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Neighbours Episode 5718 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5718
Australian airdate: 24/06/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Sue Hore
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Nurse Jodie Smith - Mary Annegeline
Dr Veronica Olenski - Caroline Lloyd
Summary/Images by: LauraFace/Graham
Miranda, Susan and Karl giving Rebecca and Paul their blessing
Karl fretting about Zeke and Sunny going missing especially as her parents didn't know she was going
Declan and Lucas lowering a rope to Zeke but he's incapable of moving from the horror of the flashback of being kidnapped
Zeke back up the cliff and not recognising Declan or Lucas
Zeke telling Sunny that all of the stuff he couldn't remember on the day of the rafting trip had some back
Bridget giving birth to a baby girl
The baby having to go to hospital from weak vital signs and Bridget tells Declan to go with her.
Bridget wants to go and see Tadpole but she can't go as her blood pressures elevated. Declan is already in hospital and tries to calm Bridget down, however she only wants to see her baby and doesn't care about herself. Declan tells her to do what the doctors say and he'll be with her soon. Declan waits outside as Miranda, Steve and Rebecca turn up asking how Tadpole is. Declan miserably says they're working on her and Rebecca hugs him. My turn to hug him after Rebecca.
Later, Sunny and Zeke are waiting as Ringo and Donna arrive. Donna's gone to fine out what's happening as Ringo approaches Sunny and Zeke, saying they should see a doctor. Zeke says the ambo checked them out and they're fine. Ringo presses on to Zeke that he should get checked out but Zeke cuts ahead and insists he's fine. Obviously worried, Ringo simply walks away and Susan and Karl turn up, glad to see them. Zeke says they're ok and Karl says that he's spoken to Mr Lee. Sunny and Zeke are immediately guilty and Sunny is sorry. Susan wants to discuss it at home but Zeke wants to stay for Didge. Karl reveals that Sunny's father wants her on the first plane to Seoul and suggests they go home.
In Bridget's room, Didge is feeling upset and guilty that she should have been looking after Tadpole and instead went to a music festival and put her in danger. Dr Olenski turns up saying that the baby's heart rate's stabilized and she's pinked up but still needs to be monitored but so far so good. Jodie gives Bridget a picture of her newborn and everyone coo's at how cute she is, including me. Bridget's desperate to see her but she can't until her blood pressure's stabilized. Didge wants Declan to see her and it's fine for him to go and he brings Miranda and Rebecca along with him.
In the intensive baby care unit, Declan, Rebecca and Miranda walk in and everyone's wearing the most cutest aprons! But even more cuter is Baby Napier, looking so adorable and already into the Winnie the Pooh clique wearing the stylish nappy! Declan puts his hand in the incubator to touch his daughter. (aw!)
DECLAN: Hey Tadpole. It's Dad.
Harold's Store
Rebecca fills Toadie, Steph, Susan, Dan and Libby in on what's going on. Toadie and Steph comment on the rough introduction to parenthood as they're only kids themselves. Libby's keeping quiet on the baby talk and Rebecca goes off back to the hospital. Libby notices Dan giving her looks and says she wasn't thinking about the surrogacy and they're expecting the boys final decision about whether they're allowed to go ahead with it. Susan excuses herself to meet Ringo, who's sitting all on his own eating crisps. He asks how Zeke is and Susan says he's ok. Karl's only giving him a bit of a telling off. Ringo didn't mean about that and tells Susan that he was acting weird and Susan wants to know in what way.
Number 28
Zeke is anxiously waiting for Sunny to tell him what her father said on the phone to her but Karl's explaining how she lied about many things and her grades dropping, which Zeke says is his fault. Susan walks in and awkwardly confronts Zeke that she heard he had been acting strangely yesterday. Karl want's to know what happened and Zeke's desperately trying to cover it up by saying everyone's exaggerating.
SUSAN: Your friends are worried about you, they said that you were seeing things.
KARL: Seeing things?!
ZEKE: They're exaggerating!
SUSAN: Were they exaggerating when you said they didn't recognise them?
ZEKE: The ambos checked me out. The lady said I was fine.
KARL: Did you tell her about the hallucinations?
Zeke doesn't answer and turns away.
SUSAN: Zeke?!
Sunny comes out in the nick of time and reveals that she's allowed to stay in Australia but not with Zeke. Her parent's are contacting a new host family in Sydney. Zeke's gutted.
Harold's Store
Steph is shopping and Kate comments on the cute toy Steph's buying for Tadpole. Kate throws in a free muffin that Bridget always buys and Steph asks why she doesn't give it to her herself but Kate won't because she doesn't really know Bridget. Steph says it might be time she should get to know her. Steph bumps into Zeke and asks about Libby as she's supposed to be hearing from the hospital.
ZEKE: No, apparently kicking Sunny out is more important at the moment.
