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Neighbours Episode 5088 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5088: Babe Runner
Australian airdate: 01/11/06
UK airdate:
Writer: Megan Herbert
Director: Aarne Neeme
Guests: Hannah Greenwood - Teresa Cammeniti
Senior Sergeant Allan Steiger - Joe Clements
Sergeant Ray Moller - Steven Stagg
Mysterious Hand - Tom Clancy
Will Griggs: Christian Clark
Summary/Images by: Elizabeth
- Carmella tells Teresa she can't let her take Sky's baby.
- Sky gives birth.
- The hospital is set on fire, Will brings a burnt Carmella and Stingray runs inside.
- Baby Kerry is missing.
Before I summarise, I know I'm going to find it really hard. Today's episode was brilliant and, in total honesty, really well done. Every single actor in today's episode has been excellent, so I'll try and do the episode justice with my summary. I'll also attempt to refrain from any sarcasm!
Also, because a lot of today's episode is in the hospital, I've broken the scenes down into different scenes within the hospital where the different characters are.
Hospital - Sky's room
Karl is trying to assure Sky and Harold that they'll find Kerry, but Sky is convinced it's Teresa. Karl tells her that Teresa is in the psychiatric ward but Sky doesn't care - she thinks she must have escaped and stolen Kerry. Karl tries to calm her down by telling her he'll get security to check the baby but a panicky Sky wants him to call the police to make sure she hasn't got away. Harold says that he's sure she's fine; she must have been taken to somewhere safe. Karl agrees but Sky wonders why her crib is there if that's the case. Karl is a little stumped so he says he'll try and find Dr Olenski to see if she can shed any light.
Hospital - Carmella's room
Carmella has a big white dressing stuck to her cheek as she wakes up, even though she's drowsy. Rosetta explains that she's been burnt and that the doctors have dressed her wounds. Carmella mumbles Teresa's name and says she has to go. Rosetta stops her but Carmella is insistent that she has to find Teresa. Will, who's also there, tells her she's in shock and that she has to stay put. Carmella explains that Teresa had said she was going to take Sky's baby. Rosie wonders why she would do that; Carmella states the obvious and says it's because she's crazy. Rosie says that Teresa wouldn't hurt someone's baby. Carmella replies, 'Not hurt, steal,' and says she has to check. Will offers to go and find out if the baby's ok on the proviso that Carmella stays put. She agrees and he goes.
With Will gone, Rosie tries to assure Carmella that everything is going to be ok, Teresa wouldn't do something like that. Carmella tells Rosie that she doesn't know her like Carmella does - Teresa wants that baby and she'll do anything to get it. Rosie doesn't believe her, 'This is the girl who used to cry when she stood on a snail, who would volunteer at animal shelters in her school holidays...' Carmella interrupts, 'No, Teresa who did this,' and puts her hand to her dressing.
Bree wonders how they can lose her niece. Rachel says she's not lost, Karl said she's 'misplaced'. Bree does the sarcasm for me when she says, 'Oh, well that's ok then.' Rachel tells her that they reckon Kerry has just been put in the wrong room because of all the confusion. Bree: 'Great, another hospital baby mix up. I must be jinxed!' Rachel says she prefers Jemima to Kerry then Bree tells her that Kerry is after Sky's mother and it's nice she chose it but she won't be naming her child Janelle. Bree wishes Scotty would just turn up. Rachel says he will but Bree says he's not the most in control person on the planet right now. Rachel replies that it's the drinking that's making him like that - deep down he is and always will be the same person. Again, Bree makes use of that sarcasm mantle by suggesting that it's deep as in way down at the bottom of the ocean. Rachel says that Scott loves Bree but Bree thinks that Scott made his feelings pretty clear at The Intervention. Rachel tells her that he didn't mean any of it and Bree reckons that whether he did or didn't, they've got to find him. Rachel tries his mobile but it's going to voicemail. They decide to go and see if he's gone back to the hotel.
Hospital - Corridor
