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Neighbours Episode 7357 from 2016 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7357
Australian and UK airdate: 03/05/16
Writer: Alexa Wyatt
Director: Kath Hayden
Guests: Sarah Beaumont - Nicola Charles
Julie Quill - Gail Easdale
Tom Quill - Kane Felsinger
Angus Beaumont-Hannay - Jai Waetford
Aaron Fleming - Marc Mulcahey
Jacka Hills - Brad McMurray
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Nate tells Aaron B not to panic, they hide and see the blackmailer is Tom
- Aaron B tells Mark Paul is claiming he's innocent, Steph suggests to Mark it could be true
- Sarah wants to use the time left to get closer to Angus and pave the way for him to come to the Kennedys
- Angus arrives and Ben isn't impressed
- Ben discovers the money is missing from the guitar case and asks Angus where it is
Karl answers the door to Sarah and Angus. Sarah wants Angus and Ben to hang out as they got on so well last night. Karl agrees as Ben is having a lazy day and nothing planned. Ben says he was going to go and do some study. Angus backs him up saying Ben's got other stuff to do. Angus questions why they're here as he doesn't need a babysitter. Sarah says he needs to make some friends as the other friends are in the UK. Sarah only has to work for a couple of hours. She needs to do the media stuff as Tom Quill is back. She won't be long and leaves. Angus and Ben aren't impressed!
Cue titles!
Lassiter's Complex
Julie is waiting outside the Police Station. Terese arrives and Julie thanks her for coming. Julie can't believe the police think Tom was responsible for the explosion. Terese questions if that's all Mark told her. Julie reports that Tom was found at Elliott Park and was kept locked up overnight. Terese suggests Julie contacts her lawyers. Aaron B arrives and starts to apologise. Julie shouts at Aaron B that he left Tom for dead. Aaron B tries to explain himself. Julie expressly asked him if Aaron B had seen Tom and Aaron B lied to her face. Aaron B leaves without another word. Julie is relieved when she sees Tom whom is handcuffed to Mark and asks if Tom's ok. She thought they'd lost Tom.
TOM: Why did you tell her I was alive?
Mark and Tom go inside the Police Station. Julie knew Tom was angry at being sacked but he'd broken the law. She wonders what else she could have done. Terese reassures her she did the right thing. Julie heads into the Police Station. Paul arrives and Terese wants to know why he's there as he's meant to be on home detention. Paul explains the police have asked him to make another statement about his dealings with Tom. The case has been blown wide open by Tom's reappearance. Paul is sure that his innocence will be proved when Tom is questioned.
Angus says to Ben that he'd heard Aussie was a nation of convicts but he didn't realise it meant stealing from guests. Ben says Angus says it's his money and Angus guesses it wasn't Ben's money. Ben doesn't answer so Angus realises this is true. Angus didn't steal it as it wasn't Ben's. Ben wants to know where the money is. Angus has been investing it and indicates his shoes and says they're limited edition. They're limited edition and he had to pay more than London but he can afford it. Ben says Angus can't do this. Angus says he can and it'll be a hoodie and a phone next. Ben says it's not Angus's money so Angus suggests Ben should tell someone. Ben wants Angus to take them back but Angus points out he can't as he's worn them. Ben repeats he needs to return the shoes as Karl reappears and asks what's going on. Angus says they're just mucking around.
The Waterhole (Outside)
Julie and Terese are sitting down whilst Sarah stands next to the table. Sarah suggests they could give the no comment response but that would just get speculation and rumour. Terese comments that's the last thing they need. Sarah has drafted a statement which says that they're cooperating with the police and the family require privacy etc. Terese quietly agrees with this. Sarah will send it out immediately and goes on to say that Julie must be relieved about Tom being ok. Julie agrees and Sarah leaves.
Erinsborough Police Station
Mark is interviewing the suspects. Tom claims he didn't do anything wrong and Mark points out he skipped bail and let everyone believe he had been killed in the explosion. Tom says he didn't come forward. Mark reminds Tom he was fired by Julie the day before and asks Tom how it made him feel.
Aaron B says that Tom was furious, angry at Julie and Aaron B.
Paul reminds Mark he's told them a million times Tom wanted revenge. Mark points out that they only have Paul's word for it. Paul says it's obvious Tom hated Julie.
The Waterhole (Outside)
