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Neighbours Episode 7085 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7085 (Nick Petrides falsely tells Paul he has leukaemia)
Australian airdate: 20/03/15
UK airdate: 03/04/15
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Nick Petrides: Damien Fotiou
Sky Mangel: Stephanie McIntosh
Tyler Brennan: Travis Burns (does not appear)
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- What's that, Skippy? Daniel and Imogen are trapped down the old well?
- Amber bravely tells her wedding guests that the groom has had a change of heart
- Josh shows up at the bridal suite to comfort Amber
- Naomi describes herself as Mark's girlfriend, which seems to make him happy
- Paul assures Nick the council will rent him the building next to the hospital for his research centre
- On learning of Harold's pining for Madge, Susan suggests that he needs to live in the here and now
No 30
Lou and Harold are playing poker for what look like jelly beans.
LOU: Why don't we up the ante, eh? Loser does a lap of Ramsay Street in his underpants?
HAROLD: Yeah, good idea.
LOU: Oi! Snap out of it! You can't blame yourself for what happened.
Harold says he's not just worried about Daniel, Amber and Imogen. He relates what Susan said to him about living in the present, but says it's hard when he doesn't know what's on the horizon. Lou then gets a text from Sky, Harold's granddaughter, saying she's been trying to ring Harold but his phone's off. Lou tells Harold that Sky is planning to video-call him in ten minutes.
Agnes's Well
Daniel and Imogen are still huddled together for warmth. Daniel is keen to keep Imogen talking, so he asks her to tell him something he doesn't know about her. She's not in the mood for it, tearfully telling him they might die down here - but Daniel insists they need to keep talking to keep their minds off it.
IMOGEN: Okay. When I was a kid, I used to think that the moon was made out of marshmallows.
DANIEL: Is that all you've got?
They laugh, but Daniel says he was hoping for something a little more 'real'.
IMOGEN: What? Like, the fact that you're the first thing that I think about when I wake up in the morning, and the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep at night?
IMOGEN: Too real?
DANIEL: A little bit.
IMOGEN: Sorry.
DANIEL: No, no, it's okay.
IMOGEN: No, it's not. Falling in love with you is the dumbest, saddest thing I've ever done. Amber hates me - I hate me!
But she says she can't stop loving him, despite having tried very hard.
DANIEL: I don't blame you for how you feel. You can't help who you fall in love with. It just happens.
But having talked it through, their minds return to their current plight.
In the bridal suite, Amber asks Josh if he knew that Imogen was in love with Daniel. He admits he did, but says he doesn't think anything's been going on between them - it's all one-sided on Imogen's part. A tearful Amber is beating herself up for not realising sooner.
AMBER: I feel so stupid - how could I not know? She's my best friend. Was my best friend.
Amber says she needs to sleep, so Josh says he'll leave, promising to come back and check up on her later. He wraps her in the blanket and leaves, but Amber opens her eyes again sadly.
Harold's Store
Paul casually tells Nick that the council has denied his application for the research centre, despite having made assurances recently to the contrary - telling a flabbergasted Nick that a developer has put in a tender on the building.
NICK: But we agreed that I could have it!
PAUL: Yeah, but there was nothing in writing, was there?
NICK: That was a gentleman's agreement. But quite clearly the only gentleman making that agreement was me!
But Paul says the other offer for the building was very attractive - to the council, he adds hurriedly. Nick accuses Paul of having taken a 'kick-back' to give the building to someone else. Paul says that's a serious allegation, but Nick thinks his lack of a denial tells him everything he needs to know!
NICK: I won't forget this.
Erinsborough Hospital
Nick moans about the situation to Karl, accusing Paul of putting profit before human life. He says he's thinking of suing Paul and the council, saying he's sure the developer bribed Paul. When Nick says the doctors should launch a public campaign to make Paul change his mind, Karl suggests he talk to Georgia about it, to develop a strategy.
NICK: The only thing Nurse Brooks is good for is cleaning up patient vomit.
KARL: Well that's very harsh, don't you think?
NICK: I'm here trying to get on with life-saving research. I don't have time for social niceties.
Karl tells him that his research centre plans could take even longer if he keeps rubbing people up the wrong way!
KARL: Paul will only do what's in his own interests. If you want something done, make sure it benefits him.
NICK: What, and trying to find a cure for cancer isn't good enough for him?!
KARL: If it's good for Paul, it'll happen. Guaranteed.
