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Neighbours Episode 5610 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5610
Australian airdate: 23/01/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Senior Sergeant Elise Caskey - Elise Dickinson
Trevor Maguire - Adam McConvell
Nurse Jodie Smith - Mary Annegeline
Samantha Fitzgerald - Simone Buchanan
Summary/Images by: lollie782/Graham
- Rebecca feeling bad about what Paul's doing to Andrew. Susan saying she'll talk to Paul
- Susan telling Paul Andrew's extremely upset about what's happened; Paul saying he should be as it's not the first time
- Rebecca mad at Paul and realising that there's nothing she can do to stop him running the article
- Rebecca breaking up with Andrew
- Rachel angry she got offered a recording contract and ripping it up after Ty told her not to throw away this opportunity.
- Susan telling Libby she can walk or even stand up
Number 28
Susan is being taken off on a bed provided by the ambulance and Libby asks if she should call Karl. Susan says no because he hasn't been coping well and he doesn't need this but Libby thinks he should be there and starts to dial. Harold appears concerned when he saw the ambulance and Libby tells him Susan's had a relapse. On the way out Susan tells Libby to promise her she won't call him. Reluctantly, Libby hangs up and runs out to be with her Harold following.
Erinsborough News
Rebecca walks in and tells Paul she did what he wanted and he should keep his part of the deal. Sam and Elle want to know what deal they're on about so Rebecca explains that if she stopped seeing Andrew Paul would bury the story. Elle and Sam are taken aback.
PAUL: We can put the Andrew Simpson story on ice for now. We can always use it later. Circumstances change.
REBECCA: (shocked) Why do you want to keep it? For blackmail?
PAUL: Insurance.
REBECCA: If you want to own me Paul, why don't you put a chain around my neck and be done with it!
Rebecca storms out leaving things quite awkward in which Sam leaves. Paul wanders into his office followed by a fuming Elle asking how he could have done that. Paul says he did it for her own good and she'll be thanking him someday. Elle tells him he can't force her into loving him with bullying and manipulation. Paul says he gave her an option and she took it and Elle says he needs to fix it. He needs to apologise and admit he was out of line. Paul says she's the only one out of line.
ELLE: You...are a nightmare.
Harold's Store
Ty pours a mound of spare change on the counter counting his money, Toadie and Rachel behind him. Toadie offer him change, going into pirate mode offering his pieces of 8 arrrr! Rachel and Ty looking quizzically at him. Ty says he's fine and he has the money and says the same to Rachel when she tells him to use her note. Toadie asks Rachel if there's any news on Zeke and she simply replies no. Ty asks how the pirate party went.
TOADIE: It's tough work being a pirate. There's only so many planks you can walk and sword fights to have. I need some caffeine if I ever get a chance to order.
Ty quickly apologises as he finally manages 6 bucks in change. Rachel says she could have got it for him but Ty says he had the money even if it cleaned him out. Rachel regrets knocking back the record deal to sing Ty's songs. Ty says that's all over and done with and Rachel has enough to worry about. Ty get's paid tomorrow. Rachel says that he wanted the deal really badly.
TY: Yeah, but you didn't.
Rachel's phone rings answering it. It's Libby.
Jodie is taking Susan's blood pressure telling her its all good as Rachel watches from the window, Harold watching behind her. Libby turns up telling her she couldn't even stand. Rachel says she didn't know but Libby tells her none of them did, she was hiding it. Rachel asks where Karl is, he should be here. Libby says he's out in the search and that Susan didn't want them to call him. Rachel asks why not but Libby doesn't answer. Rachel repeats the question to which Libby answers that Susan think's he's not coping with Zeke's disappearance. Rachel thinks it's stupid and he should be there for Susan. Harold agrees so Libby heads off to call him.
Charlie's Bar
Elle is telling Lucas what Paul did to Rebecca after calling him names. Lucas thinks Andrew and Rebecca could patch things up without Paul knowing but Elle says they can't because he's kept the story under files insurance. Lucas thinks she looks hot when she's angry. His flattery worked: he got a smack for it. Lucas thinks she should get even.
Erinsborough News
Lucas and Elle sneak into Sam's office. Lucas asks what they're looking for and Elle says its an FOI report. Lucas has no idea what that means so she says it stands for 'Freedom Of Information' and it's a report with the bit's the government don't want you to see blanked out. Elle gives him a file to look through and he asks why they're whispering as Sam walks in. They're backs are turned from the door so they don't see her standing there listening. Elle says they're whispering in case somebody comes in.
LUCAS: But you said Sam and Paul were at a meeting for another hour.
ELLE: Well, in case they-
SAM: What? They come back early? (Lucas and Elle are surprised and turn around quickly, looking guilty.) Last time I checked, this was my desk.
ELLE: We answered your phone, just looking for a scrap piece of paper to write you a message.
Sam asks who it was and Elle says they didn't say followed by a snort from Lucas suppressing his laughter. Elle admits to looking for the FOI report looking to prove Andrew Simpson's not guilty. Sam then pulls it out from her bag and gives it to them, wishing them luck as there's not a lot there to go on.
