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Neighbours Episode 5609 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5609
Australian airdate: 22/01/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Perri Cummings
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Tegan Freedman - Chelsea Jones
Kelly Katsis - Michaela Milosevic
Andrew Simpson - Peter Flanigan
Simon Freedman - Mauricio Merino Jr
Samantha Fitzgerald - Simone Buchanan
- "Hangin Around" by Anika Moa
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/Graham
- Rebecca berating Paul for publishing an inflammatory story about Andrew Simpson
- Kelly coming up with an idea to get Callum to wear his patch.
- Sam telling Libby that it's only natural that the baby will be the most important thing in Dan's life.
- Libby telling Steph she's going to try IVF
- Tegan telling Donna that they had to leave because their mum has a new boyfriend.
- Karl telling Susan that he will find Zeke.
- Susan's legs going weak as Karl drives away.
Number 28
Susan is drying dishes and trying to find out if Karl is still with the search. She's still weak and her vision keeps blurring. She drops a plate and Libby and Dan arrive. Susan hugs her daughter who asks where Karl is, they came to tell them they'd set a date for the wedding. They thought it might be nice to have something to look forward to and Susan agrees. She tears up as she says that they'll all be there to celebrate. All of them.
Number 22
Donna, Tegan and Simon are playing "Frustration", Simon's all grouchy and would rather watch TV. Donna says it's a good opportunity for them to catch up, it's been ages.
SIMON: I wonder who's fault that is?
DONNA: I had to get out of there, you know how Dad is.
Tegan quickly changes the subject as she wants to know all about Ringo, speaking of, he's at the door. Simon mutters to Tegan about why they have to stay. Apparently there mum says so...oo er, mysterious. Ringo bears the news that there's a pirate party going on over at number 30. Donna asks if they want to go. Yes they do.
Number 30
Donna asks for permission to step aboard and Callum lets the gang from over the road in, eying up Tegan as she passes. She isn't impressed to see it's a children's party. Lou (who seems to wearing his patch over his Cyclops eye) is excited to hear that the woman from Human Services approves of Toadie being Callum's legal guardian. Cal offers Tegan some punch informing her that the lime keeps the scurvy away.
TEGAN: So, why the party?
CALLUM: I've got Amblyopia.
TEGAN: Oh no. Really?
CALLUM: The doctors say I should live as normally as possible for as long as possible. Would you hold my hand?
Donna and Ringo snigger as they watch them, but there's tension in the air as Libby and Dan arrive. Libby says the party's a great idea, but doesn't sound too convinced.
Number 28
Susan lets Andrew in, who is so terribly sorry for what happened to Zeke. He says he takes full responsibility but Susan says they spoke to the other kids and they don't blame him. Andrew doesn't think he should have made Kyle the captain, but Susan understands why he did and would have done so herself.
ANDREW: That's very kind. I thought after the article in the paper...
SUSAN: Paul Robinson buys my time, he doesn't buy my opinions.
Rebecca arrives and Andrew decides it's time to leave. Rebecca asks him if he's o.k. and asks him to call her as she'd like to talk. He gets tetchy and leaves. Susan feels sorry for him and so does Rebecca, particularly as Paul is targeting him to get at her. Susan is going to give him a serve when she sees him at work she needs the distraction. Rebecca is concerned because Susan doesn't look so good but asks her to let her know if she does find out about any more of Paul's plans.
Number 30
Didge and Declan come to join the party, they make straight for the food and start to mess about. Dan asks Libby if she can see the two of them as parents and Libby thinks Bridget and Declan will make good parents, just as she thinks she and Dan would make good parents. Dan thinks they do alright with Ben, but Libby means a baby through IVF. Dan says he won't go through what he did yesterday again, nearly losing her. Libby counters that they'll be careful and that Dr Olenski said it would be o.k. as long as she was properly monitored. Dan wants to know if it has anything to do with Sam (yes) but no, of course it doesn't. She tells him that it has nothing to do with Sam, she just came by the hospital to give her some flowers and wish them all the best for the wedding. She thought Dan would be happy. He says nothing so she walks away.
Later on, Tegan has managed to get away from Callum. She tells Donna, Didge and Declan that she feels mean as he hasn't got very long.
DECLAN: To do what?
TEGAN: You know...he's got a horrible illness.
They laugh and tell her she was sucked in. Amblyopia means he has a lazy eye! Callum finds them and asks Tegan if she'd like another punch.
TEGAN: Get lost you little pervert.
