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Neighbours Episode 7490 from 2016 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7490
Australian and UK airdate: 04/11/16
Writer: Emma J. Steele
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: David Tanaka: Takaya Honda
Kathy Carpenter: Tina Bursill
Det. Ellen Crabb: Louise Crawford
Nurse Eve Fisher: Abbe Holmes
Maureen Knights: Judith Chaplin
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Karl dobs Maureen Knights in to the police for hitting Cooper
- Karl drills a hole in Regan's skull in a bid to save her life after the balloon crash
- Tyler takes Tim Collins' posh BMW for a spin, and crashes it
- Simone offers to take the blame for stealing the BMW, in exchange for $600
- Tyler admits to Paige that he was behind the crashed car, not Simone
- Mark and Steph tell the thrilled Rebecchis they've decided to do one round of IVF
No 24
Mark is about to help Steph with her hormone injection - we learn he chickened out the previous time because he didn't want to hurt her. But at that moment, his phone rings. Steph somewhat tetchily tells him to answer it.
Afterwards, Mark explains to Steph that Tyler is at the police station, asking to talk to Mark. Steph tells him to go and sort it out. Mark promises that he won't be long.
Here be titles.
Erinsborough Police Station
Mark is having a go at Tyler, following his confession that he was the one who crashed Tim Collins' car. Tyler explains that he didn't mean to lie - it just 'sort of snowballed', and Simone offered to take the blame.
MARK: Why would she offer?!
TYLER: I dunno. I guess she's a bit messed up!
Ellen Crabb, who has been earwigging, intrudes on the brothers' row and says she will call Tim Collins - and then it will be up to him whether to press charges. Tyler leaves, and Ellen suggests Mark go home too. But Mark says he needs to sort out Tyler's paperwork, and follow up with Simone.
No 32
Piper is fussing over Brad following his release from hospital, and berating him for his 'silly idea' of getting a wedding ring tattoo - while Paige mills around in the background. They discuss the imminent arrival of Lauren's mum, Kathy, but Brad has no idea why she's suddenly coming for a visit.
Lauren comes in with Kathy, and everyone greets her. Kathy offers her condolences for Brad's terrible year thus far, and assures him that Amber speaks to baby Matilda every day about Josh - he'll always be a part of her life.
Brad asks why Kathy's here, and after some hesitation, she says she's on a 'business holiday', to attend a homewares exhibition. She's also going to help out with plans for Brad and Lauren's wedding. Lauren looks suspicious, as if there's something Kathy's not saying...
Harold's Café
Ben and David are randomly hanging out together, discussing the coroner's inquest into Regan's death. They're both of the view that Karl is a hero for operating on Regan, and David assures Ben that the focus is on finding the facts, not making accusations. However, Ben is concerned to see Maureen Knights enter the café - along with Nurse Eve Fisher.
Ben explains to David how Maureen was hitting her son, Cooper, and that Karl intervened, causing her to lose her job at the hospital. David reminds Ben that Eve is the nurse accusing Karl of malpractice, and they begin to connect the dots...
No 32
Lauren and Kathy are discussing wedding arrangements. Kathy invites herself to stay at the house during the celebrations, and Lauren agrees - but when Kathy learns that Lou will be staying too, she objects vehemently.
KATHY: Oh, I won't be staying under the same roof as that man.
Jack comes in to drop off some Blaze paperwork for Brad, but he's having a lie down. Paige, who has been chatting on the sofa with Piper, looks awkward. Jack explains that he and Simone are heading off on a camping trip with the Blaze kids for a few days.
KATHY: So you're the young priest who couldn't make up his mind about my granddaughter?
Lauren awkwardly introduces Jack and Kathy.
JACK: Nice to meet you.
KATHY: ...
Jack thanks Paige for trying to help with Simone, explaining that Tyler has set things straight with the police. Paige is barely responsive, and Lauren sees Jack out. Piper is very anxious to know what Tyler's been involved with, but Paige says she'll tell her later.
Erinsborough Hospital
David is snooping through the personnel files at reception, but is caught in the act by Nurse Eve Fisher. He pretends he got the wrong drawer and was looking for patient files instead, claiming he's still finding his way around.
David begins to tentatively probe Nurse Fisher for information on the coroner's hearing that she's attending tomorrow.
NURSE FISHER: I'm looking forward to telling the coroner exactly what happened.
DAVID: That Karl acted in the best interests of the patient?
NURSE FISHER: Karl is not a surgeon.
DAVID: I still think he did the right thing.
