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Neighbours Episode 5083 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5083: Tummy Dearest
Australian airdate: 25/10/06
UK airdate:
Writer: Anthony Morris
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Teresa Cammeniti - Hannah Greenwood
Summer Hoyland - Marisa Siketa
Summary/Images by: Elizabeth/Izzy-da-vixen
Stingray visits Sky after drinking, thanking her (sarcastically) for her concern.
Boyd tells Janae that Max is a great dad and he's going to find him.
Carmella tells Sky that Teresa doesn't have a husband or a baby.
Steph and Janae come into the house talking about Austins and hoisting engines. I don't know, it's all Greek to me. ToadieTheNanny comes in behind them with Charlie strapped to him. Steph notices the photo albums that have been left out and that the washing has been done and gets all excited thinking it might be Max. She goes into the kitchen and sees that food has been left out and that the shopping list has gone. Whilst she does this, she keeps calling out, 'Max!' As far as Steph's concerned, all this means Max is back. She tells ToadieTheNanny she had a premonition that this would happen. Neither Janae nor ToadieTheNanny are quite so enthusiastic, but Steph is convinced. Janae says she'll call Boyd. ToadieTheNanny wants them to wait to be sure but Steph says she's sure.
Harold is asking CrazyTeresa about her 'baby's' immune system, wondering if the doctors think it will improve. CrazyTeresa says they're just hoping it doesn't get worse and her husband and her are determined to give 'Bonnie' the best life they can. As she says this, Sky overhears at the doorway. Then she comes in. Teresa says she'll go for a walk and give them some privacy. Sky tells Harold the doctors want to keep an eye on the baby so she'll be there longer. Harold tells Sky what a lovely girl Teresa is. If only he knew... Sky tells him that she doesn't have a daughter or a husband, Carmella told her. Harold wonders why she would do that. Sky interrupts saying she doesn't know but that it's really weird. Harold says it must be the only way she can cope - does she have many visitors? Sky tells him no, none. Harold informs Sky that he's worked with many people like her over the years; people who would rather live a fantasy than face up to the reality that there's nobody there to care for them. Sky says it makes sense - CrazyTeresa offered to adopt the baby. She asks Harold what will happen if Stingray ends up like that; his whole family have disowned him. Harold replies that whatever mess he's in is of his own making - he'll help him if he can but if Stingray turns his back on it he'll have to get out of it himself. Sky doesn't care what he's done, he's her friend and she's not going to cut him off, she wants him around. Harold will try to get him to visit.
Bree and Rachel are looking through an old year book for Erinsborough High saying that everything's tragic. Rachel points out some old photos of Susan. Now, she may think it looks slightly tragic but these pictures look like being from 1995 (bottom left), 2002 (bottom right) and the top two I'm not sure about the top two pictures. (Mimms, I'm sure you'll be able to correct me! ) Anyway, these pictures are of Susan as we knew and loved her, classic Susan. Those were the days...Not that we don't love her now, and in a few scenes you'll see exactly why, but hey, it's nostalgia. Anyway, Bree's saying 'Eew, she's wearing shoulder pads!' Rachel points out a picture of Toadie from his long hair days. Rachel reckons it's way too much mullet for one head and Bree points out that's probably why he became a lawyer - so he can afford a mirror. Then Bree notices a picture of Billy. Rachel is momentarily like, 'Susan's son, wow. I hope he comes to visit real soon!'. Then she realises that it's actually wrong to have those thoughts about her step-mother's son, or as Bree puts it her 'step, step, step brother'. No, love, step-brother is right. Rachel sees a picture of Stingray in year 10 and becomes withdrawn. Then Bree starts reading something:
'I walk alone, my tears in the rain.
Nobody sees my mask of pain.'
Rachel laughs and says it's awful. Author? One Heidi Steiger. There's a picture of her apparently looking like a dork, but she actually just looks young and isn't wearing that god awful mascara/eye liner combo thing. Rachel says that if the guys at school saw it... Bree asks what she means by if.
