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Neighbours Episode 5983 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5983 (Steph and Libby's showdown in the street)
Australian airdate: 04/08/10
UK airdate: 22/09/10
Writer: Pete McTighe
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Diana Marshall - Jane Badler
Rosemary Daniels - Joy Chambers
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Libby telling Michael that he has to communicate with his teaching staff
- Diana informing Rosemary that Paul has been embezzling money
- Paul telling Rebecca that they need to sell Pirate Net
- Libby leaving Steph on the floor after a dizzy spell
- Libby writing a news article about the 'sham wedding'
Number 28
Susan answers the door and is unimpressed to see Paul standing there.
SUSAN: If you think you're coming in you're wrong.
PAUL: What? Even if I'm doing you a favour?
KARL: Unless it involves you and a cliff we're not interested.
PAUL: You will be.
He hands Susan a piece of paper. She takes it and shuts the door in his face. Heh. The Ks and Zeke are surprised to see that it's an article with Susan's name on it. Paul shoves his head back through the door and quips that it's edgier than Susan's normal submission. Karl shuts the door on him again, but Paul keeps his foot in this time. Susan reads on and learns that it's a character assassination of Steph. She tells Paul he can't publish it, but he says he's not interested: "Top marks to Libby for trying it on but tell her not to use my paper for her vendettas". Paul exits and Karl slams the door for good measure.
Number 26
Toadie and Lyn are concerned when they find Steph sorting through old photos of herself and Libby, reminiscing about happier times. Toadie tries to distract her.
TOADIE: I thought I might go outside for some fresh air?
LYN: What a great idea. It would do you good, love.
STEPH: No, if I go outside I'll probably get stoned.
Lyn says that Steph just needs some time out and reassures her that things won't always be this bad. Steph just shakes her head.
Number 28
Libby's about to head outside to dump a bag of rubbish in the bin when Karl and Susan make her sit down for a chat. They show her the article from Paul but Libby just says that it's the least Steph deserves. Karl and Susan are worried about her lashing out, and remind her that they raised her to be the better person, but Libby says that maybe they raised her wrong.
KARL: This isn't you talking. It's the anger and it's the grief.
LIBBY: Don't psycho- analyse me, dad.
KARL: Look, to lash out at someone using your mother's name is unacceptable.
LIBBY: Fine, put my name on it.
SUSAN: It doesn't matter whose name is on it, Libby. If it ran it would do more harm than good.
Libby does the whole, 'Are you on Steph's side now?' schtick, but Karl and Susan sigh and say they're just worried about her. Libby says she's sorry for using Susan's name, but she's not sorry for trying to make herself feel better.
SUSAN: The only way you're going to feel better is accepting what's happened and allowing yourself to move on.
LIBBY: (dour) Thanks for the advice.
She goes into her room and Karl shows Susan what was in the bag of 'rubbish' - photos of Libby and Steph.
Charlie's Bar
Libby thanks Zeke for rescuing her from the house, but he says he's on her side. Michael joins them and asks Libby how she's going. Libby says she'd be better if everyone stopped asking her that. Michael takes a mental note and moves onto Zeke - he's curious to hear more about the Pirate Net/school idea. Zeke says he'd be better off asking "the Prince of Darkness" aka Paul, who just so happens to be eavesdropping on their conversation. Paul saunters over, much to everyone's displeasure, but Paul says he's come up with an idea that could help them all. He looks at Libby and adds that "new challenges can be empowering, especially in times of instability. Sometimes there's no better tonic than a new start". You just keep dropping those hints like anvils, Paul.
Libby approaches Paul later and says she caught his incredibly unsubtle clues - what's his big idea? Paul tells her that he wants to sell the station to the school ASAP at a cut price. Libby doesn't get why he's telling her, but Paul says she's chummy with the school board and probably has more sway than Michael.
LIBBY: What's in it for you?
PAUL: Well, Pirate Net's losing money so I need to get rid of it. This way I get rid of the station, which goes back to the community and you get a win. Isn't it time you had a win, Libby?
LIBBY: ... I'll think about it.
