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Neighbours Episode 7282 from 2016 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7282
Australian and UK airdate: 19/01/16
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Jean-Pierre Mignon
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Karl tells Dimato he should report this
- Dimato tells someone on the phone that Karl needs shutting up
- One of Dimato's men calls round to see Susan
- Daniel tells Imogen he wants to be friends
- Brad, Terese and Lauren find singles night awkward
- Piper kisses Tyler
Tyler breaks off the kiss and says they can't do that. Piper asks if he doesn't want to. Tyler says it isn't about what they want but they can't. Piper guesses he's talking about Brad. She says they can work around it and Brad doesn't need to know. Tyler says she can't be here and Piper says she'll leave by the back door. Brad arrives home and asks what is going on. Tyler says nothing is going on and he was about to watch some telly. Brad looks at the dice game and two glasses of orange juice.
Cue titles
Karl arrives home and calls out to Susan. He sees the veg has been left halfway through being chopped and keeps calling. Susan hurries in from the back and explains she was checking the locks on the back door. Whilst Karl was out a friend of Dimato's came around. Karl checks she is ok. She's fine bur the friend said to tell Karl to keep quiet or there would be consequences. Susan wants to know what she needs to keep quiet about. Karl is about to explain but he needs to speak to Nate first. Susan asks what this has to do with Nate. Karl says unfortunately everything has to do with Nate.
Coffee Shop
Aaron is at a table when Mark comes in. Mark says he saw Nate earlier and asks if he and Aaron had a fight or something. Aaron says they didn't but Mark realises something was up with Nate. Aaron will catch up with Nate and make sure he's all right. Mark has to keep going and thanks to Dimato he will be eating at his desk tonight.
Imogen tells Josh that their family has done some weird stuff but it takes the cake going to a singles night together. Daniel comes over and ask if they've been somewhere. Josh says they went to the pub. Daniel realises there was a singles night there. Imogen says she needs the bathroom so don't eat all the cake. Daniel checks if they actually went to the singles night.
JOSH: Well we didn't go as a couple!
Josh wants to know if it's a problem for Daniel. Daniel is surprised Imogen wants to move on so quickly. Josh says after the way Daniel treated her she deserves to find someone nice. Daniel tries to explain he wants to focus. Josh doesn't care about Daniel's reason. He just knows Daniel has turned Imogen from the world's biggest believer in love to the world's biggest cynic.
Lassiter's Complex
Susan and Karl catch up with Nate who's eating outside The Waterhole. Karl wants to know why Nate isn't answering his calls. Nate just needed some time. They'll be happy he's about to go to the cops. Karl is pleased as they need to go with Nate. Susan says Dimato sent one of the men to the house and she was there by herself. Karl says there could be consequences if anyone talked. Nate says they're not going to the police now. Karl says they shouldn't get away with this as Nate was willing to give himself up. This was before he knew Susan had been threatened. Karl says they need to be honest and tell the truth and they'll get protection from the police. Nate says it's a lovely idea but Karl is living in la-la land if he thinks that's true. Even if Dimato is put away he's got friends and friends of friends. They'll never be safe. Karl asks what they're meant to do. Nate advises them to keep quiet but Susan and Karl aren't comfortable with that. Nate needs tonight to think about it. If he hasn't got a better solution by tomorrow morning they'll go to the police.
Tyler and Brad are sitting on the couch drinking beers. Brad asks Tyler what happened after Tyler left the pub. Tyler says he just came back here. Brad asks him if he was alone and Tyler doesn't answer. Brad points out Tyler was pretty jump and it was pretty obvious Tyler had someone there. Brad says it's cool if Tyler wants to date or hook up with people that's cool with Brad. (Very awkward conversation for Tyler!) Brad says Tyler shouldn't need to sneak around. Tyler says it's the same for Brad. If Brad wants to bring girls back that's fine. Brad is laughing and says that isn't going to happen. Brad says it was awkward seeing Lauren at the pub tonight. Brad asks if Lauren was with someone. She wasn't. Brad can't stop her being with someone, they're not together. Tyler suggests he wants to be with Lauren. It's obvious, he can read it all over Brad's face. Brad says it's not possible because it would just cause trouble. The last thing Brad's family needs is trouble.
