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Neighbours Episode 5084 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5084: A Tale of Lou's Pretties
Australian airdate: 26/10/06
UK airdate:
Writer: Martin McKenna
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Loris Timmins: Kate Fitzpatrick
Mishka Schneiderova: Deborah Kennedy
Summer Hoyland: Marisa Siketa
Guy Sykes: Fletcher Humphrys
Max look-a-like: Simon Stanton
Katya Kinski: Dichen Lachman
Summary/Images by: Elin/Izzy-da-vixen
Steph thinking that Max has returned home
Stingray making Janae lend him money
Janelle telling Mishka to stay away from Lou
Stinger's on a park bench fast asleep when some guy (whose arm is the only part we can see) comes up to him and tries to wake him up. When he won't wake up, the random guy puts a note in Stinger's pocket then leaves. Stinger suddenly wakes up and sees the guy run away from him. He takes the note out of his pocket and is shocked to find the note saying "Tell Steph I love her" as it could have been Max who left the note. Stinger calls out after 'Max' but he's already gone.
No. 32
Toadie's showing off his lack of talent in terms of piano playing to a not very enthusiastic Steph, Summer and Charlie. The adults are trying to convince Summer to go back to school but she sees right through them and insists she's not returning to Gillards. Steph makes one last attempt to convince Sum to go back, saying that Susan called and said that they can't accept anymore students at Erinsborough High this year so she might have no choice but to go back to Gillards. Sum points out that EHS is a governmental school so they can't turn her down if she wants to go there. Before Steph has time to come up with any more arguments there's a familiar 'Yoohoo!' coming from the hallway. It's Lyn and Ozzie that have returned from NY, both of them sporting new haircuts too! They've got Stinger in tow and he tells the Hoylands about seeing Max earlier, leaving everyone speechless.
Scarlet Bar
Mishka comes in and moans to Herold about having spent the past 26 hours on a plane with miners from Ukraine. She notices how Herold seems to be feeling a bit down but Harry says it's nothing.
MISHKA: No, I can see... You in the dump! But I hev somezing to bring cheer...
She pulls out a briefcase full of Tazzle and now it's Harry's turn to be lost for words. He can't believe Mishka would bring him all that Tazzle and is really excited until he realises that there's most likely a catch involved as well.
MISHKA: No, no, no... Is gift from friend. And maybe as friend you can talk to Lou?
HEROLD: Ah, dear, well... Look, I think it may be good (?) if I don't dip my oar in those waters.
Mishka then shuts the briefcase and makes a comment about how it's nice when friends can rely on each other and how she understands that Harry is too honourable a man to accept a gift from someone who's not his friend. The thought of missing out on all that Tazzle makes Harry rethink his position though, so maybe he could just talk to Lou after all... Mishka's so happy she kisses him on both cheeks and then she leaves be cause she 'must to fresh up'. Hehe.
No 32
The Scoylands™ are trying to get some more info about Max from Stingray. They find it weird that Max would just leave a note without talking to him or anything. What's even more strange though is how Stinger doesn't even have the note anymore, he's lost it. Oh, and he can't even remember where in the park he was sleeping. The Scoylands™ are having a hard time making sense of it all and Steph wants to know if Stingray even saw Max or if this is just some fantasy. Stinger insists that he did, but the others aren't convinced. Toadie pulls Stinger to the side to have a word with him.
General Store kitchen
Loubear is busy decorating some cakes for the store and tells Herold he thought his days of having two women fighting over him were long gone.
HEROLD: You don't seem to be suffering too much.
LOUBEAR: That's easy for you to say. Your problems in the lady department are singular.
Herry wants to know if Loubear's really being serious about this thing he's got going with Janelle. Wasn't the relationship he had with Mishka more substantial? Loubear thinks the 'writing's on the wall' with that one, but Harry's not convinced. Loubear's curious as to why Harry's so interested all of a sudden and it all makes sense when he finds some bottles of Tazzle hidden under one of the work benches in the kitchen.
LOUBEAR: (holding up the bottles) From Russia with love, ay? She's bought you off with a measly couple of bottles of cordial!
Herold says Mishka's just interested in seeing Loubear, that's all. Loubear says he's not interested, and besides, Herry's neutrality has now been compromised! Not true, says Harry, he really does feel that the relationship with Mishka was more honest than the one with Janelle. Loubear's quick to turn the conversation around though and wants to know what's going on in Harry's love life. How are things going with Loris? Harry doesn't want to discuss it.
