart.
AARON: Ah. It's all about having the right approach.
David smiles at Aaron.
No 26
Brooke has bought Gary a load of beers, and now he's starting to become more suspicious.
GARY: What's going on? There's no way a woman this perfect can be interested in me.
BROOKE: Where's this coming from?
GARY: Xanthe. She reckons you might see me as some kind of gravy train.
BROOKE: Well that's ridiculous!
But Gary admits it's caused him to have pause for thought.
BROOKE: Gary, when I first came here I had no intention of starting things up with you again. And then, we've been spending time together - I've seen how much you've changed, and how good you are with Xanthe. I mean, how can I resist?
GARY: So you're not after any money?
BROOKE: No! I hate that you could think that, and I hate that Xanthe could think it too.
GARY: Well, she probably finds it a bit odd. I mean, I was never good enough for you in the past.
BROOKE: We were kids. Not much older than she is now!
GARY: I wasn't ready to settle down back then. Now, I wouldn't mind something more solid.
BROOKE: Solid sounds good.
GARY: It's not like we're kids anymore.
BROOKE: No. We're totally different people.
They kiss passionately.
BROOKE: But I don't want to do anything to upset Xanthe. I mean, I put her through so much. And I don't want to make any more mistakes with her. And if she doesn't trust her mum...
But Gary says that he thinks Elly has had a hand in encouraging Xanthe's suspicions, and that Xanthe's taken it to heart. Brooke is annoyed, saying teachers should work with parents, not against them.
Lassiter's Lake
David thanks Aaron for making Kazuko's day out so special.
DAVID: When I first met you, I thought you were kind of shallow.
AARON: A lot of people, when they first get to know me, write me off as a himbo.
DAVID: And that doesn't bother you?
AARON: Not really. It means I get to surprise them.
DAVID: You're a nice guy.
AARON: All I did was hire a golf cart!
DAVID: For someone you barely know.
AARON: I know you.
Aaron asks if David has spoken to Kazuko about Bradley Satchwell, the man he thinks may be his father. (He explains Amy has told him about the situation.) David explains that Kazuko clammed up when he brought it up last time. Aaron says David should ask her again; it's not right for her to keep information about his dad from him. David's very sceptical, but Aaron suggests he bring it up today.
AARON: People are always more open when they're happy.
Harold's Café
Lauren is talking excitedly about her upcoming wedding to Susan. Suddenly, Chantrea the caterer comes out of the kitchen looking upset.
CHANTREA: I can't cater your wedding.
CHANTREA: I'm sorry, but the conditions are unworkable.
LAUREN: No, no, no. You don't understand - the wedding is in two weeks!
Lou has emerged from the kitchen too.
LOU: You don't have to leave so suddenly!
But Chantrea is already heading for the door!
LAUREN: Dad, what did you do?
LOU: I was trying to practise my Cambodian on her. And all I said was... Oh!
LAUREN: Oh, Dad.
LOU: Sorry.
Lou walks off, and Susan asks what's going on. Lauren explains that Lou and Kathy recently Hooked All The Way Up™, but then decided it was a mistake.
LAUREN: But Dad hasn't been himself since.
SUSAN: Maybe he's pining for Kathy?
LAUREN: I don't know. But when I talked to her on the phone, she doesn't sound herself either.
SUSAN: Well maybe she's pining for Lou!
LAUREN: I really just want them to be happy. I suppose I'm questioning, if there is a chance of them being happy, being together, should I be helping them along with that?
Lassiter's Lake
Kazuko and David are having their picnic on a bench. Kazuko comments about how kind Aaron has been.
KAZUKO: He's married? Children?
DAVID: Err, no.
Kazuko encourages David to move to Melbourne permanently, so they can do this every weekend. David says that he and Leo have talked about it.
DAVID: He's family too.
KAZUKO: Don't remind me. But I have one good boy, who looks after me. Someone who cares for the family.
David hesitates, then shows her a photograph.
DAVID: Is this my father?
KAZUKO: I don't know that man.
DAVID: His name's Bradley Satchwell. Apparently he was barred from seeing Mum when she was admitted to hospital, for complications during her pregnancy.
KAZUKO: He's no relation to you.
DAVID: If this isn't my father, then who is?
KAZUKO: I will never tell you. Take me home. You have ruined the day.
No 26
Xanthe is working when Brooke and Gary come in. Brooke explains that Gary's told her about Xanthe's suspicions regarding Brooke's motivations for being with him.
XANTHE: I didn't mean to make you feel bad.
BROOKE: No, it's okay. I deserve it. I haven't been much of a mum. But I'm finally ready to give this a go. I want to be there for you, and your dad. I want to be involved in your lives.
Gary then drops a bombshell - he and Brooke have decided to drop Xanthe's tutoring programme.
BROOKE: We want you to turn to us for support.
XANTHE: But I'm getting better - you have to see that.
BROOKE: (...) But with your mum taking over your tutoring, it's an opportunity to bring our family closer together.
Brooke says Elly can still tutor Xanthe until the exams are over.
XANTHE: Is this because she told me to come and see you? To warn you about Mum?
GARY: She's supposed to be a teacher, not a counsellor.
XANTHE: I enjoy talking to Elly, okay? She helps me sort things out in my head!