Steph and Janae are looking at a picture of Max, Steph, Boyd, Summer and Lyn. Is it from their wedding? I think so. Janae tells Steph that Boyd will be back the following afternoon. ToadieTheMaid brings food in and tells Steph not to worry, he's made plenty for Max as well. Summer suddenly comes in saying, 'Surprise!' Steph's pleased, surprised and a little disappointed all at once. Summer apologises for not letting them know that she was coming, but she thought it was more important to be there with them until Max returns. Then she tells Steph she's quit. Steph's surprised but hugs Summer and tells her it's good to have her there.
Stingray's passed out on the floor surrounded by empty bottles whilst Harold knocks on the door. The door's open so he comes in and surveys the room. He sighs before pouring water on his face and telling him, 'This is your wake up call; and I say it's not a minute too soon.'
After the break, we're back with Scott and Harold sitting on the bed. Stingray's saying it's not all his fault - he had a lousy dad, he's going to be a lousy dad and the kid's going to better off without him. Harold reckons it's self pitying rubbish. Scot points out that Sky even said so. Harold tells him to prove her wrong. More self pitying rubbish from Stingray, who say's he's a loser. Harold tells him that he's about to have a child and he doesn't want to, not can't, take responsibility. Harold tells him he's going to. Stingray asks how? By getting control of the alcohol for starters. Stingray says he's trying - he's been to 'those AA meeting things'. Harold doesn't believe him and asks him what the first of the twelve steps is. By telling them your name, Stingray replies. No, Harold replies, it's by admitting that alcohol holds power over you and that it's making your life unmanageable. Stingray reckons his managing so Harold drags him to the mirror and tells him to take a look and tell him that he's managing. Stingray says nothing, so Harold tells him he's checking him out but Stingray doesn't have his wallet. Harold then tells him to take a shower and shave; he's taking him to see Sky. He will take responsibility now. Scott needs to be at Harold's car in twenty minutes. Twenty minutes!
In this scene, I've been scarily reminded of some conversations I've had with my granddad. Not, obviously, about me being an alcoholic (I'm not), but it's scary. Harold's the same build as my grandad, and it's really creepy how much he's been reminding me of my grandad, to be honest.
Summer's saying she's had the best sleep ever as she and Steph walk into the living room where Janae and ToadieTheMaid (he's folding the washing) are. Summer says she's going to catch up with Bree and talk to Susan about re-enrolling at Erinsborough High when Janae asks her what she's planning to do on her first day back. ToadieTheMaid asks if she's really that down on Gillard. Summer says that it's a drag and she's not making any progress. Steph says they're going to have to talk about that. Janae's off to work and tells ToadieTheMaid to have dinner on the table by six. Summer checks that Janae's cool she's back, which she is, according to Steph. ToadieTheMaid goes to get Summer some breakfast. Summer would've come sooner, she thought that Max would be back. She claims she wanted to be with Steph and Boyd so that they weren't alone. Steph points out that they've not been alone because they've had lots of support from friends and family and clocks on that Summer's back so that Summer's not alone. Summer says that she wanted to be with them and that she wants to be there when Max gets back. Steph says she will be.
Before I write what happened, I just want to say it's a bit strange that Number 26 is now the Timmins' place, because it's always been the Scullys'. Anyway, Janae comes in and says hi to Rachel, who's surrounded by paper and card and stuff and is doing something with sticky tape. Janae asks where Bree is and Rachel tells her she's in the shower - she slept through her alarm because she was reading. Janae looks at the stuff on the table and wonders if it's the prank for the PE teacher. 