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Neighbours Episode 4932 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4932: Lights, Cameron, Action
Australian airdate: 28/03/06
UK airdate: 05/06/06
Writer: Drew Proffitt
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Robert Robinson Adam Hunter
Jean-Pierre Valasce Steven Cabral
Doctor Peter Lowrey
Robert/Cameron Double #1 Richard Swanson
Summary/Images by: Shona/Emily
Elle is over Ned dumping her but she might not want to be his friend again, just yet
Sky tries to confront her art teacher about him bullying her and he suggests she drops the class if she's got a problem with it.
Ned the giant, towering over Paul, reveals that he and Izzy were much more than a one night stand
Number 22
Paul doesn't believe a word of it and orders Ned out but Ned tells him to pick up a disk that's 'floating around' which will prove he's telling the truth. Izzy appears and Paul shouts at Ned to get out again, even though he's still going on about how much 'fun' Izzy was having and Izzy squeals about him being a big liar.
Elle comes in and throws Ned a dirty look. Ned is about to go but then he decides he has something he needs to apologise for (all the singing...?) He announces that he broke up with Elle because he and Izzy slept together. Paul and Izzy still act like he's crazier than the coconuts but Ned continues on with the story - that Paul has forgiven Izzy but Ned can't forgive himself. Elle asks why and Ned tells her to ask her step-mum. As he leaves Elle looks at Izzy, hurt in her eyes.
St Luke's Hospice
A young man is talking to a doctor, asking him to let him know if anything changes. He has no family - "it's only us two now". They're really alone as his brother, Robert (presumably the patient), was a black sheep and didn't have many friends.
The doctor leaves and the man pulls a chair over to the bed. He says he's here for him - no matter what. They're in this together. We see that the unconscious patient is identical to the young man talking to him - and that his name is Robert Robinson.
Robert's twin brother sits back in his seat, watching his brother thoughtfully.
Number 28
Izzy tries to rationalise her deception to Elle (yeah, like that's going to work). Elle turns on her dad, who was only trying to protect her. She thinks he was protecting Izzy - will he ever put her first? She starts to walk out and Izzy tries to get her to come back but Elle tells them that she's already given them a second chance: and they're not getting another one.
Izzy thinks she's ruined everything, but, as usual, Paul reassures her that everything's gonna be just fine. In time Elle might even come to thank her!
IZZY: Even I don't believe that, Paul.
Art Class
Sky and her fellow students are working outside. Sky is bitten by a mosquito and John-Pierre has no sympathy for her. Experiencing the landscape is much more important than worrying about the bugs. Sky thinks the only thing she'll be experiencing here is malaria.
Lassiter's Lake
Lou is being cynical about Harold's remote control boat and Harry isn't impressed. Harold places it in the water, all ready to go, but then the boat sinks. Poor Harry.
St Luke's Hospice
Robert's brother is telling him that he had to do something to wipe that smile off of Paul's face. Too bad it didn't really work for him.
ROB'S TWIN: I mean,it was fun hearing about it and everything, but what's the point in using fireworks when you're around to see them all go off?
What is he talking about...?
FLASHBACK to someone placing something in a plane, then switching a timer on (last seen in ep 4836 - 'What Goes Up...'). A heart shaped photo of Izzy and Paul. Izzy and Paul screaming as the plane goes down.
ROB'S TWIN: Problem is, Elle and Dad are never gonna welcome me into Erinsborough...so, sorry about the accident...But, trust me...finishing the job is going to be so much easier. And I have front-row seats to enjoy the show.
And on that bombshell (no pun intended) we cut to ads.
Art Class
Time's up and Jean-Pierre doesn't have anything very positive to say about anyone's work. Sky's is 'pedestrian and superficial' and he shows everyone it while telling them so. Sky gets it. He tells her there's no heart in it, no suffering.
J-P: Who's this Barbie wannabe wasting my time?
Sky thinks nothing will ever be good enough. Jean-Pierre says if what she paints means something to her then maybe - just maybe - she might end up with something worth looking at.
Outside Number 24
Lou thinks Harold's rubbish at golf while Harold doesn't think he's too bad.
Harry spots Elle sobbing her heart out and she says she's just had an argument with Paul - nothing they can do to help.
She starts to sob again when a car pulls up and a window rolls down, revealing Robert's twin (who would actually be Robert, since he's pretending to be his twin brother), shouting "Hey, Porkie" in a cheerful manner. Elle is very happy to see Cam and gives him a big hug. He asks what's wrong - everything - Elle's so glad he's here.
Art Class
They finish up. Jean-Pierre again disses Sky's work and tells her the offer still stands - he'll pass her and she won't have to come to class again. Then next semester she can find a course better suited to her talents (Coffee Making 101, perhaps?). Sky doesn't want to do anything else: she is an artist. Dylan turns up just in time to hear Jean-Pierre saying her art wouldn't get into any decent art gallery in the country. He tells her that either she shows him something half-decent tomorrow or he'll chuck her out the class.
Scarlet Bar
Elle wants to go back to Tasmania tonight - she misses her mum and she even misses Rob, who Cam tells her is still awol in London. CamRob thinks she shouldn't let Izzy ruin her relationship with the father: as weird as it is to defend him he thinks Paul was trying to do the right thing. He brings up Elle's beliefs that Paul was improving as a Dad and he thought he could be too.
Dylan comes in and CamRob asks who he is. Elle says Paul's been desperate to set her up with Dylan - like he wants him for a son! Maybe they should hang around a little longer - it's Izzy who's the enemy and not Paul. Robert promises to protect Elle from Izzy. Elle is glad she has someone she can relay on.
Number 28
Paul's mobile plays a groovy tune and he answers to find it's someone trying to sell him something. Izzy thinks they need a distraction to stop them going mad from waiting for Elle's call. Paul knows Elle won't forgive him
Speak of the devil - Elle rushes in and tells Paul to come outside to see something.
Outside Paul is surprised by his son.
PAUL: Rob?
ELLE: Dad!
CAMROB: I suppose it's been a while, ay, Dad? (pause) It's me, Cam.