CALLUM: Hey, happy to detach, you were getting kinda clammy.
Over in the other corner Ringo tries to engage Simon in conversation. Simon appears to be a "dunno" kind of a guy so Ringo tries a different tack asking what brought him and his sister to Erinsborough in the first place. A bus. Goodo! Simon asks Donna if they can go and he and Tegan beat a hasty retreat to number 22. Ringo sarcastically remarks that Simon seems friendly. Oblivious to the sarcasm Donna agrees saying that she really didn't want them there, but now that they are, she's so happy to see them! She can't understand why she hated them for so long. It's all perfect.
Erinsborough News
Sam is showing Paul some info she got on Andrew Simpson from Freedom of Information. Susan arrives and wonders when Paul will give it a rest. Paul thought she was taking some time off and asks if there's anything he can do. Yes, he could stop the vendetta against Andrew. She tells him that she saw Andrew yesterday and he was very upset. Paul says he should be because it's not the first time he's been called to account for negligence. He passes Susan the information to read for herself, but Susan's vision is too blurry to read. Sam points out that he was acquitted, and Paul agrees they will print that...just somewhere towards to the back of the story. Paul and Sam go off to discuss another story and Susan puts the information into her bag and calls Rebecca immediately. They arrange to meet.
Grease Monkey's
Lucas spots Susan walking along the other side of the road and she seems to be having a bit of trouble. He calls out to her twice, but she doesn't hear. She continues to gingerly make her way along the street, holding onto the shop window fronts for support , her eyesight blurry and legs weak (NB. Couple of shots of Marlene's old Bric-a-Brac place). Lucas runs across to help her just in time as she's about to collapse. He sits her down and asks if she needs to go to the hospital. She says no, she just needs to go home.
Number 28
Lucas helps Susan into the house and sits her on the sofa. He asks if he should call Libby but there's no need, nor to call Karl. She'd rather not worry Karl as he's having a hard time enough as it is. Susan thanks Lucas for his help but insists she's fine; she just needs some rest. He's not keen on leaving her alone but Susan points out that help is close at hand.
SUSAN: I just don't want my family to have the extra stress. Please, Lucas.
He reluctantly relents and leaves.
The Gym
Lucas finds Dan punching the living daylights out of the punch bag and remarks that he's glad that they get along these days. Lucas wonders whom he's beating up. Can't be Libby or Sam and Dan admits it's himself, mainly. He explains that Libby wants to have a baby through IVF. Lucas doesn't see what the problem is, she loves him, is going to marry him, wants to start a family with him...Dan is worried that she had one talk with Sam and then got this idea. Lucas tells him to go home and get in some baby-making practise. How many practise calls to the stalk can you make? Before he leaves, Lucas tells Dan to tell Libby to talk to her mum because people should be good to their mums. Wise man.
Harold's Store
Andrew quite literally bumps into Paul who wants to ask him about an accident a few years back. Andrew has nothing to say. Paul warns that the story will go to print with or without his comments. He tells Paul to go to hell. Rebecca comes over and Andrew says he doesn't want her to be seen in public with him. She tells him she knows about the charges. They sit down and he tells her all about it. A few years ago he'd just been made Sergeant in the army reserves and the truck he was driving rolled. The Private in the truck with him was killed. Andrew tells Rebecca that although he was cleared of the charges, it doesn't make it any easier. He doesn't want her to get caught in the crossfire when the story goes to print. She tells him she's not going anywhere.
ANDREW: I don't want you to get hurt.
REBECCA: Then don't push me away.
Number 22
Ringo puts his head around the door and calls to see if anyone's at home. Simon comes down the stairs with his bag and tries to leave, but Ringo stops him. He asks if he's told Donna. He hasn't. He tries to push past - Ringo pushes him back. Ringo tells him that Donna told him that she was stoked to see her brother and sister so Simon's not going anywhere until he says goodbye to her. Simon pulls a really ugly face.
SIMON: She's really got you sucked in hasn't she? You're not the first, just one in a long line of dopey boyfriends.
Ringo lunges at him and holds him up against the wall....just as Donna and Tegan arrive. Donna wants to know what's going on. Simon complains that he think Ringo ripped his shirt.
DONNA: Don't worry, he'll pay for a new one.
RINGO: I'm not going to buy him a new shirt. I only grabbed him because he was trying to leave.
DONNA: He wouldn't leave without telling me.
RINGO: Ok, alright, what's his bag doing here then?
