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Neighbours Episode 6384 from 2012 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6384
Australian airdate: 19/04/12
UK airdate: 17/05/12
Writer: Sarah Dollard
Director: Karl Zwicky
Guests: Celest McIntyre - Cassandra McGrath
Dr. Adrian Pearce- Christopher Waters
Aidan Foster - Bob Morley
Molly Baker - Gemma - Ashley Kaplan
Rani Kapoor - Coco - Jacinta Cherian
Vanessa Villante - Alin Sumarwata
Morris Olsen - Colin MacPherson
Jonty Douglas - Jace Chan
Summary/Images by: Lauren/Graham
Previously On Neighbours
- Kate urging Sophie to apologise to Priya
- Kate telling Priya to read Sophie's apology
- Priya telling Sophie that she can come back to Erinsbourgh High
- Karl telling Rhys that he is forming a new band
- Tash tearfully reading the letter Michael left her saying he is gone
- Tash saying she wants to make the most of the fact that Michael is gone
- Tash discovering that Michael wants to sell the house
Outside Number 32
Tash is upset to see the for sale sign being put up outside the house. Despite Aidan reassuring her that she will find somewhere else, Tash is adamant she doesn't want to move. Tash sadly remembers burning the sandman as she heads to work.
Kate is placing all her jewellery in a plastic bag as Tash comes in. Kate takes a jibe at Tash for running late and Tash retaliates by criticising Kate's hair. Kate tells Tash she is glad she isn't wearing heals again and Tash states that if she has to run rings around Kate, she might as well be comfortable. Kate looks like she regrets how unpleasant things have gotten and goes after Tash.
Meanwhile Karl is annoyed that his poster has been covered up by one for Red Cotton, but Celeste informs him that their advertising is more important. Susan playfully makes fun of Karl's decision to start a band and offers to put his sign up in the newsroom. A desperate Karl accepts her offer.
Kate tells Tash that she doesn't like how things have gotten so nasty and competitive between them.
TASH: I need this job Kate, I need the money.
KATE: Yeah well I want this one.
TASH: And don't you think that's a bit greedy?
KATE: I'm not going to fight with you Tash.
With that Tash decides to get to work. Rhys has been watching the whole thing and comments that Tash is better than television. Kate asks Rhys for a bit of loyalty.
Tash goes to collect Karl and Susan's cups and they ask her how she is. Tash says that she is fine but that she hasn't thought about where she is going to go when the house is sold. When she is gone Karl and Susan sympathetically say that she is too young to be on her own.
Erinsbourgh High
Sophie is glad to be back at school and says it feels like nothing has changed. She asks Callum what it was like hanging out with just Rani and Callum says it was fine, much to Sophie's surprise. Rani arrives and Callum immediately goes to talk to her leaving Soph a bit bemused.
Later in the classroom the teacher handing back the assignments and Callum and Rani are thrilled by their mark. The teacher then tells the kids to pair up to do their new assignment. Callum and Rani immediately decide to work together and when Sophie asks to join them Callum tells her it is a bit late. Sophie goes up to the teacher's desk to collect her assignment and the teacher assures her she will find someone for her to work with.
Tash takes Kate's ring out of the plastic bag she put it in earlier.
Kate wants to know how much money Tash has in tips and comments that the customers don't seem to like Tash's grouchy waitress routine. Kate proudly tells Tash how much she has which is more than what Tash made and says she can double it by the end of the shift. Tash tells her that people won't be into her fake nice routine. Kate goes to complain to Rhys about Tash and Rhys gives Kate a tip to chase up his order which is taking a long time.
Tash is upset with Rhys for giving Kate money as he is on one of her tables. Rhys tells Tash to make sure the food arrives on time in future and then asks her when she is moving out. Tash states again that sheisn't going anywhere despite Rhys pointing out that she probably won't have a choice. Rhys tells Tash not to let the customers see she is out of her depth and Tash testily replies that she is not out of her depth.
Later Rhys has discovered Kate's ring in his food which Tash planted. Kate is confused as to how it got there. Celeste isn't happy and asks Tash to get Rhys another meal on the house before asking Kate to come with her. Celeste has her staff assembled and reminds them that they are not to wear jewellery during their shifts. Kate apologises and Celeste accepts her apology but relegates her to dishwashing in the kitchen for the rest of her shift. Kate is disappointed that she won't have the chance to prove herself, while Tash looks pleased when Celeste asks her to handle Kate's tables as well as her own. Kate gives Tash a suspicious look but with no evidence against her she doesn't say anything.
Number 28
Karl is holding auditions for his new band but they are not going very well at all. Things get worse when Rhys comes over to complain about the noise as he is trying to study. Rhys threatens to call the police before he leaves.
Kate is still mystified as to how her ring could have ended up in the food. Susan reassures her that she can do the job standing on her head. Kate starts chatting to Sophie about her first day back and Sophie admits she feels left out now that Callum and Rani have become so close. Kate tells her that Callum and Rani just need to get used to having her around again and reminds her that Rani still needs her.
Erinsbourgh High
Sophie and Rani are in the bathrooms gossiping, Rani tells Sophie that she missed her. The girls start talking about Callum and Sophie tells Rani that she thinks Callum has a thing for her. Rani is surprised to hear this and Sophie mischievously suggests that perhaps Rani should spend less time with Callum.
Later Rani is being very distant with Callum and tells him that she has decided to work with Sophie on the assignment.
Callum is asking Sophie what is wrong with Rani. Sophie tells him that Rani gets weird sometimes and makes plans to hang out with Callum after school.
Number 28
One of Karl's colleagues from work has come over to audition. Karl is pleased to hear this.
Number 32
Tash arrives home looking for Chris. She finds a note from him saying he has gone for a run and looks at some rental ideas which he has left her. Tash looks at a photo of her and Michael as Chris and Aidan get home. Tash tells them that she is not moving and optimistically states that Michael will be back once he calms down. Tash wants to put off the sale until Michael changes his mind. Aidan reads the letter from the real estate agent again while Chris tries to persuade Tash to talk to Michael. Aidan tells Tash that the house has an inspection that afternoon and Tash is determined to make it as unappealing as possible.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Tash, Andrew and Chris are all talking about how terrible No. 32 and the neighbourhood is but the real estate agent isn't buying it.
- Sonya adopting a baby wombat and Toadie has bought a BMW
- Callum tells Toadie that his parents have been acting really strangely.
<<6383 - 6385>>
Aidan Foster, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6384
Aidan Foster, Chris Pappas