Just then a chirpy Janelle pops in the door wearing what appears to be the twin sister of the shirt Lyn wore in 4976 http://www.neighboursfans.com/episodes/ind...06&episode=4976 . Loubear tells Janelle that Herold's sold himself to the Russians and that he isn't a Louelle™ shipper. When Loubear wants to know what he can do for Janelle today she tells him he could always stop by her house after he's finished his shift, she'll make it worth his while. *wink, wink* She then blows him some kisses and she's off. Ooh, this ship is certainly heating up now.
No 26
We begin this scene by a zoom in of that publicity shot of the Timmins family that they post in TV WEEK every so often only to widen the view so that we see Toadie and Stinger having a heated discussion in the lounge. Stinger's still trying to explain away seeing Max and the note as him just being a bit careless but Toadie tells him he knows about the money Stinger stole from Janae.
STINGER: I'm going to pay that back.
TOADIE: Don't even try that, mate. You're hurting people here.
STINGER: I'm working on it.
TOADIE: Well, work harder! 'Cause right now you're not much of a brother, or a son or a cousin. You're just a drunk! You wouldn't have known Max today if he was two inches from...
STINGER: I saw him, alright! He gave me the note!
TOADIE: The note that you lost! Mate, that family's going through hell right now, it's all Steph can do not to fall apart. And they just want to hear something from Max, anything, so what do you do? You give it to them and then you take it away! You made it worse! Get out!
STINGER: Toadie...
TOADIE: Get out!
Scarlet Bar
Elle's on the phone to the P.I. again and repeating almost exactly the same things she said to him/her last week- money's not an issue, she just wants Max to be found. Lyn enters the bar with Ozzie and instantly spots Elle so they walk over to her table. Elle's so happy to see her new step-mum that she gives her a hug. Aww, it's nice to see them get along so well. Elle wants to know if Paul's back too then and Lyn says he's not since he wanted to stay behind in NY with Flick and Shell to look after some new bar over there. In the meantime, Ozzie's found Elle's mobile and tries to work out how to use it. Hehe, such cuteness. Lyn wants to know how Elle's doing, she could tell that Elle had hardly been home at all when she and Ozzie popped over at no. 22 earlier. Elle says she's been spoiling herself down at the hotel getting facials and massages so that's why she hasn't been home much. Lyn works out that it might be because Elle didn't want to be home alone, but now when she and Ozzie are back things can go back to normal again with home-cooked meals and all. Elle says that sounds great and starts to give Lyn an update on what's happened to Lassiters while she's been away.
As they leave we focus on another corner of the bar where Dylan and Loris have been sitting at one of the tables. Dylan leaves the table and Harry then approaches Loris who's staying behind for a bit. She's very pleased to see him, but he hardly notices since he's so focused on the one reason he's come to see her. There's just something he's been meaning to give her for a while and now's the time to do so. Then out of nowhere he suddenly plants a kiss on her much to her (and our!) surprise!
LORIS: Harold...
HEROLD: (hopeful) Loris.
LORIS: Harold, I...
HEROLD: (hope sinking fast) Loris?
LORIS: You haven't been drinking, have you?
HEROLD: No, no, of course I haven't.
LORIS: I don't think you've thought this through, it's really not appropriate. I'm sorry, I have to go.
And with that she leaves a devastated and confused Harry (and me!) behind trying to work out what's what while the whole bar looks at him funny and we listen to 'I've never been to Cuba, I've never been to Cuba, I've never been to Cuba, I've never been to Cuba... Toot, toot, toot- TOOT!!!'.
General Store
Janelle comes in greeting Dyl who's sitting in the corner of the shop on her way over to Mishka at another table. Mishka's sleeping while sitting up again, still wearing her flight attendant uniform and Janelle wakes her up by placing her heavy bag on the table.
JANELLE: You know, we've got to stop meeting like this.
MISHKA: [I'm] Just resting before next attack...
JANELLE: You're overdoing it, love. A woman of your years isn't up to traipsing all over the globe.
MISHKA: My mother work in the Siberian engine factory til she 89. In my country we stay young very long time!
JANELLE: Well, in my country fresh is best!
