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Neighbours Episode 7126 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7126
Australian airdate: 18/05/15
UK airdate: 01/06/15
Writer: Nick King
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Hannah Dunham: Kate Greer
Terence Rogers: Scott Reid
- "Origin" by Night Artery
- "Trigger" by Nat Dunn
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Sonya meeting some lady (Clara).
- Toadie confused after seeing a message Clara sent Sonya.
- Michelle/Paige almost being caught by the police.
- Paige telling Tyler the new plan of going straight.
- Mark reassuring Paige/Tyler he's fine with them dating.
- Lauren/Brad falling asleep against each other.
- Susan spotting Lauren leaving #22 the next morning.
Number 28
Despite Susan telling her there is no need, Lauren wants to explain exactly what was going on so she doesn't get the wrong idea.
LAUREN: It was two old mates having dinner.
When Lauren leaves, you get the impression Susan doesn't quite believe her.
Off Air
Paige/Tyler brainstorm ideas on how they can become legit and the best Tyler can come up with is stealing a car! He did come up with another one (Paige in her bathers doing car washes) but that just earns him being called "a pig" and more importantly a waste of Paige's time.
Number 26
As they chillax in the hot tub, Kyle tries to see if Toadie's sussed out who Sonya met yesterday and tries to suggest that Sonya has changed her sexual preference. "If Sonya was that way inclined I'd know about it," is Toadie's reply and seems embarrassed when Kyle correctly guesses how Sonya met the woman.
KYLE: Well look at the bright side mate, it's not like it's a gambling app or anything!
Toad is speechless and gives him the evil eye, causing Kyle to quickly say he'll "shut up!"
Harold's Store
Paige is impressed at seeing Mark in a suit and tells him how unimpressed she is at his brother following the bathers comment. Mark is curious why she never wanted to help him at the garage when they were dating and she puts it down to him not asking.
Tyler apologises for his bathers comment to Paige when she arrives at the garage. However, she's taken his car wash idea and twisted it - he's the one going to be doing them and has a customer already and waiting for him thanks to some quick online advertising she did before telling him of the plan!
PAIGE: We are desperate okay. It will be the easiest money you ever make. Now strip and get to work car wash boy!
Number 28
Susan is discussing what she saw/the visit from Lauren with Karl unsure whether to say anything to Terese or not. Karl earns a quick rebuke when he tries to use his own experiences so settles instead for telling her to trust her instincts if she thinks there is something wrong. Susan decides to say something to Brad when she meets him later.
Over 'Trigger' a shirtless Tyler washes the first customer's car. "I enjoyed every minute of that," she tells him after he finishes and hands over a $50 note before departing.
"Could you be any more smug?" Tyler asks Paige who was perving on him too and reminds her that he isn't "a piece of meat!"
PAIGE: Oh the irony.
A male customer then comes up to them wanting Paige to wash his car - it appears that unknown to her, Tyler has added her to the advert too!
PAIGE: Oh I'm going to be sick!
TYLER: Like you said, we're desperate.
Number 22
Brad is putting his newfound spare time to good use by doing the gardening when Susan arrives with news that the board are conducting their enquiry next week. He can sense that there is something else Susan wants to say, so prompts her into doing so.
"It's not school related and I'm really hesitant to bring it up but I feel as though I have to," she begins with and explains about seeing Lauren leave early this morning. "We crashed out after dinner," Brad explains and while she gets that, asks if he is going to tell Terese and admits that she feels like she is in an awkward position being everyone's friend. "What good would it do if I did?" Brad asks given how things can get blown out of proportion. Susan raises the issue of Lauren being dependant on him and he explains the promise to Matt.
BRAD: What am going to do, just abandon her?
She suggests that there are other people who can help and warns him that the longer it continues the more emotionally attached Lauren is going to become.
Paige isn't too keen on being perved on as she cleans the guy's car! Tyler tries to assist by going topless but all that results in is the pair of them ending up in a water fight.
Number 30
Toadie seems rather on edge when he returns home and mentions to his wife that he knows about her Ziva friend. Sonya explains she didn't want to say anything and make a big deal out of it. "So it's basically nothing?" he asks and she replies no and adds that she's been thinking of stuff lately and it would be good to get out to try new things.
TOADIE: You can't try these new things with me?
SONYA: Jarrod you're amazing, you are, but you're not a woman. It just fills me in another way.
"Oh, wow this is heavy," he replies then after thinking about it for a few seconds declares that it's still cheating and isn't on. She is absolutely bemused over what he's going on about until the penny drops and explains to him that she is just after some female friends to talk to before throwing one of Nell's toys at him as a punishment! Toad explains that it was Kyle who put the idea in his head.
TOADIE: It's a dating app!
SONYA: Yes and it's got a friends section.
(Another toy thrown at Toadie)
TOADIE: Has it?!
SONYA: Yes!!!
That earns Toadie having another toy thrown at him before she apologises to Nell for what she's witnessed!
Harold's Store
"There's no easy way to say this," Brad begins and continues by suggesting to Lauren that they shouldn't be doing any more dinners. She correctly guesses he's been talking to Susan and he explains that following their chat, it made him realise how upset Terese would be if she knew about last night.
LAUREN: Doesn't mean anything, we're just friends.
BRAD: But we're not though are we? With our history and our daughter things are always going to be more complicated than that.
LAUREN: Don't have to be. We don't have to let stuff affect our friendship.
BRAD: I feel lousy even saying this but I have to think of Terese too.
