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Neighbours Episode 5167 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5167: Miss Of The Spider Woman
Australian airdate: 13/3/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Oliver Barnes: David Hoflin
Ringo Brown: Sam Clark
Lolly Allen: Adelaide Kane
- "Lillian Lies" by Youth Group
Summary/Images by: Shona/Izzy-da-vixen
Karl wants Rachel and Zeke's permission to propose to Susan in London
Ned and Elle kiss before moving to the bedroom
Rachel is uncomfortable with Ringo moving so fast
Elle and Paul watch Carmella's van explode!
Elle is desperate to help Carmy and Oliver but Paul pulls her back, pointing out that the locals will have already called the cops. Does she want to spend the next twenty years in prison? It's too late for Carmella and Oliver - they're gone. Paul and Elle watch the smoke wafting on the breeze from the explosion before Paul hurries Elle to the car.
Number 30
Ringo has told Lolly what happened with Rachel. Even though Lolly thinks he's a moron she's willing to help him come up with a way to fix it. Ringo goes on about Rach helping him with his water phobia and she has a thing about spiders. Lolly, latching onto the spider info, suddenly asks him if he's been in a school play. Can he act?
RINGO: Act or lie?
LOLLY: If it's for a good cause it's acting.
Lolly gets Ringo to reconstruct the event and, from Ringo's POV, Lolly can see their reflection on the toaster. She's come up with a way she can get him out of this, with Ringo looking like the hero!
Elle is in major meltdown over the fact that she and her dear daddy just killed two innocent people. Paul tells her to calm down and get a grip - there's no way they deserve to go to jail. It's not their fault but that idiot supplier he got the equipment from. Elle reminds him they pressed the button but Paul thinks they had bad luck and they'll move on. He and Elle have no motive and Uncle Ray does so all they need now is an alibi. Paul orders her not to talk to anyone about it but Elle needs to know if they're dead or alive. Disobeying Paul she leaves.
The General Store
Lou is telling Rachel about how great it'll be for Lolly to get into team sports but Rachel doesn't think Lolly's that kind of girl. Lou disagrees - a game of basketball is just what she needs! He wants Lolly to feel like the hero and asks Rachel to ensure she scores lots of goals and promise not to take the ball from her. Rachel agrees.
Ringo walks in and Rachel gives him thirty seconds to talk to her. Ringo starts by saying what happened wasn't what *really* happened...
Ringo flashbacks to an alternative version of what happened; they were kissing and he was so happy but then he saw (in reflection on the toaster) that there was a giant (obviously fake) spider on her skirt so he chivalrously grabbed it and crushed it, getting a nasty bite in the process. He knew she'd freak out so he let her believe what she did. In Ringo's fantasy sequence an outraged Rachel slaps him and storms out.
Rachel doesn't believe a word but is amused by it and asks to see his bite (two red pen dots). She agrees that it was a good try and is about to kiss him when Lou appears and Ringo is roped into the basketball game.
A shocked Carmella and Oliver are tended to by paramedics. Oliver is on a spinal board with a neck brace on. Carmella shouts to Oliver that she'll get Uncle Ray for doing this to him but Oliver tells her not to. As Oliver is stretchered into the back of the ambulance Carmella begins to cry.
Basketball Court
Lolly doesn't look to be enjoying herself as she watches people playing basketball. Ringo and Rachel arrive and are overenthusiastic. Lou appears just after Lolly asks her mates if he was the one who put them up to this. Lou thinks they main thing is they're having a good old muck around - in a safe, confidence building manner.
RACHEL: Yeah. Good old team spirit, ay?
RINGO: *Yay* team!
Lolly rolls her eyes.
Susan's reading a book on basketball and Karl remarks that it's a bit late for reading up on the rules. Susan reminds him that she's done netball.
KARL: This is basketball.
SUSAN: Semantics.
Once Susan's gone Zeke brings up a problem about the wedding; do he and Rachel have to change their names? Because there are three Kinskis and one Kennedy so if anyone should change their name it should be Karl. Karl is unsure.
KARL: Karl Kinski?!
Susan is trying to round people up but her whistle isn't working so Karl gives a loud whistle himself. Susan starts a warm-up with Karl, standing behind her, saying it's a very good idea. Lolly, Rachel and Ringo buddy up.
Elle runs into Carmella and Carmella tells her about Ray blowing up their van. Oliver's concussed and will be kept in overnight. Carmella notices that Elle's acting strangely but Elle puts in down to being shocked. Carmella explains that she and Oliver had gone to get some goods they had forgotten, thus escaping the full force of the blast. She's lost the van and stock and now Oliver's blaming her. Carmella knows this wouldn't have happened hadn't she thrown that rock through Uncle Ray's window. Elle makes up an excuse about being at the hospital for Paul then suggests that Carmella grab them some coffees while she goes and calms Oliver down.
Once Carmy's gone Elle calls Paul and gives him the good news. Paul wants her to make herself scarce but Elle has a better idea; she looks over into Oliver's room.
Ned's Flat
Ned and Paul are playing video games and Paul wins as he has a gift when it comes to getting out of tight spots.
Elle asks Oliver how he's feeling. Carmella is so upset and Oliver quips that nearly getting killed has that effect. He agrees with Elle that it looks like Ray did it; however Oliver knows Carmella's behaviour drove him to it. Elle says Carmella is very sorry and is ready to kill Ray. Oliver thinks that's the problem - Carmella reacts without thinking. Although he still loves her he doesn't know how much more he can take. Elle reaches over and pats his hand. Oliver gives her a smile.
Basketball Court