Rachel is sitting with Susan, sorry that she wasn't there when she got sick and she should have been there for her. Susan tells her not to be so silly and tells her she should be looking after herself. She asks how Ty is and Rachel says he's broke and she ruined his life and now Susan's sick. Susan tells her there's nothing she could have done and makes her promise not to give herself such a hard time. Jodie comes in and asks Rachel to pop outside. She does and Libby asks her if she's OK. Karl hastily appears hugging Libby, asking if she knew. Libby says she had no idea and now they have to wait as they watch through the window. Harold asks Rachel if she's OK. She says she is and now that Karl's here she'll be fine and asks Harold to tell them she's gone. Karl walks in Susan's room and asks what he's doing there; she made Libby promise not to call him. Karl says she always was the disobedient kid.
KARL: I'm so sorry.
SUSAN: (teary) Me too.
They hug each other, sadly.
Number 30
Toadie is on the phone to Hamish about the contract offer, Rachel sitting there with the same face she's had all week: emotionless. When he gets off the phone Rachel asks what he said.
TOADIE: I take it you've talked about this with Karl and Susan?
RACHEL: Of course.
TOADIE: And that Ty's happy to have you negotiate on his behalf?
TOADIE: And that you're sure that having a scary multi-national record company run your life is exactly what you want to do?
RACHEL: (long pause as Rachel's taken aback by this.) Toadie!
TOADIE: They said yes.
Toadie asks if this is something she wants to do right now. She says yes and Toadie welcomes her into national recording fame. They hug in celebration however Toadie is the only one happy about it as Rachel doesn't look totally happy with herself.
Charlie's Bar
Ty is behind the bar as Rebecca walks in and asks jokingly if she had a long lunch with the headmaster, boss. Rebecca ignores him and asks if he put the deliveries in the cool-room. Ty doesn't answer and she guesses no. Rebecca noticed the glass he's about to serve wine in has lipstick on and tells him to clean it up and cut the jokes on headmasters. She leaves as Rachel runs in and stops at the bar.
TY: How's Susan?
RACHEL: I'm signing with default.
She says the contracts all sorted. Ty's not exactly pleased and she asks for enthusiasm. Ty says with Susan sick and Zeke missing it doesn't seem like the best of times and he hopes she didn't do it because he had trouble buying coffee. Rachel says its about their chance for a whole new life. Elle and Lucas turn up asking for Rebecca. Ty tells them where she is warning them that she's in a bad mood. Elle reaches her and says they have the FOI reports on Andrew. Rebecca asks if she told him and Elle says they're trying to discredit Paul radically. Rebecca tells them not to bother. Elle says she can't let him get away with treating her like this but Rebecca says he already has and they're going to have to start looking for a new manager.
REBECCA: I'm sorry I just can't stay here while that...
LUCAS: Creep?...Maggot? Jerk!
REBECCA: Man...still lives here. (walks away)
LUCAS: (to Elle) Sounds like she's given up
ELLE: Well I haven't.
Harold's Store
Lucas and Elle are talking to Trevor McGuire (who sounds like he was in the same unit as Simmo) about Andrew. T starts by saying Andrew was a good man and his superiors framed him. Lucas said he's not the only one to say that. Trevor continues saying he looked after his unit and he didn't deserve what happened to him. He says he would put his name to that. Lucas notices Paul walking in and says "Ducks in the pond" gathering that's the signal for this precise moment as Paul walks to their table. Paul introduces himself and Trevor is about to do the same but Lucas butts in saying Trevor works in the store. Trevor is confused but Elle and Lucas handle it when Paul asks why he's sitting down. They say he's having a rest as blisters on his feet are giving him hell. Paul orders his drink to which Trevor says 'pardon?' and Paul asks if he's having trouble with his hearing too. Elle stops him.
PAUL: What? I was just ordering a coffee
ELLE: Well you don't have to insult him.
PAUL: Well, it's not as if his mother's just died is it?
They make out that it did and Paul buys it. Elle advises him to go to the office and she'll bring it to him when-
LUCAS: When Trevor's recovered.
Paul leaves just after saying how hard it is to get good help nowadays. Trevor wants to know who that was and Lucas says he's a bloke who doesn't wish Andrew well and asks if he's still with them. Trevor thinks so. Elle and Lucas are pleased.
When you hear that name, does nobody else think of a toad?
Number 28
Rachel is practising her smile in front of a mirror trying different smiles and not happy with them. There's a knock at the door and when she answers it's Ty. He comes in saying he's not convinced about the deal; it's a huge decision and she's got a lot on her mind. He asks if it's the right time but Rachel says it's never the right time. It's a one in a lifetime opportunity and they're not going to waste it. She knows that they're both good enough and ready to do this and she'd rather do it with him or without him. Ty says OK and that she's an amazing woman. They hug, Rachel looking as herself in the mirror again with an unsure look on her face. Ty says he should get back to work. Rachel says enthusiastically he doesn't need it anymore and he should quit. Ty says he could but he'd be letting Rebecca down and she's had such a bad day. Ty offers to take Rachel to the hospital if she wants to go see Susan but Rachel says she's going to go later. Ty says she's amazing once more before giving her a kiss and leaves. Rachel looks back into the mirror again and practises her smile still not happy with it.
