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Neighbours Episode 5915 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5915 (Last appearance of James Sorensen as Declan)
Australian airdate: 30/04/10
UK airdate: 18/06/10
Writer: David Hannam
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Scott ‘Griffo’ Griffin - Eamonn George
Summary/Images by: Carly/Emily
- Lyn finding out that Dan's the father of Steph's baby
- Paul yelling at Andrew for stuffing up Neighbour Day
- Kate finding out she got into teaching
- Andrew worming his way into staying in Erinsborough
- Andrew finding out that Paul could be fired from Lassiter's
Number 22
When Andrew hears Declan arrive home he puts on a show, pretending he was 'caught' looking at Paul's laptop. He shows Declan the email and tells him that Paul's in big trouble if he doesn't get his finances in order.
ANDREW: You can't tell Rebecca.
DECLAN: She's his wife, his business partner, she deserves to know.
ANDREW: Yeah but what's that going to mean for our family?
Something clicks inside Declan's brain and he becomes suspicious.
DECLAN: Our family? You want me to tell her.
ANDREW: What? No I don't.
DECLAN: You told me because you want me to tell her. You told me because it will mess with her marriage.
ANDREW: You're paranoid.
DECLAN: And you're pathetic. I wish I hadn't seen that.
ANDREW: Yeah but you have.
Andrew packs away the laptop in Paul's briefcase just as Rebecca wanders downstairs. She can see Declan looks worried and thinks he needs some sleep.
In the morning everyone's in the kitchen having brekkie (aside from Donna and India). Rebecca is telling Paul about some promotional ideas she has for Pirate Net, but he's not too keen (given his current financial state). Rebecca thinks he's just being cranky because he didn't think of the idea first, so Paul gives in and asks her to draw up the costs for him. Andrew gets a lift to school from Lucas and Rebecca heads off to work leaving Declan to confront Paul. He tells him he knows what went down in New York and that he needs to tell Rebecca the truth.
DECLAN: You promised no secrets.
PAUL: I'm handling it. You need to keep your nose out of my business.
DECLAN: Mum's business is my business.
PAUL: I mean it, Declan, do not cross me.
DECLAN: And I mean it, Paul, don't cross me and my mum.
PAUL: (glaring at him) I am taking care of it. And you will keep your mouth shut.
Harold's Store
Susan is handing out slices of cake to the Ramsay kids and Declan to celebrate Kate's first day of student teaching at Erinsborough High, but Kate is too nervous to eat. Even though Harry was a bit wary at first about having his sister in class, he and Sophie reckon Kate will be an awesome teacher, which cheers her up somewhat.
Erinsborough High
Libby is prepping Kate for the day ahead and says that even though she's done her observation rounds, actually teaching the kids is a different ball game. She says the trick is not to show weakness because the kids thrive on it. Libby heads into the classroom just as Harry finds Kate to say good luck and that he'll sort anyone out who messes with her.
Harry goes back around the corner to Summer (it looks as though they've made her stand on a box to fit in frame with the guys - weird), and Andrew, who comment on Kate's, "lamb to the slaughter" look. They say they'll go easy on Kate but Harry replies it's not them he's worried about. On cue, Griffo and his gang of morons appear going on about the "hottie" student teacher.
Kate stands at the front of the class looking like she wants to throw up. She meekly tries to get the students' attention but Libby has to step in when they won't listen. Callum stops by to let Libby know another teacher wants to see her, so Libby reluctantly leaves Kate on her own for a few minutes. Kate tells the kids to open their books to chapter nine, but gets flustered when she realises they're only up to chapter eight and she doesn't have the lesson plan. Griffo gives her a hard time, throwing crumpled up paper at her head for good measure, which makes Harry mad. He gets up to shove Griffo but Kate orders him to sit back down.
Lassiter's Complex
Declan glumly sits down with Lucas outside Harold's and wonders what his position on lying is. Lucas asks if his question has anything to do with this morning.
LUCAS: Come on, mate, the Frosties weren't just in the cereal bowls. I saw you and Paul.
Declan says that he's torn - if he tells Rebecca what the problem is, then he and Paul are done. He figures he could just leave things alone and in the hope that Paul will work everything out, but Lucas doesn't think Rebecca would be too impressed if everything went to crap and Declan had the opportunity to tell her about it earlier.
DECLAN: What about Paul?
LUCAS: Well if he's got you this freaked out maybe you don't owe him as much loyalty as you think you do.
Declan considers Lucas's advice and thanks him, asking him to keep their conversation in the cone of silence.
Declan finds Rebecca chatting with Susan about her Pirate Net ideas outside of Charlie's. Susan leaves them to talk and Rebecca tells him not to worry about the cost of everything; Pirate Net's doing well.
DECLAN: That's the thing, mum, we're not doing that good. Well at least Paul's not anyway.