LAUREN: We didn't do anything wrong.
BRAD: We've taken things too far and I think with a bit of distance between us things might be on more of a normal footing.
LAUREN: Yes sure, whatever you want.
BRAD: I'm sorry, it's for the best.
The Waterhole
Over a drink, Paige/Tyler debate who took in the most money doing car washes before he wants them to progress to the next level and points out that Mark already thinks they are together.
TYLER: I want to make it real.
Having been turned down, Tyler suddenly decides he'd better to tidy the garage up to stop Mark giving him an earful.
Number 28
Susan answers the door to an irate Lauren who lets herself into the house while making her displeasure at Susan known!
LAUREN: I told you nothing happened between me and Brad last night and still you went to talk to him about it and then you have the audacity to try and tell him to stay away from me.
Susan tries to explain that she only talked to Brad because she knows how fragile she is and all that earns is being told it's none of her business!
LAUREN: You have no idea what it is like to lose a husband.
SUSAN: Well you're wrong about that.
This is news to Lauren and Susan explains to her about being married to Nate's uncle, Alex, and how she grieved for a very long time after his death.
LAUREN: I'm sorry, I had no idea.
SUSAN: So I only spoke to Brad because I do know from experience how hard it is to lose the person you love.
LAUREN: Which is why I really need him around at the moment.
SUSAN: And I remember the struggle, and I know how easy it is to just grab onto something that feels so... but you don't.
LAUREN: Which is why I really need to cling onto something.
SUSAN: We're all here for you Lauren, all of us, not just Brad. You've got friends and family and neighbours, plenty of people who care about you.
LAUREN: It's just so easy with him.
SUSAN: I know and believe me, everyone on the street wants to support you and love you. Just let us help.
And at that, Susan pulls an upset Lauren in for a hug.
Number 30
Sonya is taking great delight teasing Toadie about his wrong thinking while he's just relieved he can still fulfil her needs! He decides to ask that he gets she's after new friends but what's up with the ones she's got and she explains that its complicated with them for one reason and another just now. Toad still thinks they'd be interested in having a long chat with her and convinces her to ask them even though she still doesn't think it's the right time.
Number 28
It looks like Toadie was right as Sonya (and Georgia) arrive for chat and a drink with Lauren and Susan. "A girls afternoon is exactly what I need," laments Lauren and Georgia pleads for their get together not to involve bikes or any shade of lycra!
The ladies seem to be having a whale of a time gossiping with each other on their latest news and with the promise of organising a walk soon to the Dandenongs with Devonshire tea at the end.
The Waterhole
When Mark explains to Paige why he's still wearing the suit she wants to know if he's back with Naomi. "Asks the girl who's dating my brother?!" She wants him to be open if he's got a problem with her dating Tyler (he hasn't) and he asks the same question to her - she hasn't a problem with him dating Naomi. Paige hasn't and comments that she hopes it turns out okay for them.
Paige then heads out of the bar and after a long, lingering look at Mark (who's at the bar waiting to order) sends Tyler a text message saying, You win. Let's make it REAL but her face looks like her heart isn't into it despite what she wrote.
Bringing a six-pack to the garage, Paige lets herself in but finds Tyler giving the female customer from earlier 'a full service' in the back of a car... well that is until the shock causes Paige to drop the beer and make her presence known to them momentarily before she quickly runs out of the garage.
Unmissable drama
- Tyler accusing Paige of being a tease.
- Naomi telling Paul about the info she has on Amy.
- Josh/Amber debating their night together.
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Lauren Turner, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7126
Lauren Turner, Susan Kennedy

Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7126
Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan

Kyle Canning, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7126
Kyle Canning, Toadie Rebecchi

Mark Brennan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7126
Mark Brennan, Paige Smith

Hannah Dunham, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7126
Hannah Dunham, Paige Smith

Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7126
Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7126
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Hannah Dunham, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7126
Hannah Dunham, Tyler Brennan

Susan Kennedy, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7126
Susan Kennedy, Brad Willis

Terence Rogers, Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7126
Terence Rogers, Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan

Nell Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7126
Nell Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7126
Toadie Rebecchi

Lauren Turner, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7126
Lauren Turner, Brad Willis

Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7126
Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan

Lauren Turner, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7126
Lauren Turner, Susan Kennedy

Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7126
Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Sonya Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 7126
Sonya Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks

Susan Kennedy, Lauren Turner, Sonya Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 7126
Susan Kennedy, Lauren Turner, Sonya Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks

Paige Smith, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7126
Paige Smith, Mark Brennan

Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7126
Paige Smith

Tyler Brennan, Hannah Dunham in Neighbours Episode 7126
Tyler Brennan, Hannah Dunham

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