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Neighbours Episode 5607 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5607
Australian airdate: 20/01/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Tegan Freedman - Chelsea Jones
Simon Freedman - Mauricio Merino Jr
Dr. Veronica Olenski - Caroline Lloyd
Nurse Jodie Smith - Mary Annegeline
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Donna's brother and sister turning up to #22
- The Parkers chatting about finding Didge's birth parents
- Karl freaking out when the search is halted for the night
- Declan finding Didge safe on the riverbank
- Dan promising Libby they're going to be a family
- Steph and Greg hooking up in a hotel room
- Steph discovering Greg's married to Dr. Olenski
- A police officer showing Karl Zeke's life jacket
Ramsay Street
Rachel is staring at her ringing phone, not answering Karl's call, thinking back to her last nasty conversation with Zeke. Ty approaches, all sympathetic about her brother, but she just wordlessly shrugs away from him. Ty relays that Libby's OK and that Susan's at the hospital with her, so Rachel curtly asks for a lift there.
Erinsborough Hospital
Steph stares at Dr. Olenski while she chats with nurse Jodie, jumping when Greg sends her a SMS (Can't stop thinking about u Greg). Steph grimaces and Susan wonders why Rachel hasn't gotten in contact with her yet. Elle brings Ringo and Donna around, and Donna tearfully gives Susan a hug. Ty and Rachel finally arrive, much to Susan's relief, but when Karl joins them and morosely explains that Zeke's life jacket has been found, Rachel can't handle it and walks out.
Didge's Hospital Room
Declan and the Parkers are crowded around Didge's bed when Dr. Olenski pops in to tell them that the baby's OK. Things get awkward when Dr. Olenski wants to know about Miranda's medical history, specifically when she was pregnant with Didge, and Miranda quickly states that Didge was adopted. Dr. Olenski apologises and says in that case they'll just have to run some tests since there's no medical record to consult.
Number 22
Simon listens to his iPod while Tegan prances around the house with the CD player blaring. Elle and Donna arrive home, looking very unimpressed. Tegan's all cheerful to see big sis "Doughnut" and knew she'd take care of them, but Donna only glares at her and storms upstairs. Elle picks up from where Donna's glare left off and orders Tegan to give her jacket back. If they want to stay there longer than five minutes then they're not to touch her stuff.
Erinsborough Hospital
Toadie and Harold bring Ben and Charlie in, and Charlie runs full pelt towards Steph, telling on Toadie for making his boat sink. Dan takes Ben into see his mum while Toadie asks where Steph's been all afternoon. Steph gets defensive, but soon apologises for snapping at him. Harold gives Karl and Susan some food he's made (not a casserole, hooray!), and says he's praying for them. Karl looks uncomfortable and leaves, causing Harold some guilt but Susan says it's OK.
Number 28
Ty and Rachel are practicing one of their songs, but Rachel keeps stuffing up her part on the keyboard because she's distracted. Ty offers to take a break, but Rachel is determined to keep playing till she gets it right. Ty eventually gets her to stop, but Rachel's new coping mechanism is to start snogging her boyfriend. Breaking it off, Ty takes Rachel in his arms for a hug. She struggles at first but then relents. Susan and Karl arrive home, but quietly leave them be.
Charlie's Bar
Karl's depressed at the thought that Rachel and Zeke might not think they care about them as much as their biological children. But Susan assures him that issue is all in the past. Karl states that some harsh words have been said recently, but Susan reminds him that Zeke needed to hear them.
KARL: There are times I wish I was like Harold and believed in a loving God because I would hate his last thought to be that I didn't love him.
SUSAN: He knows that you love him and we'll find him. He's alive and he's out there somewhere and we're going to find him.
KARL: You're absolutely right.
We get a quick shot of the river at night, looking very still and calm. No signs of life.
Number 22
Elle offers up Simon and Tegan some microwave dinners, which they turn their noses up at.
TEGAN: This spaghetti's, like, green.
ELLE: It's tagliatelle. It's green because there's spinach in it.
TEGAN: Spinach?
ELLE: Well, spinach or food dye, one or the other. Look, I don't cook, so that's what you're getting.
Tegan pretends it's awesome and admits their mum doesn't cook much either. Elle asks if their mum even knows they're here, and the kids admit they just left a note on the fridge. Elle wants to ring home, but Tegan says her mum won't pick up if she doesn't know the number, and Simon adds that there's a lot of people they owe money to - earning a glare from his sister.
Donna pounds downstairs and Elle stops her before she can run off to Ringo's. Elle wants to know what the deal with her family is - she hardly speaks about them. Donna mumbles that she doesn't want to lose "this" (meaning her new, fun life with Elle). Wrapping her in a hug, Elle says she won't lose her; they'll just send her brother and sister back home. Just then, Tegan sidles up and tells Donna they had to leave because their mum has a new boyfriend and she felt uncomfortable around him, especially since there's no lock on the bathroom door. Filled with renewed sisterly responsibility, Donna hugs her sister, but Elle gets suspicious when Tegan shoots her a look over Donna's shoulder.
Didge's Hospital Room/General Store
Didge is looking at photos from the rafting trip on her mobile when Declan walks in and squeezes her to death in a bear hug. Didge then wonders if she should try and find her birth mother because of the baby.
Meanwhile in the GS, Miranda is very uncomfortable with the thought of bringing Didge's real mother into their lives and gets upset when Steve admits he's wondered what their kids' biological parents are like.
MIRANDA: What? You think they're going to meet and have some instant connection?
STEVE: Miranda it's not a competition.
