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Neighbours Episode 5608 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5608
Australian airdate: 21/01/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Kelly Katsis: Katrina Milosevic
Veronica Olenski: Caroline Lloyd
Samantha Fitzgerald: Simone Buchanan
Greg Michaels: Nick Farnell
Senior Sergeant Belinda Caskey: Elise Dickinson
Roz Challis: Janet Watson Kruse
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Graham
Callum refusing to wear his glasses and eye patch.
Toadie explaining to the DHS lady that Callum won't wear the glasses and has run off.
Dan suggesting to Sam that he has sole custody of their child - Sam declaring that Libby won't get her baby.
The rafting accident.
Greg and Steph in bed together.
Karl telling Harold that there is no afterlife - people die and they're gone forever.
Number 28
Karl is asleep on the sofa, fully dressed and with a jacket on, when he hears a loud noise. Thinking it might be Zeke, he leaps up and calls for his son - but all he finds is a lifejacket on the floor, bearing the number of the jacket that Zeke wore. (Cue a handy flashback of the policewoman showing Karl the lifejacket at the river.)
Karl's phone rings, distracting him, and he runs to it - it's Zeke calling him. Karl answers the phone and pleads with his son to answer him...but nothing.
With his name ringing in his ears, Karl wakes up from his dream to see Susan walking into the lounge in her dressing gown.
KARL: Where's Zeke?
SUSAN: (concerned) It's alright, it's alright...you must have been dreaming.
Susan reaches out to her husband, wondering if he was dreaming about their son, but Karl's not paying any attention. He checks his phone for missed calls before saying he hasn't dreamt in years, and of course he wasn't dreaming about Zeke. Karl chastises Susan for not waking him up earlier, or setting the alarm, stressing that he can't find his car keys.
Susan suggests he wait whilst she gets dressed and come with him, but Karl's not interested. Susan watches him, concern and worry on her face.
Ramsay Street
Outside, Toadie is taking a box of doughnuts - and Callum - around to the Kennedys' to help them out. Callum is complaining that he should be sleeping in during school holidays. Just as they reach the front arbour, Karl storms out of number 28, with Susan following, begging him to wait and get some sleep before he goes. Karl points out he hasn't been drinking, so he's fine to drive.
They run into Toadie and Callum, with Susan still pleading for Karl to at least eat because he's not thinking straight. Toadie offers Karl a doughnut, and orders Callum out of the way by telling him to go and stop Audrey from running out the house.
Karl rattily tells Toadie he's off out, and that he's fine, but Toad can see the concern on Susan's face. Then along comes Lucas, jogging with his MP3 player, wondering if they have any news on Zeke. Karl snaps at him - he'd know if he could actually get down to the river to find out. Lucas quickly moves out the way, and Toadie tells Karl that he will take the keys and drive. Karl refuses.
Karl gets into the car, and Toadie - still with the doughnuts - stands right behind the car so that Karl cannot reverse out without running him over. Karl relents.
KARL: Fine. You drive.
TOADIE: Thank you.
Across the street at number 22, Paul and Sam leave the house smiling. Rebecca storms over in her heels, wondering how on earth Paul could have put the headline on the morning's paper: "Teacher's Deadly Lesson". Rebecca is furious - Andrew is devastated and won't return her calls. She says that Andrew is not responsible - not even the kids blame him. Paul points out that the parents do.
REBECCA: Zeke Kinski is missing. Maybe drowned.
PAUL: Yes. And the buck for that stops at the Principal's desk.
REBECCA: I cannot believe that you are turning something like this to your advantage.
Paul reminds his ex that he is a newspaper man, and tragedy sells papers. Rebecca reminds him that he needs to get his facts right on this one, or she will be advising Andrew to sue. She storms back off.
SAM: Not sure I think much of your tactics there.
PAUL: What tactics? He's taking this way too personally. It's appropriate journalism.
SAM: If you say so.
PAUL: ...and - he's not taking her calls.
Steph waits in the one and only hotel room when Greg arrives, pleased to see her. She pushes him onto the bed and tells him to shut up and do as he's told - after all, she's left work to come here. She points out that he's sneaking around like a naughty little school boy behind his wife's back.
Greg says he was going to tell her - today.
STEPH: What, after your fun?
GREG: It wasn't like that, Steph, I haven't lied to you.
STEPH: No no no - you haven't lied, you did mention you shared a house; you just failed to mention it was with your wife.
Greg apologises, but says that Veronica and him don't have a marriage anymore. Steph's not interested - she tells him to pay for the room on his way out. Plus, she ate the nuts from the minibar.
Number 26
Miranda and Rebecca are cooking a casserole for the Kennedys. Miranda tests it.
MIRANDA: Ugh, I put too much salt in it.
REBECCA: Oh! I put salt in!
MIRANDA: We both put salt in it?!
REBECCA: Ruined!
Susan comes in the back door, thinking that something smells nice, but Miranda breaks the news that it was for her and Karl, and it's ruined. Susan says that they couldn't have eaten it anyway.
