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Neighbours Episode 6525 from 2012 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6525
Australian airdate: 02/11/12
UK airdate: 30/11/12
Writer: Mia Tolhurst
Director: Jean Pierre Mignon
Guests: Bradley Fox: Aaron Jeffery
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Sophie agrees to teach Chris how to play the guitar
- Ajay worries about where Priya is, while she canoodles with Paul at the hotel
- Bradley tells Summer he's moving to Perth, and she drafts her resignation to do the same
Erinsborough News
Susan is working late; Summer comes in to see her. Susan tells her it was Bradley's choice to resign, and that she didn't force him. She tells Summer it's perhaps better things have ended with Bradley now rather than six months down the line; but Summer reveals they're still together, and hands in her own resignation. She thanks Susan for everything she's done for her, but says it's time for her to try something new, in Perth. Susan asks how much Summer really knows about Bradley, but Summer insists this is only about her, and that she's ready to take this step.
Lassiter's Complex
Paul and Priya sneak out of the hotel after another 'meeting'. Priya says she has to go home, but Paul suggests they take things further in his office. He has Priya giggling, but in the end she dashes off, not wanting to get home late again.
No 24
Priya arrives home with tinned tomatoes, telling Ajay that Harold's was sold out of fresh ones. Ajay's annoyed as it will make it runny, and they can't have anything else because they always have chilli on a Friday. Priya apologises for being late, and Ajay jokingly tells her not to let it happen again. When she reacts oddly, he asks if she's okay - she says she's just tired. Ajay asks if she got stuck talking to Susan, and Priya leaps on his suggestion, saying Susan needed some friendly advice about Summer and Bradley. Ajay tells her how lucky Susan is to have a friend like her. He says he's lucky too, and kisses her.
No 28
Susan calls round to see Summer, who has a seat booked on the same flight as Bradley this afternoon. Susan tells Summer about Bradley being fired from his last job because of his fling with the boss's daughter - who was even younger than Summer. Although visibly upset, Summer insists that she and Bradley are different, and continues to pack. Susan tells her she can change her mind, but Summer's not listening. Susan leaves.
Later, Tash files her nails as she listens to Summer leaving a message on Bradley's voicemail, asking him to return her call. Summer thinks he's probably busy packing, but Tash is sceptical, and dispenses some typically Tash-like advice.
TASH: Look, Sum - I know why you went for him. He's hot, and fun, and a little bit dangerous - which makes him more hot. But there's a point where a little bit dangerous becomes a little bit of a liar. And then it's not hot or fun anymore. Especially if you're the one being lied to.
SUMMER: Bradley has never lied to me.
TASH: Or he's just really good at it?
Summer gets on the defensive about Bradley, saying he only didn't tell her about the younger girl because it never came up. Tash isn't buying it, and thinks Bradley is manipulating Summer; but Summer insists she has her eyes wide open and that all is well. Reluctantly dropping the matter, Tash suggests they go to get some food.
The Men's Shed
Chris is playing the guitar, badly, when Sophie comes in. She asks him to demonstrate some chords, but is not impressed with the results. Chris blames the guitar, but Sophie grabs it off him and starts playing, proving there's nothing wrong with the instrument. Chris smiles at having managed to get Sophie to play, but Kate walks in and Sophie stops suddenly, saying she was only demonstrating. Chris tries to get rid of Kate, knowing he's making progress with Sophie; but Kate tells him Summer and Tash are looking for him, and Sophie makes an excuse to leave.
Summer goes to order a round of coffee for herself, Tash and Chris. While she's at the bar, Chris expresses disbelief that Summer is leaving - he thinks she's nuts. But Tash tells him Summer's happy, so not to go on about it.
SUMMER: Can I get a skinny latte, a caramel latte, and...
ANDREW: ... a peppermint tea. You think I don't know your order by now? Put your purse away, will you?
SUMMER: Thanks.
ANDREW: Hey, Summer - have a blast in Perth. I really am glad that you're going... I'm - I'm not glad that you're leaving, I'm glad for you. You know what I mean?
SUMMER: I know what you mean.
ANDREW: You know it's crazy, though, right?
SUMMER: But not crazy crazy, yeah?
ANDREW: It's definitely crazy, It is. You'll make it work though, right, because you always do.
SUMMER: Thanks.
ANDREW: Be careful.
SUMMER: I will.
They both look a little emotional.
Priya rushes in to speak to Susan, but Susan's too busy talking about Summer to listen to what Priya has to say. Susan explains the situation with Bradley and Summer, and that Summer's going to Perth with him. Eventually Priya interrupts, saying she needs to ask Susan something - but just as she's about to, Ajay comes in, leaving Priya looking defeated. He asks Susan not to keep Priya out so late 'this time', revealing to Susan that Priya told him she was the reason for being late for dinner last night! Susan's a little confused, since she didn't see Priya last night, but plays along with Priya's lie nonetheless. Ajay sits down to join them for coffee, leaving both women looking awkward.