MIRANDA: Isn't it?
Didge tells Declan that she doesn't want to hurt her parents, but Declan thinks the Parkers should understand the need for it now after the accident.
Miranda doesn't get why they're not enough for Didge, reminding Steve that "that woman" gave Didge away. Steve thinks his wife needs to at least tell Didge the truth about how she feels, but Miranda doesn't want to cause Didge anymore unwarranted stress.
Number 26
Declan mutters to Didge that her parents aren't taking this adoption thing well at all - he thought Miranda was going to run over a cyclist on the way home. Miranda bustles about the kitchen trying to get everyone to eat, but Didge only wants to talk about her birth mother. Declan and Steve escape into the backyard to give them some space.
Miranda sits with the forms in front of her, but Didge says she doesn't have to go through with it if she doesn't want to.
DIDGE: She's never going to be my real mum you know. You are.
MIRANDA: I love you.
DIDGE: I love you too.
Slapping on a happy face, Miranda signs the forms for her daughter, but it's definitely eating her up inside.
Erinsborough Hospital
Toadie finds Dan staring into Libby's room and tries to coax him back to Charlie's for a game of pool. Dan's adamant that he has to stay and keep an eye on Libby - he's not going to abandon her again.
DAN: I should have been there, Toad.
TOADIE: You were looking after Sam.
DAN: And neglecting Libby.
TOADIE: (sarcastic) Oh, you're not a clairvoyant? That's a serious character defect, does Libby know?
Switching it up a bit, Toadie asks Dan to do him a favour instead - the DHS have scheduled another meeting with him tomorrow and he needs the distraction (and, uh, where's Callum now, Toad? Keeping the beers cold at Charlie's?). Sighing, Dan finally agrees to go.
TOADIE: I get the good cue.
DAN: They only have one cue at Charlie's.
TOADIE: Yeah, well, it's the good one.
Number 26
Miranda seals the forms in an envelope and Didge goes into the lounge room to get some stamps. Declan asks if she's nervous, and Didge doesn't answer, but she looks a little uneasy about posting the letter so Steve does the honours for her.
Number 28 - Zeke's Bedroom
Rachel sits on Zeke's bed and sadly looks around at all the family photos he has up (along with his posters about insects and space, aww). Susan walks in with the washing basket and is surprised to see her there, explaining that "he'll need clean clothes when he gets home". She sits on the bed with Rachel and says that Zeke's one of the smartest kids she knows, "and if anyone can survive this...", but her voice starts to crack and she stops. Rachel wraps her in a hug and Karl sadly watches them from the doorway.
Number 22
Donna invites Ringo in to meet her brother and sister, who aren't very talkative with him apart from Tegan thinking he's hot. Donna asks if he wants dessert and Ringo smiles as he notices they all eat their ice-cream the same way - stirring it until it looks like soup.
Number 28
Karl is sitting in the lounge room in the dark, tormenting himself by thinking about what Zeke's last moments might have been like as he struggled to keep his head above water. Susan walks out and tries to talk him into getting some sleep, but Karl's mind is racing and he heads out to check in on Libby at the hospital.
SUSAN: You should get some sleep.
KARL: I'll sleep when we've found Zeke.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl asks Jodie to find Libby's files for him, but Jodie reminds him that he can't have them without her doctor's consent, so Karl snaps at her. Harold appears and starts to offer Karl some guidance, but Karl is in no mood for it.
HAROLD: Whatever happens it's all part of God's greater purpose.
KARL: That's from the bible is it?
HAROLD: Yes, yes it is.
KARL: Yeah, I prefer Richard Dawkins but you won't find me ramming it down people's throats.
HAROLD: (hurt) I wasn't ramming anything down...
KARL: (exasperated) Harold it's all rubbish! There is no afterlife, there is no greater purpose. People die and they're gone forever! Just spare me your comforting lies.
JODIE: Excuse me Mr Bishop, it's time for your chemo.
Awkward. Harold says he hopes Karl finds what he needs (and heads off for his midnight chemo session?!), leaving Karl feeling horribly guilty.
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Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5607
Rachel Kinski

Rachel Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5607
Rachel Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Tegan Freedman, Donna Freedman, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5607
Tegan Freedman, Donna Freedman, Elle Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop, Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Ben Kirk, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5607
Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop, Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Ben Kirk, Dan Fitzgerald

Rachel Kinski, Ty Harper in Neighbours Episode 5607
Rachel Kinski, Ty Harper

Simon Freedman, Tegan Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5607
Simon Freedman, Tegan Freedman

Donna Freedman, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5607
Donna Freedman, Elle Robinson

Declan Napier, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5607
Declan Napier, Bridget Parker

Toadie Rebecchi, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5607
Toadie Rebecchi, Dan Fitzgerald

Miranda Parker, Declan Napier, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5607
Miranda Parker, Declan Napier, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker

Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5607
Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski

Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5607
Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5607
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Nurse Jodie Smith in Neighbours Episode 5607
Karl Kennedy, Nurse Jodie Smith

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5607
Karl Kennedy

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