Julie tells Terese she can't get over the way Tom looked at her just now. They've always had a challenging relationship since she married Tom's father - plus Shay. She loves them both very much. Julie says sacking Tom was an overreaction. Terese reminds her that Tom blackmailed Aaron B. Julie says she put too much pressure on Tom. Terese says Tom broke the law and Julie can't let him get away with it. Julie reminds Terese that her stepson hates her.
Erinsborough Police Station
Tom admits he was annoyed and said some things he didn't mean. Mark confirms that Tom wanted to get back at Julie and Tom agrees. Tom wanted him and Paul to team up in a business sense.
When Paul made it clear he wasn't interested in Tom's plan, Tom stormed off. That is when Tom went to the boiler room and did the damage.
Tom reports he was never in the boiler room. After he spoke to Paul he went to the carpark.
Aaron B says he saw Tom talking to Paul in the complex which was suss as Tom had just been sacked. (We see another police officer sitting at a table next to Mark.) Aaron B thought something was up so he followed Tom down to the basement.
Tom wanted some things from the company car when Aaron B arrived.
Aaron B says he and Tom got into an argument about what Tom had done to Aaron B. Aaron B gave Tom a hard time about being a poor little rich kid. Tom shoved Aaron B.
Tom reports that Aaron B gave him a massive punch and Tom hit the ground.
Aaron B says he didn't hit Tom that hard.
Mark asks if Tom knew where Aaron B was when the blast happened. Tom shakes his head as he had left the carpark by then. Mark asks where Tom went. Tom went to a motel in Elliott Park.
Aaron B says he panicked when the explosion happened. Aaron B knew exactly where he'd left Tom. The building collapsed. Aaron B tried calling Tom's phone and didn't get a response. Aaron B thought he'd killed Tom and was freaking out. Aaron B thought Tom was dead.
The Waterhole (Outside)
Terese reminds Julie at least Tom is still alive. Terese realises what she's said and apologises to Terese, she wasn't thinking. Terese says it's fine. Terese can't stop wondering about Tom's till now. Terese wonders what it means. You don't just disappear for no reason. Tom was angry when he was sacked. Terese tentatively wonders if Tom was angry enough to do something about it. Julie denies this and says Tom would never do that. Paul had the boiler room blueprints and wiped the security footage of himself down there. He also tried to get a false alibi. It had to be Paul and Terese nods.
Erinsborough Police Station
Paul points out that Tom is responsible for blackmail, extortion and faking his own death. Paul's sure Tom is capable of blowing up a building. Tom had motive, opportunity and means. Tom can't prove where he was.
Tom says it wasn't him and he has an alibi when the boiler was sabotaged. Mark confirms Tom has a witness whom can confirm where he was. Tom repeats he didn't do it.
Karl is standing and Susan and Ben are standing at the counter. Ben said it wasn't a big deal and he had a misunderstanding with Angus. Susan says according to Karl it looked a lot more than that. Ben says they were mucking around. Susan reminds him Angus is back at No.26 so Ben can be honest. Karl wants to know what the fight was really about. Ben says Angus is a boarding school brat and stirrer whom wants to lord it over everyone. Susan says Angus is feeling insecure and is giving Ben a hard time. Ben wants to know why Angus is feeling insecure. Karl points out Angus is just trying to find his feet as he's only just arrived. Angus might not be trying to do it in the best possible way but Karl thought Ben was going to make an effort. Ben points out that was before Angus's personality got in the way. Susan says it's not like Ben to judge someone so fast. Ben tells them he and Angus don't get along and he doesn't want to spend any more time with Angus than necessary. He just wants to be left alone to focus on his study. Ben goes to his room.
Susan says that Angus has been uprooted halfway around the world and thinks it's an impromptu holiday. Karl says there must be a reason for the aggro. Susan suggests Angus senses not everything is right with Sarah so they need to cut Angus some slack. Karl points out Angus is causing issues and Ben is their priority. Libby is relying on them and Susan reminds him Sarah is too. Karl reminds Susan Ben is their grandson and comes first. Susan asks if Karl wants to renege on their promise. Karl suggests they look for another solution. Susan refuses as Sarah is relying on them. Karl says this situation could do more bad than good if Angus and Ben don't see eye to eye.
Lassiter's Complex
