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Neighbours Episode 5918 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5918
Australian airdate: 05/05/10
UK airdate: 23/06/10
Writer: Meaghan Rodriguez
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Naomi Lord - Kate Bell
Chris Pappas - James Mason
Introducing Valentina Novakovic as Natasha Williams
Summary/Images by: Carly/Emily
- Paul and Declan at odds about the business
- Donna trying to prove that Naomi is a fake
- Naomi pretending she has a brother
- Ringo getting annoyed with Donna
Number 28
Ringo thinks that Donna's gone crazy but Naomi puts on the sympathetic girlfriend act and says that it must be hard for Donna to move on. Naomi adds that Ringo is "totally worth getting jealous over" and drags him away to the bedroom.
Number 24
Donna goes on and on about what a psycho Naomi is, like how she's pretending to be enrolled at Eden Hills, completely blanking on the fact that Kate and Declan are trying to have a romantic night in. Donna apologises for crashing their date space and Kate suggests that she give the 'Naomi is a bunny boiler' thing a rest. Donna says she will - just as soon as she finds some concrete proof.
Number 22
Andrew overhears Paul on the phone to a head honcho in NY who is worried about the cash flow. But Paul pretends everything is fine and that his businesses will be firing on all cylinders in no time. He hangs up and looks at a Pirate Net ratings survey as Andrew checks up on him. Andrew says everything must be tough going at the moment with Rebecca and the business, but Paul insists things with Rebecca are fine: what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Declan overhears this walking in the door and glowers at them, so the Robinson men head off to Charlie's (Paul for a meeting with his head of programming and Andrew to play darts).
Charlie's Bar
Karl orders up a zillion cheap bottles of wine at the bar for Blokes Club. Steph and Toadie stop for a chat and Karl tries to lie about the reason for the alcohol, but Toadie knows what it's for and pretends he's OK with being a blokey loner.
Summer is telling Harry and Andrew some gossip she heard in the toilets about Libby and the new principal going head- to- head when Chris walks in looking like a new man. He's lost the glasses and gained a haircut - less Clark Kent more Superstud. They joke around but Andrew is distracted by the business meeting between Paul and Zeke, so abandons the teens and joins his dad.
Paul thinks Zeke should try and think of some stunts the radio station can pull - pranks, shock jocks etc. Controversy sells. Zeke thinks it's a bad idea, but Andrew is all over it and says Paul should combine something commercial with something artistic. Paul smiles and tells Andrew to present him with an idea in the morning.
Pirate Net - Next Morning
Paul and Zeke look at a sketch Andrew has done of a blonde model dressed in skimpy pirate gear to be the 'face' of Pirate Net. Paul loves it but Zeke thinks the listeners are going to go spare when they see it. This doesn't bother Paul; any publicity is good publicity. Andrew puts in a call to a modelling agency so they can start shooting ASAP.
Harold's Store
Lucas looks at the sketch and tells Andrew it's been a while since he's photographed anything commercial, but when Andrew mentions that Paul is paying, Lucas quickly accepts. Andrew heads over to Donna and asks if she'll act as make- up artist for the shoot, but Donna is too busy being a Naomi stalker on the Eden Hill Uni website. Ringo walks in the door, sees Donna and walks right back out again. Sighing, Andrew races back to his sketch, but it has found its way into Summer's hands and she isn't impressed. Harry is, though, and asks if Andrew needs a camera assistant. Summer doesn't think any girl in her right mind would want to take part in something so sexist, but Andrew retorts there's fifty models waiting at Pirate Net as they speak.
Pirate Net
Lucas takes some photos of a model while Andrew and Harry ogle the others. Summer, meanwhile, is being quite vocal around the models, wondering if they just got the urge one day to shed all their clothes and be photographed.
SUMMER: I mean seriously, is that what you wanted to do when you were a kid?
BLONDE MODEL: Well you know what they say: if you've got it flaunt it.
SUMMER: Wow, full marks for originality there.
BLONDE MODEL: Oh is that what you are? Original?
Summer sneers and walks back to Andrew, telling him that it's like talking to children. Andrew smirks and says the models are all older than them. Blonde model, Natasha, finds Andrew and they flirt a bit before she whips off her dressing gown to show off her bikini- covered 'treasure chest' and little short shorts. Ahoy there Captain Skanky! Natasha poses for Lucas while Andrew and Harry shiver their timbers. Arrrr, 'tis a good day for some pirate euphemisms, m'hearties.