Kate Ramsay, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6384
Kate Ramsay, Natasha Williams

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6384
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Kate Ramsay, Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6384
Kate Ramsay, Rhys Lawson

Susan Kennedy, Natasha Williams, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6384
Susan Kennedy, Natasha Williams, Karl Kennedy

Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6384
Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay

Molly Baker in Neighbours Episode 6384
Molly Baker

Rani Kapoor, Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6384
Rani Kapoor, Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones

Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6384
Natasha Williams

Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6384
Rhys Lawson

Kate Ramsay, Natasha Williams, Celeste McIntyre in Neighbours Episode 6384
Kate Ramsay, Natasha Williams, Celeste McIntyre

Jonty Douglas in Neighbours Episode 6384
Jonty Douglas

Karl Kennedy, Morris Olsen in Neighbours Episode 6384
Karl Kennedy, Morris Olsen

Kate Ramsay, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6384
Kate Ramsay, Susan Kennedy

Kate Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6384
Kate Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay

Rani Kapoor, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6384
Rani Kapoor, Sophie Ramsay

Rani Kapoor, Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6384
Rani Kapoor, Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones

Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6384
Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones

Dr Adrian Pearce, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6384
Dr Adrian Pearce, Karl Kennedy

Chris Pappas, Aidan Foster in Neighbours Episode 6384
Chris Pappas, Aidan Foster

Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6384
Natasha Williams

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