Piper is lying on the couch as Imogen and Josh arrive home. Imogen wants to know how Daniel said he was surprised about Imogen moving on. Josh doesn't know and wonders why Imogen cares as Daniel dumped her. Imogen should just move on. Imogen thanks Josh for being so interested in her emotional well-being but she's fine. Piper laughs and says Imogen's been a dried up man-hater ever since she split up with Daniel. Imogen thanks her(!) Piper asks Josh if there were any potential singles at singles night. Josh says they were a little too old. Josh asks what happened to the man with the bun. Imogen reminds Josh his name was Casper and they were about as compatible as oil and water. Josh asks about Tyler as he and Imogen had a thing when he first or moved in. He's got a man bun as well so Josh is sensing a theme. Piper is surprised they dated and Imogen points out it was for about a minute. Imogen's going to get back to her one true love, the Brontė sisters.
Lassiter's Lake
Aaron is sitting thinking as Nate arrives with a backpack on his back. Nate thanks Aaron for meeting him. Aaron asks why Nate has a backpack, Nate's leaving. Nate can't stay here, he's messed things up. Aaron says Nate's solution is to run away. Nate says it's for everyone's benefit as he's got issues. Aaron saw what he did to Dimato. Aaron points out there's a reason Nate did that, anyone would have. Nate says that normal people don't go around beating people up because they don't like something they see. Aaron says Nate should get help for his PTSD. Nate has put Aaron and his family at risk. Aaron says they can handle this. Nate is scared of what he did and what he became today. Aaron says it's fine. Nate needs some time on his own to get his head straight so he wants Aaron to understand that. Aaron asks where he's going and for how long. Nate doesn't know. Aaron realises he can't change Nate's mind. Nate asks Aaron to keep an eye on Karl and Susan. He knows they'll be safe but he would feel better knowing. Aaron agrees to do this. Nate thanks Aaron and they hug.
Fitzgerald Motors
It's now the next morning. Paige arrives and tells Tyler she stayed with Michelle last night in a hotel, she got Michelle settled in. She doesn't want Tyler to give her 'that look'. Dimato hit Michelle again and she couldn't just do nothing. Tyler asks if Mark knows what Paige has been up to. Paige says he does, Mark was on night shift but she called him to update him. Paige asks Tyler if he went to singles night. Paige asks if he got lucky. He doesn't answer and Paige takes that as a yes. He won't tell her who it was and she says she'll hassle him until he tells her. He says he kinda kissed a girl last night, she initiated it.
Piper is surprised Tyler and Imogen once dated and asks Josh what happened. Josh doesn't say anything and Piper points out this is important gossip concerning her sister, she needs to know. Josh says Tyler chased Imogen but it didn't work out. Piper is surprised as she didn't think Imogen was Tyler's type.
Tyler tells Paige that he hasn't thought of this girl in this way before. Paige says he likes this girl and maybe Tyler likes her. Paige wants to know what the problem is.
Piper says when someone is hung up on someone else they can't move on even if there's a great prospect in front of them. Piper realises Josh is looking at her and explains she's still talking about Imogen. Josh tells her she can relax, Imogen and Tyler are just friends.
Coffee Shop
Brad pays for his drink and then he helps Lauren through the door with a box. Brad asks Lauren what happened last night. She says it was great.
BRAD: Did you talk to anyone interesting after I left?
LAUREN: Does Steph count?!
They laugh and Lauren says she's getting to know Steph better, she's really nice. Brad asks if anyone asked for Lauren's number and notes it's strange that no-one did. Lauren clicks that Brad wants to know if anyone asked her out. Brad says he has no right to ask that and leaves.
Daniel's sitting at a table and Lauren asks him if Terese is making him do homework. He says he's not doing that. Lauren awaits an explanation and Daniel explains he sent Paul an e-card for his birthday. Daniel hasn't had confirmation that it's been opened and Lauren checks if Daniel has the right address. Daniel confirms Paul has definitely got it but it's sitting in his inbox.