Harold's Store
Paul hands a cheque over to Natasha, thanking her for her work. Summer sits with Harry and Andrew and says they both sold out, not to mention that they exploited Natasha, but Andrew says Summer's the only one complaining. The teens turn to the counter just in time to see their new principal give Natasha a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They're grossed out but they soon find out from Kate that Natasha is Michael's daughter. Andrew is horrified.
First Commercial Break
Lassiter's Complex
Chris asks Harry what's going on as Andrew races over to Michael and Natasha and asks for a word. Michael leaves them to it and Andrew freaks out because he doesn't want to get in trouble from his principal. But Natasha says everything is cool - she's 19 and he dad approves of her modelling. She pats Andrew on the face and says he looks cute when he's worried.
Number 22
Karl is talking Lucas through a number of elaborate renovation ideas he has for the Blokes Club shed, culminating in an area on the second floor he likes to call "the performance space". Lucas practically shoves Karl out the door, passing Declan and Kate on the way. Kate is alarmed to learn that Donna is now perusing Naomi's Facebook page. Donna thinks she's onto something because Naomi's "brother" isn't on her friends list, but Kate says she's gone too far.
KATE: Donna you have much better things to do with your time than stalk your ex's new girlfriend on Facebook.
DONNA: This is about protecting Ringo.
KATE: He's big enough to look after himself.
DONNA: Not if he's all bewitched by someone evil.
KATE: This isn't your business anymore.
DONNA: Well I'm his friend.
KATE: No, you're not. Right now you're his ex and if you keep carrying on like this you risk losing him completely.
Kate's words finally sink in for Donna.
Harold's Store
Steph can tell Toadie's glum because of his lack of eating and knows it's because of Blokes Club. She suggests Toadie have a word with Lucas and see if they can work out something, but Toadie knows his pride won't let him.
Zeke asks Paul how the photo shoot went. Paul says they'll get the prints back soon. Zeke wants to know what Plan B is if the pics don't work out and is told that it's a complete program overhaul. Zeke's oh so enthused. He bumps into Donna on his way out, who is there to apologise to Naomi and Ringo. Zeke says Naomi's pretty cool, but Donna's still their mate and Naomi won't change that.
Donna approaches Naomi and Ringo and is about to say sorry when she spies Naomi's purse on the ground. Changing tactics, Donna waits for the duo to leave so she can rifle through Naomi's purse, but she's surprised to find an Eden Hills student ID card inside.
Second Commercial Break
Ramsay Street
Donna has shown Kate the ID, who thinks it looks like the real deal. Donna realises this makes her a "psycho nut job who can't leave her ex- boyfriend alone" and she was wrong about Naomi.
KATE: Yeah but we still love you.
DONNA: I was so sure and everyone kept saying, 'Leave it alone, Donna. You're getting weird, Donna'.
KATE: It was getting pretty weird.
DONNA: I'm going to end up alone. I will. A miserable old lady in animal print with a moustache and three hundred cats. I'm serious, I'm doomed.
KATE: (laughing) Well you better make sure there's room next door because I'm sticking with you.
Donna knows there's only one thing left to do - apologise to Ringo and Naomi.
Number 28
Zeke is telling Karl and Ringo about Paul's dodgy Pirate Net campaign when Donna walks through the door. Karl and Zeke head outside to give them space. Donna gives Ringo back Naomi's wallet she left at Harold's and apologises for being an idiot and not trusting Naomi. Ringo says Naomi's been really upset about everything but Donna is truly remorseful.
DONNA: I don't think I'm as chilled out as I think I am. And I want to be, I really do. I want you to be happy.
RINGO: The last few weeks haven't exactly been easy for me either.
DONNA: You don't want to be friends?
RINGO: I do but not if it's like this.
DONNA: What if I try really, really hard? And I will. You know I will.
RINGO: ... OK, let's just forget the whole thing ever happened.
They hug and Naomi spies on them from the hall, her eyes full of RAAAAAAGE!
Ramsay Street
Declan gets out of his car and watches Naomi storm out of #28's backyard, kicking over some cricket stumps in the process. Naomi jumps when Declan calls out to her, asking if everything's OK. She slaps on a smile and says that everything is fine.