Smooth move, Robinson.
Ramsay Street
Karl is looking through the bag of photos when Libby and Zeke return with takeaway coffees. He asks if she's absolutely sure she wants to throw everything out, but Libby just takes the bag off him and dumps it in the bin. All of a sudden Steph rushes over, holding her box of photos. Libby tells her family to keep walking, but Steph races in front of her and says she just wants to talk for thirty seconds. Libby glares at her.
STEPH: (upset) I know you want to hate me right now, but I know deep down you feel bad for leaving me the other day. Libby doesn't that tell you something? We need to remember all the times we were there for each other, Lib.
In a fit of desperation she takes out photos and reminds Libby of their memories.
STEPH: Your wedding to Drew, us dancing on the bar when we went to pack up your house in Shepparton, us raising our boys together. Lib, eleven years. We've had eleven years of friendship. Doesn't that stand for something?
Libby just gives her a bitter smile and takes her bag of 'rubbish' out of the bin, going through the photos as she remembers them.
LIBBY: Trying it on with Drew. The time where you crashed your bike and put me in hospital. Getting pregnant with my husband's baby!
She throws the photos at Steph. Toadie walks outside #30, hearing the ruckus.
LIBBY: You want to know what it all stands for?
KARL: Libby...
LIBBY: No, dad, she wants to see what eleven years looks like. This is what our friendship means (she dumps the rest of the photos on the ground). It's nothing! It's not even fit for the rubbish tip! It means nothing to me now. Not now, not ever! Do you understand me?
Libby stalks inside, Karl and Zeke in tow, as Steph bursts into tears and crumples to the ground, trying desperately to gather up all the photographs. Lyn is walking up the street from the shops when she sees Steph and immediately dumps her bags to rush over to her. Lyn gathers Steph in a hug while she cries.
STEPH: (sobbing) I just wanted to talk.
Toadie looks over to #28 in disbelief while Steph and Lyn sit amongst the pile of tarnished memories.
First Commercial Break
Ramsay Street
Things sure do happen fast around here - Steph has already packed her and Charlie's bags for a few weeks' stay at her dad's place. Lyn and Toadie help her load the car. Lyn's worried about her, but Steph says it's the best idea for everyone if she's not in Erinsborough for a while. She says she's called Summer but asks Lyn to keep an eye on her. Lyn helps Charlie into the car while Steph and Toadie say goodbye. Steph apologises for leaving him here "in this mess", but Toadie says he's got a pretty thick skin. They hug each other tight and Toadie makes her promise to call every day. Steph gives him a letter to pass onto Callum, and says that when she gets back they'll sort out their 'marriage', but thinks it's probably time they took their wedding bands off. They each slip the rings off their fingers with a bittersweet gaze.
STEPH: I will always hold it close.
TOADIE: Me too.
STEPH: I can't thank you enough.
They have another hug and Steph gives him a quick peck on the cheek. After one more cuddle with Lyn, Steph jumps in the car and bids them farewell. Libby walks outside and sees her. They make eye contact, but Steph turns her head, determined to give Libby the peace she deserves. Lyn and Toadie wave Steph and Charlie off. Libby watches them go, takes a deep breath and calls Paul. "Let's talk".
Number 28/Charlie's Bar
Libby, wearing a more dressier outfit, walks inside and happily announces to Karl, Susan and Zeke that's she's started to move on.
Paul finds Rebecca behind the bar.
PAUL: I've got good news.
REBECCA: What? You've gone back in time and decided not to play the tape on the radio?
PAUL: No, but it is to do with Pirate Net. Looks like we might have found a buyer.
Michael arrives at #28 just as Libby is showing her family the plans for the station. Michael's not sure why he's there, but isn't impressed when he finds out.
Paul tells Rebecca that he and Libby just met with the school board president and he loves the idea. Rebecca isn't happy that Paul is acting without consulting her, yet again, but Paul says the board is going to negotiate directly with her.
Michael doesn't like the fact that Libby went behind his back, but Libby says it's business. They've got a meeting with the council first thing tomorrow and some mate of hers might be able to fast track the community licence. Michael says they don't have the funds, but Libby replies that all the high schools in the area are going to share the load, "and it becomes a true school community station".
