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Neighbours Episode 5169 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5169: Sky-Ray To Heaven
Australian airdate: 15/03/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Stuart Gaunt
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Sen Sgt Allan Steiger : Joe Clements
Glenn Forrest: Cleopatra Coleman
- "Walk The Dog" by The Brunswick Music Group
- "Quiet Clear Pool" by Skinful
Summary/Images by: JA/Izzy-da-vixen
Boyd ending his marriage with a devastated Janae.
Rosie telling Pepper that she is unsure of her feelings.
Sky telling Stingray that she is not sure that he should donate the bone-marrow, she is having bad vibes.
The Hospital
Janelle, Harold, Stingray, Dylan, Bree and Sky are at the hospital with baby Kerry.Janelle says that poor Kerry has no idea what she is going through, but the family seem to be in better spirits. Harold says, that mercifully the worrying is left up to them, but a worried Bree, tries to reassure them that things will be OK.
Stingray tells him that he is the one who is really suffering, he has to fast before the operation, Janelle vows her support (whilst eating a barley sugar bar) and Dylan tells Stingray that he is behind him, but the chips that he is eating are too good.
Janae turns up at the hospital, Sky says it is great to see her, and thanks her for moving back home, so that Janelle can spend more time at the hospital, she also says that when she and Boyd have kids, they have clocked up plenty of babysitting points already. On hearing this Janae breaks down in tears, telling the family that she will never have kids with Boyd, as they have just broken up. Sky gives her a comforting hug, Janelle seems at a loss as what to say.
Rosie's Office/Makeshift bedroom
Pepper is reading from a book I assume teaches the art of hypnotherapy.
Rosie apparently asleep on the floor while Pepper tries out her hypnotising abilities.
PEPPER: You are very sleepy, very sleepy, listen to my voice, lets my words guide your thoughts, you are totally and desperately in love with Frazer Yeats, he is the perfect man for you, you cannot see yourself with anyone else. And you will always let Pepper borrow your heels whenever you hear the word Manolo.
ROSIE: Forget it.
Rosie is not keen on Pepper's choice of treatment, she wants some sleep, but Pepper says that she has good intentions, they may have problems, but they are made for each other, they are both equally as screwed up. This is a compliment that Rosie struggles to see the good in, which is not entirely surprising. However the more that Pepper goes on about Rosie and Frazer's perfectness for each other, Rosie has to agree. She thinks that she over reacted about everything that happened, and he is a lovely guy, the perfect package- apart from the lying.
Pepper says that Frazer has a lot going for him, well dressed, cleans up after himself, in fact he is a 'real leave the toilet seat down kinda guy'
Pepper drags Rosie out of bed, telling her that her early night is over, it is time to meet with her destiny, and she is going to arrange for her to meet up with Frazer. Rosie feigns frustration, but the smile on her face suggests that she may be looking forward to a meeting with Frazer.
The Hospital
A still tearful Janae is telling Janelle and Sky about the choice that she gave Boyd a choice, and he chose Glen over her. Janelle takes Janae in her arms, but nothing can console Janae.
An awkward Harold, makes himself scarce by announcing a trip to the coffee machine.
Sky suggests that Boyd may come around, he is impulsive and gets nutty ideas, but he might change his mind. Janae isn't so sure. But Janelle says that she doesn't want Boyd to come around, especially if this is how he treats Janae. In the background Stingray and Dylan are looking increasingly angry by the second, the Timmins' family values are setting in, and when the two get into the corridor Dylan seems to have a plan.
DYLAN: You up for this?
STINGRAY: If I didn't eat for a month, I would still want to sort this out.
DYLAN: Sweet.
The two disappear, and it seems apparent where they are going, and what or who it is they want to sort out.
Number 30
Pepper is trying to persuade a reluctant Frazer to meet Rosie. He is not keen, he says that he is getting a flashback of him having to go to the pub in his underpants, he wants to keep the last shreds of his dignity while he still has it. Pepper thinks that a bit of hypnosis may be the answer and attempts to lull Frazer.
PEPPER: Look into my eyes...Look into my eyes, you are getting very sleepy...
FRAZER: What are you doing?
PEPPER: Not drowsy at all?
FRAZER: Well I'm annoyed.
With her attempts at hypnotising failing, Pepper concedes that maybe things between he and Rosie may be over, and there is no point in 'flogging a dead donkey' She suggests that a trip to the Scarlet bar to drown his sorrows over a game of pool, may be what he needs. Frazer tends to agree, and gets ready to go out, before he does though, he remembers that something arrived at the door for Pepper earlier. It's a pretty bunch of flowers, with the simple message 'Life is Beautiful' Frazer thinks that it's some idiot's attempt at being romantic, but Pepper disagrees, she thinks it's a simple soulful message from someone who obviously knows what she likes.