MISHKA: What you do here?
JANELLE: I could ask you the same question.
MISHKA: I take my Loubear to dinner.
JANELLE: Loubie is already booked in at Chez Timmins.
MISHKA: Oh not try to speaking French. And also, Lou when he see me will cancel that booking.
JANELLE: Don't bank on it, sweetheart! He is a red-blooded Aussie bloke. You think he's going to want to spend the night over a bowl of pickled cabbage when he could be enjoying a private fashion show with me?
MISHKA: What you know of fashion? You dress like zookeeper!
JANELLE: Beats looking like Tootsie!
JANELLE: I can assure you Lou is going to like what he sees tonight. I have got a lot of very petite outfits to get in and out of. Not something he's going to forget in a hurry!
And with that Mrs. Timmins has had enough and leaves the store with her head held high and lets her son do the rest of the talking.
DYL: Don't pay any attention to her. She's not even interested in Lou, not really.
MISHKA: You zink so?
DYL: Nah, she just loves a good scrap! Mieow! She's still hung up on Dad. Always has been, always will be.
MISHKA: You want somezing in return for this.
She offers him $50 but he says it's not necessary. Mishka says she's 'very much appreciating' of that and calls Dyl a good boy. Hehe.
Stinger seems to move from park bench to park bench today because now he's found another one outside of A Good Hair Day. Janelle sees him and walks over to have a chat. She wants to know how he's going since it's been a while since they last saw each other and he says he's fine, but not with a lot of conviction. Janelle decides to leave him to it and walks away so our focus changes to Elle and Dylan who are walking past Stinger in the background. Elle mentions to Dyl that she's got a suite ready for them at the hotel if he's interested. He points out that they've been down that road before and it's not going to help either one of them. Elle says she'll spoil him- his wish is her command!- but Dyl still isn't too keen on the idea. He senses that something's up with her, but she denies that there's anything wrong at first before admitting that after Cam's death she's been doing some pretty awful things. Dylan wants to know what she's been up to but she refuses to say what it is and takes off instead.
On the other side of the complex Ned and Loris are talking about the plans for the new Lassiters complex and how Ned could become resident personal trainer for the hotel.
LORIS: You'll be so busy you won't have a moment to spare on Carmella or Katya!
They stop outside the General Store and Ned sits down and all of a sudden he's now at perfect kissing height for Loris. This can only mean one thing, oh yes.
LORIS: There's someone much more suitable for you out there somewhere.
NED: I just hope I recognise her when I see her. I've got a gift for going after the wrong kind of girl.
LORIS: You'll find her. She could be right under your nose!
NED: You're probably right. You usually are.
And that's Loris's cue to plant a kiss on Ned (I told you it was coming!), just as Harry exits the General Store, so he sees the whole thing! OHNOES11!!!!, my Harris™ ship is falling apart today! *cries crocodile tears*
Ned pulls away and doesn't look half as pleased as Loris does.
NED: What was that?
LORIS: If you have to ask I've obviously done it wrong.
NED: Look, just because you've got me a job it doesn't mean you own me.
Ooh, this might even have been dramatic had Ned displayed any feelings on his face as he takes off in a huff.
No 26
Loubear arrives at Chez Timmins with a gift in hand only to hear Janelle call him (or Lou-lou rather) and ask him to come in. She appears from the bedroom wearing what is clearly half Steph's negligee from 4915 and half Lyn's from 5038. We know from before that Janelle has a habit of nicking Susie Q's clothes and I guess now she's moved on to the wardrobes of the Scoylands™ then!
Anyways, what Janelle is wearing is making Loubear want to engage in some more um, physical activities, but Janelle wants to know what's going on between him and Mishka first. Until he gets things sorted with Mishka, all Janelle can offer him is to look, but not touch. Janelle then notices the flowers Loubear has got in his hands and tells him he shouldn't have brought them. He says he didn't, he found them on the doorstep. Just as Janelle is checking the card in the bouquet, Dyl arrives home and seems a bit surprised to find his mother only wearing a negligee. It turns out the flowers are from Kim so Loubear and Janelle decide to re-schedule their date and Loubear leaves.
JANELLE: He's a dark horse your Dad.
DYL: Yeah, so what does the card say?
JANELLE: 'With very many love, your husband Kim.' He's softening me up before he makes his move.