Janelle asks Harold how Sky is. Karl's given her something to calm her down. Janelle asks how Harold himself is. He replies that he'll be all right once the mess is sorted out. Karl comes round the corner, saying that the last time Dr Olenski saw Kerry she was safe in her crib waiting for Sky. Janelle wonders why nobody was watching over her. Karl points out that they weren't to know this was going to happen, there was a fire and the staff were busy evacuating patients. Janelle wants to make sure that Kerry hasn't been mixed up with somebody else's kid. Karl tells her that security is still searching the building but Teresa Cammeniti did vanish from the psych ward today. Harold's aghast and goes in to see Sky. Karl continues; the police have extended their search beyond the hospital grounds. Janelle says that meanwhile a premature baby isn't getting the care she needs. Karl assures her that Dr Olenski had checked Kerry over and was pleasantly surprised at how strong she was. Janelle repeats 'was' so Karl corrects it to an 'is' and asserts that it's important to stay calm, he has no doubt Kerry will be found safe and sound. Will interrupts them and says that Carmella is flipping out about Sky's baby. Janelle wants to know what she knows about it. Will clicks that the baby is missing and tells Karl to go with him. It's strange, because he came up behind them and now he's taking Karl through a door in front of him, if you get what I mean. Anyhoo...
Hospital - Carmella's room
Carmella is talking to Rosie, Janelle, Will, Karl and Sgt Steiger, telling them that Teresa was really messed up about giving her baby up for adoption and living in total denial. Then she found out her baby had died and it was all too much. Rosetta says she's been through a massive trauma. Carmella says she's not making it up. Rosetta wants to know why she hadn't told her before, but Carmella says it was too painful. She adds that they should be out there looking for Teresa, she took Sky's baby and she probably lit the fire too. Steiger agrees to issue a KALOF - a Keep A Look Out For. Carmella adds that she should have told them when she knew Teresa was sharing a room with Sky. Karl says he'd never have put them together if he'd known Teresa's psychology. Carmella starts to cry and says she's sorry. Janelle says, with plenty of gusto, that it's a bit late for that now.
Rosetta: Excuse me, my sister has been seriously injured.
Janelle: Your sister is the reason my granddaughter's been taken.
Karl: Janelle!
Janelle (to Carmella): You've protected her once before, what's to say you're not protecting her now. Where is she?!
Rosetta: Would you please leave?
Janelle: Or what? You'll call one of your daddy's associates?
Rosetta: Right, get out!
Karl: Janelle, this is not helping.
Janelle: This is what mob families do, isn't it? Close ranks when things get tough. Well be warned missy, us Timminses are a force to be reckoned with when we're crossed.
Steiger: And you've just made a blatant threat of violence in front of senior police officer. Come on, out.
Janelle: All you Cammenitis are crooked, the lot of you!
Rosetta wonders who even let Janelle in there. Will says she's just worried about her granddaughter but it's ok, she's gone now. Throughout this exchange, Carmella has been sobbing in the background. Now she exclaims that it's all her fault. Karl tries to get her to calm down and sends Will to get a nurse.
Lassiters Complex
Bree and Rachel have a photograph of Stingray and are asking various people if they've seen him. By various, I mean one random teenage girl. Rachel sees CrazyTeresa with a pram and asks if it's the girl who shared a room with Sky. Rahcel wonders if she might know who Stingray is but before they have a chance to go over and speak to her, a police car pulls up. CrazyTeresa is looking down at the pram saying, 'We need to be together, don't we little one? It's the way it's meant to be.' It's Steiger in the police car. He winds the window down and wonders if she might be Teresa Cammeniti? Teresa is eerily calm and asks how he knows. Steiger was hoping she'd be able to answer a few questions for him down at the station - he'll help her with her baby. Teresa replies, 'You've found 'my' baby? Thank god, I've been so worried.' Steiger smiles like he's indulging here as he looks into the pram. It's empty. He's confused and looks at CrazyTeresa, who's just looking straight at him with a creepy, creepy smile.
Hospital - Sky's room