BROOKE: And if you've got problems or concerns, we want you to turn to us. We're your parents.
GARY: It's the best thing for our family, Princess.
Lassiter's Complex
Lauren is on the phone, begging someone to do the catering for her wedding. They appear to agree.
LAUREN: Thanks. And I will definitely get you some extra help. Okay, talk later - bye.
Lou comes out with a coffee for Lauren.
LOU: There's a lady at table five inside - she can't get her eyes off me.
LAUREN: Okay. Enough.
LOU: Enough of what?
LAUREN: We have to have a proper talk about what is going on with you and Mum.
LOU: Nothing to say.
LAUREN: Really. Because you seemed pretty upset when she left. And all of a sudden you're trying to speed-date any woman with a pulse! Now I'm no psychiatrist, but there's something in it.
Lou admits he thought there might have been a chance for something to develop with Kathy, but says he was wrong.
LAUREN: You sure? Cos it's not every day a daughter gets to see her parents reconcile.
LOU: Your mum and I were divorced thirty years ago. We're better off apart. Surely you've seen that.
LAUREN: Yeah. Yeah, I have.
LOU: But, look, I'm sorry about the wedding caterer. I'll make it up to you.
LAUREN: Do you really mean that?
LOU: Mmm.
LAUREN: Good, because I've found somebody.
LOU: A woman?
LAUREN: Yes, and I actually promised her extra help.
LOU: Hey, I'm at her service!
LAUREN: Great! It's Sheila.
LOU: No. No way. No. No.
LAUREN: Dad, you said.
LOU: I've changed my mind. Anyway, I'm the father of the bride. I'll be too busy during the ceremony.
LAUREN: You're the father of this stuff-up. It's happening.
No 26
Brooke is sitting in the garden when Gary turns up.
BROOKE: Did we make a mistake, Gary?
GARY: Letting go of Xanthe's tutor?
BROOKE: No. Thinking we could be a normal family.
Gary says Xanthe will calm down; Brooke says she was hoping that she could be the woman Xanthe felt she could talk to now she's back, rather than Elly. Gary explains that he had to repeatedly prove himself to Xanthe after he got out of jail.
GARY: It takes time, and it's hard. But eventually she'll realise that she can count on you.
BROOKE: I'd forgotten what a good bloke you are. I should never have left you for Jessie's dad. Everything could have turned out so differently.
GARY: It's not too late.
They hug, but the look on Brooke's face suggests she may not be entirely genuine...
No 28
Xanthe is complaining to Elly about Brooke having decided to end their tutoring, saying it's made her suspicious again. Elly says it probably just proves Brooke's planning on sticking around.
XANTHE: Mum is really good at sidelining negative people. Which is usually anyone who's trying to get in the way of whatever she's planning.
ELLY: So you think she's up to something dodgy.
XANTHE: I don't know. But I remember what she was like back on the Gold Coast, and what's happening at home is way too familiar.
ELLY: I think you need to put this aside while you have your exams on.
XANTHE: It could be too late by then!
She says she'll have more to go on when she hears back from Trey, Brooke's last boyfriend - 'the one from the current affairs show'. Xanthe explains she's sent him a message, and that he's coming to Erinsborough.
XANTHE: I just need to know that Mum's not pulling another scam. I can't get hurt again, and neither can Dad.
ELLY: What if this all goes wrong?
XANTHE: Then I just have to hope that I can make it up to Mum.
The Waterhole
Aaron is filling in Amy on what a great day he had with David and Kazuko.
AARON: She's my new BFF. Oh, and she said I look like Grant Denyer, but not as handsome - but I'm a little bit taller.
Aaron adds that David and his great gran are 'cute together', and that he and David had a talk while Kazuko was looking at the ducks.
AMY: It must have been a good conversation.
AARON: What?
AMY: You've just got this glow about you.
AARON: It's my tan!
AMY: You haven't been to Bali.
AARON: It was nothing! We were just getting to know each other.
AMY: And?
AARON: He's nice!
David suddenly storms in and starts ranting at Aaron.
DAVID: Do me a favour! Next time you have a bright idea, keep it to yourself!
He explains he spoke to Kazuko about Bradley Satchwell.
DAVID: And guess what? He's not my dad!
AARON: David, I'm sorry...
DAVID: I ruined her day. She refused to speak to me the whole drive back to the hospital.
AARON: Look, whatever this is, you know it can be smoothed over...
DAVID: You don't get it - it's done! I've lost any chance of finding out who my dad is. I should never have listened to you!
Aaron gets up and puts his hands on David's shoulders to calm him down, offering to buy him a drink. But David shakes him off aggressively.
DAVID: Don't touch me! I'm not like you!
AARON: ... You don't want to catch anything from the gay guy, huh?
David looks upset, then storms out. Amy and Aaron look worried.
- Aaron tells Amy she won't force a guy to come out before he's ready
- Meaningful looks between Aaron and David
- Leo says that he's happy as long as David is
- Steph tells Mark that 'now it's really happening', whereas before it was just an idea
- Sonya, Mark and Toadie looking awkward
- Steph crying at DeadKate's Gazebo™
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Elly Conway, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7498
Elly Conway, Xanthe Canning

