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Neighbours Episode 5089 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5089: Whatever Happened to Baby Kerry?
Australian airdate: 02/1//06
UK airdate:
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Aarne Neeme
Guests: Rosetta Cammeniti: Natalie Saleeba
Will Griggs: Christian Clark
Frazer Yeats: Ben Lawson
Pepper Steiger: Nicky Whelan
Katya Kinski: Dichen Lachman
Loris Timmins: Kate Fitzpatrick
- "Scarlet" by Brooke Fraser
Summary/Images by: Elin
Rosie apologising to Frazer for calling him a crook.
Steph and Toadie talking about Pepper.
Will finding Carmella on the floor.
Hospital room
Will's come to visit Carmella. She wants to go and see Sky, but Will tells her she can't because she needs to rest. Will says he'll there stay with her, but Carmella asks him to leave, she wants to be alone. If he really wants to help her then he'll leave.
Hospital corridor
Rosie's on her way to visit Carmella when Frazer spots her and asks her if she's doing okay. He offers to taker her to dinner to help her deal with all the stress, but she doesn't reply. She's only come to visit Carmella, that's all. Just then Will exits Carmella's room and tells the others that she'd need some time alone since she's pretty fragile right now. Rosie doesn't care and goes in to see her sister anyway.
Hospital room
Rosie has no time for pleasantries and cuts straight to the chase asking Carmella if she was responsible for selling Teresa's baby like their cousin claims she did. Carmella doesn't answer.
ROSIE: Tell me it's not true, Carmella. Please, [it's] as simple as that. Just, tell me she's lying.
No. 30
Steph (with baby Charlie in his babygrow) has come over to see Pepper under the pretence of dropping off some papers for Christine that she hoped Pepper would pass on to her. Pepper's not really sure why Steph wants her to give the invoices to her Mum rather than doing it herself. Steph doesn't really have a good excuse either and Pepper works out that Steph has in fact come over to do a house inspection. Realising that she's been caught out, Steph decides to leave and to hand over the papers to Christine in person. On her way out she runs into Zeke who comes back from running errands for Pepper, namely getting some candles, takeaway thai food and nice flowers for a couple's dinner that Pepper's arranged for her and Frazer. Pepper gets Zeke to arrange the flowers and candles while she herself pours the food from its containers and into the pots on the stove to make it look like she's been cooking. Ooh, sneaky! Zeke has something to tell Pepper, but before he can say what it is, Frazer returns from the hospital looking quite shaken. Pepper starts talking about dinner, but Frazer points out that they have more important things to think about such as their friend being in hospital. Zeke gets involved and tells Frazer that he should be appreciative of what Pepper's done for him. Well, well, it seems like the Zekster has found himself a new love to protect!
Hospital room
Rosie's not finished with having a go at Carmella.
ROSIE: Here I was thinking you'd grown up, that finally you'd stopped being so selfish. I even thought we were beginning to have some sort of an honest relationship, but you haven't changed a bit.
CARMELLA: Yeah, I made a mistake. But I've been working really hard trying to make up for it.
ROSIE: How, by running off to a convent? You think it's that easy? A few Hail Marys, a couple of good deeds and your hands are washed clean of this? You're pathetic.
And with that Rosie leaves, only to find Will outside the door. Rosie tells him to stay away from Carmella since she's nothing but trouble.
Scarlet Bar
Lyn and Elle have come over to have dinner and when Lyn spots Loris sitting alone at one of the tables she can't help but walk over to her. For unknown reason Lyn's got a new, ugly, yellow handbag that she keeps flashing and she's also got a lot of cleavage on display since she's wearing the superlow-cut top and jacket from 5057. The ladies talk about how Loris if coping with everything that's going on now and then Lyn says she's really pleased that all the Timminses are living under the same roof now. Loris points out that there's one missing at the moment though since Boney (Stingray) is still in custody. She wants to know if Lyn had anything specific in mind when she came over to her table and Lyn takes this garden sprinkler out of her bag. Apparently she's been back at no. 26 to take it back since it is hers after all and not the Timmins'.
LORIS: That was on our front lawn!
LYN: Yes, well, but I knew you wouldn't mind. I mean, I just thought I'd do the right thing and mention it.