Lou is worried because Lolly was picked last but Karl unconvincingly says maybe they were just leaving the best till last. Karl obliges Susan with another whistle, this time starting the game. Lolly looks afraid. Lou shouts tips to her but Lolly only manages to get the ball from her teamate Ringo, before chucking it to her opponent Rachel! As Susan desperately searches through her rule book Ringo suggests to Lou that maybe this isn't going so well but Louis won't hear it. They play on. Rachel collides with Ringo.
RINGO: Did you just touch my bum?
RACHEL: What? You had a spider on it.
Rachel encourages Lolly to defend but she fails and Ringo makes a remark leading her to hit him and Susan declare she's committed a foul. Lou tries to defend Lolly but Susan orders him off the court.
LOU: Find a decent umpire. One with a whistle!
KARL: She's got a whistle.
Susan points to Karl.
They play on and Rachel practically hands Lolly the ball. Lolly runs to the goal and shoots but it hits off it and bashes her on the nose.
The General Store
Ringo suggests they go for a non-contact sport next time. Lolly's nose is fine and Ringo wishes he'd had a camera so he could post Lolly's performance on the 'net. Lou says it was a person trying to overcome an experience by being part of a team. Her mates reply positively and Lou tells Lolly that they think she rocks!
After Lou's gone Lolly says he means well and Rachel thumps Ringo when he calls him a tool.
RINGO: You're only hitting me because you wanna kiss me.
RACHEL: No, actually, I just like hitting you.
(Aren't they just a mini Karl and Susan?!)
Lolly and Zeke go to get drinks and Lolly points out to a confused Zeke that Ringo and Rachel have tons of chemistry. Lolly orders Zeke to give them one bottle, two straws and some space.
Lou appears and Lolly admits to her dad that she sucked but he thinks she gave it a good shot. It taught her that sometimes groups are more important than the individual. Lolly starts to tell him she appreciates it when Lou butts in, saying it'll help her become her own person.
LOLLY: I already *am* my own person.
Lou looks thoughtful.
Carmella admits to Elle that Oliver still blames her and Elle can't believe it; it wasn't her fault. All Carmella's done is work hard to get to get the business up and running. She can't believe he'd bail at a time like this. Carmella doesn't know what to do. She says that Ray has an alibi but she doesn't know who else could have done it. Elle thinks she should go and see Ray and tell him to stop the madness. If she doesn't he'll walk over her for the rest of her life. Carmella is unsure - what about Oliver? Elle tells her Oliver won't respect her if she walks away without a fight. This convinces Carmella and she thanks Elle.
The General Store
The Kinski kids are starving; Karl and Susan had a fight over what to feed the kids for brekkie and got so wrapped up in their squabbling they completely forgot to feed them! Lou picks up on this and asks if these arguments influence their future. If a parent mucks up too much -
Rachel cuts in; Lou is not mucking Lolly up. Zeke totally agrees with Lou being too pushy and trying too hard with parenting but his trying makes Lolly know he loves her. Lou happily realises he *is* being a good parent then.
ZEKE: Kind of.
Lou gives a hearty Lou-chuckle and walks off to the kitchen, leaving the Kinski kids still starving.
Ned's Flat
Paul realises he really shouldn't be playing video games twenty-four-seven and decides he might pop by the office. He thanks Ned for letting him crash there and, in the process of picking up his stuff to leave, he finds Elle's headscarf on a chair. Ned looks shifty as Paul asks what his daughter's scarf is doing in the flat.
After the commercials Ned says it must belong to a chick from the store. Paul is unconvinced; he recognises this. But Ned reminds him lots of chicks have that scarf and Elle wouldn't be hanging out with him even if she did know about his flat. Paul agrees - she's moved on from that - and leaves.
NED: See ya...wouldn't wanna be ya.
He calls Elle and asks if she's up for some more no strings fun. Elle will see him later.
Hanging up Elle takes a few seconds to put on a serious face. She tells Oliver that Carmella wants to sort out her mad uncle even though Elle told her to leave it to the police. Oliver thinks things are getting worse and worse. Elle goes onto say she thought she saw something in Carmella's purse...
ELLE: Oh, forget it - it's probably nothing.
OLIVER: No. C'mon, Elle, what did ya see?
ELLE: I think she had a gun.
Oliver looks at her then dashes for the door. Elle pulls him back saying things could get dangerous but Oliver has to stop her.
He runs off and Elle smiles to herself.
ELLE: I am *so* bad.
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Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5167
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5167
Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson

Rachel Kinski, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5167
Rachel Kinski, Lou Carpenter

Lou Carpenter, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5167
Lou Carpenter, Rachel Kinski

Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5167
Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski

Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5167
Oliver Barnes

Lou Carpenter, Louise Carpenter (Lolly) in Neighbours Episode 5167
Lou Carpenter, Louise Carpenter (Lolly)

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5167
Zeke Kinski

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5167
Elle Robinson

Elle Robinson, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5167
Elle Robinson, Carmella Cammeniti

Ringo Brown, Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5167
Ringo Brown, Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter

Elle Robinson, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5167
Elle Robinson, Carmella Cammeniti

Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5167
Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5167
Ned Parker

Paul Robinson, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5167
Paul Robinson, Ned Parker

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5167
Elle Robinson

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