Harold is leaving saying he'll come in tomorrow to see her. Susan says there's no need but he's in anyway for his own treatment. Susan thanks him for his help as he leaves. Susan starts to move her pillows and Karl helps her. Susan says she was feeling so great that she convinced herself she was better and that the MS has gone which she understands is ridiculous but Karl says its normal and he should have realised but he's here now if it helps her. Susan says it does help.
Erinsborough News
Elle brings Paul his coffee and asks what she's got on her notepad. Elle says it's a new story and she won't tell him what it's about because she's still doing research. Paul says he as a right to know what it's about and Elle just says to let her do her job. Sam, meanwhile, calls Lucas to tell him he's got Elle cornered and do something to get him out of there. Paul gets a call from Lucas and when he gets off, he tells Elle her 'boyfriend' wants to speak to him urgently. Elle says he's not her boyfriend but Paul teases her saying he thinks he is. Elle asks what he wanted but Paul was going to ask her the same thing. Elle has no idea. Paul is confused and walks out to see what he wants.
Charlie's Bar
Rebecca tells Toadie and Ty that they're running tests on Susan an that's all she knows. Toadie says he'll call Karl if he needs anything. Paul walks in and Rebecca runs out. He goes to talk to Lucas who gives him something about the garage. He thought it might be of interest; there could be carnage out there. Paul says it's huge news....in 2003. Lucas thought it looked familiar. Well it WAS 6 years ago! Paul tells him it was in the national press. Lucas asks how he's been and Paul asks what's going on. Lucas acts like everything's normal. Paul asks what Elle's up to in the office. Lucas says he really likes Elle and Paul just walks away. Lucas calls his phone immediately and says "Jerk Incoming!" he runs after Paul.
Erinsborough News
Paul wants to know what's going on. Elle tells him it's a new lead story. Paul sees the article on her screen. It says "Unsung Hero" with a picture of Andrew Simpson. Paul says not in a million years. Elle says Rebecca's going to leave the street; his plan backfired. Paul is shocked and denies it. Elle says she is as soon as she finds a place and he's driven her away. Elle says if he wants her to stay, print the truth.
The K's are waiting for Susan to be discharged. She loves the flowers Harold gave her and she'll take them home as soon as they give her the OK. Harold asks is she's seen a doctor but only the live-in who wakes up. He ended up staying the whole night. Libby thinks it's romantic however Susan hardly thinks that but she was happy to have him there. Harold remembers Steve and Miranda send their love and they'll try to pop in to see her at home. Rachel walks in saying good morning and fast on her tail is Senior Sergeant Caskey. Karl stands up and asks if they've found him. She says they haven't and she gets straight to the point. She tells them someone's been accessing Zeke's bank account. Karl asks when and it was used twice in 24 hours and the ATM's 10K within the search area.
KARL: What do you think that means?
SSC: Well, there's a possibility that someone has his wallet and somehow discovered his pin number...or Zeke has walked away from the river and is using his bank account.
The family look at each other hopefully and alert. Sergeant Caskey says this may no longer be a search and rescue.
SSC: Can you think of any reason why Zeke would not want to be found?
None of them answer. They all look at each other with no clue and concern.
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Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5610
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5610
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Ty Harper, Rachel Kinski, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5610
Ty Harper, Rachel Kinski, Toadie Rebecchi

Harold Bishop, Rachel Kinski, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5610
Harold Bishop, Rachel Kinski, Libby Kennedy

Lucas Fitzgerald, Samantha Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5610
Lucas Fitzgerald, Samantha Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson

Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5610
Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski

Toadie Rebecchi, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5610
Toadie Rebecchi, Rachel Kinski

Ty Harper, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5610
Ty Harper, Rebecca Napier

Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson, Trevor Maguire in Neighbours Episode 5610
Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson, Trevor Maguire

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5610
Rachel Kinski

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5610
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

 in Neighbours Episode 5610

Samantha Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5610
Samantha Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald

Senior Sergeant Elise Caskey in Neighbours Episode 5610
Senior Sergeant Elise Caskey

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5610
Karl Kennedy

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