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Neighbours Episode 6526 from 2012 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6526
Australian airdate: 05/11/12
UK airdate:
Writer: Pete McTighe
Director: Jean-Pierre Mignon
Guests: Aidan Foster: Bob Morley
Bradley Fox: Aaron Jeffrey
Barbara Hampstead: Kath Gordon
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
This week on Neighbours
- Chris trying to convince Sophie not to give up on music.
- Chris interested in moving into #26.
- Paul thinking Andrew is lying.
- Tash finding Andrew having another fit.
Previously on Neighbours
- Karl wanting to move on despite his love for Susan.
- Summer discovering Bradley has gone to Perth already without her.
- Ajay concerned his wife is overdoing things.
Paul waits patiently for Priya to finish but when she finally comes out, she is very cool with him - and explains the lie she told to Ajay/Susan. He thinks it's funny but she most definitely thinks it isn't and is indeed very worried about what she is doing to keep the double life going.
PAUL: You're not hurting anyone.
PRIYA: It's such a mess.
PAUL: Yes, but you know what? This sort of thing goes with the territory.
He then suggests she puts it out of her mind, but she replies that it wasn't easy for her. Again, he doesn't seem that bothered with her predicament and suggests embracing her secrets and wants them to go inside to help her troubles go away. "No, not today," is her response to that suggestion and to reinforce it, goes back inside and locks the door!
Number 24
Ajay tries to chat to his wife about the plans for Diwali but she's in a world of her own. He's now worried for his wife and thinks she's keeping something from him and wants her to open up. She claims that she is merely tired and tries to deflect attention that its Susan related. He now brings up the fact she's never home and that he doesn't see her because she is either working or with Susan.
AJAY: I miss you honey and Rani feels the same.
PRIYA: Susan is a friend and she needs me right now.
AJAY: Your family needs you. I need you.
When Priya rejects his suggestion of telling Susan to back off, he volunteers to do it for her. She pleads with him to keep quiet and in return he begs her to talk to Susan.
Number 28
Tash is trying to convince Karl to let her move into Summer's room but he thinks she should wait a wee while longer and it's a good thing too, because seconds later Summer walks back through the front door and explains what happened.
SUMMER: I can't believe I thought he actually wanted me there.
Both console her and Sum now frets she doesn't have a job to go back to after what happened and Karl volunteers to talk to her but Sum wants to face up to the music herself.
Harold's Store
Ajay spots Susan in the store getting a coffee and can't resist having a word with her, despite Priya's request! Susan reminisces with her time as Principal and replies that she hasn't got a clue with what he's going on about when he asks her to back off. Susan doesn't drop Priya in it, just sits there letting Ajay politely tell her to back off.
Number 24
Priya rushes to get to her phone when a text comes through. It's from Paul but Ajay thinks its Susan and admits he told Susan to back off. He wants to read the text but Priya refuses to let him see it, so he wants to go and see Susan to get the message through this time. Priya pleads more forcibly this time to stop her husband from doing that and reluctantly he does and once he heads off to the bedroom, she then calls someone asking to see them tonight.
Karl isn't amused that Aidan (and Georgia) has seen his latest options from the internet dating site because he didn't get to the printer quick enough. Georgia suggests someone else (a patient) but Karl replies that he can't do that (even when Aidan says he's technically dating a patient too) however is eventually talked into it... except Georgia forgot to take her number down but goes off to patient records to get it and pacifies Karl by saying she'll call the lady first to set it up so she isn't breaking confidentiality rules by passing the number onto him!
Erinsborough News
Susan is stunned to see Summer at her door. Sum explains all to her and Susan apologises to her but in turn, Sum apologises back to her for not believing what she was trying to tell her. Sum also adds that she hates the fact they fell out over it too and that she "was unprofessional and stupid". She goes to walk out but Susan tells her not to beat herself up over it, it was Bradley who was in the wrong, and reminds her where her desk is and that her deadline is in 2 hours!
SUMMER: Susan, I came here to apologise not to get my job back.
SUSAN: Apology accepted.
She then gives tells Sum the best thing she can do just now is to keep busy. "Only if you're sure?" she asks and is told yes!
SUSAN: Welcome back.
Georgia has got Karl to the bar for his blind date and Tash rushes over to sort out the fashion issue (shirt shouldn't be tucked in!) and to set up a signal in case he needs to end the date. "I don't need a secret signal," he assures them but Tash thinks otherwise as she retreats to the bar as his date enters.