'Pooper Stinker'? Yeah, it is. Janae wants to know what it is, so Rachel gives her the poem. Janae says it's gold, a gift like it only comes around once in a lifetime; 'please use it wisely'. Janae sees the pantyhose (tights, boys, tights) and says it looks like a pretty solid little plan. She wants to know where they're going to be 'executing' it. Rachel says it's a 'secret location' - she's not allowed to tell anybody in case she 'compromises the whole operation'. Janae: 'School notice board?' ToadieTheMaid comes in with Janae's lunch (something about salmonella if she buys it from Grease Monkeys) and also wants to know what's going on. He sees they've got the tights, but they need a bra. Janae says that's pushing it. ToadieThePrankster says she's an amateur. Rachel asks whose prank it is. Janae says a bra is a cliché. ToadieThePrankster tells her to wash her mouth out, there's no prank in existence that cannot be improved with an oversized bra. He tells Janae to get one of Janelle's - he needs to share some wisdom with young Skywalker (ie Rachel). Then he puts on some weird kind of John Major-esque voice and says, 'Much to learn you have. Teach you I shall.' Maybe it is of a Star Wars character, but I've never seen Star Wars so I'm not sure. Rachel kind of raises her eyebrows with bemusement.
Erinsborough High
The kids are laughing at something, we don't know yet. Then we see, it's a cardboard body shape with Pepper's face on it and the bra and pantyhose.
Bree: I find my love in the shadows and fog.
Rachel: Could it be because I am such a dog?
Cue more laughter from the other kids and then, smack, bam, wallop! NinjaSuse is on the scene, wondering who did it. She tells them it was a waste of time because Pepper's away, so can Rachel and Bree clean it up and she'll go into the classroom to find out who did it. Bree asks if they've got to clean it up because NinjaSuse thinks they did it? No, she's asking them to do a job.
Sky is talking to Teresa, telling her she doesn't know how she'd have survived if she didn't have anyone to talk to her, it's meant so much to her and if Teresa wants to Sky about anything, she'll be as good a listener as Teresa's been. CrazyTeresa didn't know how she was going to cope without her husband, his silly immune system, but Sky's made it bearable. Sky says Teresa said it was her daughter. CrazyTeresa says it's both of them - 'Bonnie' is worse but she gets it from her dad. Neither of them can visit. Sky says it's ok, she knows she doesn't have a husband or a baby. Teresa says it's not all right; she lied to Sky. She does it all the time - she lies because it's better than the truth, it's pathetic. Sky says that if it is she's just as pathetic, because she lied about the father of her baby to a lot of people she loves and to herself, so she'll never judge.
Outside Lassiters
Scott hides behind the wall, spying on Harold. Janae comes around the corner and asks what Stingray is up to. He tells her he's off to see Sky and that he's going to buy her some animé teddy bear thing. He goes to feel in his pockets and then makes out he left his wallet in his room. He asks Janae if he can borrow some money. She says ok, and gets her purse out. Stingray's eyes widen when he sees how much cash she has. She says she's just been paid so Scott asks if he can borrow $100. She's surprised but he says the teddy is expensive so she gives it to him. He says he'll give it back to her tonight, he promises.
ToadieTheMaid is vacuuming the hall and says he'll get the bedrooms done as well. Steph says she appreciates it, but won't he be missed at work? ToadieTheMaid makes a joke about the benefit of being rubbish at your job, but then says that it's quiet to Rosetta's got everything covered. ToadieTheMaid says he knows how upset Steph was that it wasn't Max last night. Steph says it's good to have Summer back, though. ToadieTheMaid says he can tell, but is it really a good idea for her to quit music school? Steph says she can't be forced to say if she doesn't want to be there. ToadieTheMaid says sure and it's good for them both that she's home, but she might regret it if she burns her bridges there. Steph says she'll see if they can keep the enrolment open at Gillard and if she pushes Summer it will only get her back up. ToadieTheSurrogateDad then says that 'we' will have to be subtle, then. When it comes to finessing, Steph is going to need ToadieTheSurrogateDad.
Erinsborough High
Susan has arm around Summer and is quite enthusiastic (she's talking in a squeaky voice), wondering how long she's back for. Summer replies for good, and Susan's surprised, she's left Gillard? Summer says yep, so she's there to ask Susan about re-enrolling, what does she need to do? Susan says that Steph has to go in and talk to the school. In the background, Bree and Rachel have seen Summer and run off.