NURSE FISHER: You've only been here a couple of weeks, and as you said, you're still finding your way around (...) A piece of advice. Take your time considering who you want in your corner. Because in a place like this, if you make the wrong choice, it can make life at work very uncomfortable.
David looks worried as she walks away.
No 32
Lauren, Kathy, Piper and Paige are looking at pictures of baby Matilda. Steph shows up - Lauren apparently having summoned her to discuss a motel booking for the wedding period. Kathy is keen to get alternative accommodation for Lou sorted out as quickly as possible, so he doesn't have to stay at No 32!
Steph says she'll have to check the bookings and get back to Lauren (why didn't she do this before coming over?). Steph seems stressed, and mentions that Mark has gone into work to deal with a Tyler drama. Once she's gone, Piper asks Paige what's happened with Tyler. Paige explains about him writing off Tim Collins' car.
PIPER: What? When?
PAIGE: Right after the Halloween dance.
PIPER: ...
PAIGE: Is there something you're not telling me?
PIPER: I might've done something that might've upset him.
PAIGE: What?
PIPER: I slept with Angus. And Tyler knows.
No 30
Mark is whining to Steph about the trouble Tyler's got himself into, apparently oblivious to how stressed and emotional she is. Mark offers to help with Steph's injections, but she says she's already done it.
MARK: I really wanted to help tonight.
STEPH: Right. Well, I'm the one who has to be injected every day. It's not actually about you.
Steph heads out - she has to go to the motel, then back to Lauren's.
No 32
Lauren and Kathy continue to discuss accommodation arrangements for the wedding; Amber and Matilda will be staying at the house, and Bailey and Mason will have to stay at the motel too. Steph comes in, and announces she has one room left for the date. Kathy says that Lou can take it - she's staying here, as she's the mother of the bride.
Kathy sashays off to bed. Steph asks what Lauren wants to do about the room, but Lauren's too busy trying to figure out what's going on with Kathy and Lou. Steph gets bored as Lauren and Piper witter on about it.
STEPH: When you make up your mind, send me a text, alright?
Steph's out of the door before Lauren can thank her for coming. After Steph's gone, Lauren seems sad that her parents are apparently fighting, saying weddings are supposed to be a happy time. Piper assures her it will be.
No 22 / No 24
Piper is having a late-night video chat with Tyler. They discuss the situation with Tim Collins' car, and Tyler admits that he took the car out after finding out that Piper slept with Angus, saying he had a meltdown. Tyler says he's trying to 'own' what he's done, but that Mark has gone ballistic. But Tyler's promised to deal with any costs and charges.
TYLER: So, how was meeting the scary step-grandmother-to-be?
PIPER: You know what? I actually kind of like her. She's a strong, independent woman. But she seems to have a few issues with Lou.
TYLER: Yeah, she's probably not the only one.
Erinsborough Hospital
Toadie comes in with a copy of Nurse Fisher's statement, and gives it to Karl. He explains that she's listed every mistake Karl may have made, including having been drinking before operating on Regan, and delaying Brad's dialysis. She's also mentioned rumours she's heard, and even brought up Karl's alcohol problems from ten years ago.
Toadie says it will all hold some weight with the coroner, as Nurse Fisher is well respected. If the coroner finds Karl responsible, he could face regular alcohol testing, supervision or even the loss of his medical licence. David rushes in with some paperwork.
DAVID: I've found something you need to look at.
Harold's Café
Karl is meeting Maureen Knights for coffee. She explains how she's been working on her anger issues, and her relationship with Cooper. They're in a lot better place than they were, she adds. Maureen asks why Karl has really asked her here.
Karl explains about Regan's death (about which Maureen already knows), and says he believes Eve Fisher is trying to force him out of his job because of the role he played in Maureen's own job loss.
MAUREEN: That's a strong accusation.
KARL: Yes. I know you and Eve are friendly. But I've only just found out you've worked together at a number of hospitals over a long period of time.
MAUREEN: I think it's best you go to Eve with this.
KARL: I've tried.
Apparently Maureen has the impression that Karl didn't try to consult a surgeon before he operated on Regan. He explains that he did call for one, but that nobody was available.
KARL: I knew the patient would die if I didn't attempt to help her. Oh, Maureen, please could you just talk to Eve? Ask her to revise or even to retract the statement? My job is my life; I don't know what I'd do without it.
MAUREEN: My job was my life too.
No 30
Lauren has come round to see an increasingly agitated Steph, to tell her they will take the extra motel room if it's still available. Steph is angrily tidying up; Lauren can see she's very distressed and remarks on it. Steph breaks down in tears.
