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Neighbours Episode 5919 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5919
Australian airdate: 06/05/10
UK airdate: 24/06/10
Writer: Jo Watson
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Dr Doug Harris: Mahesh Jadu
Chris Pappas: James Mason
Dale "Macca" McGregor: John Kim
Lisa Devine: Sophie Tilson
Michael Williams: Sandy Winton
Natasha Williams: Valentina Novakovic
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Emily
Previously on Neighbours
- Steph revealing to Lyn that she's having Dan's baby.
- Lyn promising to keep the secret between the three of them.
- Doug saying that he and Libby have other things they'd rather talk about.
- Karl fearful that he'll get caught up in the middle of Doug and Libby if things get messy.
- Zeke not happy at Paul's proposed changes to PirateNet.
- Natasha doing a photo shoot for PirateNet with Summer and Harry remarking that she exploited Andrew.
- Andrew confessing to Tash that he'd no idea her dad was the new Principal of Erinsborough High.
- Natasha being introduced to her new classmates.
- Andrew confronting Tash that she told him she was 19 for the photo shoot.
Eden University
Paul watches on as posters of Tash advertising PirateNet go up. Andrew arrives to try and get him to take the posters down (without revealing the real reason to his dad) but it's too late, the advertising campaign has kicked off.
Number 26
Lyn, Toadie and Steph finish off their breakfast and as the ladies clear the dishes away, Lyn remarks to Steph that Toadie looks tired. She explains that he's taken on more clients so they can save money in advance of bubs' arrival. Steph then asks if her mother can forgive her (like Toadie has). Lyn avoids answering the question, instead giving Steph a list of obstetricians because she fears that Doug too will pick holes in her conception story and tell Libby. They confirm that Doug won't talk but Lyn still fears that being in love will mean Doug will blab.
STEPH: Oh mum they're not in love.
LYN: Are you sure?
STEPH: They're flirting, having a bit of fun, he's her rebound guy.
TOADIE: If we change doctors now, its just going to look suss.
She asks them if he knows who the dad is and Steph just gives her a look of contempt before reassuring Lyn that this problem isn't one she has to worry about (Lyn admitted to them that she was worried).
Lassiters Complex
Susan Lucas Libby stand and look at the PirateNet poster wondering what the connection is to the radio station! Lucas arrives seconds later and they rib him for it but he simply replies it was a pay cheque, and promptly hands over some more of the cash he owes to Libby.
Doug arrives and after kissing Libby, she asks him if the poster would tempt him to tune into alternative radio. He replies that he's a jazz man but if it were Libby in the poster he may broaden his horizon! This is too much information for Lucas and he leaves them.
Observing from the sidelines has been Lyn (she came out to give Susan her breakfast order) and she tries to get the inside gossip on Doug and Libby from Susan. Susan reveals that Karl isn't happy although glancing over at the happy couple, that doesn't seem to be bothering them! "Do you think it's serious?" Lyn asks and Susan replies that she thinks Doug is a keeper but hope she doesn't rush into anything.
Meanwhile Michael makes his way into the complex and spots the PirateNet posters and is stunned by what he sees. Libby remarks to Doug, when Michael didn't say hello back, that he's probably too busy admiring the female form to reply!
Toadie and Paul are concluding their business when Michael arrives looking for the manager to discuss the PirateNet posters. Paul tells him to put it in a letter but Michael wants to vent! Paul is puzzled as to why Michael wants to complain until he tells them that the model is his 16 year old daughter. If jaws could literally drop, Paul's would be on the floor by now but the three of them go to check the consent forms with Paul adding that it was Andrew who was responsible for the advertising campaign. With a satisfied look, Paul hands over the consent form which proves she is 19, telling Michael to talk to his daughter.
Natasha is telling her fellow classmates all about the PirateNet modelling gig, although she's not winning Summer's vote! Harry wants to know if Andrew's told his dad yet but he thinks it's wise to just keep quiet as everyone is happy... until Michael comes in wanting a word with his daughter that is!
Out in the corridor, Michael isn't amused at Tash modelling even though she thinks its okay and has done nothing wrong. She lies to him saying that she didn't read the consent form properly (Andrew tells Sum & Harry he did and she confirmed she was over 18) before twisting it around, to get his sympathy, that she is upset at seeing all these photos of her everywhere.
NATASHA: It's so humiliating.
(Watching in the classroom)
HARRY: Man she's good.
Tash is now putting in an Oscar winning performance, saying she wished she'd never gone to it and it works a treat as Michael dishes out the sympathy adding that he'll make sure the ads come down on condition it doesn't happen again. "Thanks dad, you're ace," she says all sweetness and like.
Natasha returns to the classroom and Andrew isn't amused at her lying but she can't see the problem, quoting to them that Kate Moss did her first cover at 15.
ANDREW: It's going to cost my dad a lot of money.
NATASHA: Not my problem.