Paul is sitting on a wall and Sarah comes over. She asks him if he got her text message. Paul did and is waiting for a call. Steph wants to know if he can wait for the call at the motel and she can't run the place by herself. Paul says he needed to find out what's happening with Tom. He has been kicked out of the waiting room by the police and won't tell Paul anything when he called. He says it's all because of Steph. Steph undermined his credibility by telling Mark Paul looked in his notebook. No wonder they don't think Paul is innocent! Paul isn't impressed after all he's done for Steph. Steph reminds him he tampered with her medication and tried to send her over the edge. Paul reminds her he got her back on her feet and et her buy into the motel. Steph agitatedly says it was her money and she is the only person in Erinsborough who believes in him. Paul repeats he is being set up and wonders why no one can see it. Steph reminds him it is because of his past so he doesn't get the benefit of the doubt. Paul insists it's Tom and there must be some evidence to prove it. Steph says that Mark will find out who's responsible. Paul says he can't be locked up again. Terese has to know he's innocent and he wouldn't do that to Josh or her.
The camera pans to Aaron B walking past. He asks Terese if she can talk to Julie for him. He wants Julie to know how sorry he is as Julie won't want to listen to Aaron B. It's unforgivable what Aaron B has done. Terese says he's not the only one to make mistakes around here. Aaron B says there's no excuse what. He wants Terese to understand Tom was so angry. Terese asks Aaron B if he thinks Tom tampered with the boiler. Aaron B wouldn't be surprised if Tom did sabotage it as he was capable of bribery and break and enter. Terese suggests Paul could be innocent and Aaron B agrees it's possible.
Erinsborough Police Station
Aaron F asks if he's free to go and Mark asks him to wait. Mark wants to go over the statement again.
MARK: After spending the night with Tom at the Elliott Park motel you drove him to Lassiter's Complex. Tom planned to pick up some personal effects he'd left in his company car located in the hotel's underground carpark. (Aaron F agrees with this.) You parked in the complex carpark at approximately 9:45AM. Tom got out and you waited in your car for him to return. From this vantage point you saw Tom talk to Paul Robinson for proximately one minute before entering the establishment. You waited approximately ten minutes but Tom didn't reappear. Growing concerned you got out of your car and walked out to the underground carpark via the outside entrance to see what had happened.
Aaron F says this is when he saw a guy hit Tom. Mark confirms if it's Aaron B and Aaron F agrees.
MARK: After Aaron B left you checked Tom was ok and helped him back to your car. You then drove him back to the Elliott Park Motel.
Aaron F says Tom didn't want to go to the hospital. Tom knew it was best if they weren't seen together. Mark realises this is because of the Aaron F's wife. Mark will do what he can to keep a lid on the information but Aaron F might need to testify in a court of law. Aaron F questions why this is necessary. Mark explains this information verifies Tom's movements on the morning of the explosion. Between the two Aarons Tom was in someone's sight the whole time at Lassiter's.
Sarah thanks Susan for having Angus and is glad the boys are getting on so well. Susan is surprised and asks if Angus said that. Sarah explains that Angus went out again so Sarah assumed it was with Ben. Susan says that Ben is at home and they're not hitting it off. Sarah points out these things take time and they've only just met. Susan agrees and comments that Angus rubs Ben up the wrong way and is throwing his weight around a bit. Sarah apologises and Susan says it's not Sarah's fault. If Sarah was a better mother Angus wouldn't be like this. Susan reminds Sarah that Angus has a father as well and Sarah says his father is busy with his new family. Sarah tries to make up for it and goes to work and pays bills. Susan says Sarah's in a difficult situation and Angus doesn't know much about it. Sarah knows Susan doesn't agree with her not telling Angus about her illness but she wants Angus to suffer as little as possible. Susan knows Sarah loves Angus very much and Sarah agrees she loves both her kids. Susan wants Sarah to fight to stay with them. Sarah tried but the treatment was horrendous and it made no difference. Susan knows Sarah's been through hell but it's worth the fight to have more time with her kids. When Susan was diagnosed with MS she thought it was a death sentence but she researched the condition and she sought out the best possible treatment. Susan says that Sarah needs to stay positive and exhaust every option. Sarah realises Susan wants her to have more chemo. Susan agrees as Sarah will have bought the most time with her kids. Her kids will know how hard she fought. Nothing Karl and Susan can offer Angus can compare to that. They'll know Sarah didn't give up.
Erinsborough Police Station