Rebecca wonders how Susan is doing, and she tells them she's going mad in the house on her own - Karl's with the search party, and Rachel has gone to see Lib at the hospital. Rebecca starts rambling about how they can start making some more food for her - she can put in a request and they can make it and...
Susan sadly says that there's no word on Zeke. But of all the kids she's known, Zeke will get out of it because he's just smarter than other kids.
The River
Karl runs into the search tent, and Senior Sergeant Caskey comes over - she's been looking for him. They've found Zeke's helmet from the rafting company, downstream. The helmet is dented, cracked, and almost split into two. Karl thinks perhaps it isn't Zeke's, but the policewoman assures him it's his.
Karl asks if he can hold it.
She hands it over.
CASKEY: With this kind of damage to his helmet, it's extremely unlikely that we'll find your son alive.
Karl looks like he's been hit by a truck, and Toadie, holding back tears, puts his arm around him. Karl holds the helmet gently in his hands, staring at it.
Cut to minutes later where Karl is sitting outside the search tent, Toadie wandering about behind him. The camera pans around Karl holding his son's helmet, until he finally raises his eyes and we see tears and tears running off his face. He suddenly turns, to see Susan running to him, with Rebecca standing behind her.
Susan already knows it's bad news, and as she reaches Karl, she puts her hands on Zeke's broken helmet. In a horribly moving moment, Karl gently puts one hand over hers, and they hold the helmet together.
Susan finally looks up at her husband and lets out a quiet sob in utter horror. Karl puts one hand to her neck and pulls her to him, tears still running off his face as Susan collapses into him.
Rebecca stands at a distance, upset, and Toadie stands behind them, unable to watch.
Leaning against Karl, Susan cries 'no, no...', Karl still crying with her.
Number 30
Kelly is trying to get Callum to wear his glasses and patch, but Cal's having none of it. As Toadie returns home, Kelly tells him to grab Cal, but Toadie's not in the mood for fun - Callum will wear the glasses, end of.
Callum negotiates the glasses and reading - but not the patch. He picks up his glasses and book and starts reading. Kelly quietly asks Toadie what happened out at the river, but Toadie will tell her later. Kel says she has an idea to get Callum to wear his patch.
Harold's Store
And we immediately cut to Callum at the store with Lou and Harry, dressed as a pirate with his patch. Harry thinks it's great - some fun is just what the community needs right now. Callum tells Mickey he's a pirate, and Mickey wants to join in.
Toadie asks Harry if he's heard what happened down at the river; Harold has heard, and knows that Karl and Susan must be devastated.
Mickey and Callum think they could have a pirate party, although Toadie's not so keen. Steve and Miranda come in to hear about the party and think it's a great idea - they'll make something to bring along. Mickey invites Paul, who recoils in comic horror at the sight of a child talking to him! Paul thinks that the party is a good cover story though - friends partying whilst a member of their community is missing.
Erinsborough Hospital
Sam turns up to see Liiby - and brings flowers. Sam heard what happened, and she also wants to congratulate Lib as she heard the wedding's back on. Sam says she won't stay to see Dan as he doesn't like her much right now - after all, he's threatened full custody of their child.
Sam is delighted to see that Libby clearly doesn't know about Dan wanting full custody. She acknowledges she's caused the couple a lot of problems, but with her medical condition, the courts might give Dan what he wants - and whatever happens, she wants to be a part of her daughter's life. So she has to get on with them.
SAM: Dan's always wanted his own child; I suppose I should be happy that he wants to make her the most important person in his life.
LIBBY: More important than me, you mean.
SAM: That's not what I said. Come on, this is going to be Dan's first child. You can't blame him.
But apparently Libby can.
Libby thanks Sam for the flowers, and Sam leaves.
Number 30
Miranda, Lou, Harry, Kelly, Toadie, Callum and Mickey are having a pirate party with paper hats. Harold makes a speech: he thinks the party was a good idea to make sure they're around for each other to lift their spirits. So they toast absent friends.
Just at that point, Karl walks in. Toadie hurriedly apologises for the party - they were just trying to cheer each other up, but it was a dumb idea. Karl, however, doesn't care. He just wants to see Harold, who immediately joins Karl outside on the verandah.
Karl apologises for what he said to Harold the day before. And he desperately wants to know more about God's greater purpose.
HAROLD: I believe everything happens for a reason.
KARL: How do you know? Does God come in visions, or in dreams?
HAROLD: Some people claim that God has appeared to them; I can't say it's happened to me. Well, not directly anyway.
KARL: If you were someone who hadn't had a dream for years, and then you had one, could that come from some divine place?
HAROLD: Dreams come from a lot of places. Most people seem to think that they're a message from our subconscious.
KARL: Yes, yes - but could it come from some place else? Could it be guiding us in some way?
HAROLD: Well, yes, it is *possible*...
KARL: Thank you Harold.
HAROLD: Karl...
Karl hurries away, distracted and upset.