Sky is sobbing uncontrollably as Harold sits beside her and the sound of babies crying is all around. Harold tries to soothe her. Even if Teresa had taken 'our little girl'...she wanted another baby more than anything to love and to care for. Sky stops crying and turns to him. Does Harold think Teresa is taking care of her? Harold really doesn't think she'd harm her after she's lost a baby of her own. Sky's assuring herself that when they find Kerry, she'll be happy and healthy because Teresa will have looked after her. Harold really believes that - regardless of her emotional state he really doesn't think that she'd hurt a baby. Karl comes in and tells them that they've found Teresa; they're questioning her. Sky realises that she didn't have Kerry. Karl shakes his head and Sky starts crying again.
Police Station
CrazyTeresa is insisting that she doesn't know where 'her' baby is. Steiger asks her if she's certain that she doesn't want her lawyer. Teresa says she doesn't need a lawyer because she hasn't done anything wrong. Steiger asks when she last saw Kerry. Teresa wants to know how many times he's going to ask her the same question; he's wasting his time and should be out there looking. Steigers says it's Teresa who's wasting time - the security footage from the hospital makes her the number one suspect for arson. And she committed a serious assault against Carmella Cammeniti, to whom she divulged her plan to take Sky's baby. Teresa asks Steiger, 'What would you have done? Left that poor little child with an alcoholic father and a mother who doesn't want her?' Steiger wants to know if that's a confession. CrazyTeresa responds by telling him that she lit the fire because she needed a distraction. Steiger asks her where the baby is now. CrazyTeresa's getting worked up and says again that she doesn't know, she just wants to find her, she couldn't bear to lose 'her' baby again. Another police officer comes in and tells Steiger that they've finished looking through the security footage - it appears they have a second suspect.
Hospital - an office
Steiger is talking to Janelle, 'Your beloved younger son, the reason I get out of bed in the morning.' Janelle stresses that Scotty has nothing to do with Kerry going missing, she hasn't seen him. Steiger reckons this is because he's done a runner with the baby. Janelle points out that it was Carmella's loony cousin - 'We worked that out yonks ago.' Steiger tells her that CrazyTeresa doesn't have the baby and yes, Janelle's idea that CrazyTeresa has hidden the baby is being looked into. However, they've got security footage of Janelle's 'little angel' hanging around Sky's room about the same time that people were trying to stop the hospital burning down to the ground. How strange, Steiger says. Janelle says is must have been somebody who looks like him because Stingray hasn't been anywhere near the hospital. Karl cuts in to tell her that he has and that he had to get security on him because he was drunk and belligerent and making physical threats. Steiger wants to know if Karl thinks Scott might have wanted to prove a point by taking what was rightfully his. Karl doesn't think so but if he's on the footage... Janelle wonders why he would steal his own kid, it makes no sense. Steiger points out that not much in the last 24 hours has and wants to know where Scott is. Janelle sighs and concedes that she doesn't know.
Lassiters Complex
Bree's talking to some more random strangers as Rachel calls her over to a little copse thing. They go in and find Stringray in a comatose state, hugging a bear he bought for Sky. He rouses and Bree tells him to go with her now, somebody's taken Sky's baby.
Hospital - Corridor
Will's telling Rosetta that Carmella will be fine and starts wittering on about burns technology like spray on skin cells or something. Rosetta isn't listening, she just wishes that Carmella had told her sooner, maybe they could have avoided this. Rosetta reckons Will must think her family is crazy (well at least one member is) what with them selling babies and scalding each other. Will says, a little ominously, that everybody has things about their family they'd rather the world didn't know. Rosetta starts talking slightly sarcastically (I'm glad, cf Bree) and mentions that it might be things like having their father involved in underworld business dealings? Will says she doesn't have to tell him anything she doesn't want to but she clearly does. Her dad's in jail and none of them, not even her mother, know the full extent of what he was involved in. Will says it must be hard not having her dad around but Rosie thinks it's harder dealing with the mess that he's left behind. People think they know them because they've read something in the paper...Will knows what she means. Rosie asks if he's regretting moving in with a Cammeniti but he assures that he's not, although he'll be locking his door. He's making a joke. I think.