STEPH: It's these hormone injections. I just feel like I'm out of control, and I'm just - the smallest things will set me off. And I'm really trying not to overreact, but I can't help it.
Lauren apologises for upsetting Steph, but she says it's fine.
STEPH: I laugh, I cry, I laugh. I just really have to get a grip.
LAUREN: Well, you know what? When you're holding that beautiful little baby in your arms, all of this hormonal craziness is gonna seem like a distant memory.
Erinsborough Police Station
Mark has completed Tyler's paperwork. Ellen asks him how he wants to handle Simone; Mark says he doesn't think they should bother charging her with perverting the course of justice, and Ellen agrees.
ELLEN: Mark? I'm aware that you and Steph are going through IVF.
MARK: Whatever happened to doctor-patient confidentiality?
ELLEN: Your situation was on the front page of the paper!
MARK: Okay, look - this has nothing to do with work, and I promise I won't let it affect my job.
ELLEN: Yeah, famous last words. And I exactly what I said when Victoria and I were going through fertility treatment. But the hormone injections were rough on Victoria, and she took it out on me. Trying to have a second child basically broke us up.
MARK: Right. Yep. Thanks.
ELLEN: Just forget I'm your boss for one second. You are not gonna be any good for Steph if you don't take care of yourself.
MARK: Yeah, I know that.
ELLEN: And you can't take it out on everyone else. Including your brother.
MARK: Yeah, easier said than done.
Ellen sends Mark home for a break and to spend some time with Steph.
ELLEN: And one other thing. Stick the needle in fast. It's best for both of you.
Lassiter's Complex
As Mark leaves the station, Tyler approaches. He says he's spoken to the bank, and that they'll let him redraw against his share of the mortgage to pay for the damages. Mark says it's not necessary; he can just lend Tyler the money. Tyler says he feels like he needs to deal with this one himself, and offers to sell Mark his share of the house.
MARK: You don't need to do that.
TYLER: I do. Please. I'd rather do that than feel in debt to you in every way.
MARK: Are you sure?
TYLER: Yeah. 100%.
Tyler then apologises for what he did, saying he should have admitted it straight away. He heads back to the garage to continue repair work on the BMW.
Mark gets a text from Steph, asking for him to come to his place.
No 28
Karl and Susan come in. The inquest has been resolved off-screen, and Eve has bowed to pressure from Maureen and just given the coroner the facts. This has led to Karl being exonerated of any wrongdoing as regards Regan, and the coroner found that Karl drinking the night before didn't impair his abilities.
SUSAN: If you hadn't operated, Regan would have had no chance of survival (...) There's nothing anyone could've done for Regan. And now, you can go back to work with a clear conscience, and do what you do best - save lives.
No 24
Steph is lying on Mark's bed, crying, when he comes in.
STEPH: I'm so sorry (...) I've just been such a moody cow lately. I don't know how you put up with it.
MARK: Hey, you don't have to apologise. I am trying to understand what you're going through.
STEPH: I just didn't think it would be so bad. They warn you.
MARK: Yeah, but until you go through it, you've got no idea. How about I promise not to take it personally when you lose it, hey?
STEPH: Mm. And I promise, if I feel like I'm going to, I'm gonna lock myself in a room until I cool down.
They kiss and cuddle.
STEPH: We just have to remember why we're doing this, hey? We're gonna have a baby.
MARK: Yeah. Who will probably drive us more crazy than either of us can.
STEPH: I love you.
MARK: Yeah, I love you too.
No 32
Piper gets a text from Tyler, thanking her for the chat last night. Kathy is acting distractedly, and Lauren demands to know what's going on. Kathy says she knows she's been a pain about the wedding accommodation, and apologises.
LAUREN: I just want everyone to be happy.
KATHY: Of course you do.
LAUREN: So what's going on?
KATHY: Don't worry. It's fine.
LAUREN: See, I know when you say that word, that it isn't.
Piper leaves the room.
KATHY: I've just been under a bit of pressure lately, and I was looking forward to a relaxing time here.
LAUREN: Is it having the kids with you? Is it too much?
KATHY: No, no. Look, it's a juggle, but we manage. I'm just a bit frazzled, and when you said that your father and I were staying together, it just set me off a bit.
Piper comes back in.
PIPER: Were you expecting Lou? Because he's just turned up in a taxi.
Kathy storms off. Lauren and Piper look worried.
- Lou and Kathy each demand to know why the other is here!
- Brad asks Lou if all's okay with him and Kathy, but Lou avoids the question
- Brooke hosts her jewellery party at No 26, with numerous RSRs in attendance
- Xanthe and Brooke give Karl the hard sell
- Sheila accuses Gary of having his eye on Brooke
- Terese watches jealously as Gary and Brooke hug
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Steph Scully, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7490
Steph Scully, Mark Brennan