Bree's all excited, as is Rachel, but neither of them know how to approach her, they can't just ask her how it's going. Bree says they need to go with the classic - squealing and hugging. They run over to Summer and push Susan out the way. As promised, they're squealing and hugging. They immediately launch into how much they don't like Pepper, and how she's a freak. Bree invites her to join them for lunch, but Summer can't - she's got to check on Steph. Rachel wishes there was something they could do.
Teresa is listening into Sky and Harold talking, smirking as she does so. Harold's telling Sky about him waiting for Stingray and him disappearing. Sky's hoping that he's on his way just as the door opens and it's Janae with a chocolate bar. She's sorry it's not more - she's a bit cash strapped. Then she asks where the bear is. Neither Sky nor Harold have any idea what she's talking about so Janae thinks she's ruined Stinger's surprise. Sky wonders what it is? Janae tells them about running in to Scott and lending him some money. Harold tells her that the money she's lent him will probably be three quarters drunk. Janae wonders what Harold's talking about, so Sky tells her that Stingray's been drinking, just as we see a shot of Teresa smirking even more. Sky adds that Harold found him passed out in the hotel room. Janae's annoyed, 'So, he lied to me and took my money to buy grog.' Then she leaves, saying she has to go to work. Sky says she's got to find him, he's going to destroy everything. Harold tells her that he'll help him pick himself back up but that he won't let Scott drag Sky and the baby down with him. Final shot of Teresa smirking.
Bree and Rachel run up to the car that Janae is polishing, saying 'Whoa'. Janae tells them that if they lay one finger on the car, they're going to die in pain. Rachel tells Janae that she and Bree wanted her advice on getting Summer's mind off Max. Bree sarcastically adds that it doesn't look like Janae's the go to person for happy thoughts. Janae tells her to try, she might surprise them. Rachel tells her they just want to cheer Summer up. Bree says the car cheers her up; imagine driving off into the sunset like Thelma and Louise but without the cliff bit. Steph and ToadieTheNanny approach them so Janae says really loudly, 'Well then, maybe that's what we should do, just fire her up and drive off like there's no tomorrow.' Steph says there is no tomorrow - nobody has a licence. Janae says they'll have to find somebody who does and Bree tells her that they want to take Summer cruising. Rachel tells Steph they want to do it like 'Thelma and Lorraine'. Poor girl, she really does have no idea, does she? Sheltered existence and all that. Steph agrees to take them, leaving ToadieTheNanny to look after Charlie. The girls all jump into the car squealing like, well, um, girls, actually.
Scarlet Bar
Scott is nursing a drink as the girls come in wearing headscarfs and sunglasses a la Grace Kelly, laughing and joking about not looking like Brad Pitt or Geena Davis. Steph goes to get them non alcoholic drinks just as Scott sneaks out the door. Rachel rightly says that she has to see the movie. Well duh, of course, no self respecting female hasn't enjoyed two hours of man hating, female bonding, dirt road fun complete with...I don't want to ruin the film. ToadieTheNanny comes in saying that the drive had the desired effect. It's just struck me that considering this was all for Summer, she hasn't actually said a word thus far. Anyway, Steph says the same could be said of ToadieTheNanny and ToadieTheNanny is saying (looking a bit offended) that there he was, telling her his life... Steph interrupts him to thank him for taking Charlie because the drive has done Summer the world of good.
Summer's telling the girls that it was the best idea ever. Rachel says they know how hard it's been and a rather insightful Janae points out that they've all lost their dads in one way or another but then quickly adds that Max is, of course, coming back. Rachel and Bree agree and it gets a bit awkward so Rachel lightens the tone by saying that Janae and Bree might be getting a new dad - Lou! Steph brings over 'the finest mocktails in town' and Bree toasts their 'daddies'.