Carmella is wheeled past them with a bandage wrapped all around her head from the top of her head to under her chin. Karl explains that there were no complications and she's lucky with her vision, she hasn't lost it. Rosie wants to know if there'll be any scarring but Karl ducks the question by saying they'll hope for the best.
Hospital - Sky's room
Sky wonders if Harold saw Kerry before they took her away. Harold assures her that Kerry is beautiful. Sky is panicky again. She didn't get to hold her and Kerry doesn't know who Sky is. Harold doesn't want her beating herself up. Sky wonders who's got her if it's not Teresa and if Kerry's crying, she's going to need Sky. Harold says that every child is born with a guardian angel and Kerry is no different. Sky thinks her guardian angel might be her mum. Harold did feel her in the room so she should keep her mum in her thoughts and prayers.
Scott enters, saying he had to come. Harold wants to know what he's doing there. Is he drunk? Scott admits he's hungover but says he's had a wake up call and he's going to get himself together. Harold points out that he keeps saying that. Sky says it's ok, Stingray can stay. Sky asks him what happened to their baby girl and Scott hugs Sky, saying he's not going to rest until she's safe. Janelle comes in and tells him to run and not to go to the hotel, the cops are after him. Steiger comes up and thanks her for her announcement. Then he tells Scott that they need to have a chat in private. Janelle tells Scott not to say anything until she's spoken to Toadie. Sky is worried about Stingray and Janelle tells her that the police reckon Scott took Kerry but there's no way. She goes after him.
Hospital - an office
Steiger is speaking to Scott and wants him to retrace his steps starting with his altercation with Karl. Scott doesn't remember - he'd been drinking. Steiger tells him he was seen on the CCTV hanging around the neonatal ward at about the same time as Kerry went missing. Janelle says that his stupid tape doesn't show him taking it. Steiger concedes that some of the footage is obscured by the smoke but says that he wouldn't want to be Scott right now - wreaking of smoke with no alibi. He wants to know what happened. Scott doesn't know but it's his kid so he wants to know where she is too. Steiger tells him that Dr Kennedy thinks Scott wasn't welcome at the birth. Scott's only taking Steiger's word on that.
Steiger: You can't remember, you'd been drinking. How convenient! I think you were so stroppy about being shut out from the birth that you came back later to take what was rightfully yours.
Scott: What? No, no.
Steiger: Well, how can you remember? Eh? Where did the soft toy come from?
Scott: I must have bought it as a present.
Steiger: Where is the baby, what have you done with her?
Scott: I don't know, I didn't do anything!
Steiger: You stole your daughter in a drunken stupor, put her god knows where...
Scott: No, I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't.
Steiger: Yeah, but now you're not so sure, are ya?
Scott: Mum? I wouldn't... No I wouldn't do something like that... Nope.
Police Station
Teresa is sitting alone when Rosie comes in. CrazyTeresa only want to know if they've found 'her' baby, but Rosie tells her they haven't. Rosie knows it's been a few years but doesn't she recognise her cousin, Rosie? CrazyTeresa's demeanour changes immediately and she asks what Rosie's doing there. Rosetta's there to help her, but according to CrazyTeresa nobody in Rosetta's family has ever helped anyone but themselves. Now, she might be right and all but isn't her surname Cammeniti? Isn't she Rosetta's cousin? Call me silly, but I'd class that as being family, so it's actually CrazyTeresa's family as well. Rosetta ignores her and goes into the legalities. She's been downgraded from a main suspect to person of interest in the baby matter but it's up to Carmella if she would like to press charges for assault but as far as the allegation goes, she's going to need legal representation. CrazyTeresa isn't interested. Rosetta knows a lot has happened in the last few days and she also knows that CrazyTeresa only did what she did because she was distressed. CrazyTeresa wouldn't trust