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Neighbours Episode 6385 from 2012 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6385
Australian airdate: 20/04/12
UK airdate: 18/05/12
Writer: Emma J Steele
Director: Karl Zwicky
Guests: Aidan Foster: Bob Morley
Gary Denham: Anthony West
Astrid Quinn: Michelle O'Grady
Penelope Waters: Melanie Hillman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Vanessa tells Sonya that she's pregnant to Lucas.
- Sonya is upset that she can't get pregnant and tells Toadie that she can't take the pressure anymore.
- Michael puts No.32 up for sale.
- Tash asks Chris and Aidan to help her make the house unappealing so that no- one will buy it(!)
Tash is putting some damp towels under the settee to stink the house out. Chris and Aidan gag(!) but don't have another suggestion, so start helping her hide the towels!
Sonya empties her handbag and looks at the contents. Among them in a pregnancy test kit. Just then she gets a text from someone called Astrid, asking her to meet her at the nursery.
The phone rings and it's toadie. Sonya answers it somewhat reluctantly. She tells Toadie that she has to go out. He tells her that he has a surprise for her and he'll see her later.
Callum comes in. Sonya starts putting pregnancy-related items from her handbag in the bin and tries not to cry.
Nursery (of the plant kind)
Astrid arrives - apparently she and Sonya used to work together with the Guide Dogs. Now Astrid works at a rescue centre. Astrid is carrying a wombat in a blanket and gives her to Sonya to hold. Apparently her mum was hit by a car and needs hand-feeding. Astrid asks Sonya to look after her for the day as she's run off her feet with sick animals. Sonya happily agrees. Sonya cuddles the wombat like a baby.
The estate agent has brought some people around, and Tash apologises for the damp smell, saying it's been going on for years. Meanwhile, Chris is outside putting rubbish on the lawn. Andrew says it's too obvious, and he needs to get to the buyers psychologically. So when a couple more buyers pass, Andrew pipes up:
ANDREW: Oh yeah, mate, the cops reckon you'll get your car back. Remember? It got stolen from right there on the street, mate!
CHRIS: Oh, yeah...this neighbourhood sucks!
ANDREW: Yeah, tell me about it, I reckon it's cursed or something to be honest. Yeah, the guy who used to live here, Michael, his car got set on fire!
CHRIS: I know, how bizarre, right? And not to mention all the weird neighbours.
No.32 (inside)
The estate agent tells Tash that they don't normally have tenants around during inspections.
TASH: Oh, I'm not the tenant. My dad owns this place. He ran off with my mum's sister and now he's kicking me out of my own home!
The prospective buyers look worried(!)
ANDREW: You've got Dr Evil up there at No.28...he keeps a pig in the back yard.
CHRIS: That's nothing compared to the guy across the road. He's had, what, seven or eight wives? He's made so many enemies, someone even tried to kill him!
The prospective buyers walk off. Andrew just looks at Chris.
CHRIS: Too far?
Aidan and Summer are pretending to be buyers. They comment on the smell and then say they thought they felt the house move.
CHRIS: And then that fire at Number 26 a few Christmases ago...they had a really bad year.
Aiden is commenting on how the report he had done found asbestos in the house.
ANDREW: Didn't the chick who used to live there go to jail?
CHRIS: Oh yeah, yeah.
Tash comments on what a dump the house is - she doesn't know what the smell is, but she thinks there might be possums in the roof. Some buyers have walked off, but one is very interested.
ANDREW: Tell you what, mate, I'd rather be in jail than living on this street!
CHRIS: Yeah, less crime in there, too!
The prospective buyers are now walking off and Chris and Andrew high-five each other. The funniest thing is, all of the stuff they've said is true!
Summer and Aidan get rid of the last interested buyer with talk of asbestos, and Tash gives them the thumbs up.
Sonya's Nursery
Sonya is throwing herself into work. Callum has come to help her. He sees the wombat in a cage, and is surprised. Sonya explains that she's cleaning out the chicken coop for him to hang out in.
Ramsay Street
Callum rings Toadie and tells him that Sonya is acting very weirdly. Toadie drives up, in his new BMW convertible! Callum is stunned. Andrew comes over and admires Toadie's car, and Karl comes over too. Karl just looks at Toadie. Andrew offers to gives Callum a lift to school in the car(!)
Callum tells Karl that both Toadie and Sonya have been acting very strangely.
Tash, Summer, Aidan and Chris are celebrating putting the buyers off. The estate agent comes back and tells Tash that she won't be able to stop the sale of the house. He says he'll be back at 6pm for the next inspection.
Sonya rushes in to get some newspaper. She has seen the car, but doesn't want to talk about it - if it makes Toadie happy, it's fine. She tells him about the wombat and he looks a bit confused. He offers her a lift back to the nursery, but she says she'd prefer her bike as her clothes are dirty. Toadie offers to tell Callum about the baby situation. Sonya doesn't want to talk about it and hastily exits.