Back in the house after the commercial break, Kelly is telling the story of pirates which Toadie, Mickey and Callum are acting out. Toadie grabs Mickey and Callum around their necks whilst they play fight. Just as he's threatening to teach them a pirate lesson they'll never forget, the DHS woman arrives to interview Toadie.
KELLY: Ah, Jarrod...
TOADIE: No! No second chances, you're really gonna cop it this time!
DHS WOMAN: Mr Rebecchi, I'm Roz Challis from the DHS. I'm here for the interview.
Cue silence all around (except for a very low flying plane).
DHS WOMAN: (imitating a pirate) Arrrrrgggggg!
EVERYONE ELSE: Arrrrrrrrrgggg!
Harold's Store
Steph is eating ice cream when Lucas joins her, wondering what's up. She tells him that her Mr Perfect from the dating website is married. And then he made it worse by giving her cliché excuses about his marriage. Lucas wonders if perhaps Greg is telling the truth - sometimes things are complicated, after all.
Just at that point, Greg turns up. He wants to talk to Steph, but she's not interested. He's married, and there's nothing more she needs to know. Lucas decides that now is a good time for him to leave - but suggests they keep the arguing down a bit in the store.
Greg sits down with Steph, and tells her he's never done anything like this before. His wife is a good person, but they don't have a marriage; they were over a long time ago but hadn't admitted it. He's now left her.
STEPH: Great. Well, great. You've made me a home-wrecker.
GREG: No. No, our home was wrecked long before you stepped into it.
Steph walks off, despite Greg's best attempts to keep her there.
Erinsborough Hospital
On her way to see Libby, Steph runs into Veronica, who drops all her papers on the floor. Steph helps her pick them up. Veronica is stressy, having had a bad day, but asks after Charlie. As she leaves, Steph decides to be honest.
STEPH: I'm the other woman.
VERONICA: Excuse me?
STEPH: I swear I didn't know; if I had any idea that Greg was married I would never even have considered it... I've told him I don't want to see him again, if that helps...
Shocked, Veronica slaps Steph hard (although Carla moves her face too soon!), and walks off, covering her face.
Moments later in Libby's room. Steph has told Lib everything. Libby can't believe it - she would have done more than slapped Steph, too! Steph wonders why Libby was in the room with her, and Libby admits they were talking about IVF.
Now, for a moment: WHY WHY WHY WHY???!?!?!?! Libby has no problem conceiving children! ARGH!
That aside, ahem...Steph thinks that Libby wants this because of Sam, but Libby denies it. She just realises how lucky she is to find Dan and fall in love, and having a baby together would just be perfect.
Ramsay Street
Karl is walking out the house, armed with a torch and warm jacket. Susan runs after him, begging him again to come back inside and have something to eat. Karl refuses, and says he has to keep looking because 'they' think that Zeke is gone.
KARL: Susan, you don't understand. Zeke is alive. He is out there, waiting for me to find him.
Susan nods, understanding Karl's distress, but not in agreement with what he's saying. Karl tells her about his dream last night - it was a message from Zeke. Susan looks shocked and hopeful, but scared for Karl. Karl insists this wasn't a regular dream - it was a sign that he was meant to find his son. Smiling, he reassures Susan that he will find him.
Karl gets into the car, and Susan raises her hand to her face, worried. She doesn't look too good. Karl drives off and, taking a step, Susan suddenly realises that her legs are wobbly. She quickly reaches out to grab the for the letter box to stop herself from falling. She puts her weight onto it, and looks back for Karl, but he's already left the street.
Susan starts to panic as she realises she can barely move.
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Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5608
Karl Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5608
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Steph Scully, Greg Michaels in Neighbours Episode 5608
Steph Scully, Greg Michaels

Miranda Parker, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5608
Miranda Parker, Rebecca Napier

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5608
Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5608
Susan Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Kelly Katsis in Neighbours Episode 5608
Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Kelly Katsis

Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 5608
Callum Jones

Samantha Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5608
Samantha Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy

Mickey Gannon, Toadie Rebecchi, Kelly Katsis, Callum Jones, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5608
Mickey Gannon, Toadie Rebecchi, Kelly Katsis, Callum Jones, Miranda Parker

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5608
Harold Bishop

Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi, Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5608
Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi, Mickey Gannon

Steph Scully, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5608
Steph Scully, Lucas Fitzgerald

Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5608
Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5608
Susan Kennedy

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