He walks over to get a drink and Steph asks if he's ok. Zeke says he's fine but Sunny's in her room crying because her folks want her to move to Sydney. Steph asks why and Zeke says because he is apparently a bad influence and there's no chance they'll change their minds. Steph's surprised and she says he must be a bad influence before leaving. Zeke calls her before she goes and wonders if he can ask her something.
Also, this happened with Taylah so somehow he must be a bad influence. Zeke doesn't get on very well with parents, does he?
Number 28
Karl is saying that he has no idea how to handle everything and Susan says to take it slowly but Karl wouldn't barge in with Zeke in the state he is. Karl simply thought he was through this. Speak of the devil, he walks in with Steph, calls out Sunny and has reveals he has a solution. Zeke says because Sunny's dad doesn't want her living in the same house as him and nobody wants Sunny to leave, he's saying he wants to move in with Steph. Susan and Karl think it's a silly idea straight away but Zeke's already thought it through about her schooling and how it would be silly to move cities in the middle of the school year because her grades will go down and her dad would be even more angry. Susan asks Steph, who thinks it'll be fine and Zeke's very good with Charlie. Zeke says he'll help cooking, cleaning and babysitting. Sunny asks Susan and Karl to talk to her father about it.
Bridget is staring at her only link to her baby, the picture and looks very sad. Suddenly, Donna opens the door and grabs Didge's attention.
DONNA: Where are your olds?
BRIDGET: They've gone to get breakfast!
Donna calls Ringo in with a wheelchair, ready to break her out. Bridget holds out her hand for Donna to help her into the chair but Donna's reluctant to take it.
DONNA: Last time I held your hand, you almost broke my fingers.
BRIDGET: (getting into the chair) Where are Zeke and Sunny?
RINGO: You know Zeke. No good at secret missions.
They go out the front door but Jodie catches them out, asking where they're going. Ringo says canteen whereas Donna says toilet. Ringo then says toilet and Donna says canteen. Real cool, guys.
BRIDGET: We're gunna go and see my baby and I don't care if you try and stop me.
JODIE: I wouldn't dream of it.
Bridget beams and goes on the way to see her baby.
Declan is in the baby care as Bridget is wheeled in and she finally gets to see her baby, who is making the cutest noises!
BRIDGET: Dec, we made her.
Back in the hospital room, Bridget learns they can't move her yet and they're waiting for test results. Veronica tells Bridget to rest and leaves them all to it. Miranda says that Bridget should rest and her little girl will need a lot of TLC. Declan tells them he's going for a walk and Rebecca watches him leave, concerned.
Declan is getting angry and a vending machine for not giving him is food but Paul rocks up out of nowhere and tells him how to use the gentle power of persuasion on a vending machine, which is to shake it, hit it and out comes the prize. If only that would really happen! Paul asks how Tadpole is and Declan says she's still in intensive care. As Rebecca watches in secret, Paul thinks Declan's handling everything really well as most guys would cave under the pressure and get out of there. Declan just wants to help but Paul says he already is by being there.
Harold's Store
Kate's reconsidering going to see Bridget in hospital. Harry wonders why, it's not like they're best friends but Kate thinks it's respectable to.
HARRY: Good way to make friends, just have a baby. Everyone knocks themselves out to visit you.
Kate tells him to lighten up and Harry goes on about having to say the baby's beautiful even if it's the ugliest baby ever. Kate gives Libby and Dan their drinks and Libby orders a muffin. Kate goes back as Libby gets a call saying they've made a decision about the surrogacy.
Number 28
Awkward times at the K residence as Susan and Karl sit at one end of the table giving serious eyes to Zeke at the other end. Sunny says that she can stay if Zeke moves out but Karl and Susan haven't given permission. Zeke says that he's worked out jobs and what not but Susan and Karl are concerned about what happened in the ravine.
KARL: Apparently you were completely disorientated when you came out of that ravine.
ZEKE: Yeah, ok, I was a little bit but I hit my head.
KARL: You were hallucinating!
SUSAN: You can understand why we're concerned and why it may not be the best time for you to move out.
ZEKE: No, I was knocked out, that's all.
KARL: Oh, come on Zeke.
ZEKE: Ok, we walked back to camp and we packed up. We came back here and I had a good night's sleep. I'm fine. (To Sunny) Tell them. (She doesn't answer.) Sunny, tell them.
SUNNY: You're not ok.
ZEKE: Sunny.
Sunny says she's not going to lie and says it was about when Zeke went missing. Sunny says he was confused and thought he was back there. Zeke's got nothing to say and immediately clams up after trying to make out he was ok. Sunny wants him to talk to someone about his troubles and Libby and Dan burst in all happy saying that the hospital okayed the surrogacy. Sunny and Zeke are skeeping quiet, especially troubled Zeke. Karl and Susan end up cheering with them and Zeke moves out into the corridor, sunny following him as Karl and Susan watch on concerned.
Paul has given Bridget and Declan a very large gift voucher for the essentials they need to Tadpole. Veronica walks in and says the test results are fine. Bridget wants to know when she can see her but Tadpole's already there!
