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Neighbours Episode 7120 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7120
Australian airdate: 08/05/15
UK airdate: 22/05/15
Writer: Sam Carroll
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Ezra Hanley: Steve Nation
Rhonda Brooks: Kim Denman
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Karl is disturbed to learn that Georgia's mother Rhonda was among Dr Nick's patients
- Ezra Hanley returns to Erinsborough, as the Quill Group's new acquisitions manager
- Ezra questions Terese about her decision to send Sharon on a cruise, and demotes her to reception
- When Josh and Danni have dinner in The Waterhole in front of Amber, Daniel confronts Josh
- The situation gets physical, culminating in Daniel punching Josh in the face
Off Air
Daniel is talking to Amber. He feels dreadful for having punched Josh - but Amber says it's her fault, and wishes she could undo her night with Josh.
DANIEL: Yeah, we all wish we could do that. I hate what this is doing to me; this is not who I am.
The Waterhole
Sporting a large bruise on his face, Josh is relaying the details of the fight to Imogen, who is incredulous at the idea that Daniel would have thrown the first punch.
IMOGEN: He's not a fighter!
JOSH: Well he's got a pretty mean right-cross for someone who's not a fighter!
IMOGEN: You must have provoked him.
JOSH: I was sitting here minding my own business with Danni, and he comes over and...
IMOGEN: You were having dinner with Danni?