LORIS: That's pilfering! Hand it back this instant!
LYN: Oh no, it *is* mine! I've only re-claimed it, I mean, it's certainly not part of the Section 32!
LORIS: If it's on my property it belongs to me and you were trespassing!
They start a bit of a tug and war over the sprinkler until Loris finally 'wins', just as Elle returns from the bar with her and Lyn's drinks.
ELLE: What's going on? Were you two fighting?
LORIS: Ah, more of a debate, really. It all worked out for the best.
LYN: (still shocked at Loris's reaction to the sprinkler thing) I'll just be powdering my nose.
LORIS: I hope she's got an awful lot of powder.
Elle sits down at the table and tells Loris that she shouldn't be so hard on people just because she's got problems. Loris retorts by pointing out that Elle hasn't exactly been very constructive herself lately. They talk about how Dylan's away at this conference and how Elle's always there trying to please him. Loris orders Elle to give Dylan a call since neither she nor Janelle has been able to get hold of him on his mobile and she thinks that Elle as Dyl's girlfriend might be more successful. Elle quickly dials the number and Dyl picks up straight away. He says they've been over the matter already, him coming home isn't going to solve anything anyway. Loris grabs the phone and tries to talk some sense into her grandson, but he hangs up on her.
Hospital corridor
Toadie is offering Zeke $20 if he'll do some spying over at no. 30 for him since it turns out that espionage isn't exactly one of Steph's strongest points.
TOADIE: Just tell me the state of play.
ZEKE: Place is fine, everything's okay.
TOADIE: (holding up the $20 note as bait) Come on, out with it.
ZEKE: It's Miss Steiger, you know, she's wasting her time with Frazer. She should really be with a real man...
TOADIE: Hang on, a bit less Dr Phil and a bit more Martha Stewart, I wanna know about broken windows, not broken hearts, okay?
ZEKE: Why do you care? You never looked after the place when you were there.
Hehe, good one, Zeke! Toadie sees Rosie walk past them and points out to her that she walked past Carmella's room without checking in to see her. Rosie says Will's already in there so there's no need for her to be there too and besides, she's going to check up on their cousin now. Toadie tells Zeke he'll meet him in the canteen later so that he gets to talk to Rosie in private. He tells Rosie that he should have been consulted before Rosie decided to take on Teresa's case. She wants to know why and Toadie points out that they're both too close to the other parties involved in the case. Rosie says Teresa's still entitled to legal representation and Toadie reminds her that the representation needs to be impartial which may not be the case if Rosie's the lawyer. Plus, she hasn't got a lot of experience and it's a really tough case so Toadie thinks she might not be up for it. Rosie disagrees though and says she's not stepping down, despite what Toadie or Carmella might think of her handling the case.
Hospital room
Will gets Carmella some water so that she can keep her fluids up, but she's not interested in having some. He asks if it's bothering her that he's there and she says it isn't, but Will's wasting his time visiting her.
WILL: Is this about what's going down between you and your sister?
CARMELLA: (worried) Has she told you?
WILL: No, it's none of my business.
CARMELLA: It's complicated. But trust me, you don't know me that well.
WILL: I know enough. I'm a pretty good judge of character, you know, and yours is way up there. You can play the undeserving type all you like, but I'm not going anywhere. I know what I want and I want you.
Wow, how's that for clingy, especially after just one date! Imagine what he'll be like in a few dates' time!
Scarlet Bar
Katya's on the phone to Guy and she reckons something he's just said is carp (to quote Kellie since the board doesn't like that word). She tells him that she's paid her debt already and that she won't be stealing any more cars, she's had enough. Ned comes over with their drinks and Katya hangs up and makes up a quick excuse about someone from work calling to swap shifts.
We move to another table where Elle's trying to engage Lyn in conversation about the party where Ozzie's at. Lyn's not listening though, she's too busy looking herself in her pocket mirror, possibly checking if all the powder she put on her face earlier is still there. When she finally comes to, she tells Elle that the party is a slumber party, so there's no need to worry about picking Ozzie up.
ELLE: For three-year-olds? God, I'd hate to be that parent!