Karl has to go, but Nick has taken his words to heart. He sees a poster of Georgia on the wall for the blood donation campaign, and an idea begins to develop in his head...
No 30
Harold is at his computer, with Lou sitting next to him, awaiting Sky's video-call. Sure enough, she appears on the screen!
SKY: Oh my goodness. Grandad, you are the hardest man to track down. I almost had to hire a private detective.
HAROLD: Oh yes, I keep forgetting to charge my phone.
Harold is keen to hear the news that Sky has for him. She confirms everything's fine with the pregnancy - she's just a few weeks away from her due date - but admits she's a bit overwhelmed by it all.
SKY: Which is why, Grandad, I've been trying to hunt you down. How would you feel about giving up your gypsy life, and coming to live with us?
SKY: I mean, it was the best having you here when Scotty Jr was born, and it just made things so much easier.
HAROLD: I was a much younger man when young Scotty was born, though, love.
But Sky says it would be great to have Harold there to talk to.
SKY: Madge thought you'd be into it.
HAROLD: ... Madge?
SKY: I had this dream last night. She came, she was there; she was bullying me into calling you. Telling me that you could help. But I know it's stupid, it's totally silly...
HAROLD: How soon do you want me there, eh?
SKY: Are you serious?! As soon as you can come!
Harold is very emotional, evidently believing that Madge has kept his promise to find him something to fill his life with. Sky's overwhelmed with happiness that Harold's going to come, and calls for a 'group hug' with him and Lou, which they clumsily try to provide over the webcam!
Josh comes back to the bridal suite with some takeaway for Amber. She's not hungry, but he leaves it there anyway, and sits on the bed with her.
AMBER: You know, deep down I was afraid that Daniel didn't really love me as much as I loved him. No-one ever loves me as much as I love them.
JOSH: That's not true! I know I took you for granted, but that doesn't mean I didn't love you like crazy. I just didn't know what I had until it was gone. Don't ever blame yourself. You're amazing - best thing that ever happened to me.
This just makes Amber cry, so Josh leans over to comfort her. She grabs his arm and sobs, forcing him to lie down and hug her.
The Waterhole
Chris is worried that Amber isn't replying to his texts (like she hasn't got better things to worry about!) and bleats to Naomi about it. Naomi is worried about Imogen and Daniel, saying the 'poor things' will be 'crucified' when they come back. Chris gets all 'judgy', suggesting they deserve everything they get. Naomi reminds him they don't even know for sure yet whether they've run off together.
The camera zooms out and we realise Mark and Nate are sitting there too! Mark agrees with Naomi that there might be more to the situation than meets the eye, but when Nate says he can't voice an opinion as he doesn't really know any of those involved, Chris gets all judgy with him as well, and they have a full-blown row while Mark and Naomi look awkward.
CHRIS: That's it? That's all you're gonna say? Hardly surprising.
NATE: What's that supposed to mean?
CHRIS: Nothing.
NATE: No, go on. Enlighten us!
CHRIS: You just always take the back seat with the big conversations.
NATE: That's a bit unfair. You got that from me not wanting to comment on people I've barely spent any time with?
CHRIS: Well, that and other things.
NATE: Okay, Mr Vague. I've got no idea what you're going on about.
Nate goes to the bar and Chris follows him, leaving Naomi and Mark surprised at the spat from nowhere. Mark jokes that it's bad when he and Naomi are the stable couple at the table!
Agnes's Well
An increasingly filthy and exhausted Daniel and Imogen are trying to hoist their way up the walls of the well, but aren't having any success.
IMOGEN: Can I ask you something?
DANIEL: Consider me a captive audience.
IMOGEN: If you'd never met Amber - if it was just me and you - do you think maybe it w-
DANIEL: ... Imogen, I think you are awesome. And I love spending time with you...
IMOGEN: Enough. I get it.
DANIEL: I'm sorry. I just don't see you that way.
IMOGEN: I'm just gonna go hide under that rock now (!)
But as she shifts about, she stumbles upon something. Holding it up to the light, she realises it's none other than Agnes's pearl ring! She hands it to Daniel.
Ramsay Street
Harold and Madge are on the driveway to No 24, looking fondly up at their old home. Madge holds Harold's hand and looks emotional.
HAROLD: You're not coming with me, are you?
They kiss.
MADGE: You've still got a lot of living to do. But if you want somebody around to yell at you 24/7, I'll be there.
Toadie shouts over, asking Harold if he's okay.
HAROLD: Yes. Yes, I think I am.
Harold joins Toadie, Lou, Susan and Karl in the middle of the street.
LOU: You'd better get a move on, Jelly Belly.
KARL: Next time, you stay longer. We've loved having you here.
HAROLD: I'll see what I can do.
Susan hugs Harold, telling him to keep in touch and let them know about Sky's new baby.
HAROLD: I shall email.
LOU: Heh-heh.
HAROLD: I know how to email!