As soon as he spots her, Karl tells Georgia that he knows her - she's a chronic hypochondriac that has chewed both his ears off! "Maybe she's just got a really good imagination," Georgia suggests and that is a good thing in a partner! "Good luck," she tells him before scampering off as Karl formally notices his date.
Barbara (the date) and Karl formally greet each other and right away it sounds more like a medical appointment than a date!
Erinsborough News
Sum is having trouble focusing on work as she keeps looking at Bradley's desk and remembering the things he said to her.
"It's a disaster!" Andrew mutters at the bar to Tash/Georgia as Karl sits bored silly by Barbara prattling on about her ailments. Karl goes with the signal (scratching his nose) and seconds later his phone is ringing to offer him his 'get out of this date' and he tells the caller (for Barbara's benefit) that he's on his way.
"Was it really that bad?" Georgia asks when he comes up to settle the bill before leaving. "Honestly!" is his polite reply to her and informs her that he'll be sending her a bill!
Number 28
Karl is chatting to Tash about the excuse she used (and that Barbara has texted him 3 times) as they enter the house and spot Summer having her supper. She tells them about her chat with Susan and that she got her old job back... and that she turned it down! "Why would you do that?" Karl (and the audience) asks and she tells them that despite Bradley being a tool, he was right; she needs to widen her outlook. "Can't you do that here?" Tash asks and Sum replies no.
SUMMER: If I'm going to be the best journalist I possibly can be it means I need more life experience.
KARL: You can get life experience in Erinsborough.
SUMMER: Karl, it's not enough. It's not the same as volunteering in Vietnam, cycling across India, studying in Paris.
TASH: You're going to do all that?
SUMMER: I'm going to try something different. Bradley messed me around but good can still come from that.
KARL: I'm proud of you.
Tash is already looking on the positive - she's claiming Summer's room!
Priya's mystery date is Susan. She urges her friend to open up to Ajay to get the passion back in their marriage. "It's not just that," Priya then adds and Susan thinks whatever it is, it can be overcome, just be open with Ajay.
PRIYA: If I told him the truth our marriage is over.
SUSAN: I think that's probably a bit dramatic! You just have to sit down together, work out a way to spice things up a bit. Karl and I had this blue box
PRIYA: (interrupting) I'm seeing someone else.
SUSAN: (not believing her) What?!
PRIYA: I'm seeing someone else.
SUSAN: (now stunned) ...
PRIYA: I'm having an affair.
Final commercial break later and Susan is still digesting the stunning news she just heard. Priya apologises but she needed to tell someone and asks for help on what to do. "With my history?!" Susan replies, then adding she doesn't want that!
PRIYA: I know its wrong and its killing me. I don't want to lose Ajay. I don't want to lose my family.
SUSAN: Then you have to end it right now.
PRIYA: I can't. I've tried. When I'm with the other man, it's the only time I feel good about myself.
SUSAN: (scoffs) Is it worth it? For a few minutes excitement?
PRIYA: ...
SUSAN: Do you love this other man?
PRIYA: No. But I love how he makes me feel.
SUSAN: Well you can't have it both ways. It's not fair on anyone. It's not just Ajay you're hurting, it's Rani too and yourself. Priya, you're living a lie.
PRIYA: I know.
SUSAN: There is only one thing you can do - its either your marriage or this other man. You have to choose.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Priya determined to get her marriage back on track.
- Callum concerned Harley is changing Rani.
- Paul dishing out more orders to Andrew.
- Tash finding Andrew collapsed.
Although the tiles remain unchanged, there is a change in the credits - Jade's name has been removed.
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Paul Robinson, Priya Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6526
Paul Robinson, Priya Kapoor

Priya Kapoor, Ajay Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6526
Priya Kapoor, Ajay Kapoor

Karl Kennedy, Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6526
Karl Kennedy, Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams

Ajay Kapoor, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6526
Ajay Kapoor, Susan Kennedy

Ajay Kapoor, Priya Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6526
Ajay Kapoor, Priya Kapoor

Aidan Foster, Georgia Brooks, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6526
Aidan Foster, Georgia Brooks, Karl Kennedy

Summer Hoyland, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6526
Summer Hoyland, Susan Kennedy

Natasha Williams, Karl Kennedy, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6526
Natasha Williams, Karl Kennedy, Georgia Brooks

Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6526
Summer Hoyland

Barbara Hampstead, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6526
Barbara Hampstead, Karl Kennedy

Natasha Williams, Georgia Brooks, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6526
Natasha Williams, Georgia Brooks, Andrew Robinson

Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6526
Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6526
Susan Kennedy

Priya Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6526
Priya Kapoor

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