Lassiter's Complex
Paul is about to enter the hotel when Diana appears from the shadows.
DIANA: I can always smell when you're up to something.
PAUL: Paranoia is not a good look on you. But you know what? I can't wait to see what defeat looks like.
DIANA: This from a man who was thrown out of his house. I can throw you out of the hotel too.
PAUL: (smirking) Wrong again. See, by tomorrow morning, all my problems are going to be gone and you're not going to be far behind them.
DIANA: What are you talking about?
PAUL: You'll find out eventually.
To really rub it in, he takes $50 out of his wallet and hands it to her, telling her to use it on a cab fare to the airport. "Your time here is over."
Second Commercial Break
Charlie's Bar
Diana orders a drink from Rebecca and tries to engage her in a conversation about Paul, but Rebecca says she doesn't blab about Paul's business affairs. Zeke gets off the phone and is all smiles about Pirate Net, but Rebecca, worried about certain people eavesdropping, drags Zeke to the office area for a word.
REBECCA: That deal isn't signed so I'd feel better if we didn't broadcast it.
ZEKE: Oh... Uh, I've already told Donna.
REBECCA: Great it's probably on the news in Zimbabwe by now.
Rebecca wonders if the school kids can cope with the demands, but Zeke says he's been hired by Libby to show everyone the ropes; maybe even manage it. This eases Rebecca's mind somewhat. Zeke says that Paul must have been in a hurry to sell - the school board aren't going to pay top dollar. Rebecca replies that it's the only time she's seen Paul base a decision on something other than money. Meanwhile, Diana has slunk her way around the bar and overheard everything.
Charlie's Bar/Diana's Hotel Room
Later that night Diana bumps into Paul and confronts him about selling the station to distance himself from the embezzlement. Paul could care less that she knows because she can't do anything about it. Diana leaves, passing the Kennedys on the way. Libby wants to celebrate her business deal. Michael is also at the bar, but doesn't look very celebratory.
Diana paces around for a bit in her room before opening her laptop.
Paul and Libby are trying to get Michael onto their way of thinking, but he's not very enthused. Paul doesn't think he should be so snappy with his business partner, but Michael says fortunately he's dealing with Rebecca, not Paul. Rebecca glowers at Paul and asks if it's his mission to antagonise everyone he meets.
Diana has set up a video conference call with Rosemary in New York. Diana says *she* has set up a deal to sell Pirate Net, and once she does, Paul will be distanced from his "problems".
DIANA: I thought it best to act independently, without direct instruction, so that everyone's protected. Especially your nephew.
ROSEMARY: Looking after family is important, Diana, I'm grateful.
DIANA: I think it's important that I stay on for a while, at least until the sale goes through.
ROSEMARY: I'm sure Paul's learnt his lesson. He won't be too happy about losing Pirate Net.
DIANA: That's not entirely- -
ROSEMARY: (coolly) I'll have someone book you a flight home at your earliest convenience.
Rosemary cuts off their chat with a dismissive hit of the button.
Paul asks Libby what it's like to finally have a win. Libby doesn't think she did much - it's up to Michael and the school board now to close the deal with the other schools. But Paul says not to sell herself short; she initiated everything and pulled all the strings. Libby considers this and looks quite pleased with herself, "Yeah, I guess so". Paul welcomes her to his world.
Ramsay Street/Lassiter's Hotel
Libby's walking home by herself when she sees a leftover photo of her and Steph lying in the gutter. She picks it up and stares at it. Shaking off the urge to cry, she takes out her phone and calls Paul (who is skulking around Lassiter's).
LIBBY: I just wanted to say thanks. You were right, this is helping.
PAUL: Glad to be of service.
LIBBY: But we're not friends, Paul. What you did with the tape that day, don't expect me to forget it.
PAUL: You know what, Libby? I did you a favour. I was the one person who told you the truth.
LIBBY: The truth had nothing to do with it. It was revenge pure and simple.
PAUL: Yeah well that's business. You stick with it long enough and you will learn: you never let anyone get the better of you.
They hang up. Libby takes one last look at the photo in her hands before tearing it up and throwing it in the trash.
Third Commercial Break