Toadie enters the bar and asks Lyn where Steph is. She's still sulking after Loris 'stole' her sprinkler, but tells him that Steph's in the office at the back. Elle tells Lyn to get over losing the sprinkler and to stop moaning about Loris's previous behaviour. Lyn sends a glare in Loris's direction and just then Loris puts the sprinkler on the table where it's clearly visible just to taunt Lyn even more. Hehe.
Scarlet Bar office
Steph's sat on the floor amongst piles and piles of paperwork when Toadie finds her.
TOADIE: Hey, scaling Mt. Paperest, huh? Sorry, not one of my finest.
Toadie remarks on the amount of paperwork that hasn't been dealt with and Steph admits it's because she's been avoiding it in the hopes that Max would come back to deal with it. She's got no idea what to do with it all, but Toadie says he'll help out. Steph leans in for a quick snuggle and tells him that if he ever needs help with checking out no. 30 again then she's happy to help.
Scarlet Bar
Elle's mobile rings and when she picks up, Lyn seizes the opportunity to go over to Loris's table and tell her a thing or two.
LYN: Look, I realise you've got a lot of worries at the moment, but that's no excuse for treating me the way you just did.
LORIS: Of course, you're right. What's yours is yours. (pushes the sprinkler across the table over to Lyn)
LYN: Well, thank you.
LORIS: That'd go for those ghastly drapes and those god-awful light fittings as well. I mean, they'd be yours too, wouldn't they? Pop over and collect them any time you want, sooner rather than later, I mean, I'd be good to...
Lyn is appalled to hear that, but I'm not sure why since she's not the one who decorated the house- the Making Mansions people did that!
Elle interrupts telling them the call she got was from the course co-ordinator at the conference that Dylan went to. Apparently Dylan hasn't shown up at all.
No 30
Frazer and Pepper are having dinner and Frazer remarks that it's funny how much the food tastes like the place around the corner. If he'd know the food would be this good then he'd never have turned it down earlier and he apologises to Pepper for the way he acted before. Frazer tells Pepper he thinks she's amazing and she takes that as a cue to plant a kiss on him! He pushes her away and asks what she's doing. She replies by saying she hopes that was a rhetorical question and goes in for another kiss. When Frazer pushes her away again Pepper starts kissing his neck instead and his attempt at trying to emphasise that their relationship is strictly business doesn't go very well. Pepper points out that they've got the house all to themselves and how she gets really lonely in that big bed... Frazer's getting a bit hot under his collar and wants to make sure that if they're going to go on 'like this' there can be no strings. Pepper agrees and sits down on his lap and they start kissing again.
Scarlet Bar office
Steph and Toadie take a bit of break from their 'mountain climbing' to have some wine. Steph says she wants to learn it all about the paperwork, preferably tonight, and Toadie says it might take a while. He offers to do it all for her, but she declines the offer.
STEPH: No, I can't depend on you to do all of this. I've just got to learn to do all of this stuff that Max used to do for us, for me.
TOADIE: That's a pretty big call.
STEPH: I have to be realistic, don't I? He might not ever come back. And I can't really let the business go under, he'd never forgive me for that.
TOADIE: But who's going to forgive Max for his book-keeping? Have you seen some of the things he writes about some of these suppliers? (shows Steph one of the bills) Look at this one, 'GST included and if there was a moron tax he's got to be paying double'.
STEPH: (laughs) That's so Max.
TOADIE: What about this, here you go. (shows her another bill)
STEPH: (laughs) Oh, that's so rude!
"I've never been to Cuba" has been playing in the background throughout this scenes and we catches the last bit of the chorus now. 'I've never been to Cuba, I've never been to Cuba, I've never been to Cuba, I've never been to Cuba... Toot, toot, toot- TOOT!!!'.
Ramsay St the next morning
Lyn comes walking across the road from no. 22 only to meet Toadie with Charlie in the pram on the driveway outside no. 32.
LYN: (bending down to say hi to Charlie) You gorgeous little man. (makes kissing sounds)
TOADIE: Oh Lynnie, you're making me blush!