Paul apologises and CamRob asks if he's going to stand there (still startled) or if he's going to give him a hug. Paul does so and asks about the architect's job ("It's a long story").
CamRob and Paul go in, leaving Elle to tell Izzy that she can forget about Elle forgiving her - she hasn't even started being done with her yet.
Number 22
Paul watches the Ned and Izzy tape. Izzy catches him and puts it off, reminding him that they agreed to put it behind them. Paul asks her to tell him the truth - was that the only time? She is adamant it was. She's always been honest.
CamRob comes down the stairs, listening. He's sorry for interrupting and Paul says they're off to bed anyways. He wishes them sweet dreams and looks shiftily around the place once his pop and almost step-mum have gone upstairs.
Number 24
Sky decides that, since Jean-Pierre is going to hate her drawing, she's going to quit the class. Dylan tells her that her paintings make him feel something - he'll be right with her while she works away.
Cut to later where Dylan is snoring noisily on the sofa. Sky smiles to herself as she sketches him. Harold appears and thinks her drawing is very evocative. Sky thinks he's right and puts it aside, looking glum.
Even later and both Dylan AND Harry are asleep on the sofa (and leaning next to each other). Lou walks out and asks Sky if she wants more coffee but she's too busy being creative. As she sits, thoughtfully, Jean-Pierre's annoying put-downs float into her consciousness (it's the one about the coffee). She moves around and manages to spill her coffee onto her sketch. Oh dear.
Number 22
CamRob comes downstairs to find Elle staging a late night fridge raid (something Cam does a lot but as Cam is Rob, he wouldn't know, would he?). Anyhoo, Elle continues to reminisce about their late-night sarnie making. Whoever could eat a condiment-filled sarnie without throwing up got first go of the good stuff. CamRob's in.
CamRob explains that he quit his job and Gail flipped out. He wants to become a nurse. Elle is surprised. He's got another surprise - he's going for a job as an orderly at the hospital. Elle nearly gets CamRob worried when she says he does have an ulterior motive for coming here (the job). Rob relaxes and says how good it is to be here - just the two of them. Still it makes him think of Robert and how badly they treated him. Elle thinks Rob was too caught up in his 'own freaky world'. Rob says he must have realised they didn't like him - why would he have left for overseas at the first chance he got?
She thinks that he was destined to be a freak with the name Rob Robinson and remembers all the things they called him: Rob Rob; Rob squared (her favourite); the blob; ferret boy; the catskinner... (I'm sorry, but you kids are horrible)
Rob is takenaback and more shocked when she presents him with a book - 'The Freak Files' - a journal of Rob's behaviour that Elle and Cam made. Since they're playing Show and Tell CamRob presents Elle with a jewellery box that he found in the front yard; she had wondered what had happened to it. When she opens it the ballerina is all bent to the side and the tune off key.
ELLE: Psycho Robert. I'm just glad we had each other.
ROB: You can say that again.
Lassiter's Lake
Harold and Lou are powerwalking. Lou isn't having much fun at all.
They run into Sky and Dylan. Sky's going to present her drawing to Jean-Pierre and act like she doesn't care what he thinks: she's over him. Dylan kisses her and leaves. Sky hands over the drawing, telling him that she quits: he's an arrogant moron and it's quite clear she isn't wanted here.
But, in true soap fashion, Jean says it's good - she's tapped into her passion. Looks like she might have some talent after all.
Number 30
The Sarge wasn't very happy about Stu's decision to take three months off and he was meant to take his senior constable exams but that'll have to wait now. Ned has no sympathy - he helped out on the farm and now it's Stu's turn to have a go.
Elle appears, going all Sweet Valley High by returning a box of Ned's things to him. He tells her that Izzy trapped him - used him. Elle reminds him that he used her and he's sorry about that but Paul and Izzy are EVIL. As long as she lives with them, this type of thing will happen again and again. Elle says he told her he loved her and calls him a liar before walking off.
Stu now gets why Ned's acting like this and tells him he's not going to win her back acting like that. Ned tells Stu that he thinks he knows it all but he so like does not.
Number 22
Elle thanks CamRob for his idea about going and seeing Ned - she feels so much better now. She finds he's made brekkie and Izzy and Paul are chuffed about it too. Robert insists Izzy take a seat and gets Elle to stay too. He makes a big speech, saying he came here as Elle (or Porkie) had told him how much fun it was and he can tell they all really care about each other, despite their present difficulties. He couldn't pass up the opportunity to get to know his dad again. Paul says he can stay as long as he wants. He asks Elle if she wants to give it a shot - for him.
He makes a toast - to new beginnings. Even Elle joins in. The music box's discordant tune plays on as we fade out.
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Ned Parker, Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4932
Ned Parker, Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Robert Robinson, Cameron Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4932
Robert Robinson, Cameron Robinson

Cameron Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4932
Cameron Robinson

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4932
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4932
Elle Robinson

Sky Mangel, Dylan Timmins, JP in Neighbours Episode 4932
Sky Mangel, Dylan Timmins, JP

Robert Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4932
Robert Robinson, Elle Robinson

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Robert Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4932
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Robert Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4932
Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4932
Robert Robinson

Dylan Timmins, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4932
Dylan Timmins, Sky Mangel

Sky Mangel, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4932
Sky Mangel, Lou Carpenter

Robert Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4932
Robert Robinson, Elle Robinson

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4932
Stuart Parker

Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Robert Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4932
Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Robert Robinson, Elle Robinson

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