Rosetta as far as she could throw her. Same for her sister. Rosetta asks CrazyTeresa to tell her what happened last night. CrazyTeresa says perhaps Rosie could go to hell. Rosetta insists that she's trying to help. CrazyTeresa knows her rights - she doesn't have to have a lawyer if she doesn't want one. Rosetta says fine, she just wants to know for her own curiosity. CrazyTeresa is not going to tell her anything. Rosetta's getting annoyed and tells her that she can't just go around attacking people; Carmella didn't deserve what Teresa did. Rosetta, apparently, has no idea what Carmella deserves. Rosetta explains that she could be left permanently disfigured. CrazyTeresa thinks she deserved it, she killed Teresa's baby. If anybody has blood on their hands, it's Carmella.
Outside by the Copse
Steiger is pointing directions to various police officers before he grabs Scott and gets him to show exactly where he slept last night so that they can work their way backwards. They reach where Scott was and he explains that it's where he woke up. Steiger wants to know where he was before that. Was he with anyone else? Did he have Kerry with him? Scotty doesn't know the answer to any of these questions, he doesn't remember what happened. Steiger tells him to take a deep breath and think - his baby's safety depends on it. Scott says he'd never risk his daughter's life; booze or no booze. Steiger says that nobody's suggesting he harmed her. Not deliberately, anyway. Ok, he passed out. Did he go to a bottle shop beforehand? Check his pockets for receipts. He just wants something from last night so that they can place him anywhere. Scott pulls out various bits of paper and something lands on the floor. Steiger tells him not to touch it and picks it up with a hankerchief. It's a hospital band that reads: 'BABY MANGEL. MOTHER SKY'
Hospital - Sky's room
Harold is praying but Sky thinks that with all the bad luck in their family, praying might be doing more harm than good. Janelle comes in and Sky says she won't believe it. Janelle has something she needs to say. 'Ever since Dylan and Scotty had their blue, Scotty's been like a ghost, just not himself. There was something brewing.' Sky disagrees, not something like this. He wouldn't do it even at his very worst. Janelle tells her they found Kerry's bracelet on him. Sky doesn't care what the evidence says, she knows in her 'heart and soul' that there has to be an explanation for it. It doesn't matter how wasted he was. Janelle says her heart is telling her that Kerry is safe and well. Sky's been feeling that too, she's been feeling her energy in her body and all around her or maybe it's just wishful thinking. Janelle thinks it might be mother's intuition.
A room
Kerry is wrapped in a blanket from Erinsborough Hospital. She's silent and calm. A hand reaches towards her and strokes her. It's a man's hand.
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Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5088
Karl Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5088
Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel

Bree Timmins, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5088
Bree Timmins, Rachel Kinski

Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5088
Bree Timmins

Karl Kennedy, Janelle Timmins, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5088
Karl Kennedy, Janelle Timmins, Harold Bishop

Will Griggs, Janelle Timmins, Allan Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5088
Will Griggs, Janelle Timmins, Allan Steiger

Max Hoyland, Charlie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5088
Max Hoyland, Charlie Hoyland

Rachel Kinski, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5088
Rachel Kinski, Bree Timmins

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5088
Sky Mangel

Teresa Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5088
Teresa Cammeniti

Rosie Cammeniti, Will Griggs in Neighbours Episode 5088
Rosie Cammeniti, Will Griggs

Bree Timmins, Rachel Kinski, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5088
Bree Timmins, Rachel Kinski, Stingray Timmins

Bree Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5088
Bree Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel

Rosie Cammeniti, Teresa Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5088
Rosie Cammeniti, Teresa Cammeniti

Kerry Mangel (baby) in Neighbours Episode 5088
Kerry Mangel (baby)

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