REBECCA: What do you mean?
DECLAN: Paul's been lying to you.
Rebecca's face clouds over.
First Commercial Break
Lassiter's Complex
Declan says that if Pirate Net goes down then Rebecca's name is on all of the papers and the creditors will come looking for her. They'll bankrupt her and leave her with nothing. Rebecca tries to remain calm, for her own dignity more than anything, and says that she wants to give Paul the chance to tell her the truth himself. She thinks Paul's just waiting for the right moment, but judging by Declan's eye roll he doesn't agree, so Rebecca rings Paul to organise a chat. When she hangs up she lets Declan know he did the right thing by telling her the truth.
Andrew, with Summer and Harry in tow, sees Rebecca walk away from Declan and realises they've had 'The Chat'. He breaks out into a smirk and declares it to be a fantastic day. Andrew and Summer go off to get a table when Kate catches up with them. She thanks Harry for helping her out with Griffo and that she didn't mean to embarrass him by ordering him to sit down. She gives him a kiss on the cheek just as Griffo and his mates appear. They tease Kate, wondering where their kiss is, but she gets sassy and asks if he's that desperate for a kiss. Griffo sulks away after Kate threatens them with after- school detention if there's any more trouble. Libby has witnessed the ordeal and Kate worries she's overstepped the mark, but Libby says a taste of their own medicine never hurts.
Number 22
Rebecca arrives home to find Donna making a gourmet meal to take to Nick's.
DONNA: And for dessert I'm thinking of some sort of flummery. Is flummery too weird and old- fashioned? I only picked it because it was a cool word.
REBECCA: I don't know, Donna.
DONNA: I just don't want Nick to think I'm all stitched up and weird.
REBECCA: Donna I need you to go out - now.
REBECCA: Sorry, it's just that Paul's coming home and we need to...
DONNA: (thinking she gets it) Private time.
REBECCA: ... Talk. You understand that.
DONNA: Eww, yes, of course. You have fun talking, I will ask Susan about the flummery.
She dashes out just as Paul arrives home. Paul asks if Rebecca's OK - she looks a bit nervous - but Rebecca sits Paul down and asks him to look at some costs she's worked out for her Pirate Net idea. Paul thinks it's expensive, so Rebecca gives him more opportunities to spill, saying that he could cash flow her seeing as they're partners if things got tight.
PAUL: If things got tight? Where is this coming from?
REBECCA: Paul this is a sound idea. It will generate income for the company and raise the profile. I mean ordinarily you would jump at it.
PAUL: Yeah but we wouldn't want to do anything rash would we. Commit to something before having all the facts.
REBECCA: (her tone becomes steely) No, the facts are important.
PAUL: So we're agreed then? We won't take any action until we've considered the proposal further?
REBECCA: I don't know, Paul. I'd say the proposal's dead in the water.
Second Commercial Break
Charlie's Bar
Rebecca has summoned Toadie for legal advice about Pirate Net. Toadie says she may be able to get out of the contract if she has been mislead, but going to court against her own husband may be difficult to come back from relationship- wise. Rebecca understands but thinks this is the only way to get through to Paul. Toadie says he'll get the papers drawn up and they can serve him late this afternoon. He leaves just as Declan arrives and hears the tail end of the conversation. Declan's worried Rebecca's going too far but Rebecca says she's been played for a sucker long enough.
Erinsborough High
Kate is talking the Year 7s through an activity. They're pretty quiet, save for Callum who whispers to Sophie about how boring everything is. He gets up to retrieve his DS game from his locker, but lies and tells Kate he's getting another pen when she questions him.
KATE: And what do we do when we want to leave the classroom?
CALLUM: Open the door first?
The class giggles.
KATE: OK, take a seat, funny man. If anyone's going to be cracking jokes around here it's me.
CALLUM: But I'm so much funnier.
SOPHIE: Callum just cut it out.
KATE: (annoyed) Look, kids who think they know everything, Callum, aren't funny. They just need to grow up.
Callum looks hurt and walks out of the classroom. Libby quickly chases him followed by a chorus of, "Ooooh!" from the other students. Kate orders them back to work but looks rattled.
The kids listen in as Libby and Kate have a chat to Callum in the hallway. Callum says Kate was mean to him, but Libby says just because he knows her outside of school doesn't give him the right to be disrespectful. Lib makes Callum apologise to Kate, which he does begrudgingly. Kate tries to be super cheery with him and says she knows they got off to a bumpy start but that doesn't mean they still can't be friends outside of class. Callum is all, "Yeah, sure", but if looks could kill...
Number 22
Rebecca and Toadie look nervous when they hear the door but it's just Donna returning home. She asks what's going on but Declan appears from the kitchen and says they need to make themselves scarce. Rebecca adds that she and Paul are going through a rough patch and need some space, which is a shock for Donna. Paul walks in, surprised to see a crowd, which is Donna and Declan's cue to go upstairs.