Some time later, Susan is still talking to Ajay and Priya about Bradley. When Ajay has to take a call from Charlotte, Susan demands Priya tell her what's going on. Priya says she'll explain later but pleads with Susan just to go along with it for now. Susan looks uncomfortable when Ajay comes back over, but he quickly leaves, and Priya tells Susan she used her as an excuse because she was organising a surprise for Ajay last night, and didn't want him to find out. Susan remarks that whatever the surprise is, it's making Priya very tense! Spying the poster on the wall behind Susan, Priya tells her she's doing pole-dancing classes, and doesn't want Ajay to know as he wouldn't be pleased. Susan says she doesn't think Ajay should stop Priya doing something she wants to do, but Priya tells her she doesn't know Ajay! Susan is surprised.
No 24
Priya arrives home for lunch, feeling guilty; she tells Ajay she's got a headache. Ajay tells her she shouldn't be taking on all Susan's problems as well as her own - she's got a whole school to run after all. Ajay suggests he have a word to Karl, and get Susan to lean on him instead - but Priya tells him that won't work. She says she doesn't mind listening to Susan's problems, and that the situation with Summer is helping her learn strategies for problems they may have in the future with Rani. Impressed with Priya's altruism, Ajay goes to make her a sandwich, leaving her feeling guiltier still.
The Men's Shed
Chris has said his goodbyes to Summer, and Sophie has summoned him for another guitar lesson; he follows her lead playing a series of chords. Chris soon stops playing, leaving Sophie playing on her own. He smiles as she appears to be enjoying music once again.
Lassiter's Complex
Karl is carrying Summer's bags for her as they head for the car - he's driving her to the bus stop, where she's meeting Bradley. As they walk past the newspaper offices, Susan runs out and gives her a big hug, telling her she'll be sorely missed and that they'll always be here for her, if it doesn't work out. Summer says she wishes Susan had more faith in her.
SUSAN: I do. I just don't want to see you hurt and alone on the other side of the country.
Paul turns up and congratulates Summer on her move to Perth, telling her to call Susan if she needs a reference. This inflates Summer's ego further, and prompts her to tell Susan that even Paul Robinson has faith in her. After a second hug with Susan, Summer leaves with Karl.
Power Street/Perth
Karl drops Summer off at the bus stop, where she's planning on meeting Bradley. He offers to wait with her, but she says she's fine - so he gives her some money for her journey instead.
SUMMER: You're gonna ruin your reputation!
KARL: Susan was right about one thing - I'm gonna miss you.
SUMMER: I'm gonna miss you too.
They hug, and Summer waves Karl off. Time passes and she continues to wait - until eventually she gets through to Bradley on the phone. He tells her he's already in Perth: he got a last-minute flight this morning. Summer's annoyed that he didn't return her messages - he makes the excuse that he must have been in the air when she rang, and pretends he's got a dodgy signal and can't hear her properly. He smirks throughout their conversation.
SUMMER: You said we were going together.
BRADLEY: Look Summer, I think you have the wrong idea.
SUMMER: I've quit my job, Bradley. You told me that I should come with you.
BRADLEY: I'm pretty sure I didn't use those words, Summer.
Bradley tells her that if she does get over to Perth, they could meet up for some drinks some time, before making an excuse and hanging up. Summer bursts into tears.
Monday on Neighbours
- Summer comes crawling back, and apologises to Susan for not listening to her
- Georgia and Aidan assist with Karl's online dating effort
- Ajay and Priya have an argument - she tells Paul what a mess everything is
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Summer Hoyland, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6525
Summer Hoyland, Susan Kennedy

Priya Kapoor, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6525
Priya Kapoor, Paul Robinson

Priya Kapoor, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6525
Priya Kapoor, Paul Robinson

Priya Kapoor, Ajay Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6525
Priya Kapoor, Ajay Kapoor

Summer Hoyland, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6525
Summer Hoyland, Susan Kennedy

Natasha Williams, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6525
Natasha Williams, Summer Hoyland

Chris Pappas, Sophie Ramsay, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6525
Chris Pappas, Sophie Ramsay, Kate Ramsay

Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6525
Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland

Susan Kennedy, Priya Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6525
Susan Kennedy, Priya Kapoor

Priya Kapoor, Ajay Kapoor, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6525
Priya Kapoor, Ajay Kapoor, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6525
Susan Kennedy

Priya Kapoor, Ajay Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6525
Priya Kapoor, Ajay Kapoor

Sophie Ramsay, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6525
Sophie Ramsay, Chris Pappas

Susan Kennedy, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6525
Susan Kennedy, Summer Hoyland

Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6525
Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Summer Hoyland

Summer Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6525
Summer Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6525
Summer Hoyland

Bradley Fox in Neighbours Episode 6525
Bradley Fox

Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6525
Summer Hoyland

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