Mark Brennan, Ellen Crabb, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7490
Mark Brennan, Ellen Crabb, Tyler Brennan

Paige Smith, Piper Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7490
Paige Smith, Piper Willis, Brad Willis

Kathy Carpenter, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7490
Kathy Carpenter, Lauren Turner

Ben Kirk, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7490
Ben Kirk, David Tanaka

Maureen Knights, Eve Fisher in Neighbours Episode 7490
Maureen Knights, Eve Fisher

Paige Smith, Jack Callahan, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7490
Paige Smith, Jack Callahan, Piper Willis

David Tanaka, Eve Fisher in Neighbours Episode 7490
David Tanaka, Eve Fisher

Matilda Turner in Neighbours Episode 7490
Matilda Turner

Lauren Turner, Kathy Carpenter, Piper Willis, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7490
Lauren Turner, Kathy Carpenter, Piper Willis, Paige Smith

Lauren Turner, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7490
Lauren Turner, Steph Scully

Piper Willis, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7490
Piper Willis, Paige Smith

Steph Scully, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7490
Steph Scully, Mark Brennan

Kathy Carpenter, Piper Willis, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7490
Kathy Carpenter, Piper Willis, Lauren Turner

Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7490
Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan

Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7490
Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Maureen Knights, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7490
Maureen Knights, Karl Kennedy

Steph Scully, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7490
Steph Scully, Lauren Turner

Mark Brennan, Ellen Crabb in Neighbours Episode 7490
Mark Brennan, Ellen Crabb

Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7490
Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7490
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Mark Brennan, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7490
Mark Brennan, Steph Scully

Kathy Carpenter, Piper Willis, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7490
Kathy Carpenter, Piper Willis, Lauren Turner

Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7490
Lauren Turner

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