PAUL: What's going on, darling?
REBECCA: I was hoping that it wouldn't come to this. I still am.
PAUL: Why do you need a lawyer?
REBECCA: This is your last chance, Paul. Is there something that you need to tell me?
PAUL: OK, this is just nuts.
Rebecca's face falls when Paul doesn't fess up and she nods at Toadie to go ahead.
TOADIE: (handing him an envelope) Paul Robinson you've been served.
PAUL: With what?
TOADIE: It's a petition to strike down the Pirate Net agreement between yourself and Rebecca.
Toadie gives Rebecca a wave goodbye as he heads out. Paul's gobsmacked that Rebecca wants to back out of the partnership but Rebecca retorts that it's not much of a partnership at all, "Business or otherwise". She's angry that he's keeping secrets from her and that Declan had to be the one to tell her about their money woes.
PAUL: (angry) I told him that in confidence.
REBECCA: You have to tell me everything or I'll walk.
PAUL: There is nothing that you need to be concerned about.
REBECCA: Fine. I'll get Toadie to handle the separation and divorce procedures as well.
Rebecca starts to walk out but Paul is completely shaken by her words and asks her to wait - he'll tell her everything.
Third Commercial Break
Number 22
Paul admits he was frightened about losing Rebecca and of who he would be if he lost the business, "That's who I am".
REBECCA: Is that all you think you are? Is that all you think I am?
PAUL: The whole divorce thing, that was a bit extreme wasn't it?
REBECCA: Extreme's the only thing you understand, Paul.
PAUL: But you wouldn't have gone through with it...
REBECCA: I guess we'll never know.
PAUL: Are we going to be OK?
REBECCA: Honestly, Paul, I don't know.
Rebecca stands and heads upstairs, giving Declan's hand a squeeze as she passes him at the entryway. Declan asks Paul if his mum's OK but Paul is on the warpath with him.
PAUL: You betrayed me.
DECLAN: No, I was protecting my mum.
PAUL: I treat you like a son and you betray me.
DECLAN: You are not my father.
Paul looks stung. Declan goes to check on Rebecca, realising that Andrew has been hovering near the front door listening to them. Paul sits on the couch and Andrew stands behind him.
ANDREW: Dad whatever's happened I'm here for you OK? No matter what.
PAUL: Thanks mate.
Andrew grins. Everything is falling into place.
(Monday on Neighbours)
KYLE: I've just got to find the right approach.
(Kyle helps Rebecca hang up some banners in Charlie's - Paul looks suss)
(Andrew chats with Paul)
ANDREW: That stuff with Kyle, I've seen it before. Since you've been away for so long I thought you might want to know.
(A gaggle of women order martinis - Andrew deliberately bumps into Kyle so the drinks spill on him - Kyle strips off his shirt to change it - Paul is annoyed)
SUSAN: Paul you're feeling threatened!
PAUL: Oh rubbish.
(Naomi has a word with Donna)
NAOMI: You probably shouldn't be there if it makes people uncomfortable.
(Donna approaches Naomi & Ringo just as they're about to kiss)
DONNA: I changed my mind about the movie, I think I'll come after all.
NAOMI: For what it's worth I think it's really sweet you two are still friends.
DONNA: I'm glad.
(Naomi puts on the crocodile tears for Ringo)
NAOMI: She hates me! She actually hates me!
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Declan Napier, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5915
Declan Napier, Andrew Robinson

Declan Napier, Sophie Ramsay, Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy, Kate Ramsay, Harry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5915
Declan Napier, Sophie Ramsay, Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy, Kate Ramsay, Harry Ramsay

Libby Kennedy, Kate Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5915
Libby Kennedy, Kate Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson, Kate Ramsay, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5915
Andrew Robinson, Kate Ramsay, Summer Hoyland

Harry Ramsay, Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5915
Harry Ramsay, Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson

Harry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5915
Harry Ramsay

Lucas Fitzgerald, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5915
Lucas Fitzgerald, Declan Napier

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5915
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5915
Toadie Rebecchi, Rebecca Napier

Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5915
Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay

Sophie Ramsay, Libby Kennedy, Callum Jones, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5915
Sophie Ramsay, Libby Kennedy, Callum Jones, Kate Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5915
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Paul Robinson, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5915
Paul Robinson, Declan Napier

Paul Robinson, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5915
Paul Robinson, Declan Napier

Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5915
Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson

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