Amy Williams, Xanthe Canning, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7498
Amy Williams, Xanthe Canning, Elly Conway

Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7498
Xanthe Canning

Elly Conway, Xanthe Canning, Brooke Butler, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7498
Elly Conway, Xanthe Canning, Brooke Butler, Gary Canning

Amy Williams, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7498
Amy Williams, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka

Susan Kennedy, Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner, Chantrea Banks in Neighbours Episode 7498
Susan Kennedy, Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner, Chantrea Banks

David Tanaka, Kazuko Sano, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7498
David Tanaka, Kazuko Sano, Aaron Brennan

Xanthe Canning, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7498
Xanthe Canning, Gary Canning

David Tanaka, Kazuko Sano, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7498
David Tanaka, Kazuko Sano, Aaron Brennan

Gary Canning, Brooke Butler in Neighbours Episode 7498
Gary Canning, Brooke Butler

David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7498
David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Susan Kennedy, Lou Carpenter, Chantrea Banks, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7498
Susan Kennedy, Lou Carpenter, Chantrea Banks, Lauren Turner

David Tanaka, Kazuko Sano in Neighbours Episode 7498
David Tanaka, Kazuko Sano

Brooke Butler, Xanthe Canning, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7498
Brooke Butler, Xanthe Canning, Gary Canning

Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7498
Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner

Gary Canning, Brooke Butler in Neighbours Episode 7498
Gary Canning, Brooke Butler

Elly Conway, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7498
Elly Conway, Xanthe Canning

Amy Williams, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7498
Amy Williams, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka

Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7498
Aaron Brennan

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