Lassiter's- Glenn's room
A tense Boyd is getting a shoulder rub from the girl he now apparently wants to be with, Glenn. But then I guess callously dumping you wife can make you a bit tense.
Glenn asks Boyd if he wants to talk about the talk with Janae, he doesn't. Glenn says that if they are going to be together, they have to share everything, Boyd isn't ready to talk about it just yet. Glenn moves in for a kiss, and as they do the disgruntled Timmins brothers burst in.
DYLAN: Ah G'day mate, fancy seeing you here.
BOYD: Not here OK.
GLENN: What's going on, who the hell are you? You can't just walk in here I'm calling security.
As Glenn reaches for the phone, Stingray blocks her path...
STINGRAY: Have yourself a nice glass of shut the hell up, we own this hotel.
Boyd tries to reason with Stingray and Dylan, but they are not in the mood for talking. Dylan pushes Boyd against a wall, before wrestling him to floor and giving him a beating, which quite frankly he is deserving off. Stingray tells Boyd that Janae is a mess, and he is scum.
Glenn standing at the sidelines, is not sure what is going on, and shouts at Dylan to stop hurting Boyd.
The Hospital
Janae is trying to put a brave face on things, she says that she better go, as she has said that she would help Steph at Scarlet Bar. Janelle tells her to throw a sickie, especially after what Boyd has done. Both Bree and Janelle plead with Janae to stay with them at the hospital, but Janae insists that she would rather take her mind off things. She tells Janelle to look after Kerry and Scotty and disappears.
When she has left, Janelle shares with Bree, that she feels that Janae has changed. Bree agrees, Janae used to beat up guys that did the dirty on her, but she is different now. Janelle feels useless, as Janae is so brave putting on a brave face, and keeping her chin up. Janelle and Bree both pour scorn on Boyd, Bree tells Janelle she is sure that Boyd will get what is coming to him, as Kim says 'Time wounds all heals' But as Dylan and Scott return, Janelle thinks that there may have been a bit of instant Karma handed out, she is not sure that she wants to know where her sons have been.
The General Store- In Sky's Dream- But really we are at the hospital
Sky is sitting at a table in the General Store, looking through her wallet, first she looks at a picture of Baby Kerry lovingly, then reaches into the back of her wallet, to pull out a small photo, Stingray, herself and Kerry, in a happy scene. Sky looks at the picture for a moment, and as she does Stingray begins to disappear in the photo, leaving only Sky and Kerry. Sky begins to shout for Stingray, and all of a sudden she wakes up in the hospital.
Her continued shouts for Stingray bring him running into the room. She hugs him, and he tells her that he is not going anywhere.
Glenn's Hotel Room
Glenn has taken it upon herself to call the police, and Steiger is there to investigate. She is telling him that two men walked in saying that they owned the hotel and attacked her 'boyfriend' Glenn tells Steiger that her boyfriend can give him the names of his attackers. As Boyd comes out of the bathroom, both he and Steiger seem equally shocked to see each other. Boyd knows that he will be in for a hard time from such a close affiliate to the Timmins family. Steiger looks as though he thinks that Boyd deserved everything he got. Steiger sends Glenn downstairs to get some ice for Boyd, and then when the two men are alone, he really lays into Boyd about his actions.
STEIGER (with a hint of sarcasm): I understand that you have had a bit of bother sir. I think I have a fair idea of who your assailants were too.
BOYD: I didn't want to call you, I don't want to press charges.
STEIGER: Do you have any idea what that family's going through at the moment.
BOYD: Yeah I know it's a bad time...(understatement of the year there from Boyd, who doesn't really seem to show much concern for the bad time the family are going through)
STEIGER: And you're here shacked up in a hotel, with some girl who's not your wife.
BOYD: Janae knows about it.
Steiger takes a closer look at Boyd's injuries, in far from a sympathetic manner.
STEIGER: Pretty nasty, you're lucky it's not a lot worse, and this report is going to find it's way to the bottom of a very long list.
Steiger taps Boyd with his report file before leaving in disgust. At least this time Boyd has the good grace to look just a little embarrassed and ashamed of his behaviour.
At the Hospital
Sky is still stressed out about what she envisaged in her dream, Stingray suggests that he get her a coffee to calm her down, but as he is leaving, she anxiously makes him promise that he will come back straight away.
When he has gone, Sky asks Harold why it keeps happening, he suggests stress, but Sky thinks that it is more than that. Harold assures Sky that Scott is in no danger, he is going to undergo a well established procedure with professionals.
