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Neighbours Episode 7488 from 2016 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7488
Australian and UK airdate: 02/11/16
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Leo Tanaka: Tim Kano
Angus Beaumont-Hannay: Jai Waetford
Tim Collins: Ben Anderson
Simone Bader: Kahli Williams
Dustin Oliver: Kevin Clayette
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Angus declares his love to Elly, while Susan watches suspiciously from afar
- Angus dresses up in Mark's Halloween costume to trick a horrified Elly into kissing him
- Elly insists to Susan that there are no romantic feelings between her and Angus
- Terese expresses surprise that Steph and Mark are considering surrogacy
- Sonya refuses to be forced into resigning by Tim Collins' hostile headlines; he says 'we'll see'
- Jack interrupts Simone while she's having a nightmare, and she lashes out at him
- Simone tells Paige to leave Jack alone, so he can see the person he should be with (her)
- Tyler crashes Tim Collins' BMW, but Mark has Simone in his sights as prime suspect
A road somewhere
Simone is walking along with her backpack. Aaron and Paige are out jogging, and see her up ahead. Paige tells Simone that Jack's looking for her, and pours scorn on her for running off for days having previously said Jack was her soulmate.
SIMONE: What I do is none of your business.
PAIGE: Well, apparently, it's the police's. They're after you too.
SIMONE: Was that it? You've delivered your little message - run along.
PAIGE: You're messing with people that I care about. Just go and see Jack.
Paige and Aaron jog on. Roll titles.
The Church
Simone turns up to see Jack, who wants to know why she hasn't been answering his calls and messages. Simone claims she just wanted to switch off for a bit. Jack says the police want to ask Simone questions about the stolen BMW, after her warning for breaking into Amy's ute. Simone insists she didn't steal the car.
JACK: You need to be honest with me, okay? This is the only way we are gonna work through this.
SIMONE: We? So you're on my side, no matter what?
JACK: I am.
Lassiter's Complex
Sonya and Toadie are reading another article about Sonya in the West Waratah Star, entitled 'Mayor Sonya's White Elephant'.
TOADIE: Jeez, I hope they're not talking about me!
But the article is in fact about unused council properties which are costing rate-payers money. Toadie encourages Sonya not to let Tim Collins get to her.
SONYA: It's very hard not to. He's like a...
TOADIE: Tsetse fly?
SONYA: Yes. Poisonous and annoying.
The article also alludes again to Sonya's surrogacy plans, which she says shows it's another personal attack.
Harold's Café
Elly is telling Leo about how Angus tricked her into kissing him while she was half asleep. She also explains how she lied to Susan after Angus begged her not to say anything.
ELLY: If she finds out about that, I'll lose my job, my reputation - everything. And I'll probably go on some - I dunno - offenders' registry?
Leo says it's not Elly's fault, but she says it doesn't matter - she'll be blamed anyway and seen as a predatory cougar.
ELLY: I just wish I'd been honest with Susan. But I couldn't do it to Angus.
Leo says Angus needs to learn about boundaries, and suggests Elly tell him that no means no. She admits she should have been firmer, and now says she doesn't even feel comfortable in her own home.
Fitzgerald Motors
Tyler is working when Paul arrives, apparently purely so he can gloat over the damage to Tim Collins' car. Paul tells Tyler to let him know if he finds out who's responsible, so he can buy them a drink!
Once Paul has wandered off again, Simone arrives, also to assess the car she's supposed to have stolen.
SIMONE: Don't do things by halves, do I?
They introduce themselves, and Tyler says he knows Simone didn't steal the car. She admits she used to steal cars 'back in the day', and quickly guesses that Tyler himself is responsible for the joyride. Tyler says he's planning on telling the police the truth today. Simone points out he'll probably get fired, and have to pay for the repairs.
SIMONE: Well, don't go confessing on my account. You've got a lot to lose. Me - not so much.
TYLER: You sound like you want to get in trouble?
SIMONE: I just think there's a way we can make this work for both of us.
Erinsborough Police Station
Jack arrives to find that Simone is already there, and has confessed to Mark to stealing Tim Collins' BMW. She tells Jack she was scared and therefore lied to him earlier. Mark also reveals that he has done some digging regarding Simone's past in Queensland.
Jack takes Simone aside. She reminds him of how she used to steal cars when they were teenagers and then they'd go joyriding.
JACK: We were idiots back then. That's why we got sent to boarding school. I thought you'd grown up.
SIMONE: I'm trying, Jack.
JACK: Then why do this?
SIMONE: This is who I am. Who I've always been.
JACK: Well, it seems like you're worse now. Look, if there's something behind all this behaviour, you've got to tell me.
SIMONE: There's not.
JACK: You were pretty upset the other day.
But Simone doesn't want to talk about that. She apologises and hugs Jack, saying she just wants things to go back to how they were.
SIMONE: Just you and me.
Harold's Café
Leo confronts Angus about having kissed Elly.
LEO: When I was your age I had it so bad for my PE teacher.
ANGUS: Do I need to hear this?
LEO: Yeah, I do. Because in my case, the teacher was into me too. I wasn't forcing myself on her.
ANGUS: That's not what I'm doing.