Susan is reading a book as Rachel and Bree come in laughing. Bree sees Susan's expression and they head towards Rachel's bedroom. Susan tells them not so fast. 'Come here please,' she adds. Woo! NinjaSuse is on a mission! Susan tells them she's been doing a little bit of detective work. I was going to summarise this, but it's so amazing I'm going to have to type it verbatim.
Susan: 'It seems that someone didn't put this particular school year book back in the right spot.'
Rachel (casually): 'Wonder who.'
Susan: 'Oh, I can't imagine.' (You just know she's going to be flooring them in a moment) 'Hey? Maybe it was the same person who printed all these up and then threw them in the bin. The bin in your room. Oh, and I'm guessing,' (she turns to Bree) 'That your mother would probably like her underwear back.'
Susan turns back to Rachel and walks towards her.
Susan: 'Now I don't know what began this campaign,' (At this point, Rachel starts walking away from Susan so Susan follows her. All this takes place in the kitchen so the following is being said as Susan follows her round the kitchen island thingy - it's quite funny) 'Against Miss Steiger but it well end now, do you understand?'
Rachel stops walking and turns to face Susan. NinjaSuse is about to make her move, because she starts speaking really calmly.
Susan: 'You know, hearing her poetry, it made me remember another piece. I'd love your feedback.
"The man of my dreams,
The one who's my soulmate.
He'll come to save me,
He won't be late."'
Bree: 'Ha ha, and you wonder why she struggles for credibility?'
Susan: 'Oh no, no, no, this isn't Miss Steiger's.
"Our love will be strong,
A tree that won't bend.
A beautiful story,
That will never end."'
Bree: Ok, stop! This is a cruel punishment. I'm going and I will see you later.
NinjaSuse has made her point, and asks Rachel if she should continue. Rachel's really embarrassed and points out that she wrote it two years ago. NinjaSuse pulls one last trick out the hat by saying, 'It's amazing how the classics endure.' Rachel tells Susan that Bree can't know it's her poem. Susan says fine, then the 'nonsense' with Pepper ends now. Rachel agrees and tries to take back the poem, but Susan stops her, telling her that she might just hang onto it.
Sky's asleep and CrazyTeresa is sitting next to her, with her hand on Sky's bump and talking to it. She's whispering, saying, 'None of this is your fault. You deserve so much more than they'll ever give you.' Sky stirs and CrazyTeresa stops momentarily. Sky's still asleep so she puts her hand back on Sky's bump and continues, 'It won't be long now and I'll take you away from them. Then we'll be together...and you'll be safe. Mummy will protect you. Mummy will protect you.' Creepy...
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Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5083
Steph Scully

Toadie Rebecchi, Charlie Hoyland, Steph Scully, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5083
Toadie Rebecchi, Charlie Hoyland, Steph Scully, Janae Hoyland

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5083
Sky Mangel

Bree Timmins, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5083
Bree Timmins, Rachel Kinski

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5083
Susan Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5083
Toadie Rebecchi

Janae Hoyland, Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5083
Janae Hoyland, Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland

Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5083
Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5083
Harold Bishop

Toadie Rebecchi, Rachel Kinski, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5083
Toadie Rebecchi, Rachel Kinski, Janae Hoyland

Teresa Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5083
Teresa Cammeniti

Janae Hoyland, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5083
Janae Hoyland, Stingray Timmins

Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5083
Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully

Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5083
Stingray Timmins

Bree Timmins, Janae Hoyland, Steph Scully, Rachel Kinski, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5083
Bree Timmins, Janae Hoyland, Steph Scully, Rachel Kinski, Summer Hoyland

Teresa Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5083
Teresa Cammeniti

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