Andrew walks down the #22 driveway on his mobile, checking up on the photographs. He's pleased they're almost ready. He and Declan have a confrontation about the campaign and whether or not Rebecca would approve. Declan reckons Andrew's in over his head but Andrew says he knows what he's doing. Declan power glares him, "You better hope you do".
Number 22
Lucas, Andrew and Paul are standing around admiring a life- size version of Pirate Net's Captain Skanky banner. Lucas and Andrew are full of praise but Paul is being unnervingly quiet about everything. It turns out he loves it - he was just psyching Andrew out.
PAUL: (grinning) You did a good job.
ANDREW: Must be a chip off the old block.
PAUL: Yeah, must be.
The next morning Paul and Andrew are still 'admiring' the banner. Paul tells his son that the banners are going to be plastered around the university today. Andrew leaves for school and Declan appears, looking sour. He reminds Paul that Andrew's only sixteen and has a personal agenda - that doesn't make for good business decisions. Declan warns Paul there'll be trouble if he sends Pirate Net down the gurgler, but Paul just dismisses his concerns.
Third Commercial Break
Erinsborough High
The teens, plus Chris, are talking about the Pirate Net campaign. Summer still can't believe Principal Williams would be OK with his daughter prancing about nearly naked on a poster. Kate calls for shush so she can introduce a new student - and wouldn't you know it, Natasha's joining Year 11. Andrew freaks - he thought she was 19! But Natasha just smiles and says she lied. Arrrr, never trust a pirate, matey. Andrew bolts out of the classroom and Kate is confused - why is the rum gone?
(Tomorrow on Neighbours)
LYN: Libby and the doctor, pretty smoochy smoochy.
SUSAN: Mmm. But of course Karl doesn't approve of Doug. No one is good enough for his little girl.
(Libby and Doug smoochy smooch - Lyn chats to Steph)
STEPH: They're flirting, they're having a bit of fun. He's her rebound guy.
(Lyn gives Libby some 'advice' to get her away from Doug)
LYN: Don't fall for someone who doesn't get along with your dad.
(Natasha's posters are around the uni - Andrew is worried)
PAUL: She is going to be everywhere.
(Michael is horrified when he sees them)
NATASHA: I was showing initiative.
MICHAEL: Yeah that's not all you were showing.
(Michael confronts Paul - Toadie is there as well)
PAUL: If you've got a complaint you can just write a letter.
MICHAEL: No I think I will tell you in person.
(Natasha lies about Andrew to Michael - Andrew's dumbstruck)
NATASHA: I said that I wasn't interested but he keeps hassling me.
(Another Paul and Michael confrontation)
MICHAEL: If you say anything about my daughter you'll be needing a new face, understand?
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Declan Napier, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5918
Declan Napier, Kate Ramsay

Andrew Robinson, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5918
Andrew Robinson, Zeke Kinski

Lucas Fitzgerald, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5918
Lucas Fitzgerald, Andrew Robinson

Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5918
Summer Hoyland

Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5918
Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams, Lucas Fitzgerald

Lucas Fitzgerald, Andrew Robinson, Harry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5918
Lucas Fitzgerald, Andrew Robinson, Harry Ramsay

Harry Ramsay, Andrew Robinson, Kate Ramsay, Michael Williams, Natasha Williams, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5918
Harry Ramsay, Andrew Robinson, Kate Ramsay, Michael Williams, Natasha Williams, Summer Hoyland

Harry Ramsay, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 5918
Harry Ramsay, Chris Pappas

Andrew Robinson, Michael Williams, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 5918
Andrew Robinson, Michael Williams, Natasha Williams

Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 5918
Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams

Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5918
Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman

Naomi Lord, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5918
Naomi Lord, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman

Andrew Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Paul Robinson, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 5918
Andrew Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Paul Robinson, Natasha Williams

Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5918
Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson

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