LEO: Putting on a mask and pretending to be someone else? That's tricking her into something she's not up for.
ANGUS: You don't know anything about it.
LEO: Really? Cos I bet you thought if you kissed her, she'd realise what she'd been missing. It doesn't work like that. If I girl says no, it's not romantic to keep going after her; it's upsetting.
ANGUS: You fancy her, don't you? And you're just trying to get rid of the competition.
LEO: From now on, just back off. Elly wants some space, so give it to her.
Lassiter's Complex
Tim Collins is talking to Tyler.
TIM COLLINS: I was gonna use the Star to bring the thief down, but I can't now it was a girl. I don't want to look like a jerk.
TYLER: I think that ship sailed a long time ago.
TIM COLLINS: ... Just get my car back on the road.
Tim Collins walks off, and Tyler goes to talk to Paige, who also seems pleased about Tim Collins' BMW getting trashed. Tyler admits it's going to cost about $20,000 to fix, so Paige remarks it's a good thing the garage isn't liable now Simone has owned up. S
Paige asks whether Simone hotwired it or stole the keys, but Tyler snaps at her, telling her to let the police handle it.
TYLER: We both know the only reason you're interested in this is because of Jack.
PAIGE: Excuse me? I didn't even mention his name!
TYLER: You didn't have to!
PAIGE: Jack and I are over!
Tyler implies that Paige is bothered by Jack and Simone's friendship. Paige retorts that she won't bother taking an interest in Tyler's life in future.
Erinsborough City Council
Tim Collins has turned up to gloat at Sonya, who demands he print a retraction of his latest story. She says the facts in his story about unused council properties are complete fiction, pointing to the success of Blaze Outreach, the Old Settlers' Cottage, the libraries and the Community Centre.
TIM COLLINS: What about the Men's Shed? I mean, that's sitting idle most of the time. Not to mention it's a complete eyesore.
Sonya flounders, but says it's just one property.
TIM COLLINS: So near enough is good enough when it comes to fiscal management, is that what you're saying? Would you like me to take that quote to the paper?
Seething, Sonya vows to look into the situation regarding the Men's Shed.
Lassiter's Complex
Angus is on a bench, looking forlorn. Elly appears and asks why he's not at school, but Angus takes her to task over telling Leo about him kissing her.
ANGUS: Did you really think I needed to be warned off? Even after we'd spoken about it ourselves?
ELLY: I didn't know Leo was gonna do that.
ANGUS: You told him everything. We agreed to keep this a secret.
ELLY: Look, it's a really uncomfortable situation.
ANGUS: Thanks (!)
ELLY: Whatever Leo said, it wasn't at my direction, okay? But I 100% stand behind the warning.
ANGUS: I never meant to upset you.
ELLY: I know. I will tell Leo to back off, okay?
Angus leaves for his next class. Elly picks up her handbag to leave, but finds a red envelope inside it, with her name written on it. She watches Angus as he departs.
Meanwhile, Toadie and Sonya are out for a walk. Sonya admits that Tim Collins is right about the Men's Shed - it's being underutilised.
TOADIE: But the Men's Shed was created so that we men had a place to gather. You're not thinking about getting rid of it, are you?
SONYA: Well, the male gatherings are happening in other places now.
Toadie struggles to think of recent examples of the shed being put to good use, and admits that the Doug-Out™ is the new men's hangout in Erinsborough.
TOADIE: The Men's Shed is the only place Karl can get fined for playing his music. Do you really want to get rid of that?
But Sonya insists she's putting the shed up for tender.
TOADIE: That is an outrage.
Leo, who is walking past, overhears, and asks what the Men's Shed is.
TOADIE: It's a multigenerational space to celebrate all things masculine. It's a safe and comfortable environment to foster both physical and emotional wellbeing amongst men. As long as you don't talk about feelings.
Sonya explains that the shed is council property, and could be put to better use. They leave, and Leo looks interested.
The Waterhole
Sure enough, Leo is on the phone to the bank, setting up an appointment with the manager regarding an investment opportunity. Afterwards, Elly comes over and tells him she can look after herself as regards Angus - but does thank Leo for talking to him. She then shows him the envelope, which she assumes Angus put in her bag earlier.
LEO: A love letter. A really bad one.
ELLY: Don't even get me started on that apostrophe. Clearly, punctuation isn't his forte. Or spelling.
LEO (reading): 'Your eyes are the tunnel to my sole.' S-O-L-E. Spend a lot of time looking at Angus's feet, do you?
ELLY: The weird thing is, I've heard his songs and his lyrics are really good.
LEO: Maybe you should set this to music, then.
ELLY: This crush is way more obsessive than what I thought.
She says again that she should tell Susan what's going on, but is worried Susan will demand to know why she didn't speak up earlier.
Lassiter's Complex
Jack's mate Dustin has randomly showed up, and Paige is filling him in on Simone's arrival in the neighbourhood, and how she's desperate to win Jack back.
DUSTIN: What is it with you girls falling for the most unobtainable guy ever?
PAIGE: Believe me, I know, Dustin.
But Paige continues to whinge about it all the same, saying that Simone has turned car thief, and that Jack is 'stressed out of his mind' about it.