DYL: Yeah, or maybe they're not from Dad.
JANELLE: Oh, read the card!
DYL: (reading the card) It's not even his hand-writing!
JANELLE: Or maybe he ordered them over the phone or something.
DYL: Or someone else did! Mishka, maybe?
JANELLE: She doesn't even know who Kim is!
Dyl makes a face so Janelle realises that he must have said something to Mishka.
JANELLE: What have you done?
DYL: We were talking and I kinda let it slip that you were still married.
JANELLE: Betrayed by my own son?!?
DYL: Mum, I was doing you a favour. You don't love Lou and you know it!
JANELLE: This is no longer about Lou. This is personal.
No 30
Ned opens the door to Katya who's come over to see him with a white rose as a peace offering. He invites her in and they move over to the kitchen where she tells him she thought things between them were over since she hasn't heard from him. Ned insists that his crush on Carmella is over though so he and Katya could go back to being a couple again. They kiss.
No 32
Steph asks Toadie how long Stinger's drinking has been going on for and he says it's been happening for a while now. Steph's surprised that Janae hasn't said anything about it and Toadie tells her that Janae probably figured that Steph would have enough on her plate as it is with Max gone and all. Toadie leaves and Lyn changes the topic of the conversation to that of Max's disappearance again. All the false alarms they've been receiving are almost as bad as getting no news at all. Summer reckons they're even worse than the false alarms, especially now after Boyd's poster campaign when they've been receiving prank calls too. Lyn assures Sum that Max will come back home, but until then it's just better if she sticks to her normal routine.
SUMMER: Are you in on it as well?
LYN: On what?
SUMMER: The 'Get Summer Back Into Gillard' campaign. Listen, I'm staying okay! I don't want Steph to be alone.
Lyn says Steph won't be alone. After all she's got Lyn, Susan, Harold and Toadie there to help! Lynnie tells Sum that if she wants what's best for Steph then it's better that she goes back to school since if she was to drop out now it'd just add to all the stress Steph's under anyway. Steph puts her arm around Summer and tells her that she knows Sum is only trying to help, but for her to go back to school is what would make her step-mum happiest of all. Lyn adds that Summer returning to school is what her Dad would want her to do as well and then Sum gives in and says someone had better take her to the train then.
No 26
Janelle's on her computer, furiously typing away while talking to herself saying that the Cold War is now back on. Loris arrives home and sinks down on one of the sofas looking like she's had a really rough day.
JANELLE: What's happened?
LORIS: I'm mortified. I can never show my face in public again.
JANELLE: Out with it.
LORIS: Not only did I embarrass dear, sweet Harold, but I went and kissed Ned.
JANELLE: Ned Parker?
LORIS: On the lips.
JANELLE: (getting excited, then realising she shouldn't be encouraging Loris) Oh!
LORIS: I feel ridiculous!
JANELLE: So you smooched a bit of local eye candy. There are worse crimes.
LORIS: What was I thinking?
JANELLE: Oh, it's obvious! You wanted to even the score with that dirtbag husband of yours.
LORIS: This time it was me who behaved appallingly!
JANELLE: Oh, come on! You're not even in the same league. Twenty years he was carrying on with that floozy.
LORIS: Yeah, my big floozy dumped me!
JANELLE: Well, just as well. As if a woman of your style and smarts could seriously be interested in that lummox. What the hell would you talk about? He's not just easy on the eye, he's far too easy on the brain as well!
LORIS: (laughing) You're awful.
JANELLE: Don't flatter me!
I think Janelle's been reading nf.com; this last bit is like taken directly from one of the anti-Ned threads on here! Hehe.
Scarlet Bar
Dylan finds Elle in the bar and tells her he's on to her, he knows that her asking him to come to the hotel room with her was just to butter him up for the shareholders' meeting tomorrow. Elle says she'd never do that, at least not anymore because she still loves him. Tomorrow's meeting is strictly business and she'd never let her feelings get in the way of that. Elle tells him that she hopes Dylan will vote for what's best for Lassiters and nothing at the meeting then leaves, leaving Dylan with a few things to think about.
General Store
Herold's cleaning the displays in the store when Mishka comes in dressed to impress and with picnic basket in hand, expecting to find her Loubear there.
HEROLD: Loubear has left the building, I'm afraid.