Karl and Susan arrive and hand Aaron a note. They say it's from Nate saying he's gone. They want to know if Aaron knows anything about it. Aaron confirms he does and Susan is surprised. Aaron explains he didn't know until the last minute. Karl is surprised Aaron didn't try and stop Nate. Aaron tried but Karl doesn't think he tried very hard. Aaron is surprised they thought he would want Nate to leave. Aaron is sorry Nate didn't talk to them. Susan hopes Nate didn't think they wanted him to go. Aaron reassures them Nate didn't think that. Nate knows they care but thinks they're better off without him. Susan says they love Nate and would have supported him through this. Karl says Nate would still be here if it wasn't for Dimato. Mark comes out and asks why they're talking about Dimato.
Fitzgerald Motors
Piper arrives. Tyler says hehas been flat out so couldn't go through the invoices but knows she can handle it and she knows the ropes. She tells him he's babbling. She says they should talk about what happened between them instead of ignoring it.
Tyler says if Brad found out he would kill Tyler. Piper asks if that's the only obstacle as Piper likes a challenge. Tyler says this is serious and they can't go any further. Piper asks if he's still hung up on her sister and he says he explained that. She explains she's talking about Imogen and Tyler says it was nothing. Piper asks why they can't be together. Tyler says she's still at school and Piper says she's not in Year Seven. Girls are way more mature than guys. Nearly all the girls in her year have older boyfriends. Tyler points out those same girls don't share a house with their boyfriend's Dad. Piper asks if he likes her and he eventually says yes. Piper says he's not prepared to find a way around it. Tyler says there's no way around this. Piper says there is if he thinks she's worth it. He doesn't answer so she goes to leave. He calls after her but she says she'll work somewhere else today. She says Brad is one thing but if Tyler doesn't want to make it work there's nothing else to say.
Daniel arrives and says he hopes he didn't wake Imogen. She says he didn't as she was just reading. He says it was good to run into her last night and Imogen asks if he needed something. Daniel just wanted to check if she's ok, they're not together but he still cares about her. Imogen thought they had this conversation last week! Daniel doesn't want any awkwardness between them. Imogen says Daniel has to focus on his job and she has to (making it up on the spot) focus on lots of other things. Daniel points out that's exactly why they can't be together right now. It's due to work but not any other reason. He really wants to focus on his job and it would be too much and unfair to be in a relationship. Imogen says she knows. He doesn't want her to stop believing in love because of Daniel's choice. Imogen tells him not to flatter himself! She'd be up for it if the right guy came along. Daniel suggests they try being friends and Imogen wonders if that's a good idea. Daniel thinks it's a good idea as they were friends before they got together so he doesn't see why they can't be. It would be weird at first but worth it if they give it a try. She invites him for a cup of tea and he accepts.
Coffee Shop
Mark arrives and asks Paige who's working if they can have a word. Mark knows Dimato assaulted Michelle and Paige asks how he knows. Mark explains that Nate saw and went all vigilante on Dimato. Nate has now done a runner so they no longer have an eye witness. Paige realises Mark wants her to talk to Michelle. Mark wants to know where Michelle is, Paige explains she took her to the shelter. Mark says she's not there anymore. Mark called the place and she's checked herself out. Paige wonders why Michelle would do that as it was the only place Michelle was safe.
Imogen and Daniel are enjoying a cup of tea. Imogen is surprised Daniel is back working at Lassiter's as he hated it the first time. Daniel says he had a bad attitude then and Imogen comments Paul has a bad attitude about it now. Daniel says Paul thinks Daniel taking the job is a direct dig at him. Daniel figured Paul would disown him anyway and Daniel really wants to forge a career in hotels. If Daniel can emulate Paul's career maybe he can give Paul the helping hand Paul gave Daniel. Imogen hopes this isn't still about Daniel making things up to Paul. Daniel says it's about a new direction, a challenge. He is never interfering in anyone's business ever again. He should have come clean when the headlines came out but he wasn't brave enough. Daniel thought he could teach Paul a lesson. It's ironic Daniel learnt the biggest lesson. Daniel lost everything and everyone. Imogen points out she came around and she's sure Paul will too. Daniel says he reached out to Paul for his birthday but Paul didn't engage. Daniel gets that Paul still hurts. Daniel knows how Imogen must have felt when he broke things off with her. Imogen says she should never have talked to the police as they would have caught up with Paul anyway. Daniel understands that now and he was a total hypocrite to react the way he did. He got so angry at Imogen at ratting out Paul when he did exactly the same. Daniel says he's sorry. She goes upstairs saying she needs to get out of her pyjamas.