Nearby, Mark leads Jack and Simone out of the police station - she's been bailed, and Jack promises to make sure she reports in every day. Any breach of the bail conditions, and Simone will go to jail, Mark explains. But as soon as he's gone, Simone expresses her desire to 'get out of here'. Jack warns her that her bail will be revoked if she skips town.
SIMONE: I promise I won't take off. But I'm done being a burden.
JACK: You're not a burden.
He asks her to come and stay with him at the church, but Simone refuses - saying she can look after herself.
As Simone walks off, Jack sees Paige talking to Dustin with her hand on his shoulder, and looks jealous. He then watches Simone walk away.
Men's Shed
Tyler lets Simone into the Men's Shed - he's suggested that she stay there, since no-one's using it at the moment. He also gives her $600, apparently her fee for taking the blame for wrecking Tim Collins' car. Tyler clearly feels bad for dragging Simone into this, but she reminds him it was her idea.
TYLER: You really don't care about being charged?
SIMONE: It's just one more to add to the list. No biggie.
Tyler asks if she wants more money, but she says the $600 should keep her going for the next few weeks - after that, she hopefully 'won't have to worry so much'.
Erinsborough City Council
Paul has come to see Sonya, about getting the pub next to his motel closed down - on the grounds that it's too noisy, and keeps his guests awake.
SONYA: Would it have anything to do with their excellent pub meals?
PAUL: Don't know what you mean by that!
SONYA: Okay. Well, I think a bit of a healthy competition for your restaurant will be good. Now go.
But just as she tries to ferry Paul out, Tim Collins shows up again.
SONYA: Oh, God - twice in one day? Lucky me (!)
TIM COLLINS: Well, now, Paul, you're on ratepayers' time. So you might want to make it quick.
PAUL: May I just say what a pleasure it is dealing with local government now that this bottom-dweller has been given his notice?
TIM COLLINS: Oh, that's funny. Cos I hear the same thing - only the good people of Erinsborough are talking about you, not me.
SONYA: Okay, gentleman, this is not the time nor the place for a measuring contest.
Tim Collins announces that, if the Men's Shed is up for sale, he wants to be the one who buys it. Paul suddenly seems interested himself.
SONYA: So that article was just a scheme to line your own pockets?
Sonya tells Tim Collins he'll never get his hands on the Men's Shed.
TIM COLLINS: Ooh, is that another headline? 'Corruption in council as Mayor Sonya manipulates a tender process.' I can only hope you're preggers at the time of the photo.
Sonya insists she won't be manipulating anything.
SONYA: And I'm certain that Paul's gonna put a tender in, aren't you, Paul?
TIM COLLINS: This one? Hasn't got two cents to his name these days1
PAUL: I can raise capital when I need it.
SONYA: Hmm. So may the best application win.
Paul and Tim Collins stare each other out, as Wild West-style music plays.
Men's Shed
Leo is poking about outside, when Simone opens the shutter door. She explains a friend let her stay. He says he's just getting a feel for the space, and tells her he may not be the only person coming to check it out.
LEO: Do you know much about it?
SIMONE: It's a shed. What else is there to know?
She slams the shutter down again.
Angus is passing, and Leo goes over to give him another lecture, saying he continues to be out of line towards Elly. He forcefully warns Angus to leave her alone.
LEO: She's out of your league, little boy.
Angus looks devastated as Leo leaves.
No 28
Angus comes in, looking close to tears. He's about to go straight to his room, but Susan stops him and asks if everything is okay.
ANGUS: I'm dropping out of school.
SUSAN: What?
ANGUS: I'm leaving. Effective today. I'm not going back there.
He goes to his room, leaving Susan shocked.
Harold's Café
Jack is leaving a message on Simone's voicemail, asking her to get back to him as he's worried about her. Paige brings him a coffee, and Jack mentions he saw her with Dustin earlier.
PAIGE: Yeah. We catch up from time to time.
JACK: I thought he would've called me if he was in town.
Paige explains that Dustin said to say hi, but that he had to go back up north for family reasons. Paige admits she and Dustin were talking about Simone.
PAIGE: You know you're playing into her hands, don't you? She's getting into trouble just to get your attention (...)
JACK: That's ridiculous, Paige.
PAIGE: Is it? I mean, you're spending all your time obsessing over her.
JACK: Caring and obsessing are two very different things, Paige.
PAIGE: I used to tell myself the same thing when I was spending all my time with you.
JACK: ...
PAIGE: My point is, I know an unhealthy situation when I see it.
JACK: If this was a game, then why would she take off? I offered her a place to stay. If she wanted to get close to me, she'd have come home with me.
Men's Shed
Simone listens to Jack's voicemail. Looking upset, she reaches for a journal. A photo falls out, showing her and Jack as teenagers together.
Harold's Café
Paige and Jack continue their conversation.
PAIGE: You need to wake up. I care about you. Nothing more, nothing less.
Jack looks thoughtful.
Men's Shed
Simone strokes the picture of her and Jack, looking tearful.
- Elly reiterates to a still lovestruck Angus that she's not interested in him
- Angus turns to camera, next to a caption 'HEADED FOR HEARTBREAK'
- Jack walking out of the Men's Shed, leaving Simone looking upset
- Paige asks if Simone's okay, and gets a spanner thrown at her for her troubles
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Simone Bader, Aaron Brennan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7488
Simone Bader, Aaron Brennan, Paige Smith