Imogen reminds Josh that Danni was responsible for Matt's death. Josh insists he just wants to help Danni through her ordeal, but that Amber is convinced he's doing it to spite her. Now Josh is worried he's violated the terms of his suspended sentence by getting into a fight. Imogen insists that Daniel wouldn't go to the police about it, but Josh doesn't seem convinced.
Lassiter's Complex
Nate is delivering some flowers for the hotel reception. He wishes Terese a happy Mother's Day, and asks her why she's not at home with her kids. She admits she's done an all-nighter at work, but says she'll see them later. Ezra approaches, and tells them they won't need the flowers anymore; all customers need is for the staff to make them feel welcome. He sends Nate away.
Ezra reveals that he's been scouring Terese's files and found more problems; he confronts her about her decision to hire Chris Pappas. Nate, who is still walking away, stops and hears some of this conversation.
EZRA: There's a salary discrepancy. It seems Pappas was paid well above the award.
TERESE: Well, I thought Chris was an asset, so I offered him a higher rate. Paul signed off on it.
EZRA: Are you sure it wasn't your way of compensating him, after your son coward-punched him?
TERESE: ... No. No, certainly not.
But Ezra says it could be interpreted that way, and thus as a conflict of interest.
TERESE: My ethical standard is beyond reproach.
EZRA: Seems to me you've made some questionable decisions in your capacity as manager.
TERESE: You're the only one questioning them.
But Ezra tells her her work practices will be reviewed, and that she should get used to it.
The Waterhole
Karl is sitting at a table on his own, when Georgia, Rhonda, Toadie, Sonya and Nell come in, having been to see Toadie's mum Angie for Mother's Day. Rhonda moans about how Angie kept telling her how to grow strawberries, but Sonya manages to be diplomatic about Angie! Kyle turns up, wishing Rhonda a happy Mother's Day and explaining he's just been on the phone to his mum, Sharon, who was waxing lyrical about her cruise.
KYLE: That's an hour I'll never get back.
While the other Rebecchis go to get a table outside, Rhonda pops to the ladies'. Karl looks worried.
Off Air
Imogen comes to see Daniel, explaining that Josh told her about the fight. Daniel is still feeling very contrite, but says seeing Josh with Danni was just too much for him. Imogen is understanding, praising Daniel for being so protective of Amber. However, she asks Daniel for a favour - not to tell the police about the fight, so as not to get Josh into bother for violating his sentence terms. This would be the last thing the Willises need, she says.
DANIEL: Hey - I wouldn't do anything that makes your life more difficult, okay?
IMOGEN: Likewise. If you need anything - now, or whenever...
DANIEL: I really appreciate that. Thanks.
Imogen leaves, and Daniel looks pensive as she goes.
The Waterhole
As Rhonda comes back from the ladies', Karl stops her and reintroduces himself - she remembers him from Georgia's wedding. Karl asks Rhonda if he could have a word, and explains that he knows she's been treated by Nick, as he's been reviewing his cases since he left the hospital.
KARL: I gather Georgia doesn't know.
RHONDA: No! I only saw him once. Sorry - what's this about?
KARL: I'd just like to discuss your treatment.
RHONDA: Are you an oncologist too?
KARL: No - no. But the matter is urgent.
Shortly afterwards, Karl has filled Rhonda in on some of the background on Nick and his dealings with Georgia; he admits he's worried that Nick may have sabotaged Rhonda's treatment as revenge for Georgia's interference in his schemes. Karl asks Rhonda if she'd let him review her dosage schedule, just to ensure it's all okay. As Karl looks at Rhonda's pills that Nick prescribed, Georgia approaches, and sees them talking.
GEORGIA: What's going on?
Terese is reading a Mother's Day text from her daughter Piper, saying she wishes she could be there. (Although the phone clearly shows it's Friday 8 May, and therefore two days before Mother's Day.) Susan turns up; she's on the phone to her son Billy, and tells him to send her love to Anne and the kids. Susan and Terese have a motherly moment together about how they miss their kids. Susan invites Terese for a coffee, but she says she's too busy - they'll have to do it another time.
Once Susan's gone, Ezra approaches Terese and tells her off for texting during work hours! He then tells her he's had complaints from several staff members who have said they're no longer comfortable working with Terese, after the revelations about her brother Nick poisoning Paul.
EZRA: As of now, you're no longer to be alone with any member of staff.
TERESE: That's ridiculous!
EZRA: How so?
TERESE: I have an excellent relationship with all my staff. Not one of them would hold me responsible for my brother's actions.
EZRA: Well I'm obliged to take all complaints seriously.
TERESE: Who made these complaints?
EZRA: I can't say. But the matter will be investigated - and I expect full compliance from you.
TERESE: How dare you?!
EZRA: I beg your pardon?
TERESE: Having you come in here and throw your weight around is one thing. But suggesting that I'm making my staff uncomfortable is an entirely different thing! Coming from a sleazebag like you...
EZRA: You seem rather unjustifiably upset. I can put you in touch with a good psychiatrist if you like.
TERESE: You're the one that needs a psychiatrist!
Ezra leans in close.
EZRA: I forgot how hot you are when you're angry.
TERESE: Oh, that's it! You're the most repugnant, pathetic excuse for a man I've ever met! I quit!
Terese marches out, while Ezra looks amused.
Harold's Store
Amber has brought Lauren some flowers for Mother's Day. Lauren says she's sure Daniel will spoil Amber too when she's a mum. Noticing Amber's reaction, Lauren asks if everything is okay. Amber insists it is.
As Lauren goes to put the flowers in water, Amber is less than pleased when Josh comes in. She's cold with him, saying that if he wants to be with Danni, he should do it somewhere away from her.
JOSH: We're not dating. We're friends. And I'm not trying to hurt you. Do you really think that I'd try to do that? Danni and I have something in common - and I wish that it was a star sign or a footie team, but it's not. We both made a terrible mistake.
AMBER: And so I'm supposed to feel sorry for her? My dad is dead because of her!
JOSH: It was an accident.
AMBER: Just keep your distance from me!
No 22
Terese has arrived home, and tells Imogen and Brad that she's quit her job because of Ezra. They're both supportive and say they're proud of her. Josh turns up, and is equally supportive. Terese is relieved he can't throw them out of the house, as Paul still owns it, but says she's going to go crazy around the house with nothing to do. Brad suggests she fly to Canada and spend Mother's Day with Piper. Terese is worried about abandoning them, but all the family agrees that she deserves a break.
The Waterhole
Rhonda is telling Georgia about the reappearance of her cancer, explaining that her oncologist sent her to Nick because he was reputed to be a 'miracle man' - and that a miracle is what she needs. Rhonda has kept her illness from the family, including Georgia's dad Patto who struggled with her last diagnosis, because she didn't want to put them through that again.
RHONDA: And to be honest, keeping it to myself meant that it wasn't completely real - whereas now it's...
GEORGIA: I just want to be there for you, Mum. Can you please let me do that?
A tearful Rhonda agrees, and Georgia is crying as well. Karl comes over, with good news - he's spoken to some other oncologists, who've told him that Dr Nick's treatment plan for Rhonda seems to be safe and above board. They're both relieved - but Rhonda tells Georgia that Nick's treatment was about buying her time, not curing her.
RHONDA: He made it very clear. I don't have a lot of time left, Georgia.
GEORGIA: So what, are you just gonna give up?
RHONDA: Sweetie, it's not about giving up. We have to face facts.
Harold's Store
Daniel comes in with some Mother's Day flowers for Amber. Thanking him, she says she's been worried about him since last night. Daniel says he doesn't want them to dwell on what happened with Josh, or it'll become so big it will destroy them. He tells her to focus on the baby.
AMBER: I love you.
DANIEL: I love you too.
But he looks worried as they hug.
Off Air
Imogen talks to Nate about what a strong woman Terese is, and how much pressure Ezra must have put on her to quit. Nate explains he overheard Ezra earlier, accusing Terese of paying Chris an inflated wage to compensate him for Josh's attack on him. Nate goes a bit quiet at the mention of Chris, but tells Imogen not to worry about Terese as 'she's a survivor'.
Nate leaves, and Imogen goes over to talk to Daniel. She thanks him for not dobbing Josh in to the police - he insists he never would have.
IMOGEN: How are you feeling about it all?
DANIEL: I think I'd be more able to forgive myself if I didn't have a history.
IMOGEN: A history?
DANIEL: I used to be a bully. I had a bit of a bad temper.
IMOGEN: I'd never have picked that.
DANIEL: I didn't like who I was, so I changed. You're the first person down here that I've told that to. I haven't thought about it for years, but the old me resurfaced last night - and it scared me.
Imogen encourages him not to let the incident change how he sees himself, but to focus on Amber and the baby instead.
Ramsay Street
Brad is helping Terese load up a taxi to take her to the airport. They hug and kiss, as Brad tells Terese to send Piper his love. Lauren comes over and asks where Terese's going. She explains she's quit her job, and that she's off to see Piper in Canada. When Lauren remarks that it's good timing with Mother's Day, Terese looks a bit suspicious, and says that's what Brad said. They both wave Terese goodbye, but she looks worried as the taxi drives away.
No 30
Rhonda, Toadie, Nell, Sonya, Kyle and Georgia are having dinner. Georgia decides it's time to make a speech.
GEORGIA: The last few weeks haven't been a very happy time for me. But even though it's been a bad experience, I always try to find the silver lining. So I just wanted to say thank you, all of you, for supporting me. I feel very grateful to have such wonderful people in my life. And I know we're all busy with our day-to-day lives, but really what matters most is family. So, Mum - I know you've had a setback. But you know what - we can just accept that and give up, or we can do something about it.
RHONDA: Like what?
GEORGIA: I'm not a quitter, and neither are you. You never have been. So there are other trials, there are other experts - now all we need to do is find them. So we're gonna start with the top oncologists in the country. We're gonna make some appointments, and then we're gonna make our plans from there.
GEORGIA: We're not gonna let this thing beat us. Not if I have anything to do with it.
The Waterhole
Brad and Lauren are having a coffee when Ezra interrupts.
EZRA: Catching up on old times, are we?
BRAD: What we're doing is none of your business.
EZRA: Fair enough. Where's your wife?
BRAD: She's actually on holiday. Look, I know you were wanting to annoy her, but you're gonna have to find something else to do with your time.
EZRA: I'm gonna be busy rebuilding the business. Terese let things slip quite badly. It's gonna take me a while.
BRAD: Terese was a brilliant manager who inspired loyalty in her staff and was well respected by her guests.
EZRA: Your wife was stressed and lost the plot. Maybe work commitments weren't the only reason for her breakdown.
Ezra looks at Brad and Lauren suggestively as he walks away. Brad looks annoyed.
A while later, Brad has just settled the bill when Susan comes in, with some news on a new student starting at the school tomorrow.
BRAD: Problem student?
SUSAN: Couldn't say for sure.
BRAD: Okay...?
SUSAN: He's going to be in your class. I've tried to juggle his timetable to avoid that, but I'm afraid it can't be helped.
BRAD: What's the issue?
SUSAN: It's Clem Hanley. He's Ezra's son.
Brad looks annoyed again.
Unmissable Drama
- Mark tells Sergeant Frost that there's 'no way they're moving parts without us knowing'
- Tyler tells Paige to keep her head down and do the work if she wants to protect Bailey
- Susan and Sonya are opening a mysterious package
- Brad assures Susan that he won't treat Clem Hanley different to the other kids...
- ... but Clem gets Brad worked up when he remarks that he's married to 'that scrag Terese'!
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Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7120
Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner

Imogen Willis, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7120
Imogen Willis, Josh Willis

Terese Willis, Nate Kinski, Ezra Hanley in Neighbours Episode 7120
Terese Willis, Nate Kinski, Ezra Hanley

Nell Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Rhonda Brooks, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 7120
Nell Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Rhonda Brooks, Kyle Canning

Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7120
Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis

Rhonda Brooks, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7120
Rhonda Brooks, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Georgia Brooks, Rhonda Brooks in Neighbours Episode 7120
Karl Kennedy, Georgia Brooks, Rhonda Brooks

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7120
Susan Kennedy

Terese Willis, Ezra Hanley in Neighbours Episode 7120
Terese Willis, Ezra Hanley

Lauren Turner, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7120
Lauren Turner, Amber Turner

Josh Willis, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7120
Josh Willis, Amber Turner

Josh Willis, Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7120
Josh Willis, Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Imogen Willis

Georgia Brooks, Rhonda Brooks, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7120
Georgia Brooks, Rhonda Brooks, Karl Kennedy

Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7120
Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner

Imogen Willis, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7120
Imogen Willis, Nate Kinski

Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7120
Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson

Brad Willis, Lauren Turner, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7120
Brad Willis, Lauren Turner, Terese Willis

Rhonda Brooks, Toadie Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 7120
Rhonda Brooks, Toadie Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks

Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 7120
Georgia Brooks

Brad Willis, Lauren Turner, Ezra Hanley in Neighbours Episode 7120
Brad Willis, Lauren Turner, Ezra Hanley

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7120
Susan Kennedy

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7120
Brad Willis

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