Tash, Chris, Summer and Aidan are cleaning up the wet towels. Tash is depressed that the house is going to be sold. But she hears Karl practising his guitar and suddenly she has an idea - she drags Summer off to speak to Karl.
Tash tells Karl that she loves his music and he should keep practising - loudly(!) Karl is suspicious and suddenly realises they want him to put prospective buyers. Karl agrees to help - Tash deserves time to sort herself out. Tash turns up Karl's amp to full volume(!)
Karl's playing is filtering through loudly as prospective buyers look around. Chris says the noise is even worse at 3am(!) The estate agent is not pleased with Tash and says he'll be back. Tash looks despondent.
Harold's Store
Callum is telling Sophie that he thinks Toadie is a bit young for a mid-life crisis(!) She advises him to let Sonya and Toadie sort their own problems out.
Callum and Sophie come in to play on the computer. Toadie comes out and asks Callum for a private conversation, so Sophie heads off.
CALLUM: It's you and mum, isn't it?
TOADIE: Sit down.
CALLUM: It's that bad?
TOADIE: Squid.
CALLUM: I know that you guys are fighting, even though you haven't said anything...
TOADIE: OK, just give me a chance to talk.
There is a long pause.
TOADIE: There isn't going to be any baby.
CALLUM: Dad...
CALLUM: Why don't you want to have a baby anymore?
TOADIE: Well, we've tried everything the doctors have suggested and...and it hasn't worked. And we've explored a couple of other options. But, going through that kind of stress is just not good for any of us, including you.
CALLUM: But you really want to have a baby.
TOADIE: What I want, I've already got.
CALLUM: Then why are you and mum acting so weird? You're buying expensive cars, Mum's looking after a wombat!
TOADIE: It's a baby wombat and she's looking after it for a friend. Anyway, it wasn't an easy decision. To...stop trying, that is. But we feel that it's the right one.
CALLUM: OK. I was going to make you guys dinner tonight, you know, to help out.
TOADIE: Squid...
CALLUM: Yeah, I decided that takeaway would be better.
TOADIE: Good idea. Thanks, mate.
He takes Callum's hands.
TOADIE: We'll be OK. You, your mum and me, the three of us, together and happy.
Sonya's Nursery
Sonya is cuddling the wombat like a baby, and crying.
Sonya is still upset and is now feeding the wombat with a bottle. Toadie comes to find her. He is shocked to see her so upset.
SONYA: You know, the last time I used a bottle was with Callum, when he was a baby. It felt so natural, I didn't think...then I couldn't stop crying. Stupid.
TOADIE: Kind of like me leasing a Beamer, eh? Not going to change anything, is it?
SONYA: I'm sorry.
TOADIE: Me too.
SONYA: What now?
TOADIE: I don't know, babe. But, whatever it is, we're not going to do it alone, are we? We'll get through this together. They hug tightly. Not sure that the wombat wasn't squashed.
Monday on Neighbours
- Astrid tells Sonya she can look after a wombat any time.
- Toadie suggests that they get a dog.
- Lucas asks Vanessa if she's stalking him.
- Vanessa interviews for a job at Lassiter's.
- Lucas lets slip to Paul that Vanessa is pregnant.
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Natasha Williams, Aidan Foster, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6385
Natasha Williams, Aidan Foster, Chris Pappas

Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6385
Sonya Mitchell

Astrid Quinn, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6385
Astrid Quinn, Sonya Mitchell

Natasha Williams, Gary Denham in Neighbours Episode 6385
Natasha Williams, Gary Denham

Andrew Robinson, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6385
Andrew Robinson, Chris Pappas

Aidan Foster, Gary Denham, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6385
Aidan Foster, Gary Denham, Summer Hoyland

Gary Denham in Neighbours Episode 6385
Gary Denham

Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6385
Callum Jones

Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Callum Jones, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6385
Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Callum Jones, Andrew Robinson

Chris Pappas, Gary Denham in Neighbours Episode 6385
Chris Pappas, Gary Denham

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6385
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell

Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6385
Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams, Chris Pappas

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6385
Karl Kennedy

Natasha Williams, Chris Pappas, Aidan Foster, Gary Denham in Neighbours Episode 6385
Natasha Williams, Chris Pappas, Aidan Foster, Gary Denham

Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6385
Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay

Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6385
Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi

Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6385
Sonya Mitchell

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6385
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell

Sonya Mitchell, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6385
Sonya Mitchell, Toadie Rebecchi

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