BRIDGET: Hey, Tadpole!
STEVE: Tadpole! I hope you're going to change that name!
PAUL: What about Paula? Eh? Alright, just putting it out there!
Bridget holds Tadpole for the very first time and I've gone all mushy at the cuteness! Miranda brings everyone up for photos and they get many of them, pretty much all of them with Tadpole giving a cute little cheeky face! Aw!
Number 28
Zeke's watching TV as Susan and Karl walk in and ask Zeke to talk to someone about what's happened and a professional. Susan and Karl say that if he does so, they'll agree to Zeke's moving out.
ZEKE: That's blackmail.
SUSAN: We prefer the term negotiation.
KARL: Zeke, you need help and you know it. You can't pretend this isn't happening. And working with Dr Levi will help you sort things out.
Zeke agrees. Susan then brings up the subject of a family celebration, just pizza and a few drinks. Zeke says he was wanting to see Didge and Dec but Karl thinks they need family time. Zeke asks who's paying for pizza and Susan's hand is pointing at Karl straight away, not even looking at him and he knows he's defeated.
ZEKE: Well, if you throw in garlic bread and some desert, I'm in.
KARL: That's blackmail.
ZEKE: I prefer the term negotiation.
Karl and Susan go to order and Zeke gives a smile to Sunny who was listening in the doorway.
Donna is commenting on how beautiful Tadpole is.
DONNA: No wonder, she's got your eyes.
DECLAN: Hey, she's got some of my genes too
RINGO: Yeah, poor kid.
Zeke and Sunny finally rock up and Sunny gasps at how gorgeous she is. Ringo looks at Zeke concerned but Zeke ignores him.
ZEKE: Congratulations, mate.
DECLAN: Thank you, but Didge did all the heavy lifting.
BRIDGET: Don't worry, when you get home you'll be changing heaps of nappies.
DECLAN: Does anyone else want a cuddle?
After Sunny says she'd be scared to drop her, Donna elects someone else to hold her.
DONNA: Give her to Paul. That'll be hilarious.
PAUL: No, I'm fine sitting here thanks very much. Come on, besides, I'll frighten the little tyke with this face.
Declan moves around to give her to Paul, who poses for a photo once he has her.
DONNA: You look kind of unco.
PAUL: It's been a very long time.
DONNA: But it's still nice, I actually wasn't expecting that.
Bridget asks if he'd like to be called Grandpa Paul but Paul says they're technically not related. Rebecca says they could change that and proposes.
Later, Paul and Rebecca are talking outside, Rebecca trying to get a straight answer from him. Paul says it's not that simple. Kate and Harry turn up for Bridget and they walk in. Paul says that he's not good enough for Rebecca but she thinks she should be the judge of that.
REBECCA: I'm asking you to marry me.
PAUL: And I'm saying no.
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Declan Napier, Nurse Jodie Smith, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5718
Declan Napier, Nurse Jodie Smith, Bridget Parker

Declan Napier, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5718
Declan Napier, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker

Sunny Lee, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5718
Sunny Lee, Zeke Kinski

India Napier in Neighbours Episode 5718
India Napier

Miranda Parker, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5718
Miranda Parker, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier

Susan Kennedy, Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Rebecca Napier, Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5718
Susan Kennedy, Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Rebecca Napier, Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald

Susan Kennedy, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5718
Susan Kennedy, Ringo Brown

Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5718
Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Sunny Lee in Neighbours Episode 5718
Sunny Lee

Steph Scully, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5718
Steph Scully, Zeke Kinski

Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee in Neighbours Episode 5718
Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee

Bridget Parker, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5718
Bridget Parker, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5718
Bridget Parker

Paul Robinson, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5718
Paul Robinson, Declan Napier

Kate Ramsay, Harry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5718
Kate Ramsay, Harry Ramsay

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5718
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Declan Napier, India Napier, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5718
Declan Napier, India Napier, Bridget Parker

Steve Parker, Declan Napier, India Napier, Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5718
Steve Parker, Declan Napier, India Napier, Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker, Rebecca Napier

Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5718
Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Paul Robinson, India Napier, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5718
Paul Robinson, India Napier, Rebecca Napier

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5718
Rebecca Napier

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