MISHKA: Oh, he will not be so long, no?
HEROLD: Hard to say.
MISHKA: I wait.
HEROLD: Waiting for Lou to make a commitment may not be such a good idea.
MISHKA: What you try to say?
HEROLD: Oh, don't listen to me. Glaringly obvious, I know absolutely nothing of the affairs of the heart.
Mishka checks her basket and realises she's forgotten her secret weapon. She rushes off to get it just as Loris comes in.
LORIS: (hopeful) Hello, Harold.
HEROLD: (clearly not happy to see her) Good evening.
LORIS: Not so thrilled to see me?
HEROLD: More surprised, I suppose. Loris, I'm very sorry about what happened earlier
LORIS: No, it's me who should be sorry. Look, a wonderful man tries to sweep me off my feet and I behave like an old prude.
HEROLD: No need to try to save my feelings, I know where your affections lie. I saw you with... I saw you with Ned.
LORIS: I can assure you that was a mistake.
HEROLD: Please, let's stop this show. I'm not going to try and compete with Ned Parker.
LORIS: But that's not how it is.
HEROLD: Loris, you don't have to try and make me feel better! I'm very happy on my own. And I'm very busy.
Loris looks sad. I do too, someone, anyone, please save this ship from sinking!!!
General Store a little later
Mishka returns with her secret weapon wrapped in a piece of cloth and now Loubear is in the store waiting for her. When Herold sees Mishka he excuses himself to go wipe off some tables outside.
MISHKA: My Loubear, at least I find you. You are slippery man!
LOUBEAR: Sorry about that. Harold told me you were looking for me.
MISHKA: Oh, it no matter. You're here now.
LOUBEAR: Mishka, I'm afraid you've fallen for a bit of a rouge (?).
MISHKA: You're speaking of Janelle. She wrong woman for you.
LOUBEAR: I was at her house tonight.
MISHKA: (worried) I see.
LOUBEAR: But you're right, we don't belong together! I ended up being the delivery boy for a bunch of flowers from her husband Kim! She took one look at them and sent me packing!
MISHKA: But this is good news! She belong with her husband and you belong with me. Look what I bring for you.
She unwraps the cloth to reveal a sausage!
MISHKA: Is sausage from Omsk! Is your favourite, yes?
LOUBEAR: (excited) Ooh, you are a wonderful woman!
Herold comes back in with a letter for Loubear that he found on one of the tables outside. Lou reads the letter with an increasingly shocked look on his face. When Herold asks what the letter says, Loubear hands it over and we get a close-up of it. "Lou, I have friends in your country. Stay away from wife. Igor." But the letter's not all, in the same envelope there's also a bullet. Oh my, ain't this quadrangle heating up now, ay?
No 28
Katya and Ned arrive home and head for the bedroom. On the way, Katya decides to get some wine so lets Ned go to the bedroom to wait for her. The front door was left open which is never a good sign, and what do you know, this random guy called Guy (heh, almost as funny as last week's Lou/loo joke!) comes in looking for 'Cathy'. Guy appears to be high on something and an old friend of Katya's who she hasn't seen in ages. Katya's shocked to see him and tells Guy it's a really bad time right now, her boyfriend's just in the other room. When Ned returns from the bedroom wondering what's taking Katya so long, she pushes Guy into Karl and Susan's bedroom so that he won't be seen. For Ned she makes up a very lame excuse about Susan coming home any minute so suggest they go over to no. 30 instead. He says that's fine and decide to go over there ahead of Katya. As soon as Ned leaves, Guy comes back from the bedroom and tells Katya that he's sick. He's got a problem with his kidneys and needs $10 000 for the surgery. Katya says she's only got a few hundred bucks to give him, but he's not fooled that easily. She lives in a nice house and is doing alright for herself and wouldn't want her past to come back to haunt her now, would she? Guy takes out this CD and tells Katya that if she doesn't get him the money he wants, he'll reveal what's on there..
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 in Neighbours Episode 5084

Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5084
Stingray Timmins

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5084
Max Hoyland

Toadie Rebecchi, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5084
Toadie Rebecchi, Summer Hoyland

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Lyn Scully, Oscar Scully, Elle Robinson

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Loris Timmins, Ned Parker

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Ned Parker, Loris Timmins

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Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland

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