Lyn overhears Karl getting a ticking off from Doug that he's spending too much time with the patients thus falling behind schedule and others have to pick up his quota of patients. When he returns, she lets Karl use her as a moaning board before he inadvertently falls into her trap... where she suggests that Libby may just be one of a number of ladies he is dating, thereby planting a seed out doubt in his hind.
The lady herself walks in a minute later, not to see Doug as he'd hoped but to see her dad as they've got a lunch date planned. "Absolutely, I've had a hell of a day" he tells his daughter but Doug vetoes him going for lunch as he still has patients to see... and offers himself as Libby's new lunch companion.
Doug tells the receptionist he'll be back at 1pm and Karl pipes up to tell his daughter that she'll need to eat quickly as the clock is running. "No need," Doug replies back adding that he's up to date with his patients.
KARL: Do you time manage your dates the same way you do your patients?
DOUG: What I do outside of work is none of your business.
KARL: Yes it is when you are dating my daughter.
Libby tells them both to back off - she's more than capable of going to lunch herself but Doug does join her after a few seconds of staring at Karl and in the corner Lyn smiles happily to herself.
And as we head for the first commercial break, today's trip down memory lane is to 1998 and Daphne Clarke dying (episode 690 in the archive if you want to read more).
Harold's Store
Libby is trying to defend her dad while they have lunch. He jokes that its fun being the bad guy for a change since parents are normally impressed at their daughter dating a doctor!
LIBBY: You a bad guy! You're a typical over- achiever, you couldn't possibly be bad.
DOUG: Speak for yourself.
Lib tells him that she's been the bad one too in her time, so he asks her to prove it, and she literally grabs him by his shirt and pashes him in the store! And in the background Lyn is not happy.
Andrew plays all innocent when he comes into PirateNet HQ, wondering where all the posters have gone. Paul tells him the model was underage and puts it down to being one of those things. He confirms Andrew's question that she lied on her consent form and Toadie pipes up to say he's surprised Andrew hasn't noticed her at school! "Maybe she goes to a different school," Paul suggests, which causes Andrew to blurt out that she does go to Erinsborough High but only started today. The fact he's known all day doesn't impress Paul and Andrew explains he thought it would cost too much money to take the posters down. Andrew is very surprised when his dad doesn't go mental at him but Paul is putting it down to Andrew's age and for him not keeping a closer eye on his son when giving him too much responsibility.
Harold's Store
Libby comes to the counter to settle her bill but Lyn informs her that Doug has taken care of it. Steph is happy to hear about her friend going on a romantic lunch date and Lyn drops it in that they didn't start off that way! Libby explains that the trouble is actually a bit of tension between Doug and Karl but they soon got things back on track.
Libby then reveals that she doesn't think it's a fling any more. Again Steph is happy for her friend but Lyn puts a damper on her happiness by telling her she shouldn't fall for someone that doesn't get along with her dad, reminding her how it was when Dan didn't get along with her parents.
Number 28
Sitting with her parents, Libby announces that she doesn't want to go out with someone who doesn't get along well with them. Susan gives Doug the thumbs up and Karl tactfully replies that he is a very good doctor.
SUSAN: Is that the best you can do?
KARL: He's ambitious alright. He puts his career ahead of everything. I'm sorry I don't think he's right for you.
SUSAN: You hardly know him!
LIBBY: Its okay mum, it's okay. If that's how dad feels then I can respect that.
KARL: (feeling vindicated) Hmm.
LIBBY: Besides from Ben, you are the most important people in my life, you will always come first.
Karl is happy to hear that, Susan not so and gives Karl a glare. Libby then apologises for lunch and offers to shout them both dinner instead.
Ooh, it looks like Libby is going to be making a booking for 4 since she asks Doug to join her for dinner. He agrees although they settle on going out early (and no bottle of wine) because he's on a late shift.
As they walk to class, Andrew tells Harry and Summer about Paul not cracking up at him and they are as surprised as he is. He hangs back while they carry on to chat to Natasha - he tells her she owes him one as her stunt cost Paul a lot of money. Tash can't see that she did anything wrong and she agrees to tell her dad that Andrew didn't trick her into doing anything.
Just at that, Michael approaches them and Tash does the intro's... then drops Andrew right in it by telling her dad that Andrew is hassling her to do another photo shoot! With a smirk on her face she heads into Michael's office to wait for him (she wanted to get a lift home to avoid Andrew so he told her to wait there).
MICHAEL: I'm only going to say this once. Stay away from my daughter.
Andrew is quick to nod his head!
Ramsay Street
The teens are heading home when they spot that someone is moving into #32... yes you've guessed it, it's the Williams family! Tash is happy to know who her new neighbours are and that Andrew lives nearby!