Coffee Shop
Josh comes in and asks Piper why she's not doing the papers at the garage. She says the garage is hot and stuffy and smells like petrol. Josh says he's meeting Brad for a coffee and invites Piper to join them. Piper agrees to as she's nearly done. Josh asks what's going on and she says it's nothing. Josh suggests it's a guy and she tells him to forget it. Josh suggests the guy from school and tells Piper that Brad told him about about the guy. Piper confirms it is but nothing can ever happen.
Josh suggests even if she's keen when Brad arrives. Piper covers by saying whether she should go and see the No Doubt cover band. Brad asks if they've seen Tyler. Piper has seen Tyler for a bit and he was fine. Brad checks if Tyler spoke about Brad. Piper wants to know why they're asking twenty questions. Brad explains he feels he's getting in the way in the house. Piper doesn't know what's going through Tyler's head. She needs to concentrate and goes to another table.
Brad wants to know what's going on and Josh thinks it's because the guy at school isn't keen on Piper. Brad thinks it's a shame and asks if Josh ever met the guy. Josh didn't and doesn't know the guy's name. Josh asks what's happening with Tyler. Brad thought he was cramping Tyler's style last night. Brad was sure Tyler had a girl there but he got the girl out in a hurry when Brad arrived. Josh asks if Brad got a look at the girl but Brad didn't.
No.22 Backyard
Daniel is standing by the table when he goes to look at the open laptop. Imogen arrives and Daniel quickly shuts the laptop. She asks him what he's doing on Paul's laptop.
Unmissable Drama
- Imogen tells Terese that Daniel was using her the whole time
- Paul confronts Daniel about the laptop
- Kyle frets about what to do about Bossy
- Josh works out Tyler is the guy Piper likes
- Josh warns Tyler off Piper
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Tyler Brennan, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7282
Tyler Brennan, Piper Willis

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7282
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Mark Brennan, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7282
Mark Brennan, Aaron Brennan

Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7282
Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson, Josh Willis

Susan Kennedy, Nate Kinski, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7282
Susan Kennedy, Nate Kinski, Karl Kennedy

Brad Willis, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7282
Brad Willis, Tyler Brennan

Josh Willis, Piper Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7282
Josh Willis, Piper Willis, Imogen Willis

Aaron Brennan, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7282
Aaron Brennan, Nate Kinski

Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7282
Paige Smith

Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7282
Tyler Brennan

Piper Willis, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7282
Piper Willis, Josh Willis

Lauren Turner, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7282
Lauren Turner, Brad Willis

Daniel Robinson, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7282
Daniel Robinson, Lauren Turner

Mark Brennan, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7282
Mark Brennan, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Aaron Brennan

Tyler Brennan, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7282
Tyler Brennan, Piper Willis

Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7282
Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis

Paige Smith, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7282
Paige Smith, Mark Brennan

Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7282
Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis

Piper Willis, Josh Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7282
Piper Willis, Josh Willis, Brad Willis

Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7282
Daniel Robinson

Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7282
Imogen Willis

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