Lyn's come over to see Steph and Toadie tells her that it's not a good idea since Steph stayed up late the night before. Instead though Lyn could come for a walk with Toadie and Charlie and she says she's up for that. Katya's out for a jog and just as she comes down the footpath towards Toadie and Lyn her mobile starts beeping, indicating that she's got a new message. Turns out it's Guy who's texting her, asking if she's picked up her mail yet. Toadie notices how she looks serious all of a sudden so asks if she's OK and she says she is. As Lyn and Toadie walk off, Katya looks over at the no. 28 mailbox where Zeke's just picked up this big envelope. Before Zeke has time to open it, Katya grabs it and tells her brother that the letter is for her despite it having Zeke's name on it. As Zeke heads off after being told some excuse about a mistake in the addressing, Katya takes out the videotape that's inside the envelope, pulls it apart then throws it in the bin. She takes out her mobile, calls Guy and asks him what she wants her to do.
Random parking lot
Ned finds Katya reading the street directory while sitting in a very nice, grey BMW convertible. Katya makes up an excuse about taking the car back to the hospital for one of the surgeons and Ned asks her why she needed a street directory in that case.
KATYA: It's nice little wheels. I thought I'd take it for a cruise first.
Ned asks if he could have a drive since the owner is in surgery anyway so he won't find out. Katya reluctantly agrees and Ned gets behind the wheels.
NED: We're just going to take it for a test drive, it's not like we're stealing it.
Oh Neddy, if only you knew how ironic that statement is...
No 30
Pepper's in a very good mood after the 'spectacular' night she spent with Frazer and he agrees that it was a great night, but as for making full use of the house being empty again he's not really up for it. Doing so means they'd be running the risk of moving things from being casual to being 'couply' and that would be bad since they agreed that the night before was simply 'no strings attached'. Pepper's disappointed but puts on an act of not caring at all and calls Frazer big-headed for even suggesting that she'd want a proper relationship.
FRAZER: There's no point in spoiling one good night by suffocating it with all that relationship stuff.
Another random parking lot
With a hip hop version of 'Do the Ant Rap' by the Oodles of Noodles playing, Ned parks the snazzy car on a random parking lot which just happens to be outside the Global Studios where they film the show, I recognise the building. Katya wants to know why they've stopped and Ned tells her it's just a pit stop during which they could have a bit of a kissy. Katya's not too keen on the idea though since they could be seen by anyone and luckily for her, her mobile goes off Ned leans in to kiss her. It's Guy texting again, asking for the money Katya owes him. When Ned wants some more kissage action Katya pulls away again since there's people around that could see them, but Ned finds a solution to that- just push a button and they have pull up the roof of the car. Ta-da, and they've got a little hiding place and what do you know, kissage ensues.
Scarlet Bar
Loris and Elle are talking about Dylan who's once again not answering his calls. Elle can't understand why he'd lie about going to the conference.
ELLE: Why won't he just come home?
LORIS: Because he's a typical Timmins male. Anyway, who needs him
Lyn, who's filling in for Steph while she's having a sleep-in, comes over with a cup of cappuccino in her hand, visibly still shaken after the previous night's encounter with Loris.
LYN: Perhaps you'd like some extra sprinkles on your cappuccino? I've got a sprinkler you could use...
LORIS: Look, Lyn, I have to apologise for my behaviour last night...
LYN: No apology necessary.
LORIS: I stamp around here like I'm God's gift, but really, it's a smoke screen, I... I'm the worst there is, I'm a monster.
LYN: (shocked) Loris...
LORIS: (getting emotional) I'm an appalling grandmother, everything that's happened is punishment for that.
LYN: (puts her arm around Loris) Don't you dare say that!
LORIS: Maybe his [Dylan's] disappearance is just karma for all the terrible things I've done. It's all my fault. I don't think little Kerry's ever coming back.
Hotel room
Dylan's talking to someone off-screen saying that he loves him/her so much and he has ever since he first laid eyes on them.
*flashback to the hospital on fire with Dylan finding little Kerry wrapped in her blanket lying in some bushes*
Dylan taking baby Kerry (still wrapped in her remarkably clean Erinsborough Hospital blanket) out of her cot and telling her that she makes him want to be something better than he ever thought he could be. Cradling her and kissing her forehead (while she's got the hiccups, aww), Dylan tells her everything will be fine.
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Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5089
Carmella Cammeniti

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5089
Rosie Cammeniti

Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5089
Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5089
Pepper Steiger

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