Simone Bader, Jack Callahan in Neighbours Episode 7488
Simone Bader, Jack Callahan

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7488
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Leo Tanaka, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7488
Leo Tanaka, Elly Conway

Tyler Brennan, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7488
Tyler Brennan, Paul Robinson

Simone Bader, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7488
Simone Bader, Tyler Brennan

Mark Brennan, Simone Bader in Neighbours Episode 7488
Mark Brennan, Simone Bader

Simone Bader, Jack Callahan in Neighbours Episode 7488
Simone Bader, Jack Callahan

Angus Beaumont-Hannay, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7488
Angus Beaumont-Hannay, Leo Tanaka

Tyler Brennan, Tim Collins in Neighbours Episode 7488
Tyler Brennan, Tim Collins

Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7488
Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan

Tim Collins in Neighbours Episode 7488
Tim Collins

Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7488
Sonya Rebecchi

Elly Conway, Angus Beaumont-Hannay in Neighbours Episode 7488
Elly Conway, Angus Beaumont-Hannay

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7488
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Elly Conway, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7488
Elly Conway, Leo Tanaka

Paige Smith, Dustin Oliver in Neighbours Episode 7488
Paige Smith, Dustin Oliver

Jack Callahan, Mark Brennan, Simone Bader in Neighbours Episode 7488
Jack Callahan, Mark Brennan, Simone Bader

Tyler Brennan, Simone Bader in Neighbours Episode 7488
Tyler Brennan, Simone Bader

Paul Robinson, Tim Collins in Neighbours Episode 7488
Paul Robinson, Tim Collins

Leo Tanaka, Simone Bader in Neighbours Episode 7488
Leo Tanaka, Simone Bader

Angus Beaumont-Hannay, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7488
Angus Beaumont-Hannay, Leo Tanaka

Susan Kennedy, Angus Beaumont-Hannay in Neighbours Episode 7488
Susan Kennedy, Angus Beaumont-Hannay

Paige Smith, Jack Callahan in Neighbours Episode 7488
Paige Smith, Jack Callahan

Simone Bader, Jack Callahan in Neighbours Episode 7488
Simone Bader, Jack Callahan

Simone Bader in Neighbours Episode 7488
Simone Bader

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