Diana's Hotel Room
Diana, wearing her slinky nightie and robe, answers the door to Paul. He asks why she's called him over.
DIANA: Drink?
PAUL: I don't think so. You're desperate enough to resort to poison.
Diana calmly says she should have never taken Paul on; he was a worthy adversary. Paul replies that he'd take it as a compliment if she weren't such a pushover. Smiling, Diana says that she's never a pushover unless she wants to be. She flirtily takes hold of his jacket lapels and suggests they have one more "sparring match" before she heads home. Paul leans in close, almost kissing her, before saying that there's no point because he'd win every single time. He gives her a shove onto the bed, making her angry.
PAUL: Pack your bags and get out of Erinsborough would you.
DIANA: I'm not leaving until I finished what I started.
PAUL: Oh and what's that? Taking my job for yourself? Yeah right - 'Diana Marshall, heir apparent to Lassiter's'. Not gonna happen.
DIANA: If it wasn't for Rosemary you'd still be fetching my drinks on my red- eye flights to London.
PAUL: If it wasn't for Rosemary you'd still be flying economy. I do not need protecting from you, Diana. You're nothing.
Diana hands him back the $50 from earlier and says she won't be needing it - she's not going anywhere.
DIANA: I came here to take your job, but now you have upset me, so I'm going to take everything. Watch your back, Paul, the gloves are off.
Paul leaves without a word, but actually looks quite rattled when he's alone.
(Tomorrow on Neighbours)
PAUL: I will bring this family back together, you'll see.
DECLAN: Don't hold your breath.
(Donna brings in a copy of the paper for Rebecca)
DONNA: There she is, the glamorous philanthropist herself.
(Paul has done a front page article on Rebecca - 'My gift to the children')
REBECCA: It is quite a nice photo isn't it.
(Paul sends Rebecca an expensive watch)
DONNA: I guess Paul's trying to convince her to let him move back in.
(Michael makes an announcement to students at Pirate Net)
MICHAEL: As of today this is all yours.
CALLUM: I'll take it.
(Toadie chats to Sonya about Callum at HS)
SONYA: He's a kid, you've just got to give him time.
(Callum's causing mayhem on the airwaves)
CALLUM: Tash - is that short for Trash?
(Toadie, Sonya, Donna & Kate listen to Callum on the lap top)
CALLUM: It's the adults who should be apologising to us. Here's a letter from Steph, you know, the chick who's having her best friend's husband's baby?
(Sophie tries to block the microphone)
SOPHIE: Callum don't do this.
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Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5983
Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy

Lyn Scully, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5983
Lyn Scully, Steph Scully

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5983
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Michael Williams, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5983
Libby Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Michael Williams, Paul Robinson

Libby Kennedy, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5983
Libby Kennedy, Paul Robinson

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5983
Steph Scully

Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5983
Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy

Steph Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 5983
Steph Scully, Lyn Scully

Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5983
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5983
Libby Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5983
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Susan Kennedy, Michael Williams, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5983
Susan Kennedy, Michael Williams, Zeke Kinski

Diana Marshall, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5983
Diana Marshall, Paul Robinson

Zeke Kinski, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5983
Zeke Kinski, Rebecca Napier

Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 5983
Rosemary Daniels

Libby Kennedy, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5983
Libby Kennedy, Paul Robinson

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5983
Libby Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Diana Marshall in Neighbours Episode 5983
Paul Robinson, Diana Marshall

Diana Marshall in Neighbours Episode 5983
Diana Marshall

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5983
Paul Robinson

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