Mark enters the room with Paul, Julie, Terese and Aaron B (there is a non speaking Police Officer standing by the door.) He thanks them for coming back as he knows they had questions about the ongoing investigation. Paul wants to know if Mark has charged Tom. Julie says Tom is not Paul's scapegoat. Mark says the original charges against Tom, falsification of the council document and the break and enter still stand. Paul and Terese ask about the explosion. Mark says that forensic evidence shows that the boiler was tampered with between 10 and 10:30AM, Tom was with someone at that time. Aaron B says it's not him and asks whom this person is. Mark says it's a third party whom was also in the carpark. Mark says that Tom is not being charged and Julie says she'll pay the bail of course. Paul says the person with Tom must be lying. Mark says they've cross checked their account with the CCTV footage and the story is true. Paul says it must be someone else and they must keep looking. Mark says in doing that to prove Paul was framed. Paul says if they did that they'd be one step closer to figuring out whom is responsible. Mark says they don't have any leads on those angles and Paul says it doesn't make him guilty. Mark agrees but it makes Paul the prime suspect. Paul repeats he didn't do it and wants them to believe him. Terese walks out.
As Karl arrives Angus tells him that Sarah's gone to a meeting. Karl actually wanted to talk to Angus and Angus says he needs to do some unpacking. Karl says he should be relaxing and get to know the neighbourhood instead of fighting with Ben. Angus says it's nothing. Karl isn't asking so he can tell Sarah, he's asking because he has a feeling something's going on. Angus thought he was a GP not a shrink. Karl comments it's sometimes easier to talk to someone other than your Mum. Angus is already stocked up on adults whom aren't his parents and Karl doesn't know him. It isn't Karl's business. Karl's phone rings and he answers it. He heads out the door saying it's great news.
Lassiter's Complex
Mark comes out of the Police Station and Tom follows him. Tom finds Aaron B and Nate and asks where the $10,000 that was in his room. Aaron B says he doesn't know what Tom's talking about. Tom points out Aaron B knew he kept spare cash there and Aaron B says he didn't know Tom kept that much. Tom says the cops say looters took it but it's pretty obvious Aaron B took it. Nate says that Aaron B didn't take it so Tom says that someone took it and Tom will make sure they hand it back to him. Nate repeats it wasn't Aaron B and wants to know how clear he needs to make himself. Tom laughs and says Aaron B is much more Nate's type. Aaron B agrees and Tom says Aaron B would never have cut it with him. Tom walks off and Mark watches him go.
Steph wanders over to Mark with two coffees. Steph thinks Mark looks like he needs it and they share a kiss. Steph apologises for adding to his hassles and giving Paul a chance to look at Mark's notebook. Mark says he's been booted off the investigation because of it. Steph is really sorry and asks how they found out as Steph only told Mark. Mark told his superiors and Steph wants to know why he did it. Mark had to because if it came out later it would look like Mark colluded with Paul. The case would collapse, Paul would get off and that can't happen. Steph points out Paul could be innocent. Mark says he knows Steph wants to give Paul the benefit of the doubt and Mark has second guessed Paul as well. There is plenty of evidence and not any proof that he has been framed. Steph needs to face that Paul is guilty.
Robinson's Motel
Terese arrives. She tells Paul earlier today there was a brief moment where Terese let herself believe that it's possible Paul is innocent. Paul repeats that he is innocent. He says he would never do anything to hurt Terese or her family because he loves her. Terese tells Paul if he really means then please be honest with her because she can't do this anymore. She wants him to tell her the truth so she can move on so she's not trapped in this horrible limbo of not knowing. Paul insists he is telling the truth.
Fitzgerald Motors
Jacka tells someone on the phone that Paul's been hassling people for information. Steph is asking questions.
Robinson's Motel
Paul says he's not responsible for Josh's death. Terese asks whom is responsible and Paul doesn't know. Paul will do everything in his power to find out because he didn't do it.
Fitzgerald Motors
Jacka tells the person to relax. Paul has no idea Jacka put the blueprints in Paul's briefcase.
Robinson's Motel
As Terese tearfully walks away, she tells Paul she doesn't believe him.
- Ben asks how long Angus is going to be staying for, Karl says it's up in the air
- Sarah apologises to Susan for all the hurt she's caused them
- Alison confronts Xanthe about telling Sheila about the Insta comments, Sheila wants to talk about it
- Stonie arrives, Toadie says Stonie should have let him know he was coming
- Sonya tells someone on the phone they're hiding something big from her
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Karl Kennedy, Sarah Beaumont, Angus Beaumont-Hannay in Neighbours Episode 7357
Karl Kennedy, Sarah Beaumont, Angus Beaumont-Hannay