Michael spots the duo chatting (Sum's gone home and Harry is helping move things into the house) and asks if everything is okay. "Yes, Natasha just asked me to help unpack her room," Andrew replies back to him. Michael sends his daughter inside and the newly arrived Paul (and Toadie) remarks that Tash is just trying to make friends.
MICHAEL: I doubt that.
PAUL: Yes, you're right actually, Andrew has got pretty high standards.
(Michael scoffs)
PAUL: What you find that funny?
MICHAEL: Well the owner of the Erinsborough News lecturing anyone on standards is hilarious.
PAUL: Yes, well at least I'm not the father of the girl who's way more experienced than her age.
MICHAEL: You say anything about my daughter; you'll be needing a new face. Understand!
Paul silently nods his head and Michael is about to resume unpacking the van when Paul removes an envelope from Toadie's hand and hands it to Michael.
PAUL: I'm suing you for damages.
TOADIE: It wasn't my idea.
PAUL: Welcome to Ramsay Street.
Harold's Store
Steph thinks that Libby is being too pushy with her plan to get her dad and Doug talking by having the early dinner but suggests if she does want to have the dinner then Charlie's is a better place for it (plus it keeps them away from Lyn!). She goes to call Doug but he walks into the store just as they begin to chat, so both hang up and decide to have a personal chat instead.
Meanwhile, Steph warns her mum to keep out of it before leaving the store to be replaced by the newly arrived Karl and Susan.
"I thought this was a family dinner," Karl remarks when he spots Doug. Libby is quick to reply that it is and pushes her dad towards Doug whilst Susan tells her that she is "playing with fire." She explains to her mum that she knows they will get on with each other if they give it a chance.
SUSAN: This is you giving it a chance by ambushing them?
LIBBY: They just need a little push.
SUSAN: You know your dad, give him a little push he'll just dig his heels in.
The atmosphere over the meal is very polite but equally very strained with everyone trying to be on their best behaviour and it just about happens until Lyn comes over to see how the meal went and remarks that it was very busy at the hospital earlier that day. That's the cue for Doug and Karl to start squabbling again (over how long Karl was taking with the patients). Karl asks for Doug to come out and say if he has a problem with him as Lyn makes a tactful retreat in the background.
DOUG: Alright I will. You're too slow.
Doug then thanks them for dinner before wisely leaving to get to work as the rest sit in stunned silence.
Lassiters Complex
Libby runs after Doug to explain that the whole dinner thing was to get him and Karl get along better and doesn't want him to leave it like this. "What do you expect me to do," he asks and Libby replies apologise. He's stunned by that request and explains that he was just being honest.
LIBBY: You insulted him.
Doug doesn't want them to discuss it now because he's running late, even though Libby points out it will only take a couple of minutes.
LIBBY: Dad's right, all you care about is work.
DOUG: Well perhaps it would be better if I kept my work life and my social life separate.
LIBBY: Where does that leave us?
Doug doesn't answer that, instead replying that he has to go but does add that he will call her!
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Mothers day celebrations.
- Susan remarking to Lyn that Doug is exactly like Karl.
- Natasha insulting Summer.
- Libby wondering if Doug is like her dad.
- Lyn pointing out that Libby is falling for the same sort of guy her mum did.
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Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5919
Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson

Steph Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 5919
Steph Scully, Lyn Scully

Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5919
Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Doug Harris, Natasha Williams, Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 5919
Libby Kennedy, Doug Harris, Natasha Williams, Michael Williams

Michael Williams, Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5919
Michael Williams, Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson

Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson, Harry Ramsay, Chris Pappas, Dale “Macca” McGregor in Neighbours Episode 5919
Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson, Harry Ramsay, Chris Pappas, Dale “Macca” McGregor

Michael Williams, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 5919
Michael Williams, Natasha Williams

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5919
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Doug Harris, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5919
Doug Harris, Libby Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5919
Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson

Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 5919
Michael Williams

Steph Scully, Lyn Scully, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5919
Steph Scully, Lyn Scully, Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Libby Kennedy, Doug Harris in Neighbours Episode 5919
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Libby Kennedy, Doug Harris

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5919
Karl Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Doug Harris in Neighbours Episode 5919
Libby Kennedy, Doug Harris

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