Donna turns to her brother for an explanation. He admits he was going because why would he want to stay? He tells her to tell Ringo why their parents split up. He shouts at her that she lied to their dad about their mum getting with other guys. She tells him she didn't say anything to him, he sprung them. Simon says (oh dear, inappropriate moment for a joke?) that Donna got what she wanted; she always wanted their dad to herself. Donna is upset and Ringo tells Simon that if he wants to leave, he should go now. Tegan tells him that he can't leave and he knows why. She asks Donna not to kick them out. Donna assures her that nobody is kicking them out. Simon angrily (and still with that seriously ugly face) snarls that he'll stay but everyone better stay out of his face. If he perfects his pout, he could be a replacement for Zeke.
Harold's Store
Speaking of Zeke, one of the waitresses carries out a news board "Teen lost in rafting fiasco". Libby is sitting staring into space until Dan snaps her out of her thoughts with a present.
LIBBY: You don't have to buy me a present every time we have a difference of opinion.
DAN: Well who says we have a difference of opinion?
The gift is a pair of boxer shorts (with chickens on?) because a guy who's trying to make a baby shouldn't wear restrictive clothing. My goodness, we are getting all the gory details! They hug.
Paul tries to pay for Sam's drink by way of thanks for the Freedom of Information thing, but she knocks him back, just as Rebecca comes in to knock seven bells out of him! She wants to know why he's printing the story. Paul says that parents deserve to know that their kids are safe. Rebecca says they both know that's not the reason. Paul tells her he doesn't have to explain himself to her because they're not in a relationship anymore. Rebecca wants to know when he'll accept that she's moved on.
PAUL: Didn't seem like you'd moved on the other night...
REBECCA: That was a mistake, Paul, it'll never happen again.
PAUL: Well we all have to pay for our mistakes Rebecca, even your boyfriend.
REBECCA: He's a good man.
PAUL: In that case he won't be afraid of the truth.
REBECCA: You'll ruin him.
PAUL: The truth hurts doesn't it?
REBECCA: So there's nothing I can do to stop you running this article?
Paul just looks at her.
The Gym
Rebecca comes into meet Andrew and he says he was thinking about the conversation they had earlier and she's right. He has nothing to be ashamed of. She thinks he was right too, she thinks they should stop seeing each other. She tells him it has nothing to do with the accident, but she thinks that it's a case of really bad timing for both of them. It'll be better for both of them. Andrew accepts what she's said and tells her it was a pleasure getting to know her.
Number 28
The phone on the kitchen counter rings. Susan just looks at it.
After the break the phone has stopped ringing, but Susan is still sitting on the sofa staring into space. Libby comes in and says she got a weird message from Lucas to spend some time with her so she thinks they should go for a walk. Susan protests that she's just walked half of Erinsborough. Libby thinks a walk will do them good. Susan doesn't want to go for a walk she just wants to sit. Libby asks if she's o.k.
SUSAN: I can't walk. I can't even stand up.
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Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5609
Susan Kennedy

Donna Freedman, Simon Freedman, Tegan Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5609
Donna Freedman, Simon Freedman, Tegan Freedman

Tegan Freedman, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 5609
Tegan Freedman, Callum Jones

Susan Kennedy, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5609
Susan Kennedy, Rebecca Napier

Donna Freedman, Tegan Freedman, Declan Napier, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5609
Donna Freedman, Tegan Freedman, Declan Napier, Bridget Parker

Samantha Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5609
Samantha Fitzgerald

Susan Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5609
Susan Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald

Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5609
Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald

Andrew Simpson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5609
Andrew Simpson, Rebecca Napier

Ringo Brown, Simon Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5609
Ringo Brown, Simon Freedman

Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown, Tegan Freedman, Simon Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5609
Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown, Tegan Freedman, Simon Freedman

 in Neighbours Episode 5609

Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5609
Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5609
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5609
Susan Kennedy

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