Harold has a theory as to why Sky is feeling the way that she does. He thinks that Scott has more than proved his devotion to both Sky and Kerry by doing what he is doing. Harold thinks that the reason that Stingray keeps fading out of the picture may be that Sky has not asserted her feelings for Stingray, he thinks that she has to show both Stingray and herself how much she loves him. She has not yet fully expressed her true feelings for him, and if she does this, the anxiety attacks may stop and she may be reassured.
Scarlet Bar
Frazer and Pepper get to the bar, but before they can even sit down, Pepper tells Frazer that she has to fly, Whoa thinks Frazer, what happened to the couple of drinks that Pepper promised him, she tells him not to worry, he won't be lonely as Rosie will be coming along, Frazer at first doesn't look impressed, but Pepper tells him to stop denying that it is what he wants and tells him to sit tight.
Janae comes to see what Frazer wants.
FRAZER: How about a new flatmate?
Rosie's Office
A glam looking Rosie has really put in the effort for her date. Pepper arrives to let her know the venue and details, and tells Rosie that she is looking hot, but suggest that she uses a bit more bronzer around the bust for the full effect. Rosie is not so sure, but Pepper assures her that as a man it is what will get Frazer interested. A man has very simple needs.
Back at the bar
Janae delivers a plate of curly fries to Frazer, and asks him how things are, he says that things are looking up. Janae thinks that it's a big win, could be muses Frazer and excitedly tells her that he is meeting Rosie. Janae says that she is happy for him.
Rosie's Office
Pepper is bouncy, and more excited than Rosie, she knows that Rosie and Frazer are bound to get together her this time. Rosie thinks that there is more that Pepper is excited about. Pepper admits that she is excited about another gift from her secret admirer, and she thinks that it is Paul, she thinks that he has changed, and is now deep and expressive, Rosie can't believe that Pepper used the words deep and expressive in the same sentence as Paul, and frankly neither can I. Rosie is dubious as to whether Paul is the secret admirer, or to Pepper's assumption that he has changed. Rosie tells Pepper that if she wants to go there again, it is up to her, but she won't be picking up the pieces.
Rosie is nervously applying more lipstick, and can't believe that she is doing this. Pepper gives her a kiss on the cheek.
PEPPER: Don't get any idea's it was for luck.
ROSIE: Please...
Scarlet Bar
Frazer is still waiting for Rosie to arrive, and gets the thumbs up from Janae.
Rosie's Office
Rosie seems excited to be going to meet Frazer, but as she gives herself a once over, she realise that there is a ladder in her stocking, so sits down to change them, as she stands up, Rosie bangs her head badly on the shelf above and is knocked out, as she falls to the floor unconscious.
Scarlet Bar
Frazer seems to have resigned himself to the fact that Rosie isn't coming, Janae tries to reassure him, she is sure that she has been held up somewhere and is on her way. Frazer is not so sure, he thinks that Rosie has thought about it and backed out of their date. Frazer seems disappointed he can't believe he got his hopes up. Janae tells him that he is not the only one, and gets tearful. Before she has a chance to explain, Boyd and Glenn walk into the bar.
Boyd is shocked to see Janae. Boyd says he didn't realise that she would be there, Janae tells him that they don't have to leave because of her, but Boyd thinks that the should. A tearful Janae retreats to the office. Frazer follows her, and asks what that was about. Janae by now in tears, tells him that it was nothing. He asks who 'that chick' was and things start to sink in..
The Hospital
Steiger tells Dylan and Stingray that he has just attended Lassiter's to take a report on an assault, he tells them that Boyd is not pressing charges, but the crown might, as the evidence is all over Boyd's face. Dylan is quick to accept all guilt saying that Stingray had nothing to do with it. Steiger tells the two of them that taking the law into your own hands is not the way to go about things, and they should know that. Dylan apologises, but Steiger tells him that 'The little piece of dung did have it coming' He tells them that he understands their loyalty and he will look the other way. They thank him, with a 'Thanks Sarge' but Steiger has a request.
STEIGER: Call me Al, or Allan if you like, your mum and I are getting closer every day, and it would really make feel a little less on the outer with you guys.
DYLAN: Yeah know probs, Allan
STINGRAY: Yeah come on down big Al.
Steiger seems pleased that he is getting close to the Timmins, he has a big grin on his face, the three seems to be getting on great.
Rosie's Office
Rosie finally comes round, after the bump on her head, and checks her watch, realising the time, she quickly rushes out the door to make her date with Frazer.
The Hospital
Pepper has come past the hospital with a care parcel, full of drinks and nibbles for the family, and something to read, that turns out to be a strategically placed copy of TV week. Also toiletries for anyone who wants to freshen up.