Ben Kirk, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7357
Ben Kirk, Susan Kennedy

Aaron Brennan, Terese Willis, Julie Quill in Neighbours Episode 7357
Aaron Brennan, Terese Willis, Julie Quill

Mark Brennan, Tom Quill in Neighbours Episode 7357
Mark Brennan, Tom Quill

Ben Kirk, Angus Beaumont-Hannay in Neighbours Episode 7357
Ben Kirk, Angus Beaumont-Hannay

Julie Quill, Sarah Beaumont, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7357
Julie Quill, Sarah Beaumont, Terese Willis

Mark Brennan, Tom Quill in Neighbours Episode 7357
Mark Brennan, Tom Quill

Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7357
Aaron Brennan

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7357
Paul Robinson

Julie Quill in Neighbours Episode 7357
Julie Quill

Tom Quill in Neighbours Episode 7357
Tom Quill

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7357
Terese Willis

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7357
Mark Brennan

Ben Kirk, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7357
Ben Kirk, Susan Kennedy

Steph Scully, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7357
Steph Scully, Paul Robinson

Terese Willis, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7357
Terese Willis, Aaron Brennan

Aaron Fleming in Neighbours Episode 7357
Aaron Fleming

Sarah Beaumont, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7357
Sarah Beaumont, Susan Kennedy

Mark Brennan, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Julie Quill, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7357
Mark Brennan, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Julie Quill, Aaron Brennan

Karl Kennedy, Angus Beaumont-Hannay in Neighbours Episode 7357
Karl Kennedy, Angus Beaumont-Hannay

Nate Kinski, Aaron Brennan, Tom Quill in Neighbours Episode 7357
Nate Kinski, Aaron Brennan, Tom Quill

Nate Kinski, Tom Quill in Neighbours Episode 7357
Nate Kinski, Tom Quill

Mark Brennan, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7357
Mark Brennan, Steph Scully

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7357
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Jacka Hills in Neighbours Episode 7357
Jacka Hills

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7357
Terese Willis

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7357
Paul Robinson

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