LOU: I'll believe that when I see it, sunshine.
Lou and Harold hug; then Harold hugs Toadie, telling him to say hello to Sonya and Callum, and thanking him for his support. We learn that Karl and Toadie are both heading to the airport shortly to go off on their own separate travels - Toadie to see Sonya and Nell, and Karl presumably for his London trip.
Susan hugs an emotional Harold again.
SUSAN: You be happy, okay?
With one last wave, he gets back in the motorhome and drives away. As he leaves, Madge waves from the drive of No 24, and blows him a kiss - vanishing back into the aether as she does so. Harold smiles fondly and drives away, as all the others wave.
Erinsborough Hospital
We see a computer screen, listing various statistics one might expect to see on a blood sample analysis - including white blood cell count. The camera pans over to the details for this last statistic, where we see the word 'normal' in brackets. Dr Nick is at the computer - and we see him delete the word 'normal' and replace it with 'abnormal'. He saves the file and leaves the office.
Out in the ward, Susan is waiting for Karl to sort out some admin before she drives him to the airport, when Nick comes over to the reception. The Kennedys are sympathetic about the collapse of his plans for his cancer research centre. Nick insists the council might still change their mind.
SUSAN: Do I sense a campaign in the works?
NICK: Well, let's just say I can be pretty persuasive when I put my mind to it.
KARL: Don't mess with oncologists, Susan. They're street-fighters, the lot of them.
They say goodbye to Nick. He takes off his badge and looks troubled.
Agnes's Well
Daniel has fashioned a rope from garments and is trying to fling it up towards the grate, but with no success. Imogen is having trouble breathing; she explains she had asthma as a child, and that it seems to be rearing its head because of the damp down here. Imogen insists she'll be fine, but her breathing is very strained. Daniel looks worried.
Suite 1 Eclipse Apartments
Nick arrives to talk to Paul. Paul insists he can't change the decision about the cancer research centre, but Nick says he's not here about that - he has some 'unusual' results from the routine blood screening on the sample that Paul donated in the recent drive.
PAUL: What do you mean by unusual?
NICK: Some abnormalities.
PAUL: Yeah, which means?
Nick says he thought it might be a mistake, but double-checked the sample again himself and got the same results.
NICK: I think we'd better go sit down.
Shortly afterwards, Paul takes a seat on the couch
PAUL: Well come on - let's get down to brass tacks here. What exactly are we talking about?
NICK: You have an abnormally high white blood cell count.
PAUL: And?
NICK: Look, I hate to be the one to tell you this. But it points to one thing. You have leukaemia.
Paul looks horrified.
PAUL: Am I gonna die?
NICK: I can't lie; it's a possibility.
Unmissable Drama
- Paul tells Naomi about his diagnosis, and Nick asks if Paul's sure he can trust Naomi
- We see Nick kitted up in surgical scrubs
- Matt sees Dimato and Tyler talking about stolen cars
- Josh tells Kyle that Imogen's car was towed away on the day of the wedding
- Daniel and Imogen are still in the well...
- ... and Kyle and Josh are about to divert water from the lake into it!
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Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 7085
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7085
Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson

Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7085
Amber Turner

Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7085
Josh Willis

Paul Robinson, Nick Petrides in Neighbours Episode 7085
Paul Robinson, Nick Petrides

Karl Kennedy, Nick Petrides in Neighbours Episode 7085
Karl Kennedy, Nick Petrides

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 7085
Sky Mangel

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 7085
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Amber Turner, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7085
Amber Turner, Josh Willis

Mark Brennan, Naomi Canning, Chris Pappas, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7085
Mark Brennan, Naomi Canning, Chris Pappas, Nate Kinski

 in Neighbours Episode 7085

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 7085
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 7085
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Lou Carpenter

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 7085
Madge Bishop

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 7085
Harold Bishop

 in Neighbours Episode 7085

Nick Petrides in Neighbours Episode 7085
Nick Petrides

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7085
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7085
Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis

Nick Petrides in Neighbours Episode 7085
Nick Petrides

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7085
Paul Robinson

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