Janelle thinks that it is a lovely idea, she tells Steiger that he has a good one there, he agrees. Pepper says that they are kind of like family now, and Janelle agrees, she says that it feels more like that all the time, and that means that Pepper is part of the tribe too.
BREE (to Dylan): Looks like Boyd's out Pepper's in
DYLAN: Hmm, she's better looking.
They dig into the parcel that Pepper has brought, and Dylan teases Stingray with a packet of biscuits, they have a traditional Timmins play fight and the two brothers tenderly hug each other, in a scene which brought more than one tear to the eye of the summariser (OK I had a bit of a sob, at the touching nature of the scene)
Sky quite unsubtly asks Stingray to go and collect Kerry's mobile, the one that Dylan made for her, she tells Dylan that she had to get rid of Stingray there as she needs his help with something.
The Scarlet Bar
Janae is crying on Frazer's shoulder, she says that she has been stupid, everyone says that they were too young, and she is just a dumb kid who was too stupid to listen. Frazer refutes this claim, he tells her that it was Boyd who was stupid for playing around, He thinks that she is a beautiful smart girl and deserves to be with someone who will treat her right, he tells her that he knows it. He gives her a hug, and she reciprocates by giving him a kiss.
Just at that moment Rosie walks past the office and sees what is going on. She walks out in disgust.
Janae and Frazer were not aware of Rosie's presence, but both pull away embarrassed by what has just happened.
Rosie's Office
Pepper wants to know what Rosie is doing there, Rosie tells her that she had a minor hiccup getting to the bar, and by the time she got there, Frazer was in the back room kissing Janae. Pepper is shocked.
Rosie tells Pepper that she appreciates the help that she has been giving her on her love life, but she no longer wants to play these games, she has had enough of relationships, they are too filled with sorrow and misery, and she is not going to put herself through it again.
The Hospital
The time has come for Stingray to have the operation, he seems to be in good spirits, if not starving, and a little nervous.
SKY: Stinger, I am so proud of you, I am proud and grateful, and I know everything is going to be fine.
Stingray asks what her nightmare was about, but she says it doesn't matter, she thinks that it has been sorted out, she calls the rest of the family in, who are dressed in white gowns, with the exception of Bree who is wearing a green Velvet cape. Sky tells Stingray that they have a ceremony to perform, and thanks to the internet, Bree has been ordained as a high priestess of the planet Vorteus.
BREE: It is now my solemn duty to join you as Hoff and Gaymar, on your planet that means man and wife.
STINGRAY: Has someone been dipping into the anaesthetic?
SKY: I know it's not a church or anything, but I just wanted to show you how much I love you, and I really want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Stingray lovingly kisses Sky, as the entire audience by this time sheds a tear.
STINGRAY: Only you could come up with something this nuts, I love it.
BREE: Do you agree to be married beneath the two suns of our majestic planet?
STINGRAY: Yeah I do, I really do.
The two gaze lovingly into each other's eyes, as the rest of the family watch on.
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Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop, Bree Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5169
Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop, Bree Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Rosie Cammeniti, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5169
Rosie Cammeniti, Pepper Steiger

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5169
Janae Hoyland

Pepper Steiger, Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5169
Pepper Steiger, Frazer Yeats

Dylan Timmins, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5169
Dylan Timmins, Stingray Timmins

Janae Hoyland, Bree Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5169
Janae Hoyland, Bree Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5169
Sky Mangel

Stingray Timmins, Sky Mangel, Kerry Mangel (baby) in Neighbours Episode 5169
Stingray Timmins, Sky Mangel, Kerry Mangel (baby)

Sky Mangel, Kerry Mangel (baby) in Neighbours Episode 5169
Sky Mangel, Kerry Mangel (baby)

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5169
Sky Mangel

Dylan Timmins, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5169
Dylan Timmins, Bree Timmins

Frazer Yeats, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5169
Frazer Yeats, Janae Hoyland

Frazer Yeats, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5169
Frazer Yeats, Janae Hoyland

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5169
Pepper Steiger

Janelle Timmins, Allan Steiger, Harold Bishop, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5169
Janelle Timmins, Allan Steiger, Harold Bishop, Dylan Timmins

Stingray Timmins, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5169
Stingray Timmins, Sky Mangel

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